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Seasonal Passion
Vol. 6: Sapphic night fever

By maggielassie


Part 1

Xena kicked off a little rock that was in her way along the small road made of dry dirt and pebbles. Walking alongside Gabrielle, Eve and Virgil, she could easily tell that several candlemarks had already gone by since they had left Amphipolis –leaving Lucifer, the darkness and all the rest behind. The warrior was leading Argo II by the bridle as she strode beside her daughter and the battling bard. Virgil was walking close, by the other side of the mare.

"It'll be good to go back to my home village." Gabrielle gave Xena a slight smile as they and the others paced ahead.

The Warrior Princess grinned back at her lover. "Yes, we'll be going tomorrow, Gabrielle. Don't worry, sweetheart. We've got everything organised." She beamed at the sight of the beautiful, sunny morning while wandering past a splendid stretch of meadows, bright green trees and bushes.

"Yeah, I know, Xena. Everything should be all right, but it's just that…" the short-haired woman hesitated, sounding a tad apprehensive, "… I haven't seen my family for so, so long –especially considering that you and I had been asleep for twenty-five years back in the mountains." She lightly shook her head, wanting to dispel right away any unwelcome thought about any potential bad thing that might have happened to her family from her mind.

"Gabrielle, look at me," Xena requested with a gentle tone as she kept holding Argo's bridle and making sure her mare continued to trot ahead. Eve and Virgil walked silently nearby, sensing Gabrielle's worries.

The magnificent young blonde wearing her delightful red velvet warrior outfit instantly gazed up at her dark-haired partner. "Yes?" she asked, already roughly guessing in her mind what Xena was about to say.

"Everything is going to be absolutely fine," the warrior woman reassured her short-haired soulmate, placing a warm hand onto her shoulder as they kept walking ahead. "I'm sure everyone in your family is all right. They have just gotten much older, that's all. But Gabrielle, you have absolutely nothing to worry about." She tried to make her lover smile again, which she managed somewhat. She herself knew that she was merely saying these things as an attempt to make her lover less jittery. There was always the possibility that a member of Gabrielle's family might have been harmed, caught a disease or gods knew what. Such a long time had gone by since they had last seen them, and Xena herself had not been able to find her mother alive in Amphipolis after all. Nonetheless, she still wanted her younger partner to remain calm for as long as neither of them had any further information on the current status of the battling bard's family.

Gabrielle smiled wistfully. "You're probably right." She turned her head back to look at the sunlit path ahead. "I still can't wait to go back to Potadeia and see them though."

"We'll be heading there tomorrow." Xena briefly glanced around at Eve and at Virgil as she added: "We'll be going to Potadeia tomorrow –all of us together. Ain't that right, Eve? Virgil?"

"Yes, mom," Eve replied quietly.

"Sure, Xena," Virgil simpered in Gabrielle's direction, wanting her to pay attention to him. "I'd love to see Gabrielle's home village."

As they moved further ahead and approached a nearby forest, a young man suddenly came from a path amidst some trees that were on the left-hand side of the road and quietly stepped out to join them. "Excuse-me?" He smiled at them, especially at Virgil.

Xena, Gabrielle and the others immediately stopped dead in their tracks to eye this stranger addressing them. They quickly noticed that he probably was a mere innocent young farmer though, as his casual and dishevelled peasant clothes indicated.

"Can you please help me find the village named Delphos?" His tone sounded friendly enough. "I've got to meet my grandfather there soon. It's going to be his birthday in a couple of days."

"Delphos is further east," Xena said with a firm voice, "and we're going west. You're going in the wrong direction, I'm afraid."

Virgil suddenly spoke. "Wait, fellow, I can take you there! I know where Delphos is." He chuckled warmly, and checked out the young man very closely from head to foot with a lecherous look on his face. "What's your name?"

"Nikon, sir…" The young farmer was happy Virgil addressed him. 'By the gods, this man looks so gorgeous!' he thought at the sight of this handsome, muscled and very masculine being standing before him. He had spotted him on the main road while he had been walking in the nearby woods and now he knew he had made the right decision to get closer to him. "What's your name?"

"Sir? I like that…" Virgil teased him, smirking –already picturing in his mind whatever scenario of dominance and submission he already had planned for him. Joxer's son turned briefly towards Gabrielle. 'She can wait,' he thought, 'I've seriously got to take a break from being her admirer for at least one day.' He walked closer to Nikon, noticing that the young man was indeed really attractive despite his peasant clothes. "My name is Virgil," he added, grinning mischievously, and placing a gentle but firm hand on the young man's shoulder --rubbing it.

Nikon attempted to catch his breath, then smiled. He reached up and lightly wrapped his fingers around Virgil's biceps while looking up at him. "Wow…" was all he could say.

The three women standing near watched this homoerotic male moment with great attention. Eve said nothing –keeping a small, coy expression on her face. Gabrielle looked surprised, as though she had just seen a giant suddenly come out of the forest. Xena sighed and shook her head. 'Greek men,' she thought, 'all the same.' The Warrior Princess cleared her throat loudly and purposefully, which caused the two young men to re-direct their attention towards her. "Get a room!" she exclaimed and sniggered. Gabrielle and Eve both chortled at Xena's remark.

"Look, Xena… huh…" Virgil answered, sounding a little awkward, "… Gabrielle…" he added while glancing at the battling bard, "I'm sorry but… I have to go now, for a little while. I have to show Nikon where to find Delphos."

"Is that all you're going to show him, huh?" The warrior woman chuckled, making the other women smile some more. They all had just discovered a side of Virgil which they had not known about.

"It's okay. Take your time, Virgil. We're not going to Potadeia until tomorrow anyway," Gabrielle said.

"I will meet you all near Potadeia tomorrow morning," Joxer's son promised. "Is that okay?"

"Sure," Gabrielle replied.

"Go ahead. We'll see you then." Xena nodded.

The warrior, her lover and her daughter waved the two men goodbye. Once Virgil and Nikon were gone, the three women turned to look at each other straight away. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Xena asked Gabrielle after suppressing a laughter.

"This sure surprises me that Virgil likes men too." The short-haired woman's eyes slightly widened as she smiled. "It's absolutely fine if he does though. He's Greek after all."

"So long as he is happy…" Eve added with a warm voice.

"Of course, it's fine." The Warrior Princess laughed. "I was just kidding him on, that's all…"

"I know," the battling bard said, "I have noticed your sense of humour grow bigger and bigger over the years –unlike the stoic, reserved and apathetic warrior I'd initially met." The two lovers grinned at each other.

"Well…" Xena wrapped an arm around Gabrielle's exquisite broad shoulders and squeezed some of the soft bardic skin with her fingers while looking down into her eyes. "I've learned from the best."

The short-haired woman smiled intensely. Both soulmates and Eve, along with Argo II, happily resumed their journey ahead.

Eve, Argo and the two soulmates were now crossing the forest they had been heading towards. The subject of Virgil had come up again within their conversation. "At least he'll stop going after me for a little while," Gabrielle was saying, "I'm not even interested."

As they carried on walking forward into the woods, Xena playfully pouted her lips to her girlfriend in a way that indicated doubt.

The battling bard smiled and shook her head. "No, Xena! I'm really not interested in him. I was only 'under the influence,' so to speak, when I was necking him in Amphipolis the other night. You know that."

"Yeah, I know." The Warrior Princess agreed. She easily gave up on teasing Gabrielle now and again, to keep the battling bard from getting mad. "A bit like me and Lucifer. Trust me, had I been completely sober from the darkness' influence, there is no way I would have been all over that kind of guy."

"You sure?" the short-haired blonde asked jokingly.

"Yuck." Her taller lover grimaced. "What are you talking about Gabrielle?" Xena's rhetorical question was followed by a brief shrug from her, to change the subject.

"He was horrible. I believe you, mom," Eve confirmed.

As the three women and the mare were getting near a little lake at the centre of the woods amid a grassy land that looked a bit like a small clearing, Gabrielle decided not to carry on with this conversation. "Xena, how about we stop here for a little while and go bathe in there?" she suggested, pointing to her left.

"Sure," the warrior accepted. "I'm sure the three of us could use a bath, and Argo could use a drink and some grass."

Xena, Gabrielle, Eve and Argo headed towards the edge of the water. They walked amidst bushes, climbed above trunks, and made their way through a couple of narrowly-distanced trees. Backpacks and saddle bags got dropped onto the grass-covered ground of the little clearing beyond the trees. The lake was of course bigger than the tree-less area and extended a bit further into the woods via a mossy rocky stream. A few birds could be heard chirping nearby, bringing some lively mood to the happy couple of female fighters in this late morning. The tall, leather-clad woman with azure blue eyes and long dark hair smiled warmly and winked at her younger lover. They, their daughter and the mare would be relaxing in this pleasant, heavenly place for a little while, for sure.

The butter-coloured horse was eagerly gulping from the lake, her snout dipped in the water. Eve was sitting on the bank while her mother and Auntie Gabrielle were washing themselves in the lake. They were using a bar of soap that they were sharing between them, which they tossed out of the water once they finished lathering themselves. They rinsed themselves as they swam. Watching them, it briefly crossed Eve's mind that the two women were really swimming too close to each other –unlike the way mere friends would swim together. However, since she was being so busy fumbling with the hem of her long green skirt while wondering whether or not she should go bathing now that she did not entertain the thought of their closeness any further.

"Come bathe, Eve!" Gabrielle encouraged.

"You're not being shy, are you, sweetheart?" Xena asked her daughter. "You don't have to be. We're family."

"I'll come in a minute," Eve answered, "when you two will be finished."

A few moments later, the Warrior Princess and the battling bard climbed back to shore, seized towels from the saddlebags and covered their bodies with the soft drying cloth. Argo was now resting on the ground near Eve after her long drink. While the two soulmates were busy drying themselves, Xena's daughter stood up quietly, undressed quickly and jumped into the water. The splashing noise coming from the lake made the short-haired woman and her older partner turn around to look in Eve's direction.

"Here, mom. I'm in the water." The young red-haired woman grinned coyly as the surface was effectively reaching her shoulders.

Xena shrugged buoyantly. "Fine then, Evie. Enjoy it!"

"Here's the soap!" Gabrielle threw the scented bar in Eve's direction, and the Warrior Princess' daughter caught it.

The three women had finished all their morning ablutions and were fully dressed. Xena was teaching her daughter how to catch fish as they were both kneeling near the edge of the lake. "See, Eve, you stick these crushed bugs onto this small hook for bait…" She made the young red-haired woman hold the fishing rope. "Then when you're ready you fling this line into the water…" And she carried on explaining to her the right manner of fishing while going into more intricate details about it.

Sitting close to a peaceful Argo, Gabrielle was opening one of the saddlebags to get some food out of it. It was a few vegetables, fruits and some bread that she and Xena had purchased from a village market very early in the morning as they had gotten further away from Amphipolis. "I definitely think we'll be cooking these with the fish for lunch, Xena," she said to the busy warrior and mother. She used a wooden board and a knife she got out from another bag to cut the vegetables they would all be having with the fish. She placed them into a small cooking pot. When she finished, she stood up and gently approached her warrior lover and whispered something in her ear that Eve could not hear.

The older woman listened discreetly at what her blonde partner was saying and asking, and suddenly displayed a slight half smile. Then she turned back towards her daughter. "Eve, would you mind staying here trying to catch our lunch for a moment? Gabrielle and I are having a few things to attend to right now. Please stay here with Argo, if that's okay."

"Sure, mom. I'll try my best to catch some fish. It already sounds easy by the way you described how to do it."

Gabrielle reached out her hand. Xena took it and got up. As they were both leaving from the little clearing to go to an area somewhere at the back of the trees and bushes, the battling bard firmly held the Warrior Princess' hand. With her free hand, the short-haired woman swiftly grabbed a bedroll that was lying on top of a backpack, and the two soulmates went hiding for a while.

Eve was way too preoccupied with her fishing, as she had just spotted a couple of trout moving around within the lake in front of her, that she did not even turn around or pay much attention when Xena and Gabrielle left the clearing. Xena's daughter was a peaceful woman now, after all, while her mother and her auntie were both fighters. They both probably wanted some privacy to talk fighting business, she vaguely thought as she saw one of the brown spotted fish move nearer her hook in the water.

"Hey, I did say I would make love to you right now, warrior." Gabrielle led Xena to a very quiet corner of the woods, behind bushes and trees. She found what looked like a comfortable spot of earth and laid out the bedroll there. "Lie down here," She ordered her taller partner after she had finished unrolling the thick blanket and after they both dropped all their weapons down onto the ground.

The Warrior Princess obeyed. "Oh, you! It's certainly not of food you're being hungry for right now," the brunette said as she smirked and watched Gabrielle crouching down near her legs. She then briefly licked her own lips as she gazed intensely at her younger lover with her eager azure blue eyes.

