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Shame to See You Go
By Coco


Sofia had decided that she wasn't hungry and let Catherine and Grissom go on ahead to dinner without her. She wanted to clean out her locker so she could leave as soon as possible.

She rounded the corner and opened the door to the locker room. She stopped when she saw Sara sitting on the bench. Sara did not see her. Sofia stood silently for a moment appreciating the sight of the brunette. Her brown hair spilled around her shoulders and her chest rose and fell rhythmically with each breath.

Sara turned and locked eyes with Sofia, who blushed. "Hi," she said shyly.

"Hi." Sara said, standing up, "I was just-"

"Me too."

"I could. . . leave," Sofia pointed to the door, "If you wanted. . ."

"No, no," Sara dismissed the thought, "Why would I want you to leave?"

"I don't know. . . privacy?"

"I'm not doing anything private. . ." Sara grinned, "Just getting my stuff together. Unless YOU'RE going to do something private," She stood up, "In which case, I could leave,"

"No. . . I'm not doing anything private either."

Sofia walked over to her locker. She opened it up and grimaced. She was given a locker in lieu of office after her demotion and she could honestly say she despised no other inanimate object like she hated that locker.

Random personal items had been strewn about. A picture here, a mirror there, but it was never anything she intended to really personalize. She had decided not to decorate the locker on principle. Or maybe so she could hate it for being so plain, too. It used to be Catherine's locker. Now Catherine had an office. . .

Catherine was Conrad's new favorite, Sofia wasn't going to deny that, much as she hated it. That was Conrad's style though. If you were fortunate enough to be his favorite he would use his political trickery to help you better your career. The only real problem that remained to be considered was that he could just as easily take you down. Sofia had to learn that the hard way. Her only consolation was that someday he would get bored with Catherine. Maybe it would be Sara next, who knew?


Sofia turned to watch the brunette again. Sara pushed a lock of her hair behind her head and concentrated on something inside the locker that Sofia couldn't see. Sara's tongue darted out and wet her lips and Sofia found herself thinking bad thoughts about Sara. Sara's tongue more specifically.

Sofia leered.

Sara's hands came out from the locker, each with globs of skin cream which to Sofia's delight AND dismay she rubbed into her arms and when all she had was excess her hands disappeared down her shirt.

Sofia bit her lip and forced herself to look back into her own locker. She tilted the locker door so that she was now watching Sara through the mirror. She didn't exactly feel right watching Sara at all but watching her through the mirror made her feel like a voyeur.

Sara caught Sofia's eye in the mirror and Sofia quickly slammed the locker shut. She blushed fervishly and turned to look at Sara, "I'm so sorry!" She exclaimed before heading for the door.

"Where are you going?" Sara asked softly.

"I-" She turned back to look at Sara.

"Did you finish what you were doing?"

"Well, no." Sofia shrugged.

"What's stopping you?"

"You distracted me."

"I'll leave if you'd like." Sara moved to go.

Sofia put a hand on Sara's arm and smiled, "I like being distracted."

Sara watched her curiously for a moment before grinning.

Conrad Ecklie walked down the hall, seeing Greg Sanders, "Sanders, have you seen Sidle?"

"She's in the locker room if she's still here."

Conrad nodded, a gesture Greg took as a 'thank you' realizing it was the most gratitude he could expect to get from Ecklie. Ecklie walked down the hall to the locker room. He passed Catherine's office. He passed Gil's office. He was a little annoyed that Catherine's promotion helped incite their relationship, not that he wanted Catherine but just because he didn't like people to be happy. Especially Gil. Oh well. Layout room. Break room. This is a long hallway. . .

Conrad made it to the locker room and opened the door. He gasped inwardly when he looked in. Sofia. Sofia sitting on the bench. Sara. Sara straddling Sofia's hips. Sofia and Sara. Sofia and Sara kissing! Hands. . . every where! What the hell?

He quickly closed the door. Had they seen him? He wasn't sure. He opened the door a little and peeked inside. No, they were indefinitely preoccupied.

He closed the door again. Sara and Sofia? When did this happen? . . .why? He had to fight the urge to open the door and again. When he partook in voyeurism he did it from a much safer distance.

Greg approached Conrad. "Uh, Ecklie?"

Conrad's head snapped up, "What?"

"Did you find Sara?"

He paused for a second, "No."

"Why are you standing in front of the locker room door?"

". . . No reason."

"Then can I go in?"



"Your shift's over, shouldn't you be going home?"

"I need my stuff!" Greg was beginning to lose his patience with this whole situation. "Please, can I just go into the locker room?"

"Um. . .?"

The door, which opens in and not out, opened and Sara stepped out. "Bye Greg."

"I thought you said you didn't find Sara. . . you obviously didn't look very hard!" Greg rolled his eyes. Conrad glared at him, "I mean, she was in the locker room."

"You wanted to see me?" Sara asked innocently.

"Ecklie, can I go into the locker room, please?" Greg pleaded.

"Huh?" Conrad looked at the expectant CSIs each poised for an answer. He moved out of Greg's way, "Yeah, go ahead."

"You wanted to see me?" Sara repeated.

"Yeah, uh. No, uh,"

"Can I go then?"

"Yeah." Conrad was too confused.

Sofia came out of the locker room next. She offered Sara a shy smile. "Going home?"

"Yes, you?"

"Mmm-hmm," Sara smiled, "I'll walk you out."


Conrad watched the two women walk down the hall, closely but not touching. When they were almost to the corner Sofia reached over and took Sara's hand gently and they turned the corner, leaving Conrad more than just a little bit confused.

The End

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