DISCLAIMER: Xe and Gabby are mine, and any resemblance to other, non-elf characters owned by folks at RenPics and so on, is purely coincidental and all in your head. Really. Honest.
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Subtext is maintext of course, since this is my little tale and that is how my stories always are, but I figure it should be innocent enough. ;) And if the words "little" and "girl" would make you think certain characters are children… they're not. They're just elves. *s*
This is what happens when a certain dragon can't sleep at night, and finally gives in to the siren call of her beloved computer. That should be warning enough for anyone.

Christmas for Santa's Little Helpers
By Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson

Little Gabby was a very sad elf.

She had worked hard all year in Santa Claus' factory, making toys for children everywhere, and trying very hard to be as much of a Good Girl as she could be. Gabby prided herself on being a Good Girl, and she also very much wanted a little wooden toy lamb for Christmas, so she needed to be very good this year.

However, little Gabby had gotten in trouble. Mrs Claus had found Gabby kissing another little girl elf under the mistletoe behind the Great Tree, and now everyone thought Gabby was a Bad Girl. Oh, Mr and Mrs Claus did not mind if a girl elf kissed another girl elf as long as they both wanted to, but the girl Gabby was found kissing had gotten so embarrassed that she told Mrs Claus that Gabby had forced her to do it.

Gabby could not prove that the other girl was lying, and so everyone thought her a Bad Girl. No-one in the factory wanted to work with Gabby anymore, no-one spoke with her, and all the little girl elves avoided Gabby. So Gabby was very very sad.

There was a group of girl elves that did still speak to Gabby though. It was a group of rather Bad Girls who liked being mean to Gabby and say nasty things until Gabby started crying. Gabby felt very lonely and unloved.

But one day as Gabby cried because she was being picked on, another girl elf passed by. It was little Xe, a tall, dark-haired elf girl who had been working in another part of the factory until just a little while ago. Xe was very different from the other elves in Gabby's part of the factory, and when she saw little Gabby crying she helped Gabby dry her tears and asked her what was wrong.

Overwhelmed that there was someone that still wanted to talk to her Gabby told Xe everything, and to her surprise Xe got very angry. Gabby thought that Xe might be angry with her, but Xe told her she wasn't angry with Gabby, hugged her and promised that she was not going to let those Bad Girls be mean to Gabby anymore. Then Xe asked to be reassigned to work with Gabby, and they worked together ever since.

The next time when the Bad Girls came by to be mean to Gabby, Xe was there, and she was so tall and strong and very angry that the Bad Girls got very frightened of her, and stopped bothering Gabby. And Gabby was so happy to have this great new friend in Xe. Soon they were spending all their time together, even when they weren't working in the factory, and Gabby was happy.

Then one day Mrs Claus came to talk to Gabby. The girl Gabby had kissed behind the Great Tree had finally admitted to Mrs Claus that she lied, and she felt really bad about it. She regretted it, naturally, since Gabby was a very cute girl elf with her short blonde hair and pretty smile, and the other elf had lost her chance of getting any more kisses, behind a tree or otherwise, from Gabby because of her lie. And now that Mr and Mrs Claus knew the truth, Gabby was no longer considered a Bad Girl.

The other elves at the factory began speaking to Gabby again after that, although a bit awkwardly since they were embarrassed that they hadn't for so long, but Gabby didn't care. She had Xe now, and she was the only friend Gabby needed.

In fact, Xe was so nice and kind and sweet with Gabby that Gabby was somewhat troubled. Gabby had learned her lesson when it came to kissing girl elves, that only lead to trouble, a lot of crying, and losing friends. Yet Gabby couldn't help thinking that it would be very nice to kiss Xe sometime, if only she dared to. Which Gabby didn't, because what if Xe got upset and didn't want to be her friend anymore, then Gabby was sure she would cry and cry and cry until there were no tears left in the world.

Xe, however, didn't mind kissing girls at all, and wanted very much to kiss Gabby whom she thought was just irresistibly cute and sweet. Xe felt very shy though, because she had never been so much in love before and didn't know what to do.

She really intended to go on like they had so far, spending time together, hugging, holding hands, having sleepovers and so on. But one day as Xe and Gabby were in charge of feeding the reindeer and Gabby was standing very close to Xe because she was afraid of the big reindeer, Xe couldn't stop herself and kissed Gabby. They were both very shy about it afterwards but agreed that it had been very nice, that they both liked it and wanted to do it again… and so they did. Repeatedly. And Xe was a very happy elf.

It wasn't long after that Mrs Claus had another encounter behind the Great Tree. This time Gabby was found doing far more than just kissing under the mistletoe, and although Mrs Claus would blush and refuse to say anything about it, rumours had it that it somehow involved clothes in disarray and Xe's hand being someplace it shouldn't have in public, like underneath Gabby's skirt. That happened the same evening that Xe brought Gabby with her to the hayloft to show Gabby that she didn't need reindeer to fly. The day after Xe and Gabby both approached Mr Claus to be assigned a larger cabin so that they would be able to move in together.

Santa Claus found himself in a bit of a dilemma that Christmas. On one hand Gabby's reputation as a Good Girl had been restored, and her wish for a wooden lamb should be granted. On the other hand there had been numerous… incidents with her and Xe, like the one Mrs Claus walked in on, and he wasn't sure what he was supposed to do. Now Santa Claus didn't mind after all if two girl elves got together if it made them happy, and this time there wasn't any accusations of things done against anyone's will involved. So he supposed Gabby would get her lamb at long last. But that left another thing that troubled him… just what was he going to do about the kind of "toys" that Xe had written on her Christmas wish list?

And little Gabby was a very, very happy elf.

The End

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