"Ha… you definitely got that right." The blonde woman smiled and winked mischievously. She proceeded to remove each of her long-haired lover's boots, one at a time. After that, she wanted to take off the cumbersome armour and breastplate Xena was wearing, and her lover helped her do that. The battling bard hurriedly reached under the dark-haired woman's leather battle skirt and pulled down her breeches and tossed them away. She also put her hands under her own red skirt and rapidly lost the underwear she was wearing herself. Then she took off her own boots. Gabrielle jumped on top of her warrior, straddling her stomach as she playfully interlocked her own fingers with hers.

Noses softly brushed one another. Ardently hungry eyes met, inflamed with love. The fiercely hot climate of the sunny candlemarks of this early Greek afternoon made them feel torrid and feverishly aroused. They still had not eaten but they definitely desired something other than food at this precise moment.

Lovingly and lustfully grinning up at her short-haired partner, Xena now was completely at the mercy of Gabrielle's desire, and she was utterly captivated by the beauty and excellence of her wonderful sidekick and soulmate's vigorous body, her beautiful red-velvet-covered breasts, her radiantly muscle-toned shoulders, abs and thighs. She really loved her Gabrielle the way she was now. She was also thoroughly entranced by the fervour of her erotic requests, both verbal and non-verbal –the way the bard was showing her how much she wanted to make love to her right now, including in body language. The young and inexperienced blonde virgin of Potadeia was long gone, for sure. The Warrior Princess had realised this quite a few seasons ago. She smiled wistfully at the thought. The contradictory nature of her feelings excited her nonetheless. She was absolutely enamoured of Gabrielle, regardless of how she looked or behaved in the bedroll.

The sturdy but gentle battling bard immediately leaned down to place her mouth onto Xena's. She also put her arms underneath her supine partner's shoulders, feeling the taut and lightly moist skin she could feel there as she started fumbling to undo the back of Xena's leathers. They kissed with impassioned vehemence as the older woman encircled her arms around Gabrielle's back, enjoying the softness of the bardic skin and velvet outfit. Tongues teased one another, intermingled together, as lips consummately wet each other.

"I love you, Gabrielle," Xena solemnly uttered between two kisses, as she was gasping for breath –the intensity and strength of their passion filling every part of her being. "Hey, you know I felt absolutely nothing for Lucifer, right?"

"Of course I know. Same goes for me and Virgil. I love you too, Warrior Princess. You're part of me, my other half…" As she tenderly kissed many areas of her warrior lover's neck, shoulders and upper chest, the short-haired woman slowly pulled down the straps of her woman's leathers until she managed to fully uncover her gorgeous ample bosom. "Oh, Xena…" she murmured in an enamoured and heated voice. She instantly squeezed one big breast into her palm before taking it in her mouth, enthusiastically savouring Xena's hard nipple.

"Hmmm… Gabrielle…" the splendid warrior woman began moaning in delight at the feel of her younger lover's touch, teeth and tongue. "Make love to me, please."

Gabrielle devoured more of the sweet mound, then switched to the other breast –offering it the same treatment. It always was a real treat for the battling bard to feast on the warrior's large breasts. She gradually moved lower though she skipped Xena's belly as the leather bodice was in the way. She swiftly moved back to kneel in front of her taller lover, placed herself between her legs, spread them and lifted the leather strips of the battle skirt. "Raise your knees, Xena," she requested with a lecherous tone, to which her partner complied. Gabrielle bent down and kissed the warmth of Xena's dark curls as she wrapped her arms around firm, strong thighs until her hands reached her lover's labia, which she parted with her fingers. She then plunged right in and wanted to drown in the scent and taste of the older woman's sex, though not too fast.

"Oh… Gabrielle… Yes…" the Warrior Princess groaned in bliss. "You always make love to me so marvellously," she added as she felt the tip of the blonde's tongue madly teasing her clit. Xena reached down and ran her fingers through Gabrielle's hair, encouraging her to delve deeper, to take her even higher. "Gabrielle… Please…" Beatifically lying on her back, the dark-haired woman felt her younger soulmate penetrate her with her tongue and emitted more pleasure sounds and entreaties, no longer caring whether her daughter could hear their love noises in this short distance from the lake.

The battling bard lightly finger-played with the warrior woman's sensitive nub as she kept tasting her delicious nectar, adoring her lover's rapturous noises. She was so glad to notice that Xena had become more and more emotional and open over the years. Gabrielle eventually took her partner's clit in her mouth, lavishing it with every stroke of her tongue. She swiftly brought a hand back around to her soulmate's entrance and instantly possessed her with two skilled fingers as she continued feasting on the swollen bud.

"Ah… Gabrieeeelle! Oh, yeeeeeeees…" Xena's mind and body were driven to the pinnacle of ecstasy as the mesmerising rhythm of Gabrielle's tongue and fingers took the Warrior Princess higher and higher with every stroke and penetration.

After her long-haired lover came, the battling bard removed her fingers, quickly sucked them clean and then hungrily licked her warrior dry –tasting every succulent part of her sex, running her tongue into every fold. Having now placed her arms behind her head, Xena relaxed onto the bedroll, as she took pleasure in the delightful oral aftershocks generated by her soulmate. "Hmmm… I love you, Gabrielle."

As she finished the activities, Gabrielle kissed the warrior woman's centre tenderly. "I love you too, Xena…" she replied, as she climbed back up on all fours on top of her older lover, "… so much!" The short-haired blonde smirked, and kissed the love of her life while touching her dark hair.

Xena enjoyed the sweet, soft velvet of Gabrielle's red top pressing against her breasts. She wrapped her arms around the strong little fighter and hugged her very tightly, as none of them broke the delicious contact of their mouths and tongues' movements together. They eventually ended the kiss and lay next to each other until, after a while, Gabrielle sat up and went crawling, looking for her underwear in the grass somewhere near the bedroll.

Although Xena had already pulled the straps of her leather outfit back up and covered her breasts, the unspoken cheerfulness of this shining bright early afternoon told her that their lovemaking was not over yet. She moved herself up and knelt on the blanket she had been lying on. "Gabrielle…" she libidinously whispered her younger lover's name, the sultry weather and the wildness of the nearby birds' chants making her dizzy.

"Yes, what is it, Xena?" Gabrielle smiled and turned around to look at the Warrior Princess.

Xena breathed heavily. "Don't put your underwear back on. I haven't yet got the chance to feel your warmth pushing against my thigh today. I want you again… oh, now Gabrielle!" Her azure blue eyes were now captivating the battling bard's gaze. On her knees, she was slowly rubbing the top of her own thighs, which she spread –to tempt Gabrielle.

The blonde woman chuckled. "You're wanting me again now, Xena? Are you serious?" she asked with an inquiring look. "Your daughter is soon going to be wondering what exactly we are doing, you know that?"

The magnificent tall woman with long dark hair grinned and shook her head. "Don't worry, sweetheart. She would not have a clue, and I told her to stay there. I want you now, Gabrielle. Please… Take me…"

Unable to resist, Gabrielle swiftly crawled back towards Xena, embraced her and kissed her. Both on their knees, the two soulmates hurriedly moved towards a tree that stood near the bedroll, and the short-haired woman got her older lover to take a crouching position in front of her. "Lean back and put your hands on the tree, warrior," the battling bard ordered.

"Oh… Yes… You've always got some awesome ideas for naughty positions, my love," the warrior woman stated lustfully as she pressed her leathered back against the tree behind her and moved her hands back to firmly place them on the trunk. She then moved her knees apart, inviting her lover with her voluptuous stare. The strips of her leather skirt were hanging between her legs, hiding her sex.

"I learned from the best." Knelt in front of Xena, Gabrielle went on to straddle one of the warrior's thighs as she put her hands on her lover's shoulders and looked deeply into her eyes. The older woman sighed sensually in happiness. Finally, she could feel the heat of her soulmate's centre onto her thigh, along with the soft brushing of her red velvet skirt onto her leg. Watching this sturdy, sexy, exquisite and splendid smaller woman in her brand-new red velvet outfit felt so exciting and heart-warming to Xena. She was entirely fascinated by the absolute beauty of her short-haired Gabrielle, including her gorgeous abdominal muscles. "Oh, yes, please… Take me," she requested intensely, biting her lower lip at the sight of her younger lover's abs and muscle-toned body.

The battling bard giggled warmly. "You know, Xena, in the past, when you wanted me to take you it used to be just for an occasional, spicy role-reversal –a way for you to show me how much you were willing to open your heart to me. But now you want it to be like an art, don't you, huh?" Gabrielle delicately kissed her partner's lips and brushed her nose against hers, enthralled by how much the Warrior Princess was willing to give herself to her again. She also wrapped her hands around her neck, engulfing them into the long black hair.

Keeping her hands on the tree behind her, Xena smiled naughtily at her love. "Well, some warriors do like having their sidekicks make love to them sometimes."

"Uh, huh…" the young blonde murmured as she brought a hand down and leisurely trailed two fingers along the inside of her lover's other thigh.

The Warrior Princess slightly moved her hips forward as she felt Gabrielle's hand approach her centre after moving past the leather strips. "Oh, please Gabrielle, yes! I'm yours, my bard… completely…" Xena's moans became seriously insistent.

The short-haired woman entered her soulmate, using a couple of fingers. She simultaneously began grinding her own hips against Xena's thigh. Gabrielle increasingly and gradually picked up a more rapid rhythm as she thrust inside her older partner.

"Haaaaah… Gabrielle…" The long-haired warrior panted heavily and moaned even more intensely in pleasure. She was totally enraptured by her blonde sidekick's touch, as she carried on encircling her arms around the tree trunk at the back. ""Uh… Oh… Yeaaaah…"

Gabrielle kept one hand onto Xena's shoulder, maintaining her own balance as she continued to rock herself while tightly straddling the Warrior Princess' leg. She excitedly massaged the area around her lover's clitoris and she added one more finger to her deep loving of her soulmate's depths. She sometimes twirled her fingers inside too, ardently stroking the warrior's hard inner core with her skilled, impassioned lovemaking technique.

"Ohhhh! Gabrielle, yeeees!" Xena would not be able to take this for much longer. Her breathing got faster and faster as her gaze travelled all over the magnificent young fighter dressed in red velvet who was making glorious love to her. The bouncing of Gabrielle's cleavage in front was delicious to see. So were the shapes of her thighs and legs moving onto her, in the glow of this sunny afternoon. Most importantly, the warrior woman rejoiced in watching the battling bard's ecstatic face, her sumptuous complexion and radiant beauty staring back at her. "Gabrri…eeellle!" Xena was utterly enthralled by the pulse of the velvet clothing's movement against her younger soulmate's skin as she came –the sweet, honeydewed scent of the blonde's body throwing her onto the brink of wondrous giddiness. She slowly caught her breath while Gabrielle was still inside her.

The short-haired woman had already orgasmed multiple times during the passionate friction of her warm and wet centre onto her taller partner's muscle-toned skin, and she reached the peak once more. After this, she took her hand slowly out of her long-haired lover's sex and brought her wet fingers to the area between her legs to collect some of her own juices. With both of their succulent juices mixed together onto her fingers, Gabrielle brought her hand up to touch Xena's lips –making her taste their blended liquid passions.

"Hmmm…" The Warrior Princess licked the battling bard's hand and took her fingertips into her mouth, delighting in the delectable savour of the heavenly combination. She released her own hands from the tree and wrapped them around the smaller woman's waist, caressing the smooth skin of her lower back.

Quickly, Gabrielle stuck her own mouth near Xena's and sucked on her own fingers before her partner got the whole taste of the luscious mixture for herself. The short-haired blonde removed her hand. They kissed with ravenous fervour, as the younger woman enclosed her arms around her long-haired soulmate's neck. "You are so beautiful… so warm inside… I love you, Xena." she told her beloved, in the middle of the passionate contact of their mouths and tongues. "You own my heart, Xena," she added as they stopped kissing for just one moment. .

"Gabrielle…" Xena tenderly stared into Gabrielle's heart and soul with her powerful eyes. "I love you more than life itself!" she vigorously declared as she swiftly moved from her crouching position under Gabrielle and stretched out her own legs on the ground to lay them to rest after such thrilling activities. Then she kissed her bard some more as she tightened her grip of her lower back.

The battling bard was now knelt onto her lover, straddling her legs as she continued to caress her lips and her tongue with her own, when she felt one of Xena's hand move lower and strongly grab her butt through the velvet skirt. Gabrielle thoroughly enjoyed this with no protest whatsoever. Instead, she moaned excitedly into the warrior's mouth when the older woman firmly squeezed her backside.

Xena did not hesitate to use two hands to affectionately grasp the cheeks of her beloved Gabrielle's buttocks once more, captivated by the feel of the velvet beneath her palms as she steadily held onto these lovingly rounded shapes. She lowered her head to taste Gabrielle's neck. She then unhurriedly dove down into the flesh of her bust.

"Ohhh…" The short-haired woman had thrown her head back in joy, always taking great pleasure into her warrior lover's eager touch. It was at that precise moment that a young woman's voice shattered their concentration into this fantastically passionate and deeply sensuous moment.

