Charlie's Angels - Sabrina/Kelly
By lysachan


The phenomenon

Charlie's Angels is, without a doubt, one of the most well-known television series ever made. Created by the infamous Aaron Spelling, the show became an instant hit when it premiered on ABC in 1976. An obvious indication of the show's immediate popularity and success is that, at the time the pilot was aired, it drew a 54 share in the Nielsen raitings – meaning that over half of all television sets in the USA that night were tuned in.

The show revolves around a Los Angeles based private investigation agency, Charles Townsend Associates, and its three beautiful female private detectives that are often referred to as 'Angels'. They have been hired by a mysterious millionaire Charlie Townsend, and during the show's five-year-long run, neither the audience nor the angels themselves ever get to see what Charlie actually looks like.

The original Angels triplet, Sabrina, Kelly and Jill, worked together for the first season only, after which Jill was written out and replaced by her little sister, Kris. The heroines of this manifesto, Sabrina and Kelly, were both around the first three seasons, after which Sabrina was written out. It is three seasons of canon, and boy, the femslash content couldn't be much better!

Once Upon a Time There Were Two Little Girls Who Went to the Police Academy...

Sabrina Duncan

Sabrina Duncan is the brains of the group. I doubt there's an episode where Sabrina doesn't figure out a detail that either solves the case, or takes the Angels a significant step closer to doing so. It is probably because of her intelligence that Sabrina seems to be the unofficial leader of the group.

There are several concrete things mentioned that indicate Sabrina's intellect: in "Angel Flight" it is revealed that in college Sabrina majored in Political Science, and she is also known for her multilingualism; she often, for example, gets undercover jobs where the use of a certain accent is required.

We also know that Sabrina has been married; it is stated in "Target: Angels" when her ex-husband, Bill Duncan, makes an appearance. Reasons for their divorce are never openly stated [apart from a vague innuendo that her ex-husband didn't approve of Sabrina's job as a detective], but I'm convinced Sabrina ran away with his sister. Bill Duncan soon disappears from the picture though and isn't mentioned again.

Kelly Garrett

If Sabrina's asset is her brain, Kelly's most definitely—there is no eloquent way to put it—is her body. Let's face it, she's a babe, extremely attractive and not a complete air head. Plus, she knows how to use this to her advantage, and it shows in almost every single episode.

We know fairly little of Kelly's background. The most important piece of information is that she was an orphan and grew up in a Catholic orphanage. There, apparently, she was also abused by an old hag called Beamish ["The Seance"] and didn't really have any friends. Due to her past she openly admits having trust issues when it comes to people ["Target: Angels"].

Only one mentioning of a boyfriend is made and it takes place fairly early in Season 1 ["Target: Angels"]; they are together for two scenes, after which they randomly break up. She has trust issues alright. After that nothing permanent ever comes up – when it comes to men that is.

The Thin Line Between Subtext and Maintext

The chemistry between Sabrina and Kelly is plain obvious from the moment we see them together in the pilot. There is something unique and special between these two; Jill and Kris never reach this level of familiarity and ease with either one of them. What is also rather noticeable, is that Jill and Kris are often completely left out when Sabrina and Kelly interact with each other.

Fairly intriguing detail, when it comes to the nature of the relationship between Sabrina and Kelly, is the fact that in "The Seance" Jill identifies herself as Kelly's best friend. It is, however, obvious that the relationship between Sabrina and Kelly is, by far, much closer than the one between Jill and Kelly. So if Jill is Kelly's best friend, what is Sabrina?

Every once in a while the writers decide to throw in some random man, with whom one of them then has a brief one-episode-long fling with [and nine times out of ten those men turn out to be villains]. It is as if the writers have this terrible urge to shout "They're straight! WE SWEAR!" whenever things get just a little too gay. Well, I'm not buying it! Besides, in the words of the_girl_20, are we supposed to believe Sabrina would fall for this man?!

None of the men ever stick, however, and the pair seems to gravitate towards each other everytime. There are certain episodes which seem to work as watersheds in their relationship, guiding it towards more obvious nature. The way I see it, Sabrina and Kelly are most definitely attracted to each other right in the beginning, but it takes a while before the attraction turns into something more and culminates, finally, to actual commitment at the end of Season 3.

I have tried to include as much evidence in this manifesto as possible, but this is hardly all of it. When I started, it soon became clear that there was no way I'd be able to include absolutely everything. Eventually I ended up using about 50-60% of the data I initially collected, trying to cover as many aspects of the relationship as I could.

