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By sinjenkai


Part 27

It was late morning when Calleigh finally began to stir. Turning her head slightly, she was greeted by the sight of her lovely wife lying on her side with an arm tucked underneath her head while the sheet was gathered near her waist, leaving her upper body bare to her gaze. For the longest time, Calleigh quietly laid there, watching her sleep, enjoying the play of light over bronze skin.

As the light slid across the rise and fall of her love, Calleigh thought back to the past few months and was amazed at all that they had gone through. Beginning with her not telling Natalia about her being tapped for Jake's investigation, then having Natalia see her kiss Jake in front of everyone. Calleigh was lucky that Natalia knew her so well and understood her need to get Jake off the streets and the force. Neither one of them however, had thought that things would get out of hand and Natalia would be kidnapped and almost killed.

Calleigh held her breath as Natalia sighed and moved onto her stomach, her arm reaching out until she was able to touch Calleigh. She watched Natalia's face as it relaxed, even in slumber as soon as she had touched Calleigh. Looking down at the hand that was atop her arm, then over to Natalia's back, Calleigh could barely discern the light lines of Natalia's injuries.

Going back to her earlier thoughts, Calleigh was astonished to realize how many days and nights that they had spent in the hospital; with Natalia's recovery, then with Calleigh's stay following Stetler's interference and ending with Jethro's abduction of Natalia. Too much time had been spent with one injured, leaving the other to sit by, unable to do anything other than wait and pray.

In their line of work, they knew better than most, that life could change in an instant and that every moment is precious. And over the past few years, their team had found out just how precious life is as each of them had come so close to losing theirs.

Calleigh was brought out of her reverie by Natalia, making a tiny noise that caught her attention. Slowly leaning over to reach out to brush caramel colored away from Natalia's face, Calleigh swore to herself that she would never miss the chance to let this amazing woman know that she was loved. Moving carefully, she slid her arm out from underneath Natalia's hand, then placed a gentle kiss on the small of Natalia's back, smiling at the goose bumps that popped up. Tugging on the sheet, she slowly pulled it down to expose a beautifully rounded ass that she couldn't resist caressing. She was rewarded by a moan and slight movement in that area.

Smiling, Calleigh gradually slid her hand between silky thighs until she found Natalia's warm center and slowly entered it, filling her in one smooth thrust. The wetness and the heat almost drove Calleigh over the edge, along with the slow moan and the sight of Natalia, fisting the sheets.

"Cal…leigh… aw that feels so…fuck me… harder babe."

Leaning over her love, Calleigh continued to thrust while she reached under Natalia's waist through damp curls to find her clit. Teasing it with light strokes of her fingers, Calleigh brought her to the edge before she slowed down and started again, frustrating the hell out of her wife. Tracing a molten trail along Natalia's back with her tongue, Calleigh moaned as the scent of Natalia's arousal made her mouth water.

Slowly withdrawing, Calleigh leaned over Natalia and breathed in her ear. "Turn over baby."

Without hesitation, Natalia rolled over and spread her legs. Before she had a chance to draw another breath, Calleigh was filling her once more and laving her tongue along the swollen, glistening folds of Natalia's sex, taking it into her mouth and sucking gently.

Fisting the sheets, Natalia cried out as stars exploded behind her eyelids and she bucked as Calleigh added a fourth finger inside her.

"Aww…. Cal… please…comeonbaby…let me come."

Relenting, Calleigh gave the tiny nub one last suckle, before she started kissing her way up Natalia's sweaty body so that her mouth and tongue mirrored the actions of her hands.

Tasting herself on her wife's lips, Natalia clawed at Calleigh's back, causing her to arch against her while Natalia brought up her thigh to meet Calleigh's core. Firm muscle met slick heat producing a low growl as Calleigh rocked against it, easing some of her own need.

Clinging to Calleigh, Natalia was powerless against the onslaught of sensations, bucking against Calleigh's persistent touch, she was racing to the edge of her climax. Calleigh loving the sounds coming from her wife knew that she was so close that she increased the force of the thrusts and leaned down to suckle a nipple into her mouth. As she drew it into her mouth, she could feel Natalia's inner muscles begin to quiver and with a few more hard thrusts, Natalia was slipping free of the bonds the held her and was falling free. Her muscles tightened and the sound that Calleigh loved to hear, was torn from her throat as she arched high off the bed.