"Mom?" Eve stood there, fifteen feet from the lovers, looking at them with wide eyes. She was intensely confused by what she was seeing.

Xena and Gabrielle instantly moved away from each other and turned around to look at Eve. They remained seated on the ground, fixing up their clothes, making sure their skirts were in place and looking embarrassed at the warrior's daughter suddenly catching them. After a short moment of silence, the dark-haired woman asked reluctantly: "Eve, are you all right?" Her blonde lover smirked nervously while looking at the shocked red-haired woman.

Still standing there watching them with great confusion, Eve opened her mouth, as if to say something, but then decided to abruptly turn around and go back to the lakeside. She rapidly walked away. Gabrielle and Xena immediately searched for their underwear on the grass and put them back on. They also retrieved all accessories and weapons they had left here, and headed back towards where Xena's daughter was.

Having built a fire, Eve was gutting the fish she had been catching as her mother and Gabrielle came back into the clearing. Seated and just about to prepare lunch, the redhead focused on the work she was doing and did not say a word as the other women approached.

Xena silently sat next to Eve. The sun of the early afternoon combined with the heat from the cooking made her feel very warm, especially after having been sweating so much from her exquisite activities with her soulmate. She wanted to talk to her daughter anyway. The battling bard got a cooking pan for the chopped vegetables that were meant to accompany their meal. "Here, let me do this," the warrior said to Gabrielle, as she took the pot of small potatoes and leafy greens. She had become much better at helping with the cooking lately.

"Thank you, Xena." The short-haired woman guessed that Xena wanted to prepare the lunch with her daughter while talking to her privately. She picked up a whet stone and went to sit down on a tree trunk near Argo to sharpen her sais. The mare was grazing a little further from the cooking fire, as she did not like too much heat.

The Warrior Princess picked up a water skin and poured some liquid in the pot to cook the vegetables, which she then placed onto the fire. Next to her, Eve quietly took the gutted fish and placed it on a frying pan she had found in one of the saddlebags while her mother had been away with Gabrielle. The young redhead processed to fry the fish as Xena broke the silence: "So you know how to gut fish? I noticed the way you gutted this fish was so neat and precise," she remarked as she smiled.

"I learned lots of things, mom, while I was being raised by the Romans and the maids of Octavius," she responded in an unsettled tone, still slightly shaken by the compromising position she had just found her mother and Gabrielle in.

"And they didn't teach you to catch fish?"

"No, mom, usually the men in my army caught the fish themselves while we were on the road, but they would always give me, as Livia, the privilege to gut each fish –because I was always particularly skilled and sharp at it." Eve threw a steely glance at her mother, which for a split second reminded the older woman of Livia. "I always took great pleasure at doing this kind of job," the warrior's daughter added. A short moment of silence followed, and then Eve softened her features. "What were you doing back there with Auntie Gabrielle, mom?" she asked earnestly. "I'm confused." She shook her head as she looked back at the fish she was making, tossing it a bit in the pan. "I've never seen anything like that before."

Xena was watching her cooking too, now using a wooden spoon to stir the greens and the potatoes. "Are you kidding, Eve?" she questioned her daughter in a somehow amazed tone. "Are there not any women who love other women back there in Rome?"

"I've spent much more of my life in the company of men so far, mom –Octavius, my army, the male Romans, Ares… Octavius' maids were married to men, and I did not pay much attention to what the Amazons were doing. I was busier attacking them. So, no, mom I'm afraid I do not know what you were doing and had no idea that women can love other women. Men don't usually talk about that," she said calmly, noticing the fish was frying well.

Gabrielle chuckled very quietly as she overheard the other women's conversation while she kept sharpening her weapon. She thought it was a real shame that women like Eve had not heard that there was such a thing as Sapphic love between women. She continued to listen.

"I have to say, mom…" the young woman with long, brownish red and curly hair continued, "It kind of came to me as a surprise what you and Auntie were doing back there."

Gabrielle immediately turned around to speak to Eve before Xena ever had the chance to say a word. "You do realise that I am not exactly your auntie, don't you?" she inquired smilingly in a friendly voice.

Eve briefly gazed at the battling bard. "Yeah, I know but…" She shook her head again as she watched her cooking.

Xena stirred the vegetables some more. "Eve, do you remember I had asked you to stay here, while Gabrielle and I were back there?" she asked quietly. "If you had respected my wish, you wouldn't have caught us." She shrugged.

"You had both been away for too long," the warrior's daughter answered. "I was really beginning to seriously wonder what the two of you were doing." This was true. It had been at least a candlemark that had gone by before Eve had decided to go find her mother and Gabrielle.

The Warrior Princess sighed, not knowing what to say to that. She thought about her daughter's bewilderment at the idea of women making love, and decided to try another way of explaining things to her. "Look, Eve… Gabrielle isn't really your auntie. She is your other mother, in fact." The short-haired blonde woman let go of what she was doing and approached her soulmate after she heard these words.

Xena's daughter noticed the fish was cooked. She took it off from the fire and stared at Xena and Gabrielle with great astonishment. "My other mother?"

The battling bard came to sit near her long-haired lover, who instantly put an arm around her shoulder while looking at her daughter with a grin. "Eve, Gabrielle and I are soulmates. We are a couple and we had you together." Xena checked the potatoes on the smouldering fire. They soon would be done and they finally would all eat.

"That's impossible." Eve was further taken aback.

"Everything is possible in the world of Eli, Eve," Gabrielle reassured.

"Eve," the warrior woman continued, "Gabrielle and I were already lovers before you were born. And then when I had you, I was told by Callisto, who was redeemed by then, that she had given me a child –you, sweetheart. I figured she might have used my soulmate's genes to fertilise one of my eggs as she had brought us back to life after our crucifixions." She nodded, remembering.

"I also had a dream once, Eve…" Gabrielle stated, "… just before Xena was about to give birth to you –that her child was coming from both of us in some way." She tenderly held her older lover's hand that was resting on her shoulder while beaming at Eve. "I had always hoped to get the chance to have another daughter."

The young red-haired woman remained silent for a while, getting some plates for the fish while her mother was finishing cooking the accompaniment to their main course. She could not believe what she was hearing, but she thought for a moment about the world of Eli and fatherless conceptions. This could be possible. She stopped worrying and tried to appreciate the discovery. She gazed at the lovers again. "So you're both my mothers, really?"

"That's right," the battling bard replied.

"I really wished we could have seen you growing up," the Warrior Princess said unhappily as she removed the cooked potatoes and greens from the heat.

Eve changed the subject. "Can two women truly love each other and be together as a couple?" She genuinely wondered if this was possible.

"Well," Xena smirked and placed a delicate hand on her soulmate's knee as she nodded again at her daughter, "we're the proof of it, sweetheart!" Her and her younger partner both looked like a very happy couple.

"And there are other women like us, Eve," Gabrielle's face was radiant as she affirmed this. "Remember when we went to visit the Amazons?"

"I pretty much only spoke to Varia, about other things, just before they all came at me for my past crime." Eve lowered her head, ashamed. She moved it back up when her mother called her name again.

"We need to eat now," Xena suggested, "before our lunch gets cold."

The women helped themselves with the food and ate greedily. It had been a long time since they had had breakfast, so they intensely enjoyed this late lunch. Xena and Gabrielle explained to Eve everything she wanted to know about women loving other women, stressing that it was the most beautiful and most natural thing in the world. The warrior's daughter started wondering if she had been missing something while spending so much of her time with men. She was no longer confused. Everything made perfect sense now.

Another candlemark had gone by. The three women were on the road again in the mid-afternoon, walking at a leisurely pace and enjoying the beautiful, sunny weather. They were strolling down the small road of dry earth and pebbles again. Though they had all agreed that they would not be going to Potadeia until the next day, they all thought that they might as well be getting closer to Gabrielle's home region nonetheless.

"So where do you think Virgil is now?" Xena smirked as she led a well-rested and well-fed Argo by the bridle.

"I dunno." the battling bard lightly smiled. "Probably fooling around with Nikon somewhere."

"Yep, Gabrielle, this is exactly what I think," the dark-haired woman added, winking.

They all laughed briefly. As their amusement quietened down, Eve kept walking silently, enjoying the warmth of this day while the other two women continued to talk. Eve's mind kept wandering back to her recent discovery of Sapphic love –something to mull over, clearly.

The bent shape of the path made the women turn right, into another forest. The women trailed amidst tall trees. Feeling sunlight suddenly being largely blocked by dark green leaves overhead, the three of them carried on following the path until Xena unexpectedly motioned them to stop walking. "Hold on, I heard something." They all carefully examined their surroundings, feeling potential enemies nearby –hiding somewhere. Gabrielle briefly bent down to take her sais out of her bootlegs.

Three men abruptly charged at them, yelling hysterically and wielding daggers and swords. "Ayiyiiyiyiyiyi," Xena yelled as she swiftly kicked the elder attacker's wrist to disarm him –making his weapon drop to the ground. He probably was their leader, the Warrior Princess thought. Faster than a flash of lightning, the tall brunette did a front flip to get behind him and harshly kicked his back before her boots touched the ground again. The fat, bearded man with dark curly hair fell to the ground on his stomach –but Xena was not finished with him. She grabbed that older man by his collar.

Meanwhile, Gabrielle and Eve were defending themselves against the two thugs who had accompanied him. Gabrielle was fighting a young man with long blond hair and a moustache. Catching his brandished dagger with a sai in a self-protective fashion, she rapidly stabbed his fist with the sharp end of her twin weapon to make him drop his knife. He moaned at the pain as his blade fell to the ground. He attempted to grab the short-haired woman with his other arm but she pushed him back with a strong elbow. The battling bard of Potadeia now used the blunt ends of her sais to punch her attacker's face, making him feel dizzy. He tried to kick her, but in a very clever sweeping movement of her leg she destabilised his knees and brought him to the ground. "Stay down," Gabrielle ordered, stamping her boot on his chest. She turned her sais around in her hands and pointed them down in his direction, threatening him.

Using her self-defence techniques, Eve abruptly swirled the weaponed arm of the young man with short dark hair who was attacking her, causing him to lose his balance. He fell but stood back up again after letting go of his dagger, and menaced her with his fists. The warrior's daughter energetically pushed him away. As he attempted to rush back towards her, somewhere above him a flying chakram rapidly sliced off a heavy tree branch, which fell on his head to stun him. Eve turned towards Xena. "Thanks, mom." She watched her mother catch her circular weapon back.

Still holding the oldest man by the neckline of his clothes with her other hand, the Warrior Princess turned back towards him and lifted his head towards her. "Who sent you? Why are you here attacking us?" She jabbed a pinch into his neck. "You've got thirty seconds. Speak."

Struggling for breath, the demented leader of the thugs tried to catch one last laugh, which actually ended up sounding more like a choked chortle. "Nobody's sending us, Xena. We just wanted to kill you and Gabrielle, just for sport, just for fun." The warrior woman sighed. How petty and mundane this older man was to her. He looked like an old, foolish and run-down warlord –probably having lost his army and needing two younger and stronger men to help him kill legendary warrior women. She had met men like him gazillions of times before. He was not worth killing and she took the pinch off him. He fell back to the ground.

"Let me guess…" She mocked him with a smile while he rubbed his neck and regained his breath as he looked up at her. "…You and your thugs were trying to kill my companion and I because you wanted us dead so that you could make heaps of dinars for having murdered us, legendary female fighters, is that right?"

"That right?" Gabrielle also asked the bandit she had just been fighting.

"Yes," the young blond man on the ground replied. "That's right," the older man instantly added in a bitter voice which denoted his disappointment that his plans failed.

The two soulmates both shook their heads vigorously and decided to leave the attackers and their silly hunger for money without a word. Gabrielle put her sais away in her bootlegs. Xena caught Argo back and motioned Eve to resume their stroll into the forest. This was obviously just another bunch of the run-of-the-mill variety of bandits they had bumped into today.

Half a candlemark later, Xena, Gabrielle and Eve had walked on further. They got into the heart of the brightly green forest –right in the middle of it. They paused for a moment, just to rest for a short while. Argo also needed some respite from the long walk. The Warrior Princess could suddenly sense that other people were nearby. The battling bard looked around them. She could perceive this too, that there was somehow a presence nearby, thanks to the intensive defence training she had gotten from Xena a few years back. As for the warrior's daughter, she could sense something too, having been a fighter herself in Rome.

"Mother, do you think someone's nearby?"

"Eve, I think quite a few people are nearby. Now the question is whether they're here to try to attack us or not."

"I'd say let's just stay alert, Xena," Gabrielle suggested. "It could be anybody." She was ready to catch her sais anytime. "We'll show weapons if they want to attack us."