Angels in Denial

The gay is there straight from the beginning. In the pilot alone we see them holding hands and Sabrina wrapping her arm around Kelly's shoulders, as well as calling her pretty. Even their first shared scene is an indication; Sabrina is pouring orange juice for the group and Kelly is filling out some bank papers:

Kelly: Sabrina, why can't I ever come out ahead of the bank?

Sabrina: [laughing] I think, you have to put in more than you take out.

Kelly: [in a flirty voice] Oh, is that the trick?

Sabrina: Well, it helps.

[both smile at each other]

Oh, femslash is in da house! The familiarity between the two is already there and very easy to detect. This sort of banter is a corner stone of their relationship, since it seems to underlie most of their conversations. In "The Mexican Connection" Sabrina is going to check out a lead and tells Jill and Kelly to "keep Bartone off [her] back". To that Kelly quips "It's not your back he's after".

Sometimes they are even unintentionally funny: in "Target: Angels" Sabrina states, when there's someone after them, that "I don't wanna hide in a closet", to which Kelly replies "Couldn't have said it better." They make it way too easy.

Another intriguing thing is the level of concern they have over each other. I am not saying people don't usually feel that way for their friends and people they work with—of course they do—but with Sabrina and Kelly there is something more to it. It is somehow more transparent and in-your-face! concern. Let me illustrate:

Apart from the constant ritual of asking "Are you okay?" whenever possible, they often tend to be unbelievably obvious when it comes to the other person. In "The Mexican Connection" Jill, Kelly and Bosley arrange a setup for the bad guys on a yacht while Sabrina is elsewhere:

[after arresting the villains]

Jill: [talking about the boat] Next time you need to borrow it Bos, why don't you make it cocktail cruise?

Kelly: [worried] What I wanna know is where's Sabrina.

So, so subtle.

In "Night Of The Strangler" Kelly rescues Sabrina from a creep who forces himself onto her. Afterwards Kelly's fussing over Sabrina and helps her stand up, and Sabrina then puts her arm over Kelly's shoulders as the pair walks away. Sabrina's totally taking advantage of the situation if her smile is anything to go by.

The first truly crucial episode for the Sabrina/Kelly ship is "To Kill An Angel". Kelly is shot—the fakest shooting ever by the way—by a little boy she's been helping [the others actually thought she was on a date]. When she's being wheeled to surgery, Sabrina's right there by her side, completely panicked and beside herself, while Jill is just sort of tagging along. Jill actually has to pull Sabrina back to the waiting room after she doesn't want to let go of Kelly. It is obvious that Sabrina is completely lost, which is very unlike her, and Jill is being the most level-headed of the two.

[standing at the door leading to surgery]

Nurse: I'm sorry, you can't go in there. Are you family?

Sabrina: [stuttering]

Jill: [helping her out] Yeah, we're family.

Sabrina is absolutely crushed. She's taking deep breaths, as if she was near passing out.

Sabrina: [breathing heavily] How?

Jill: Bosley's with the police. They don't know anything yet.

Sabrina: [turning around, crying] It happened at an amusement park?!

Jill: The date. I guess that's where they went.

Sabrina: [basically shouting] Well, where the hell was he when she got shot?!

[Jill doesn't say anything]

Sabrina: [turning back around] I'm sorry.

Sabrina looks like a mourning wife.

When Kelly eventually wakes up, it's Sabrina who is closest to her. Her hand is on Kelly's shoulder and she's actually stroking her hair while murmuring encouragements. This is all so very pretty and witty and gay.

Your Place or Mine?

After Kelly's near-to-death experience something changes. Little by little, their chemistry deepens and we're shown more physical touching [which is often quite unnecessary], proudly stated compliments of the other and some serious eye shagging.

In "Angels On Wheels" the Angels are having lunch outside, and of course Sabrina and Kelly sit on the same bench while Jill has one for herself. Not to mention Sabrina's arm which makes its way behind Kelly.

"Angels On A String" is an episode that makes your brain go *pop*. The Angels are taking a vacation together [my guess is, our protagonists needed to take Jill along to avoid suspicion] and Sabrina is having way too much fun. Not only does she sing in the car, causing Kelly to slap her playfully with a magazine, but also randomly takes Kelly by the hand and hands her a flower she picked on the way to the pool. Holy femslash batman!

