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The Results of Shopping
By ralst


"Kiss me or kill me, but for God's sake don't just stand there like a guppy, blowing bubbles."

Ash snapped her jaw closed. "What are you wearing?"

"This?" Scribbs tried for coy but the big grin on her face ruin the effect. "Just something I picked up during my visit to London." She ran her hand along the PVC bodice. "They have such interesting shops in Soho."

The silence that followed was the sole result of Ash's brain misfiring and refusing to co-operate with her inner rant of exasperation.

"You should have seen the section they had devoted to all things battery operated." Scribbs winked. "Just wait until you see your Christmas present." The silence continued. "Ash?"

Ash's knees buckled and she collapsed onto the couch.

"Are you okay?" Scribbs' thigh high boots squeaked in protest as she attempted to kneel down beside her shocked and near catatonic girlfriend. "Ash?" Scribbs' squeak matched her boots' as Ash's eyes glazed over and she slumped forward, her face landing fortuitously in Scribbs' cleavage. "Oh!"

As the minutes flew past, Scribbs began to worry about the air circulation inside her bodice, and whether or not Ash could breathe with her nose buried so deeply between her breasts. The man in the shop had promised she'd bowl her girlfriend over, but she hadn't realised he'd meant it literally.



Ash pulled back, a delirious smile on her face. "I pick kiss."

The puzzled look on Scribbs' face was soon obscured, as Ash leant forward and made good on her words.

The End

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