A dozen of women wearing feathered bird-like masks made of polished wood suddenly descended from the trees above, sliding down ropes. They were scantily clad in suede outfits and, although they were carrying weapons, Gabrielle and Xena already knew they meant no harm. The two lovers relaxed a little. Their daughter, who was standing behind them, however, was a little tense. She hoped this was not Queen Marga's tribe appearing before them, with Varia or another Amazon attempting to catch her and bring her to justice for the awful crimes she had perpetrated against an Amazon village during the days when she had been Livia. Now facing the three women, members of the Amazon tribe made the Amazon peace sign –which got instantly reciprocated by Gabrielle– and lifted their masks. Eve relaxed a little, as she could not notice any Varia or Marga there. She was relieved it was not the same Amazon tribe she had attacked back in her dark Livia days either.

"Hello, sisters," the battling bard greeted. "What is your tribe?"

A tall woman with long, slick black hair and a graceful, well-built frame stepped to the front of the tribe as she spoke, now facing Gabrielle. "I am Queen Andromache and the women with me are some members of my tribe. Others from my tribe are visiting a nearby village at the moment." She briefly motioned another Amazon to come next to her, and encircled her arms around her shoulder. "And this is Andromeda, my lover and Second-In-Command. We both rule this tribe." Andromeda gave a small smile. She was a slightly shorter woman compared to her partner, the Queen. She still looked very sturdy and confident and was a beautiful blonde with intensely piercing eyes.

"Pleased to meet you, Andromache , Andromeda and everyone else here." The short-haired woman grinned.

"Yes, very pleased to meet you," her warrior lover confirmed. She became somewhat apprehensive that this tribe too might want to take her daughter to an Amazon justice council. "Do you know Queen Marga's tribe by any chance?" she asked after the appalling thought crossed her mind.

"Marga, yes we know her," Andromache replied. "But we haven't visited that particular tribe for a very long time. We haven't seen them recently," Andromeda added. "We live in Northern Greece the majority of the time, and we don't travel down south very often. Today is an exception. We came looking for women like you, Xena and Gabrielle, among other women," the Amazon Queen explained just after her lover had spoken.

"For us?" Gabrielle raised an eyebrow. Beside her, her older partner and their daughter felt their mild fears somehow assuaged as they figured that these Amazons were probably not after Eve. Their peaceful words, gestures and demeanour suggested that they were most likely here for something else. The short-haired blonde talked again: "Look, I'm a Queen in my own right…"

"We know that," Andromache interrupted smilingly. "You are a real legend, Gabrielle, and so is Xena. We've heard from other Amazons who also know Marga's tribe that you were still alive, and still looking very young as I can see," she remarked with a charming voice.

"We've already heard that nowadays you two are the most famous Sapphic couple of Greece," Andromeda stated delightedly, "and possibly of the entire world. Many of us were also brought up reading copies of Gabrielle's scrolls and listening to your stories. You both truly are amazing."

"Thank you," the battling bard answered, astonished how much her stories had already become so famous to all the Amazons of Greece. "Now may I ask what you are here for, sisters?"

Andromache glanced fleetingly behind her. "Doris, come forward." A slender-bodied Amazon spear-woman with shoulder-length curled red hair came to stand next to her Queen. She was holding a bunch of small scrolls. "Give them some," Andromache ordered. Doris then handed three of her little parchments to the soulmates and their daughter.

As Xena, Gabrielle and Eve started reading, they heard Andromache speak again: "You are invited to our party. It is called 'Sapphic Night Fever,'" she said, confirming the bold words inscribed at the top of each little parchment they had just been distributing. The warrior and her bard were immediately enticed by this undeniably interesting offer. Eve was silent; she just observed how the situation was unfolding.

"It will be tonight," Andromeda explained further, lovingly placing one hand onto her Queen lover's which was resting on her shoulder. "The event's location is specified on the invitation scrolls. Sapphic Night Fever has been organised in the honour of our beloved poetess Sappho, whose birthday is today." She and the other Amazons were happily staring at Gabrielle and Xena. This whole tribe was doubtlessly a bunch of admirers.

"Unfortunately," Andromache continued, "Sappho will not be able to attend, as she is in Crete this weekend, but we will have a Sapphic party in her honour nonetheless. We've been searching the area since this morning for potential Sapphic women who could attend it, and you both were on top of our list of prospective guests. We would really appreciate if you came there tonight."

"This won't merely be an Amazon party," Andromeda elaborated. "It will be a party for all Sapphic women in the area to come, including non-Amazons. This is a women-only event however, but we welcome any woman who is Sapphic, or at least potentially interested in Sapphic love, to come. So will you come?"

"I'll think about it," Xena replied in a friendly tone –a little worried that Marga's tribe might be there, but they lived much further south so it was unlikely. She and her soulmate would probably go visit them again later this month, without Eve.

Gabrielle noticed Doris beam at her in encouragement. "Come. It will be fun!" the young Amazon lancer promised excitedly. "It would be awesome to see you and your lover coming to the party tonight because both of you are such Sapphic legends of Greece. Everybody talks about you," Doris added.

The short-haired blonde woman turned to her lover. "Xena, I really think we should go there," she recommended in an exhilarated voice.

The Warrior Princess relaxed as she gazed into her soulmate's eyes. "Oh Gabrielle, is there anything I would refuse you?" She slowly shook her head, lovingly smiling and her girlfriend.

"Thank you, Xena." The battling bard winked and looked back towards the Amazons. "Yes, we will be there tonight," she declared pleasantly.

"Gabrielle's wishes are my command," Xena added proudly. "Let's go now, love." The three women and their horse began resuming their walk ahead. "We will see you there," Gabrielle said enthusiastically as they were moving past the Amazons to get further into the forest. The tribeswomen saluted them. "Yeah, we'll definitely meet you at the party," the warrior woman affirmed. "See ya," Eve added in a shy tone, waving goodbye.

The Amazons watched them as they left. "Do you think they'll really come?" Doris asked her Queen.

"Yes, Doris," Andromache replied. "If they said they'll come, they'll come."

The Amazon dozen got ready to walk away in another direction to go join the rest of their tribe. As they were leaving, Doris was the slowest to move as she was trying with difficulty to pack the remainder of her invitation scrolls into a narrow leather rucksack while still holding her spear in the crook of her arm. Another spear-woman approached her. She was Doris' lover. She was a thin, voluptuous and cheerful young brunette with lightly waved hair. "Hey, love, you want me to help you?"

"Sure, Phoebe." Doris kissed her partner as soon as she was approaching, warmly and sweetly. They paused as they both were trying desperately to shove the small parchments in the narrow bag. "I think the opening is a bit stuck," the Amazon redhead realised. They eventually managed to put the scrolls away but, as they both got distracted by another exquisite kiss they so much longed for, a single invitation sheet fell to the ground –unbeknownst to them. It had slid off the scroll pile unnoticed while they had been attempting to shove the bunch of invitations into the rucksack. Both women were too absorbed into such an emotionally sidetracking contact of their mouths and tongues to be able to detect anything touching the ground.

"Hurry up, Phoebe and Doris!" Andromeda ordered. "Andromache isn't exactly happy seeing you fooling around when we've got to get moving now and join the others." She sounded seriously irritated by the two lovebirds in action.

Doris and Phoebe immediately stopped kissing and turned around, towards the other members of the tribe. They saw Queen Andromache looking very annoyed while staring at them. She had her arms bent, displaying pointed elbows, with her curled fists resting against her hips –in a posture that indicated demand for discipline. "How many times will I have to catch you two?" Her tone was mildly indignant. "You can always do this later, when we won't have work to do. Now let's go."

Feeling guilty, the two Amazon lovers steadied themselves, attempted to appear as determinedly committed to their tribe as possible now and stepped back towards the other Amazons. The Amazon warriors all left this part of the woods, following Queen Andromache and her beloved Second-In-Command Andromeda in the direction of the nearby village where the other women from their tribe were hanging out. They all had to get into a thorough search for more potential guests who would be coming to Sapphic Night Fever in the evening.

Only a few distances away into the forest, the three men who had attempted to attack Xena, Gabrielle and Eve earlier in the day had languidly gotten themselves back up and were still recovering from their minor bruises and injuries. "Let's get going now!" Pyrrhos shouted to Timon and Kleon. Timon, the long-haired blond thug with a moustache, was finishing wrapping a bandage around the hand that Gabrielle had stabbed. Kleon, the young man with short black hair, was still massaging his temple –feeling a lingering headache after having just woken up following a painful stunning by a big tree branch.

Pyrrhos was their elder leader who used to have an army as a warlord. Recently, he had developed an obsession with the idea of killing the Warrior Princess and her battling bard –especially since he had heard from some very clever spies that the two legendary women were still alive after twenty-five years of miraculous cryogenic hibernation. Nobody knew what had happened exactly though there were rumours going about that Ares, the God of War, had had something to do with this. The fact that they were still alive, young and well presented a wonderful chance for Pyrrhos to go after them and attempt to murder them. He remembered when he had been a young boy, thinking that he could not stand a chance to kill the Warrior Princess because of his age. Then, when he was barely twenty years old, his father had died. He had been a ferocious warlord whom Xena had slain in a battle with the help of her little 'friend' Gabrielle. Thanks to their twenty-five-year sleep, Pyrrhos was now forty-five and saw himself as perfectly trained and able to kill them.

There was now also an additional desire to avenge his father in all this, but money still was his primary motive. Once the job would be done, Pyrrhos would be bringing their dead bodies to whoever would pay to make him rich and famous for being the man who would have slain Xena and Gabrielle. He had recently met Timon and Kleon, two young men who were captivated by exactly the same goal as his –and were determined to seriously help him out in his task. Pyrrhos had been pleased to find two younger enthusiastically bad men like them, whom he could rule and get to follow him around. The only problem would be that, if he managed to kill the Warrior Princess and the battling bard, he would then have to share the money he would get with these two young thugs –but that could simply be resolved by getting rid of them too, and therefore making all the money for himself. Pyrrhos was still delicately rubbing his neck after getting a painful pinch from that crazy warrior woman. She and the other bitches had defeated them, but not for long, the elder man kept telling himself.

"We've got to get going now!" Pyrrhos insisted. "We've got to go find them."

"Pyrrhos, sometimes Xena and Gabrielle are faster than lightning. How are we gonna manage to find them after this?" Timon wondered.

"Yeah, how?" Kleon also asked.

Pyrrhos sighed. "I don't know… but we really mustn't give up." His voice was rough and raucous. "Follow me. Let's go." He started moving away from the corner of the woods they were in quick and easy steps for his middle age. The other two men walked behind him to follow where he was going. Pyrrhos briefly stopped to point down at the ground. "Look we can see where their footsteps were going, right here." The two younger men looked. "We've just got to follow them now." The ground of the forest path was indeed made of light brown sandy dirt that could easily show the footprints made by Xena, Gabrielle, Eve and Argo earlier on. The men all smirked. They figured they were lucky not many people had visited this forest lately since the last rain so that they were now able to retrace such important footsteps.

The bandits continued walking and walking for half a candlemark or so, until they arrived somewhere at the heart of the forest and stopped there, noticing the footprints becoming more numerous. Pyrrhos stared at the ground, confused.

"Now how are we gonna manage to find out where they were going?" Timon questioned the leader.

Pyrrhos kept his gaze downwards, peeved. "There must have been other people finding them."

"Look here!" Kleon pointed to a couple of feet ahead. He went to pick up the small object, and lightly touched its texture. "Amazon feather." He glanced back towards the other men. "Must have come right from the mask of an Amazon."

"Amazons were here?" Pyrrhos pondered, until his eyes suddenly happened to fall upon something else that was lying on the ground nearby. "Look!" He motioned his head to Timon, making him see the little parchment that an Amazon or another woman had probably inadvertently dropped there.

Timon stepped ahead, bent over and immediately seized the small scroll. He went to show it to the others. On it, it read:

Sapphic Night Fever

1 invitation for 1 person

A Special Night for

All Sapphic Women!

Strictly Women-Only Party.

Organised by the Amazon

Tribe of Queen Andromache

In the Honour of Our Dear

Beloved Poetess Sappho.


The Underground Cave

beneath the Main House

in the Rubicon village.

When: Tonight.

"Sapphic Night Fever?! Hmm…" Pyrrhos exclaimed in a smugly pleased manner. "Timon, I bet you that Xena and Gabrielle are going there." He smiled at the young man.

"What proof do we have that they'll definitely be there?" Timon cautioned.

"Right, this is a Sapphic party and, seriously, what do you think Xena and Gabrielle have been doing in their bedrolls during all those years while they were on the road? Counting the stars?" the older man asked rhetorically with a bombastic tone and a wicked grin on his face. "Timon, I have researched those warrior women for many, many years, and I can tell you that many people already know that they are now the most famous Sapphic couple in Greece, and possibly the whole world."

"I'm with Pyrrhos on that one," Kleon specified. "Almost everybody here in Greece now suspects that Xena and Gabrielle secretly hump together like a couple of crazed vixens in heat." He laughed.