Later on the pair is having a drink while a man shows up and starts hitting on Sabrina. Kelly looks annoyed and glances at Sabrina with a I-wonder-if-he-can-tell-we-are-sleeping-together kind of way. Sabrina then decides to play along as she realises the man could be their villain.

Sabrina: [in a flirty voice] What room are you in?

[Kelly's head snaps up]

Man: [surprised] ...eight.

Sabrina: Eight? Eight's my lucky number.

[Kelly looks incredulous. Her glance shifts from Sabrina to the man]

Man: Is it mine?

[Kelly looks sharply at Sabrina, as if she can't believe what's going on]

Sabrina: This place has no ambiance.

Man: [smiling smugly] Ah, you've gotta have ambiance.

[Kelly sighs and looks like she's ready to cry. She leans back in her chair and gives Sabrina an I-cannot-believe-you-are-blowing-me-off look]

Sabrina: [standing up] See you later, Kelly.

[Sabrina leaves, only to notice that she's "forgotten" her bracelet on the table. She walks back to Kelly]

Kelly: [mortified] Eight is not your lucky number.

Sabrina is being sly in "Dirty Business" when she and Kelly are forced to watch hours of film footage because of the case. Stepping out of the projection room, the two look exhausted. Sabrina moans how her eyes hurt and then leans towards Kelly:

Sabrina: [pointing to her left eye] I think I got something in this eye.

Kelly: [raising her hand to Sabrina's face and inspecting the eye] I don't think so.

Sabrina: It sure hurts.

That is, like, the oldest trick in the book!

Towards the end of Season 1, the femslashy scenes just seem to multiply. In "The Vegas Connection" the villain ends up in a hospital with a full-body cast. The Angels pay him a little visit and decide to decorate his cast. Suddenly Sabrina leans towards Kelly:

Sabrina: Kelly, how do you spell... [she brushes Kelly's hair off the way and whispers something to her. Kelly giggles]

Sabrina goes undercover as a frumpy and dorky rich girl in "Dancing In The Dark". She then shows up at a private detective's office where Kelly's undercover job is taking place. Kelly is on the phone, but asks the person on the other end to wait when she sees her girlfriend colleague.

[Sabrina chuckles and sits down]

Kelly: [amused] We're not hiring today.

Sabrina: [pointing to the phone] Oh, is that the man?

Kelly: Yes, calling for the unexpurgated biography of one Sabrina Walker.

Sabrina: [speaking fast] Look, I gotta get out of these clothes. I feel like the inspiration of the "Glamour Don't" column of Glamour magazine. Did you bring any change of clothes for me? Maybe? I hope?

Kelly: You're bright. [pointing off-camera] In the closet.

Sabrina: [fiddling with her lapels of her jacket] Think I should keep these on?

Kelly: [chuckling] No! Go!

[Kelly turns and we can see that she's grinning]

Holy...! Kelly brought Sabrina a change of clothes. Without asking. From Sabrina's place. So she has a key. And knows where Sabrina keeps everything. If those two aren't dating, I'm...I'm straight!

In "I Will Be Remembered" a client asks Sabrina if she can cook. She gapes for a while, but instead of saying something, she glances at Kelly who is raising her eyebrows and grinning. Just how many times has Sabrina burned the dinner while the two were...otherwise preoccupied?

In the same episode a man is trying to kill Bill Jill, but instead of going to Jill's side, Kelly goes to Sabrina and touches her instead.

It's getting gayer by the episode.

The Art of Flirting

Season 2 kicks off with a bang as the Angels travel to Hawaii in "Angels In Paradise". This episode has it all: subtle subtext, not so subtle subtext, overt eye shagging... And let's not forget the fact that there seems to be only two beds in their hotel room; you do the math. The big bomb of this episode, however...

Sabrina sees a woman belly dancing on the street outside of their hotel. She tries to mimic her movements, but isn't quite able to grasp the idea. Kelly comes in, but Sabrina doesn't hear her. Kelly grins, walks over to Sabrina and pokes her. In the butt of all places.

Kelly: Not bad, Bree!

Sabrina: [sheepishly] Well, thanks a lot.

Kelly: [putting her hands on her stomach] Hula's great exercise, tightens you up here.

Sabrina: Mmm-hmm, to throw your sacroiliac out? No, thank you.

Kelly: That's if you start out too fast.

Sabrina: [turning around and swaying her hips] This is fast?

