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By sHaYcH


Spring Equinox

It is barely two candlemarks since the battle with Velasca, yet already, I have fallen into the familiar camp routine with Xena. Tired as she is, she sits there, determinedly cleaning and sharpening her blade. I sit, using the dying embers of our firelight to scrawl my raw emotions herein, hoping that someday, I will be able to look back on this day as the first day of many days of a new beginning for my warrior and I...though I know I am too cowardly now to speak of my love openly, I must now at least express it, lest I be prompted to shout it from the tallest tree in this beautiful forest.

So here goes nothing.


Listen and listen well
This is my tale that I will tell.

The touch of your hand upon my skin
brings thoughts of the deepest sin.

Your soft lips upon mine
sends shivers across my spine.

Your heartbeat under my palm
grants me such calm.

The whisper of your breath in my ear
chases away all my fear.

Friend of mine can you tell
It is for you that I have fell?

Tell me true and tell me now
That you too feel this way somehow?



The End

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