"I know…" Timon nodded and sniggered. He felt it incredibly stupid that Kleon and especially the older fool had not understood his question. "…but that's not what I meant. What I meant was how can we be sure they accepted those Amazons' offer to attend that particular 'Night Fever' party, huh? What if we arrange a plan to get in there and they don't show up?"

"It is worth the risk trying to catch them there, I believe," Pyrrhos said. "We've got packs of dinars to make if we succeed."

"Okay…" Kleon acknowledged. "But how do we manage to get in there? Look at the scroll again." He pointed his finger on it. "It says that the party is 'strictly women-only,' and we are men. There will most likely be someone at the entrance, who will be watching out for whoever wants to get in and who could shout for backup at any time. If we have to fight a whole bunch of Amazon warriors, I doubt we'll ever make it into Sapphic Night Fever if you want my opinion."

"Stealth, Kleon!" The older man shouted with a boisterous voice. "Stealth is what we're going to need in elaborating this plan. We'll also need stealth when we'll be stealing both warrior women's bodies after we kill them at the party, and thus we'll also need another stealthy plan to outsmart lots of Amazons…" Pyrrhos briefly looked at the scroll again. "The 'women-only' rule won't be a problem. I just had a wonderful idea." He sneered. "All we'll have to do is properly and cleverly disguise ourselves as women!" He began uttering an evil roaring laughter.

The other two men chuckled at his new plan, feeling interested. After a short moment of cheerful amusement, something crossed Timon's mind. "Your plan really does sound good, Pyrrhos, but we've only got one invitation with us. What are we gonna do?"

"Er…" The leader scratched his head, thinking for a few instants. A new idea sparked in his mind, and he explained to the others: "We'll first go to the nearest big town, Nicopolis. I know an old forger there who makes fake invitation scrolls that look very authentic. We'll just have to go there and get another couple of copies made of the small parchment we've got here. And Rubicon is not very far away from Nicopolis by the way."

"Well, it all sounds fine by me. Let's go now then. We don't have much time 'til tonight," Timon remarked.

"Yeah, let's get going. I like this plan too," Kleon added.

"Follow me," Pyrrhos ordered. The three men ran away into the woods, towards the direction of Nicopolis, thoroughly anticipating the important tasks they had to take care of in order to manage to infiltrate Sapphic Night Fever tonight.

Xena, Gabrielle and Eve were now agreeably travelling on foot though the side path of a gorgeously green meadow surrounded by beautiful bushes after walking out of the forest. They would soon be heading towards Rubicon, where Sapphic Night Fever was to take place. It was now late afternoon and the sun still emitted glorious golden light onto the nearby shrubs, plants and flowers. The battling bard smiled at the magnificent white blossoms occasionally popping out amid the green sleek leaves of the bushes skirting the plain, as she lightly touched some of them in passing. Argo II wanted to sniff the flowers, which made the Warrior Princess chortle a little. "Come on, girl," she told her mare as she gently led her by the bridle. "We've got to keep moving!"

The warrior's daughter was preoccupied by something else which continued to trouble her thoughts however. "Mom?"

"Yes, Eve?" Xena asked while they all kept themselves advancing forward.

"I'm not sure how to feel about going to that Sapphic night, since I may not be that Sapphic to begin with. I mean… if that party is only for Sapphic women, then how will I fit in there?" Eve looked slightly worried, feeling somewhat inadequate.

Gabrielle jumped into the conversation before her lover ever had the chance to reply. "Oh, but you're with both your mothers here." She placed her hand on the young red-haired woman's shoulder in a friendly way. "We're family, Eve! And Xena and I are a Sapphic couple. Don't worry. You will be okay."

"Yes, Gabrielle… but I may not be a Sapphic woman per se." Eve turned her gaze back towards the Warrior Princess. "Mother, are you really sure I should be going there with you tonight? I don't even know if I'm attracted to women. I've never even given a thought about it."

Xena smirked. She lovingly wrapped an arm around her daughter as she smilingly looked her in the eyes. "Oh, Eve, tell me… Is Ares really the only person you've ever slept with if you don't mind me asking?"

"Yes," Eve replied sincerely. She was not lying. As Livia, she had always been too overwhelmingly focused on the spirit of battle and destruction to be able to ever think about having another lover.

"Well, you have nothing to worry about then!" The tall woman with long dark hair was attempting to cheer her daughter up.

"What do you mean?" The young redhead was puzzled. "Do you seriously think that the darkly charming God of War, when he was still a god, was not handsome enough?"

The warrior briefly shook her head. "That's not what I meant, sweetheart. He may have been attractive, but maybe he was just too attractive…"

The battling bard looked a bit jealous about her partner saying such words. "Watch out, Xena. If I ever catch you kissing Ares again, I'll kick your butt!" she playfully joked.

"Relax, Gabrielle…" Xena grinned and displayed a sweet-eyed expression to her soulmate. "I'm just explaining something to Eve." She turned back to her daughter. "Eve, what I meant by 'too attractive' is that men who have a lot of charm tend to blur a woman's vision from what other possibilities there may be. In other words, you were probably being too seduced by Ares to ever be able to try to find out whether or not love between women is for you. That's what I meant by you having nothing to worry about." They all carried on walking ahead into the sunlight.

Eve could fathom what her mother was saying. "You're right. I may have been too much under the control of Ares to realise anything else…"

"That's right," the short-haired blonde confirmed. "Now please just come with us to that party tonight, be friendly to the women there, make new friends and see if there might not be a woman at Sapphic Night Fever whom you may be attracted to," she proposed in a lighthearted and cheerful way.

"Sounds like an idea, Gabrielle," the woman with curly red hair answered. "After all, I'll never know if love between women is for me until I try it…" She saw both Gabrielle and Xena gleefully nodding at her. "There is one thing though, mother…" She looked at Xena.

"What is it, Eve?" Xena questioned.

"I am the messenger of Eli, and do you think Eli's teachings would allow Sapphic love between women if I were to try it?"

"Yes, I believe so," Xena replied. "He certainly never had any problem with Gabrielle and I…"

"Eve," Gabrielle interrupted with a pleasant tone, "I knew Eli, and what was most important to him was love between people. I'm sure this would include love between everyone. You don't have anything to worry about, Evie." She lightly caressed her cheek in a friendly, motherly manner.

Eve finished hesitating and began smiling firmly. "All right. Let's all go to Sapphic Night Fever tonight then! I'll just see how it goes."

The Warrior Princess and the battling bard happily thanked their daughter for her newly found openness to explore Sapphic possibilities. They were glad and were hoping with both their hearts that Eve would meet a beautiful woman at the party this evening.

"I have one more thing to ask though," the young redhead added. "Why is it called 'Sapphic Night Fever' anyway?"

Gabrielle chuckled. Xena explained with a naughty smile on her face: "Well… this, Eve, is what you get when you spend a whole night with your female lover dancing and making love." The short-haired bard burst out laughing. The other two women giggled too.

"Oh, wow!" Eve exclaimed. "I'll sure have some things to learn tonight…" She sounded slightly embarrassed.

"Yup!" both her mothers told her at the same time. They then said nothing, attempting to look a little shy. The three women and the mare left the meadow, having walked past the rest of the bushes, plants and flowers. They joined a shadowy road situated near a high, green hill somewhere on the left-hand side. The path was covered by cobblestones and extended much further ahead. Rubicon was further down this way. They had to get there soon. None of them doubted the party that was organised by the Amazon Tribe of Queen Andromache would stir up a lot of entertaining fun to them.

The wooden barn door shook several times. Noises of men being involved in sexual activities together would have been heard loudly had anyone been walking nearby. "Oh, Virgil! Oh, yeah…" Movements continued behind the door until the male companions finished enjoying themselves, and were now both panting deeply. Inside, both men were satisfied with the excitingly carnal encounter.

"Wow, Virgil!" Nikon turned around in Virgil's arms, still breathing heavily. "You truly are awesome…" He smiled at the sexy, muscular man he had just been sharing a wonderful time with.

Virgil gathered up his trousers while grinning back at the young farmer who had admirably been enjoying his physical prowess in such a lascivious way, and they briefly exchanged a kiss. "I guess we'd better get back on the road towards Delphos now? Your grandfather will really appreciate you arriving early for his upcoming birthday." The two men had headed much further east, in the direction of Nikon's home village. They had just decided to surreptitiously sneak into a barn that was currently unoccupied, only for a quick shag. Nikon had found Virgil naturally hot-blooded, and he had had to experience the kind of man he was, in the flesh.

"Sure." The young farmer was putting his clothes back on. The strong, heady smell of hay mixed with masculine sweat made him dizzy. He briefly shook his head while opening his eyes widely, trying to get himself back on track. "I'll also have work to do back there, helping grandpa with the livestock."

"Let's get moving then." Both men unlocked the bolt and got out of the place they had been entering and walked back towards the main path. Joxer's son did not say a word. He seemed preoccupied by something else.

"Virgil?" Nikon asked as they were strolling along the road.


"Are you still thinking about her? That Gabrielle girl?"

"Yeah…" Virgil's voice sounded serious as he changed the subject. "You know, Nikon, it's just a one-time thing what happened between us by the way? Just wanted to make this clear."

"Of course," the young farmer replied. He was a bit saddened by this fact, but he understood that Virgil, in general, preferred women.

Virgil's thoughts kept wandering back towards the battling bard as he carried on leading Nikon back to his home village. Joxer's son wondered if she would be jealous seeing him in a guy's arms, if she felt anything for him at all –or whether she was really too mesmerised by her Xena. He really needed to keep attempting to see if he stood a chance with the battling bard later on. He remembered his father, endlessly telling him how much he had loved Gabrielle –but her heart was for Xena. Virgil sighed. He looked at Nikon again, as they continued to follow the road. He did not mean to sound so negative to him, even they both were giving themselves a good time only for a short while. "But you know what, Nikon?"

"Huh?" the other man responded.

"I think we should spend a night together anyway." Virgil winked, and Nikon was happy.

"Yeah, let's just spend a night together." The men amiably patted each other on the back and kept going forward.

It was five candlemarks before midnight when Xena, Gabrielle and Eve arrived in Rubicon. They immediately left Argo II and some saddlebags with her, along with their rucksacks, at the local visitor stable in the village. Then they continued wandering around. It was still daylight outside at this time thanks to the warm season. The village was small with only a few dwellings in it, and lots of green grass spaces and leafy bushes. The three women approached the Main House, which was the biggest of all houses. It was made of stone, had many windows and quite a few doors. They saw an Amazon guard standing just next to a side entrance, spear held upright in hand. They walked to her.

"Hello, what is your name?" Gabrielle asked. "We're going to the party tonight, the one called 'Sapphic Night Fever.'"

"Yeah, it's here, downstairs." The tall Amazon grinned warmly. "I am Alkaia, Amazon general. Queen Andromache has assigned me to be the guardian of this party for the evening even though I'm a general, as she could not find anyone better for the job." She was a very stalwart and beautiful woman in her late twenties, with a dark brown skin tone and gorgeous walnut-coloured eyes. Her hair was partially pulled back by an Amazon feather headband, with long elegant African plaits reaching down her back. Her short and tight Amazon clothes were made of soft, dark orange-brown suede –revealing an ample cleavage and well-built shoulders, thighs and arms. She wore various Amazon arm bands and bracelets. Some were silvery, some golden, and others were made of leathery cord holding either little tiny seashells, pieces of feather or fur. She overall seemed like a very smart Amazon guardian exhibiting a very sisterly and welcoming attitude. "I suppose you're Gabrielle and Xena, all right? I've already heard all about you," she said to them with gracious and captivating eyes.

"Nice meeting you too, Alkaia." Xena's expression was friendly. So were the others', even though Eve was still being a bit shy.

"Same here," the battling bard added. She handed the three little scrolls to Alkaia. "Here, our invitations."

"Thanks." The Amazon guard took them, had a short look at them, and handed them back to the very pretty blonde woman in red velvet. She looked briefly at the warrior's daughter. "Who's the young lady with you, if I may ask?" Her tone was simply curious. "I just don't think I've ever heard of her."

"She's my daughter, Eve," the Warrior Princess replied. "Actually…" She encircled an arm around Gabrielle. "Our daughter." The short-haired woman blushed as she proudly looked at her taller lover.

"Your daughter?" Alkaia looked utterly perplexed. She stared at Xena. "But you look young enough to be her big sister? Oh, wait…" The Amazon guard pondered the situation for a moment, then she remembered something she had been told and everything neatly became clear to her mind. "You and Gabrielle were buried in ice for twenty-five years, weren't you?"

"Yes, I guess we could put it this way," Xena confirmed.

"How do you know?" the battling bard asked.

"I read it in one of your scrolls, I think." The Amazon general displayed a gorgeous, light-hearted smile. "Very well-written, by the way. And I do remember reading vaguely about Eve now."

"Thank you for the compliment." Gabrielle smiled back.

"Sapphic Night Fever is down this way." Alkaia swiftly pointed her thumb towards the entrance next to her. Inside were sombre, stony stairs leading down somewhere into the dark. A few torches hung along the side wall though, illuminating the way down. "I hope the three of you have fun. I'll probably join much later on, after locking this place once everyone invited is inside."