Kelly: [eyes on Sabrina's hips] Well, no. That's not fast. If you start out nice and slow... [starts moving as well]

Sabrina: This is slow!

Kelly: Yeah, that's slow.

Sabrina: [her eyes locked with Kelly's] I know it's slow.

[Kelly laughs. Sabrina's eyes slide down to Kelly's hips and this scene is getting kind of erotically charged and I need a cold shower]

Kelly: Do your figure eight.

Sabrina: This is my figure eight!

Kelly: That's a figure eight??

Sabrina: This is a figure eight!

[Kris enters the room and looks at the married couple girlfriends her coworkers in a what-the-hell-are-you-doing kind of way]

Kelly: Argh!

Sabrina: [grinning] You let it go!

Kelly: I'm letting it go!

Sabrina: [giving up] No, I'm not gonna... [her eyes turn back to Kelly's hips and she tries again]

Kelly: Keep going!

Sabrina: I'm trying!

Kris: [finally properly stepping into the room] Excuse me, isn't that dance illegal?

Kelly: [chuckles] Joke all you want, hula's really great exercise.

Kris: Uh-huh. I'm just talking about what else it is.

Amen, Kris. Amen.

If Season 1 was femslashy, Season 2 is a real lesbian honeymoon fest. The obviousness of the Sabrina/Kelly ship tenfolds on every area of their relationship. While it becomes even more physical, the domestic aspect of it also grows stronger, especially during the second half of the season. And, oh! The flannel shirts of lesbianism make an appearance.

In "Angels On Ice" the group are watching an ice show and Bosley keeps stealing Kelly's snacks over her shoulder. Finally Sabrina slaps her hand on top of Kelly's, this way preventing Bosley from eating the popcorn she, I would imagine, so lovingly bought for her girlfriend.

In the same episode their well-known married-couple-banter makes a comeback as well. When Sabrina gets in a little bit of trouble with the law while chasing a suspect, Kelly seems to find it utterly amusing and doesn't let it go even after Bosley and Kris have already moved on:

Kelly: Wonder what Charlie's gonna say.

Kris: You mean about the cost of Sabrina's bail?

Kelly: It really adds up, doesn't it? [Sabrina flops down on a couch and Kelly comes over] Operating a vehicle without a license, stealing a truck, reckless driving, and I haven't even heard of felony littering.

[Sabrina groans and hits Kelly with a sofa cushion]

Sabrina's kidnapped in "Pretty Angels All In A Row". The others eventually find her and after the ties around Sabrina's wrists have been untied, Kelly takes them in her hands and doesn't let go even after the others start talking.

"Angels On The Air" seems to be another watershed-type of episode for Sabrina and Kelly because after this the subtext takes, if possible, yet another leap towards pure main text. Kelly's being chased by someone who wants to run her over with his car and Sabrina witnesses this from a helicopter. Sabrina's screaming "Run Kelly!!!" at the top of her lungs [although she can't hear her], and when the car finally flees the scene, the helicopter has barely touched the ground when Sabrina jumps out and runs to Kelly.

Sabrina puts her hand on Kelly's arm and leg, worried out of her mind. Kelly assures her she's alright and Sabrina helps her up. They hold hands for quite a long time and when they start walking, Sabrina puts her hand on Kelly's back and then finally takes a hold of her arm. I don't see her letting go anytime soon either.

The Angels tackle an illegal adopting scheme in "Angel Baby" and it requires, surprisingly enough, some undercover work.

Kris: Okay, where do we start?

Charlie: [through the speaker phone] We start with Kelly getting pregnant.

[Kelly's head whips to Sabrina]

Sabrina: WHAT?!?

Later on in the same episode Sabrina goes undercover as a rich, uptight woman who wants to adopt a baby. When she sees Kelly, she points at her and says "I want her baby." I...I've got nothing. Later on Kelly also scolds Sabrina for smoking, but Sabrina says she's only doing it for the cover.

Do I Hear Wedding Bells?

If I have any doubts of the two women being married at this point, those doubts quickly disappear after "Angels In The Wings". The teams gathers in a projection room, Sabrina and Kris arrive last. While Bosley speaks, we see Sabrina tapping Kelly on the arm and gesturing towards a coffee cup on the table. Kelly nods, pointing at Sabrina, and Sabrina then picks it up, taking a sip. There are no other cups on the table.

The conclusion: either Kelly got Sabrina a coffee [and no one else], or Sabrina's drinking from Kelly's cup. Either way it's highly suspicious. Although the gesture might seem small, it actually speaks volumes. And, you know, synchronized much?