"See you there then," the battling bard stated. She walked ahead of the others. Xena and Eve nodded warmly as they walked past Alkaia, following Gabrielle inside. The three women slowly but excitedly walked down the steps. It was all so pleasant for the Warrior Princess and her younger lover to see that the Amazons were being so supportive of them coming to the party. They had been enchanted by Alkaia's lovely welcome. They also hoped Eve would be having fun in there.

Music could already be heard loudly as the three women descended down the steps into Sapphic Night Fever. A large dark green curtain with golden Greek Amazon patterns was draping the entrance downstairs. Behind Gabrielle, Xena outstretched her arm and lifted it to let her favourite Amazon Queen enter the party. "After you, my love."

"Xena…" The battling bard's eyes opened even wider as she and the other women got into the party. They became totally amazed by the magnificent festivities down here. They were inside a large hidden underground cave with a very high ceiling that was currently being used as a huge party hall. The place was lit by various torches hanging about here and there along the cave wall. There was a stage on the other side of the room, onto which lay a white marble naked statue of the poetess Sappho in the background, in front of a huge dark red tapestry upon which silver Greek letters shone reading "Sapphic Night Fever: A Special Night for All Sapphic Women!" Onstage, some Amazon musicians were playing lyres, flutes and drums while others were singing Amazon chants. Those musicians were wonderful and the rhythm of their music sounded absolutely entrancing, charismatic and delightful. Not too fast, not too slow.

Rows of tables and chairs were present on the left side of the room. There were also large buffet tables on the right-hand side, upon which party food and drinks were being served by kind Amazon cooks, who had probably been making meals from a cauldron they had found in the village. They had roasted some of the food on a small fire pit near the wall as well. There was a vast dance floor in the middle of the party hall. The sandy cave floor had been covered with a lot of carpet for women to be able to dance on it. The carpet's patterns were vivid and colourful, and a few Sapphic couples were already dancing slowly together on it, following the gentle rhythm of the hypnotising music.

The ambiance of Sapphic Night Fever was overall blithely, passionately enthralling and enticing. The thrilling sight and scent of a large space filled with women wearing all different colours of clothing and various kinds of perfumes could make one feel ravishingly staggered and bewitched. Looking at this place and literally feeling it fill their senses, the warrior woman and her bardic partner quickly realised that they could easily decide to simply drown into the delicious atmosphere of this female-only party that very evening.

"It's absolutely beautiful down here, Xena," Gabrielle concluded after perusing the party scene. "We were definitely right to come."

"Yes, it looks totally marvellous, I've got to admit," Eve added with a modest voice.

"It certainly looks great." Xena smirked. "Let's go get ourselves a drink, shall we? And perhaps food too? I'm hungry."

"Okay, the warrior is hungry. I see…" The short-haired blond woman playfully pinched her lover's cheek, to annoy her a little –which worked. "Let's go get served, Xena."

The three women walked towards a buffet table that served skewered food and grabbed a piece for each which they ate as they wandered towards another table that served wine punch. They each took a mugful of it, as they kept strolling around into the party. The Amazons serving them had been very welcoming, smiling women –quickly noticing that the newcomers to the party were thirsty and starving. Some women had noticed that the two lovers arriving were Xena and Gabrielle, the legendary couple, and had winked at them. They had also made fervent comments about how much they admired them.

Four Amazons immediately walked towards the Warrior Princess, the battling bard and their daughter as soon as they spotted them. They were some of the women whom the soulmates had met earlier on in the day: Queen Andromache, her Second-In-Command Andromeda, and the two spear-women Doris and Phoebe. "Hey, Xena, Gabrielle… So happy to see you come here after accepting your invitations!" Andromache enthusiastically exclaimed. "Can you please remind me of the other woman's name?" she asked, motioning towards the warrior's daughter with her eyes. "I don't recall us being properly introduced earlier on today, in the woods."

"Ha, that's my daughter Eve," Xena said while still chewing some of her food. She looked at Gabrielle, who was giving her a soft glance. "Our daughter," the warrior further stated to Andromache.

"That's great." Andromeda looked delighted. They had all heard from some of the bard's scrolls for the explanation to why Xena and Gabrielle barely looked older than their daughter. "Pleased to meet you, Eve."

Eve shyly shook hands with the Amazons in front of her. She hoped in the name of Eli that they had not read too many scrolls talking of Livia, or she would be having a very hard time here at this party tonight –but since the Amazons were not exhibiting any hostile behaviour towards her, she figured that these particular women had not heard much about what Livia had done to some Amazons. "Pleased to meet you all." The young redhead smiled warmly.

"We all hope you'll be having a load of fun down here, Eve," Doris wished sympathetically. She was dressed in a short sexy two- piece panther outfit and had an arm wrapped around the shoulders of her dear lover Phoebe, who was holding her waist. Doris' partner wore a taut green silk assorted top and skirt outfit around her chest and hips and sparkling diamond jewellery around her neck and wrists. The two young lancers had left their spears put away someplace. They just wanted to enjoy the party tonight. "Welcome to Sapphic Night Fever, Eve!" Phoebe declared.

"Thank you." Xena's daughter was very much intrigued by this party her family had taken her to, and could not wait to find out more about Sapphic women and their secret lives.

Having greeted the newcomers, Andromache and Andromeda walked away somewhere else in the party, having other things to take care of at the moment. The Warrior Princess, the battling bard and their daughter figured that an Amazon Queen and her Second-In-Command must be very busy at a party like this. As chief organisers, they probably had business to attend to.

Another two women approached and came to say hi to Xena, Gabrielle and Eve. Their names were Bremusa and Zoe. Bremusa was a splendid young Amazon in her mid-twenties, with a gorgeous caramel complexion and shoulder-length mocha-coloured tight curls slightly pulled back by a headband made of thin, crisscrossed leather threads. Her titillating, scanty clothes were made of soft light purple silk, revealing her ample womanly shapes, and she wore an Amazon pendant with a silver labrys around her neck. Zoe was another superb Amazon, likely of the same age as Bremusa, and probably of Asian origins. She had beautiful light brown eyes. Her shiny straight black hair was tied back into a high pony tail. Her discreet makeup enhanced her facial features as she smiled. She wore tight clothes made of dark suede which indicated she might be a combat Amazon who probably hid weapons in her bootleg. Her golden jewellery displayed little Amazon figures in its motifs. These two women's accosting conduct was doubtlessly spirited and convivial. Xena, Gabrielle and Eve were absolutely pleased to meet them. They had finished eating and were sipping at their wine.

"You know, there are many lay Sapphic women that we managed to invite to the party today, Gabrielle," Bremusa explained. "Many are villagers. They all seem to be enjoying themselves here. Look at them." She made the blonde battling bard notice many women laughing together in the party hall –at the seats, on the dance floor, near the plentiful buffets and so on.

"I can see, Bremusa," Gabrielle replied, "it's all so truly awesome your tribe got so many women to come here. May I ask how exactly you all managed to organise such a grand, phenomenal party? And what about some of the food? How did you make it? I am really curious about it, and I forgot to ask Andromache before she went elsewhere…" Next to her younger partner, Xena remained silent. She too was interested in getting to know how on earth had the Amazons been able to set up something as big as Sapphic Night Fever, especially in such a small village as Rubicon.

"Oh, it was initially Andromeda's idea," Bremusa answered with a tenderly soft tone. "She of course succeeded in talking Andromache into organising it together with the other Amazons from our tribe. Then, a few days ago, we were all wandering about in the environs to find a venue, a secret place where all non-Amazon Sapphic women could be invited to join us as well. We met this old widow called Agnes, who lives in the main house just above this hidden cave we are in just now." She briefly pointed her finger towards the ceiling as she continued talking. She sounded very jolly and honoured to be the one to tell the whole story to the legendary Sapphic soulmates. "She told us she was sympathetic to all women, including Amazons and Sapphic women, and was always happy to help. She offered us to come down here, to this secret place, for us to decide if we wanted to organise Sapphic Night Fever in here. She said it used to be used to hide gold when her husband had been alive. He had been a very rich man. She put the gold somewhere else, but she still had this cave which she locked. We accepted to have the party here, and she agreed to let us use the cauldron and stove in her house to cook our food. She even offered us the punch wine! Isn't that great?" Bremusa was all mirthful after sharing the plans that had led to Sapphic Night Fever.

"It is truly amazing!" Xena confirmed, grinning, after drinking up the rest of her wine from the wooden mug she was holding. She turned to Gabrielle and Eve who had nearly downed their drinks as well. "I'm getting some more wine. Do you want some?"

"None for me just now, mother," the young redhead said. "I'd prefer not to get drunk. I would rather get to enjoy the party first." She had noticed the woman standing next to Bremusa, Zoe, eyeing her closely and constantly smiling at her affectionately ever since they had come to greet them. Eve felt too coy to say anything about it, but she was trying, deep down, to admit to herself that she was somewhat intrigued by this woman.

"I'll have another mugful of it, Xena, yes," the battling bard agreed for the proposed drink. After she watched her older lover go back towards the punch table, she looked back at Bremusa and thanked her for her explanations. The short-haired woman also glanced at Zoe. She spoke to her. "May I ask a question if that's not too personal?" She saw the young combat Amazon acquiesce with a soft blink of her eyes. "Are you Bremusa's lover?"

"Pfff…" Bremusa instantly suppressed a chuckle, which nearly made her choke on her drink. She grabbed a little cloth that she had been hiding in her cleavage and dabbed her chin with it. "Uh, huh…" She shook her head. "I stop you right here, Gabrielle. I don't think Alkaia would like this if she was. No, no, Zoe really is not my lover. She's just a very good friend of mine." Near her, Zoe was just chortling a little while keeping an eye on Eve, whom she thought was an exciting red-haired beauty.

"Alkaia?" Gabrielle asked Bremusa, simpering a bit. "Are you Alkaia's girlfriend?"

The Amazon dressed in light purple soft silk beamed. "Yes, I am," she confessed proudly. "I am Bremusa, the raging female and lover of the mighty Alkaia! You met her upstairs, didn't ya?"

The battling bard nodded, as she also somehow noticed her Warrior Princess coming back with the drinks out of the corner of her eye. "We did. She is absolutely lovely!"

"Thank you," Bremusa stated. "Now if you don't mind…" She began walking away, towards the stairs that led to the way out, as she warmly waved at them. "I'm missing my lover, and I have to go up there and keep her company sometimes. I'll see you all later." And she temporarily left the party.

Gabrielle gazed up at Xena while she took the new mug of wine her lover was giving her. "Hey, do you know that Bremusa is Alkaia's lover by the way?"

"No, but now you're telling me. It's fantastic," the taller woman acknowledged. She observed that the remaining Amazons standing just next to them were Zoe and the tender and loving couple that was Doris and Phoebe –who could not stop necking at the moment.

Zoe could not help but find Eve so, so attractive. She made up her mind that she had to be the one to make the first move, as the young redhead seemed to be way too shy to start talking to her. "Can you come with me and I'll get you a drink?" she inquired, with a gleaming sparkle of affinity in her eyes. When she saw Eve slightly surprised and not being able to say anything, she insisted with a gentle voice: "Please…"

The warrior's daughter hesitantly but surely brought herself to accept the offer. "Sure." She smiled nervously at Zoe and followed her to the wine stand.

Xena and Gabrielle had been silently watching Eve being proposed a drink by Zoe, not wanting to interrupt their precious moment. "I think this Amazon likes her, Xena," the battling bard brought up after a short period of time.

"I know, sweetheart." The Warrior Princess sounded pleased. "If Eve happened to find herself a woman who likes her, Gabrielle, then she will be having a great deal of fun at this party, believe me." She winked at her soulmate.

The short-haired blonde chortled gleefully. "Well, at least she will no longer be so ignorant about Sapphic love, darling, huh?"

"Yep." Xena gazed again at Phoebe and Doris, who were still making out. "Hey, you two, geeeeeeet a roooom!" she teased them, bellowing. Quitting kissing, the other two lovers laughed at the impudent warrior woman.

Upstairs, outside the entrance to Sapphic Night Fever, Bremusa had come back to meet Alkaia. The couple already had their arms wrapped around one another. The Amazon general guarding the place had let her spear rest against the wall beside her as she was embracing and kissing her shorter lover. "Hmmm… my Bre…" she lovingly said while staring down into her partner's eyes, "thank you so much for coming back up here to keep me company during this long boring shift. I love you for that."

"Don't thank me, love," Bremusa replied in an enamoured way as she met Alkaia's gaze. She always found the taller woman's skin so soft. She kept gripping onto her shoulder blades while she revelled in the feel of the Amazon guard's warm, tender hands clasping the sides of her waist. "I am your girlfriend and this is the least I can do."

"You are so sweet, my Bre…" Alkaia complimented, and her mouth and tongue made contact with her lover's once again. The sweet, excellent party music could be heard from the stairs at the back. It felt gratifying to their ears.

"I love you, Al," the slightly younger woman affirmed after they gently broke the kiss. She continued to look up at her lover with eyes as adorable as a doe's.

"I love you too, Bre." The Amazon general reciprocated with an impassioned expression on her face.

After they had been cuddling for a few instants, Bremusa brought something up. "You saw Xena and Gabrielle when they came in by the way?"

"Yes, I did see them, Bre." Alkaia nodded. "They looked just as awesome as in the legends, if not better."

"Yes, they do look great, Al, but…" The Amazon dressed in silk seemed a little preoccupied while she absentmindedly rubbed her taller lover's collarbone. "…something keeps nagging me somehow…" Her voice was low.

"What?" The Amazon guard raised an eyebrow.

"Well…" Bremusa caught her breath and lightly smiled. "They're the most legendary Sapphic couple on earth these days, but why do they have to be white? Why do nearly all legendary Sapphic couples that make it to fame have to be white? When will the day come when this world will recognise beautiful and passionate Greek Sapphic couples of African origins, like us? We're still living in such a white-centred world." She did not mean to be negatively complaining. She only wanted to remark on something that seemed more than a little unfair.

Alkaia chuckled in a reassuring manner as she kept holding her girlfriend tenderly. "Oh, my Bre…" Her tone was confident. "Don't worry, we both will soon become the next most legendary Sapphic couple on earth. You'll see, Bre, the entire world will recognise the brave, magnificent and loving women we are!" She and her lover had both been born in Greece, and were Greek. Both their families had come from Africa, though from two different parts of that continent. Alkaia's parents had migrated to Macedonia, where her mother had given birth to her. Bremusa's parents had come to live in Thessaly, where their little girl had first seen daylight. The two women had first met when joining Queen Andromache's tribe. Their attraction to each other had been immediate. Then Alkaia had saved Bremusa's life in a battle, and their romantic relationship had been building up intensely from that moment.

The Amazon general's slightly younger partner giggled briefly and nervously. She kept a positive countenance. "I wish I could believe you, Al…"

"Believe me, my love." The taller Amazon insisted, then went back to the previous subject. "Anyway, not to bother you, but I do like Gabrielle and Xena. I think they're fun," she asserted charmingly.

Bremusa shrugged and smiled. "Yeah, absolutely. Met them myself. Spoke to them, and they do rock! Gabrielle even said you were totally lovely, Al, by the way."

"Did she?" Alkaia laughed.

"Yes. She's very nice and funny, and cool…" The shorter woman slowly shook her head amiably. "Al, I have absolutely nothing against white women. Hell no! I'm part of Andromache's tribe after all, and she's a white woman. It's just that…" she briefly paused, "…they do seem to get an awful lot more admiration and appraisal than we do, you know, that's all…"

"I know, Bre, I agree…" The mighty, stunning Amazon guard grinned in a way that communicated desire and love. "You know, talking of admiration and appraisal, I'd really love to give you a lot of these right now…" She kissed her lover quickly on the mouth. "…but I'm on duty, unfortunately…" She shrugged in a vanquished manner. Work was stronger than desire, sometimes.

"Oh, but today is the two-year anniversary of when we'd met!" Bremusa grumbled. "Don't you remember? Hmmm???" She looked up at her with pleading eyes.

"Yes, I know, Bre." Alkaia sighed. "And I really want to be with you right now. It's just that Andromache has given me the responsibility of maintaining security outside Sapphic Night Fever for tonight. I know it really sucks that she gave the job to an Amazon general, but she could not find anyone better than me to handle it right. I also know it sucks she gave me this job on such an anniversary date, but I really can't be with you until later on in the evening, honey-pot." She winked. "I'm sorry…"

Bremusa said nothing. She just pouted sweetly to her beloved while carrying on caressing her skin with her fingertips. Suddenly the two lovers heard footsteps coming up the stairs in the entrance behind them. They ceased hugging and turned to watch who it was who was coming back up from the party. It was Toxaris, a thirty-something Amazon with curly blonde hair. She was an archer-woman in their tribe, and a good friend of theirs.

"Hey, how are you?" Alkaia questioned. "Been having fun down there?"

"Yeah," Toxaris moved past the two women, stopped walking, crossed her arms calmly in front of her belly and stared up at the sky, taking deep breaths. Sunset was still nowhere near. It would take another two and a half candlemarks or so. "I just needed a bit of fresh air, that's all. It's just so incredibly hot down there! So full of womanly heat, you know…"

Bremusa guffawed. "I bet it is. It's Sapphic Night Fever after all!" Her lover laughed with her. After a short while the young Amazon thought of a plan which she shared quietly with her lover. "Hey, Al, I've got a wonderful idea," she whispered into the Amazon general's ear. "Toxaris is a very talented Amazon in everything she does. Why don't you give her the security job at this door just for a few moments while you follow me into the woods?" She winked.

"Are you nuts, Bre?" the Amazon guard murmured into her partner's ear. "I can't do that. Andromache will be terribly mad at me."

"She won't know. It'll only be for a short while. Oh please, baby, it's our anniversary," she implored with a low, tender voice that always made Alkaia's heart melt like mush. "I need you now. I can't wait until later."

"Okay," the taller woman accepted reluctantly, "but this is only for a quickie, alright, love?"

"Sure. Thank you so, so much, my darling." Bremusa was satisfied.

"Toxaris," Alkaia called.

The other archer-Amazon turned around and gazed at the couple. "Yes?"

"Bremusa really needs me to go somewhere with her right now. It won't be for long, I promise. Would you please come here and watch the door for me? Only for a few minutes…"

Toxaris reflected. "Yes, sure," she decided, and came closer to Alkaia. The Amazon general handed her her spear, which she took.

"Stay right here," the tall woman ordered, "and beware of anyone who tries to come in the door. Make sure they've got their invitations."

Seeing Toxaris standing here, Bremusa was reminded of something, someone, an Amazon legend… "Hey, you know, I've never told you but you do look like the legendary Ephiny by the way?"

"Who?" The other Amazon was confused.

"The legendary Amazon Queen whom my girlfriend and I read about in some of Gabrielle's scrolls and saw Amazon drawings of," Alkaia elaborated further, "the one who got unfortunately killed by Brutus."

"Really?" Toxaris asked.

"Yeah," Bremusa confirmed. "She really was a great, intelligent one nonetheless."

"Ha, far out." The blonde Amazon chuckled.

"See you soon. We'll be back shortly. Thanks for covering for me," Alkaia stated.

The two lovers rushed into the woods nearby until they stopped by a bulky oak tree. Standing right there, Alkaia kissed Bremusa again with ardent passion while her younger lover's back rested against the tree. The shorter woman grabbed her lover's ample bosom with both hands. She thought that would gleefully get her mouth to go down there very soon, but the mighty Amazon general was much quicker than her in the action as she began pulling down the straps of her light purple silk top. Soon Alkaia's tongue plunged into the valley between Bremusa's breasts. The taste of her partner's skin felt like heaven to the Amazon general. "Oh, Al, yes… please…" the slightly younger woman exclaimed as she threw her head back in bliss…

Gabrielle and Xena went to get themselves another drink at the punch bar. Doris and Phoebe were following them, walking around the party with them. The battling bard shortly found herself engaged in an interesting conversation which started with Doris.

"So you do understand there will be performances onstage at this party, Gabrielle?" the red-haired Amazon inquired.

"No kidding?" The short-haired woman grinned. "I love stage performances. I bet they're gonna revolve entirely around Sapphic themes, right?"

"That's right," Doris affirmed, "absolutely. Many couples are going to be allowed to express their love onstage. Phoebe and I are some of your biggest fans. We admire the love you share with Xena, so much. Oh, Gabrielle, will you please just climb up there with her at one point?"

Phoebe got into the conversation, but she addressed Xena: "Yes, that's right, Warrior Princess. We'd really love to see you and your bard expressing your love onstage tonight."

The warrior woman did not know what to respond. She just bit her lower lip.

"I dunno, Phoebe…" Gabrielle answered instead of her lover, "Xena tends to be very private when it comes to talking publicly about our relationship."

"Oh, please, Gabrielle," Doris begged, "we just admire you both so much. You could just share some poems or memories or something. We just want to see you celebrating your love here. You might not find an event as private and as woman-loving as Sapphic Night Fever to celebrate it for a long time."

The battling bard turned to the Warrior Princess, giving her a fervently sentimental look. "Xena, I think this might be a good idea. I'm really seduced by it. We could celebrate our love to our most trusted Amazon admirers and women like them. What do you think?"

After considering Gabrielle's words for a little spell, Xena glanced at Doris. "All right." She gave a slight half smile. "We'll think about it… but this won't happen until later on tonight, okay?"

"Sure," the red-haired spear-woman agreed. "Just take time to grab a couple of blank parchments at the scroll table over there," she pointed, "and please both write whatever you want to say onstage on them. Take your time, whenever you're ready. Thank you." Doris took Phoebe's hand and headed to the dance floor with her, leaving Xena and Gabrielle alone. Both the Amazons were glad they had managed to convince them so successfully.

The short-haired woman tenderly placed her hand into her older lover's, and occasionally brushed her cheek against her shoulder in affection while they both continued walking around the party hall, holding drinks and sipping them. They soon found a corner entirely dedicated to them, the legendary couple, after getting past several stands dedicated to Sappho's arts and writings. Some tables exhibited lots of well-made drawings of the Warrior Princess and her little bard when they had both been younger and the blonde had had long hair.

"Hmmm… so sweet…" Xena remarked as she saw those pictures. There were also replicas of their weapons and various arts about their adventure at the closest stand, along with imitations of clothes they used to wear or were still wearing. The warrior motioned towards the green 'younger Gabrielle' styled top, brown skirt and long-haired blonde wig being displayed nearby. "If we go onstage, baby, you'll have to wear these for me." She smirked playfully.

Gabrielle gave her a surprised stare. "Huh? What, Xena? What's happening? You don't like my new style?"

"Oh, yes, my sweet bard, I do!" the taller woman reassured her confidently. "I love the red velvet… but I do love your former style too, just like in the good old days, hey my bard?" She lightly pinched her younger partner's butt and winked at her.

The short-haired blonde blushed, a little embarrassed but still ever-enjoying her beautiful Warrior Princess' boldness. "All right, Xena, I accept… but if I do it I will get you for this later on," she warned enthusiastically, "if you know what I mean?"

Xena chortled. "All right, sweetheart," she confessed in a lecherous tone, "I can't wait…" After downing their drinks, both she and Gabrielle went for a dance together. It had been their third mugful of wine in a row, and the alcohol was starting to have an effect on them. They thought it would be wise to skip the booze for a while.

Meanwhile, elsewhere at the party, Eve and Zoe were sitting alone together at a table. The warrior's daughter was still slowly consuming her second mugful of wine. She did not want to get drunk, not so fast in any case. The young redhead could not help but find the delightful woman who had proposed to get her a drink and who wanted to chat her up utterly attractive and charming even though she still was not sure about herself and where she stood when it came to Sapphic love. She simply needed to talk to Zoe, to spend some good time with her.

"So, are you from Chin?" Eve smilingly asked the enticing Amazon.

Zoe was slightly amused. "My parents were from Chin, actually. I was born in Greece, as my mother had migrated here before she had me."

"I see… My mother told me she knew a woman who was from Chin."

"Lao Ma? Yeah, I remember from Gabrielle's scrolls." The combat Amazon grinned.

Eve was little perplexed. "I'm beginning to wonder who hasn't read her scrolls here at this party," she brought up with a peaceful voice.

Zoe laughed. She then changed the subject. "Let me tell you a bit more about myself: I joined Queen Andromache's tribe a few years back," she related soberly. "They were being so sisterly and energetic to me when I met them one day in the middle of a forest, and I felt it would be great to fight for the Amazon Nation and get trained for it. I became the best combat Amazon in my rank last year." She looked proudly joyful. "Now tell me more about you. What brought you here?"

"Well, as you already know, I'm Xena's daughter. I was born in Greece also, but I was brought up in Rome…" Eve felt so reluctant to talk about her life. She already feared that someone knowing her as Livia would pop into the party at any time.

"Rome? Wow!" The combat Amazon was impressed. "You wanna tell me more?"

"Not really…" The warrior's daughter shook her head but kept a friendly expression. "Zoe, I had been taken away from my mom. I didn't really like my childhood and I'd rather not talk about it, is that okay?" she asked kindly.

Zoe sighed and smiled in a warm-hearted way. "Sure…" Eve was so mysterious, cryptic, but yet so desirable to her eyes. She had to cut her some slack somehow. "Would you still like to share with me what brought you down here, at Sapphic Night Fever?" She observed her in an impassioned manner.

Eve relaxed and returned the infatuated gaze, not sure of what it meant yet but already feeling butterflies squirming in her stomach. "I was, huh…" She smiled widely. "…interested."