Physical contact reaches a new level in "Magic Fire" as the others save Sabrina from a fire. She is coughing on the floor while Kelly's behind her, holding her. Sabrina doesn't pull away; she basically leans into Kelly.

"Angels On Horseback" takes the team to a ranch, and they have all bought themselves cowboy hats and boots. Roleplaying! As Kelly's taking off her boots, Sabrina helps her and the pair is having way too much fun again.

Later in the same episode Sabrina's horse bolts and eventually throws Sabrina to the ground. Kelly's immediately by her side, touching her. When Sabrina gets up, Kelly has her hand on Sabrina's back and she then brushes grass and dirt off of Sabrina's pants. Her butt to be exact. Dear, LORD.

A very peculiar dialogue takes place in "Game, Set, Death" as the Angels are in their hotel room [by the way, only two beds again. Notice the sitting arrangement.], pondering a death of a tennis player:

Sabrina: [incredulously] So she just stopped breathing?

Kris: Well, there's gonna be an autopsy, but right now they're saying death by natural causes.

Kelly: You believe that?

Kris: Nuh-uh.

Kelly: There is somebody that knows all about the body and breathing.

Sabrina: [nodding] Helga.

Kelly: [flirty glance at Sabrina] I think I'd better pursue that relationship.

Sabrina: [eyeing Kelly] Watch it!

They are so obvious it hurts.

In "Hours of Desperation" the villains are keeping Sabrina and Bosley as hostages in the office while Kris and Kelly have to find some missing diamonds. At one point Kelly calls the office and Sabrina answers. When the call is ending, Sabrina seems to hesitate:

Kelly: Bosley, Bree. If Kris calls, tell her I'm looking for her. Okay?

Sabrina: Yeah, okay Kelly. Err [pause; a quick glance at Bosley] Um, yeah. Gotcha.

Sabrina obviously wanted to say something else there, but eventually decided against it. Odd, but the femslashy possibilities are endless!

At the end of the episode Sabrina catches a flu. She sits, wrapped up in blankets, on the sofa in the office. Kelly and Kris are both sitting next to her, but it's Kelly who has her hands on Sabrina's shoulder and thigh, who says "Poor thing!" when Sabrina coughs and sneezes, and who wraps the blankets tighter around their patient.

"The Sandcastle Murders" has one of the most unbelievably femslashy Sabrina/Kelly scenes. After the case they all go to an amusement park to ride a merry-go-round. At first Kelly and Sabrina have their own horses, next to each other. Then they both stand up, and suddenly Sabrina is behind Kelly and they are standing on the same horse, Sabrina's arms around Kelly. If I used internet slang, this would be a perfect "OMGWTFBBQ!!!" moment.

"Angels On The Run" is also an episode that has it all. For example, after chasing two gunmen, Sabrina comes back to the apartment where Kelly and their client are. Kelly is waiting at the door and as they walk further into the room, Sabrina puts her arm around Kelly. Can you hear me go *squeeeeee*?

Later in the episode, the bad guys mistake Kelly as a club singer and she needs to play the part.

Sabrina: [to Kelly] You're gonna be Sue Kantrelle here and at the restaurant. Now, if they try to grab you, we grab them, Bosley will be close by to protect you, and we'll work it out with the restaurant owner.

Kelly: Oh, with my singing I'm gonna need more than Bosley to protect me.

Kris: Hey, wait a minute! You told me you were lead alto in the Glee club.

Kelly: [grinning] Listen, as an alto in the Glee club I was fair, but as a torch singer in a supper club? No way!

Sabrina: [totally flirting] What is your vocal range?

Kelly: [grinning and blushing] Poor to awful.

[Sabrina grins wickedly]

Finishing the femslashy episode, and the femslashy season, is the scene where Kelly grabs Sabrina's arm in the parking lot and the pair walks off together, leaving Kris and Bosley behind.

I mean, who on earth are they trying to fool?!

Break up and Make up

Something rather significant takes place between Season 2 and Season 3 because things seem a lot cooler in the beginning of the new season. Both women have a random fling with men and there are conversations that hint the two aren't exactly 'exclusive' anymore. Sabrina especially acts strangely, and over-protective, when Kelly's around.

Kelly: [annoyed sigh] He's been staring at me again.

Sabrina: [perks up] Who's been staring at you?