"Interested, really?" the young Amazon teased her.

"Yes." The redhead nodded, flushing a little. "Interested." She noticed her mother and Gabrielle grinning at her from the dance floor. Xena was winking, and the battling bard was raising a thumbs-up after spotting her looking so happy in her private conversation with Zoe. This made Eve blush even more, but she stopped looking at her family and turned her eyes back towards the combat Amazon she was sharing a party table with.

"Is this your first Sapphic party?" Zoe asked.

"Yes, it is. That's why I'm a little nervous, sorry…"

"Well, we'll make sure that you will enjoy tonight for the rest of your life then. Do you wanna dance?"

Eve was bashful. "Can we please stay here for a little while? I'd rather finish my drink first."

"Okay," the combat Amazon replied serenely. She reached out for the back of the other woman's hand, stroking it gently. "We'll wait."

"Thank you." The warrior's daughter blinked and giggled nervously at the unexpected touch.

It was four candlemarks before midnight when the music stopped onstage. Queen Andromache and her beloved Second-In-Command Andromeda had got onto the platform and were about to speak. They made sure to raise their voice loud so that everyone at the party could hear, but they were already certain that what they would say would be echoing throughout the hidden cave.

Andromache was the first to address the audience who was staring back at her cheerfully, for the most part. "Thank you all, women, for coming here this evening to Sapphic Night Fever, a very special night for all Sapphic women especially dedicated to the honour of our dear poetess Sappho and organised by my tribe. I will now let my, oh so cherished, partner Andromeda announce something very important for tonight." She allowed her Second-In-Command to step forward.

Andromeda beamed at the women in the room. "Hello, all dear sisters! I hope you are all having an absolutely wonderful time down here! I would like to simply announce to you that there will be lovers' performances onstage by a few couples who were carefully selected by Doris and Phoebe, our best spear-women. Then we'll have a vote and there will be prizes." The audience cheered merrily at what she was saying. She continued in an excited tone: "One of our prizes is very interesting actually… and somehow erotic!" She chuckled.

"Yeeeaaaahhhh!!!" many women in the audience shouted agitatedly. "Woo, woohoo… Woo-ooh-hoo-hoo!" a very noisy Amazon exclaimed somewhere in the crowd.

Andromeda briefly glanced back at her Queen lover, who was just smiling at the whole heated enthusiastic tension building up in the room, then regained her composure as she spoke to the party guests again: "The two women who will get voted as the 'Best Couple of the Night' will win the ultimately exciting prize!" she declared eagerly. "They will have the honour, for tonight, to go sleep together in the secret private room situated at the back of this underground party. We're keeping it locked for the winners. It is very comfortable. There is a large bed back there and also a hot spring to bathe in…" She winked at the party women, humorously indicating her one-track mind. "To whoever wins, good luck, women! There will be other surprise prizes for the other two couples who win."

The audience clapped and cheered. Many women were wondering intensely who would be winning such a precious prize, and more. Onstage, Andromeda stepped back and let her Queen speak again.

"And now I would like to introduce our first selected Sapphic couple to come onstage," Andromache proclaimed loudly. "They are not Amazons but are wonderful Greek village women nonetheless. Everyone, please praise Theodora and Lysandra!" She outstretched her arm in presentation towards the brunette and the blonde wearing loose cotton dresses who were climbing onto the platform. The audience applauded them and got ready to hear the Sapphic poems they had to tell in celebration of their love…

Half a candlemark later, right after Theodora and Lysandra had finished their poetic performance and gone offstage, the Amazon musicians restarted playing –plunging Sapphic Night Fever back into a rhythmic harmony as enthralling as a heatwave of sweltering desire rushing through the body. Feverish, sensuous party excitement and captivating, entertaining sexual tension permeated the huge room. It all escalated rapidly as additional instruments played a sensual and oriental music that filled every partygoer's senses to the pinnacle –making them drown in its intense heat. The women dancing figured that the new sound effects from the Orient were generated by the new extra musicians that had appeared on the platform. Those female artists were talented and the women in the room had already guessed they were not from Greece. The Amazons must have managed to get them to play at their party, most guests surmised.

Right in the middle of the dance floor, Xena and Gabrielle were dancing together very closely and lovingly, facing each other. The battling bard had her hands placed onto the Warrior Princess' shoulders while her taller lover kept a steady grasp of the sides of her waist. Feeling Xena's hands on her tummy while continuing to stare up into her azure blue eyes, Gabrielle thrust her hips forward while dancing. The warrior woman did the same and soon their thighs were sensually interlocking –simulating Sapphic lovemaking moves. Thankfully Xena had removed her cumbersome armour to dance with Gabrielle. She had left her breastplate safely at Andromeda's table by the side of the stage, along with her weapons.

The two soulmates still felt the agreeable effects of the wine they had drank earlier fluttering through their heads. Making enjoyable movements here on the dance floor, they were both following the cadence of this party's voluptuous sounds and tempo. They quickly realised they both wanted to indulge profoundly in Sapphic Night Fever's womanly homoerotic luxury. The scent of hundreds of different perfumes filled their lungs as all around them on the dance floor various Sapphic couples were involved in similar kinds of erotic rhythmic movements. Some women were even performing belly dancing to the sound of the Oriental music. Still other women were not dancing. Standing somewhere in the party hall, they could not stop staring at the Warrior Princess and the battling bard, prying on them in action or simulation thereof.

"Xena…" Gabrielle softly called into her partner's ear as they carried on holding each other closely and making throbbing moves.

"Yes, Gabrielle?"

"I think they're looking at us, on the side… over there…" She discreetly directed her eyes briefly towards their admirers.

"It's all right." Xena shrugged and laughed. "I think it just means they want to join…" She gave her blonde lover a toothy grin. She would not be talking like this had she not drunk booze.

"Xena!" The short-haired woman was shocked at her older partner's indecent remark. They still kept dancing.

"Well, you know what they say…" Xena joked in a crude way to purposefully annoy Gabrielle, "the more, the merrier!"

"Oh, Xena, you're evil," the battling bard grumbled, but she already knew the Warrior Princess was not being serious.

The taller woman giggled, tenderly brushed her nose to her soulmate's and swiftly kissed her. "I'm kidding, sweetheart. You already know this."

"I hope so." Gabrielle gazed smilingly at her Xena. " 'Cause I'm really not into group lovemaking. I love you way too much for that."

"I love you too, and I ain't into group lovemaking either." The warrior with long dark hair shook her head. "I'm way too obsessed with having you all for myself for that." The two lovers kissed again, then suddenly Xena gently turned Gabrielle around while dancing so that her back was to her. She grabbed her hips with two firm hands and began making some steamy leg movements at the back of her lover's thighs. Touching the soft velvet of the blonde's red skirt made her feel deliciously light-headed.

The short-haired woman had not anticipated her warrior lover's audacious shift in dancing position but still thoroughly appreciated the intimacy of it nonetheless. She could feel Xena's gorgeous leather-covered body behind her with the ample breasts pressing against her back. Gabrielle moaned in enjoyment while keeping dancing erotically as she closed her eyes and threw her head back, leaning into the warrior woman's strong frame. She rested her hands onto Xena's arms. "Oh… Xena… Huh… But what if we're being watched right now? Hmmm…" she asked while continuing to take pleasure in the dance.

The Warrior Princess immediately moved her mouth down to suck on Gabrielle's neck. "Don't worry," she responded in between two loving suctions on her soulmate's skin. "Just concentrate on the music, my love," she kindly ordered. "Keep your eyes shut and drown into it… I love you… so much…" The taller woman planted several sultry kisses onto her short-haired lover's neck. She felt Gabrielle relax against her body. While she continued to make forward movements with the front of her thighs, she retained a strong hold onto the blonde's hips, as Gabrielle's hands now covered hers. Xena joyfully felt the battling bard lithely moving her adorable rear dressed in red velvet backwards against the front flaps of her own leather skirt.

The scorching torrid dance both lovers were being frenziedly focused on, combined with the endlessly spellbinding music and intensity of the Sapphic atmosphere filling the room, doused them into delirious excitement beyond belief. They sometimes rotated their hips sideways simultaneously in accordance with the pursuit of the sumptuous music's different beats.

Behind Gabrielle, Xena rested her head on her companion's shoulder as her hands moved up to vigorously cup her girlfriend's breasts through the delicious velvet, which made the blonde groan in delight again. The battling bard reached back with her arms to rest her hands onto the flesh near the back of Xena's neck. After that, the Warrior Princess brought her own hands back down to leisurely touch the smaller but sturdy woman's abdominal muscles which she loved. Her bard had really become such a stronger, more robust fighter in recent years. The long-haired woman was being completely seduced by her sexiness. She moved a hand down to touch the skin of one of Gabrielle's thighs, which was slightly parted from the other. 'I wish I could take her right here, right now… so gorgeous, so loved… my sweet, sweet love…' Xena thought, as her fingers played with the front hem of Gabrielle's skirt.

"Hmmm…" the battling bard moaned dreamily as she kept her eyes closed and shuddered warmly at the touch of Xena's fingertips near her inner thigh. The two lovers rotated their hips again, and made some more moves to stick to the delicious rhythms that were continuously controlling their bodies.

Xena had to make more adventurous dance moves to admire her partner's beauty. She interrupted Gabrielle's backward embrace of her neck as she delicately turned the younger woman anew, having her facing her again. She held her by the shoulders while her soulmate placed her hands on her leathered waist.

The short-haired blonde carried on dancing, and wondered what would be her taller lover's next moves this time. She had already taken great joy in the latest one, though undoubtedly knew she would feel embarrassed if she started caring about the nosy admirers standing nearby. She chose not to. She felt mesmerised by her admirably indecent partner instead. "I love you very much, Xena. You are so fantastic!" Gabrielle complimented happily.

Xena remained silent, following the rhythms. She hungrily licked her lips while she peered down libidinously at the glorious shapes of her soulmate's body, dressed in such a delightfully short and revealing red velvet outfit. While making coordinated dance moves the Warrior Princess slowly and gradually crouched down rhythmically in front of her battling bard, using the supple grace of her legs. Xena slowly slid her fingers down along the skin of Gabrielle's arms as she leisurely moved her head downwards, closer and closer towards the heady scent of her blonde lover's centre –brazenly simulating oral lovemaking right in the middle of the party.

"Xena, oh gods!" Gabrielle chuckled nervously. She clearly had not expected such an alluringly raunchy dance move, and she softly caressed Xena's long-haired head with both her hands. "You are driving me nuts, you know that?"

The Warrior Princess unhurriedly moved her head slightly back up to kiss the battling bard's enticingly splendid abs, tonguing them alternatively, while firmly stroking the sides of her waist. "But this is exactly what I intend to do…" she quickly and loudly answered over the party music, and emitted further lustful moans as she resumed her oral attention to those dearly cherished abdominal muscles.

Gabrielle was no longer bothered by whoever was standing nearby. There were many, many other women on the dance floor performing similarly erotic dance movements with their lovers. The short-haired woman carried on cuddling her partner's head warmly, running her fingers through her hair. When the warrior woman went back down to bury her face into her skirt while sticking to the rhythms, the blonde moved her hips forward in cadence with the sensual music the artists kept playing.

The battling bard passionately enjoyed Xena's simulated submission to her right in front of female voyeurs who were undoubtedly watching. Gabrielle wanted to return the favour, and could not help but realise how much she loved how her warrior lover had gradually broken all her barriers of inhibition over the years –ever since she had enthusiastically offered her virginity to her. Xena reluctantly moved herself back up while continuing to dance closely. Gabrielle began to make the same rhythmic downward moves onto her warrior's body, which caused Xena to feel undeniably impressed by and enamoured with her younger lover's equally determined fearlessness. The two women fleetingly thought that Sapphic Night Fever was actually even better than the hell-intoxicated party they had had with Lucifer and others recently.

Zoe had managed to take Eve to the dance floor. She had seductively lured her with enticingly emotional words about how beautiful she was while she had been leading her there after their drinks were finished. Now quietly making modest movements together in tempo with the music, the two women faced each other.

Eve looked somehow embarrassed though secretly intrigued by the lustful moves made by all the nearby dancers, and she had even noticed to her surprise both her mothers dancing like that together without shame as well, but she had looked away –not wanting to invade their privacy.

Zoe was obviously not the shy type and openly smiled to the warrior's daughter about all the erotic dance movements performed by other women close-by, but she also realised that Eve was genuinely coy and did not want to look too sprightly to the lady –whom, she easily guessed, probably was a virgin to Sapphic love.

"Are you enjoying yourself so far at Sapphic Night Fever, Eve?" The combat Amazon held the redhead's waist tighter as the other woman held her around the neck. They were dancing smoothly.

"Yep. It is good." She grinned. "I like the atmosphere, and you're a really great dancer."

"So are you, Eve."

"Thank you, Zoe."

They kept dancing, as Zoe suddenly led Eve into more complex movements, slightly steamier.

Part 2

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