Kelly: The fellow who's with the computer man. He was staring at me again at the casino when I walked in just now.

Kris: Well, who is he?

Kelly: I don't know, but he was looking at me last night too.

Sabrina: [suddenly finding her wrist watch incredibly interesting] Well, maybe he just thinks you're pretty.

["Angels In Vegas"]

A few episodes later, in "Angels On High", Kelly spends an awfully lot of time with a pilot involved in their case:

[Sabrina and Kelly are alone in a hotel room]

Sabrina: I got the feeling that you haven't come down yet.

Kelly: What do you mean?

Sabrina: Well, I think your flying friend still has you a little bit off the ground.

Kelly: It's not a bad feeling.

Sabrina: No, as long as you don't crash and burn.

Kelly: [uncertainly] That's not the plan.

Sabrina: Mmh. Never is.

Someone's feeling bitter about their breakup...

Apparently the feeling was mutual, because soon after "Angels On High" things start to get better again. In "Angels In Springtime" Kelly uses Sabrina's hairbrush and then helps Sabrina to straighten the collar of her blouse.

In "Winning Is For Losers" Sabrina turns on the flirt again. When Kelly walks to her and they talk, Sabrina fiddles with a strap of Kelly's hand bag. Seriously. If I didn't know they are talking about the case, I'd say Sabrina's telling Kelly to come by her room at seven and bring a pair of handcuffs as well as some whipped cream.

Kelly isn't too subtle on throwing herself to Sabrina either: in the same episode she whispers something to Sabrina inaudibly, and in "Angels Ahoy" she's stretching in the office, right in front of Sabrina who's also happy to help her.

The cuteness factor increases in "Disco Angels" when Sabrina takes care of Kelly's mittens when Kelly is elsewhere. She is still holding on to them when the brunette eventually comes back.

"Angels Belong In Heaven" is an episode of jealousy. First Kelly looks nothing short of annoyed when Sabrina takes them to meet a friend of hers, Ed, who can help them with the case. At the end of the meeting Sabrina thanks him and says "Don't forget Sunday". The girls walk back to the door and we see Kelly turning and asking something from Sabrina. The latter just shakes her head, as if ensuring Kelly that there's nothing going on.

Later on we find out that Kelly has a weekend guest over. The house guest is totally Kelly's ex; she acts like a jealous girlfriend. Sabrina looks like she's ready to barf the entire time and quickly exclaims "I'll get it!" when the phone rings, interrupting the ex-girlfriend's house guest's monologue.

The team decide to take a holiday in "Angels On Vacation" and the episode begins with them driving to Arizona. Kelly and Sabrina sit very close together on the lovebackseat, reading the same magazine. Kelly also glances lovingly at Sabrina.

When they arrive at their destination, Kris utters a long list of errands they're going to run next. Sabrina and Kelly both exclaim "And then we do nothing, absolutely nothing!" and Kelly links her arm with Sabrina's.

When it comes to Season 3, and, the whole paring in general, "Terror On Skis" is one of the most crucial episodes there are. Kelly is picked to play a politician's companion during his stay at a ski resort. The politician, Hansworth, naturally takes a liking in Kelly and tries to charm her with his flirting.

Throughout the episode Kelly is strangely neutral about her sayings and comments with Hansworth. She never gives in to Handsworth's more that obvious flirt and some of her answers can be interpreted in a lot of ways. When Sabrina is kidnapped by the bad guys, Kelly seems to, kind of, snap out of her denial. The femslash of the episode culminates in a scene where Kelly is looking at Sabrina, a wondering look on her face. It is as if she's finally seeing the big picture and realizing the truth. She is 'choosing' Sabrina.

"Teen Angels", in its utter femslashiness, more than supports 'the choosing' argument. Not only has Kelly suddenly a HUGE diamond ring on her ring finger [and she has it till the end of the season], but the pair is just totally married. There simply aren't any other explanations.

For example, the two are taking a stroll together. At night. In their nightgowns. Yes, seriously. And Kelly glances behind them, as if making sure no one's seeing or hearing them. She then leans closer to Sabrina as they stand on the grass.

That? Just the beginning. The couple continues this sort of oh-so-married relationship till the end of the season. They, for instance, call a woman reporter "a tiger" ["Marathon Angels"]. I really thought I had seen it all by now.

As the canon comes to an end, I hope I have succeeded in making you wonder "Subtext? What subtext?!"

"Kelly, trust me. This is maintext."
[© lysachan]


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