Slowing her thrusts, Calleigh gently drew the last of Natalia's tremors from her, gradually withdrawing from her warmth to hold Natalia's still trembling body against her.

With her heart still beating wildly beneath her breast, and her breathing still uneven, Natalia clung to Calleigh and whispered hoarsely. "Now that's what I call a wakeup call."

Calleigh's Southern drawl, drifted down to caress her ears. "Well, I do aim to please."

Looking up with love-filled eyes, Natalia breathed. "And you do please me in oh so many ways Calleigh. You have no idea how much you do."

"And you please me just as much Darlin'. Just as much."

Reaching up to caress the face above her, Natalia smiled as Calleigh leaned into the touch. "Baby, all I want to do is please you for the rest of our lives. I want us to be happy, healthy and have a long life together. I would love for us to have a family together and be surrounded by the people that we love and care about."

Scooting down so that she could look Natalia in the eye, Calleigh gazed upon her face for a long moment before asking. "Would you like to have children with me?"

"I would love to have a little girl that looks just like you, my love." Natalia smiled. "I think that you would be an amazing parent."

Shaking her head, Calleigh wasn't sure. "They say that child abuse is heredity and even though there wasn't that much physical abuse, the verbal and emotional abuse was just as bad. And there is no way that I will do that to a child."

Sitting up so that she could look fully at Calleigh, Natalia simply stated. "I don't believe that you would let that happen. I've seen your heart darlin', and there is nothing that could ever convince me that you would be that way."

"I'm not sure, but I do know that I would love to have a little girl just like Isabel. She stole my heart right away."

Leaning forward to tease Calleigh's lips with her tongue, Natalia whispered. "Stole your heart huh? I'm gonna have to have a talk with her."

Laughing, Calleigh replied. "There's no need darlin. She did say that she would share." She opened her mouth to allow Natalia's tongue into her warmth, moaning as their tongues tangled together.

Sliding her lips along Calleigh's jaw line, Natalia murmured. "So you want a little girl that looks like me running around our home. Are you a glutton for punishment or what?"

"No darlin'. Having two of you would be heaven. Could you handle another one of me and the additional demands for bacon?"

Looking down at the blonde, Natalia laughed. "Oh lord, another bacon fanatic. That might be too much for even me. We'll have to buy stock in a bacon company."

Threading her fingers is caramel hair, Calleigh solemnly asked. "Are you serious about having a child, because I would really like to have one with you."

"Baby, I would love to have a child with you, so yes, I am very serious about this, but right now I have something else I want to get into you."

A golden eyebrow arched high as Calleigh's voice deepened. "Oh really! And what exactly do you want to get into."

Leaning down to lick and nibble her way down Calleigh's chest and further down, Natalia murmured. "I want to get where you are soft... and warm... and throbbing all around my hand... just like that, baby. I want you screaming my name... fisting the sheets and coming off the bed... oh fuck you feel good."

Natalia thrust in and out with agonizingly slowness, teasing Calleigh with nips and licks at random moments and spots. She was touching her everywhere, but the one spot that she craved.

"Taalliiaa... please baby.... don't tease like thi... damn." Calleigh's hands clawed at the sheets and she tossed her head from side to side.

Without stopping the slow madding thrusts, Natalia crawled up the thrashing body so that she could look down upon Calleigh's face.

"Calleigh... look at me please."

Dark green eyes looked up into almost black ones, as Natalia spoke. "There is nothing more that I want than to have a family with you. I want us... this to continue for a long time. I want our children and our children's children to know what true love is. I want our name to continue because it is the best of you and the best of me. I love you Calleigh and right now I want for you to come for me." With that, she finally gave the tiny bundle of nerves a flick with her thumb, causing Calleigh to tighten about her fingers as her body floated among the stars.

Holding her wife as her body continued to tremble and her breathing was still ragged, Natalia placed gentle kisses against her forehead. Closing her own eyes, she was amazed how much she did want to have a child with Calleigh. She knew that they would have to agree which one was going to carry the child and what they were going to do about a sperm donor, but Natalia was confident that this was something else that they could get through together.

Raising up her head so that she could look at Natalia's face, Calleigh saw that she had her eyes closed so she laid her head back down over Natalia's heart and listened to its steady beat. Everything that Calleigh had ever wanted, ever dreamed of, was within her embrace at this very moment, and if a child joined them, since it would be coming from one of them, it would be more than welcomed. Sighing deeply, Calleigh looked over at the bedside clock to see that it was now early afternoon.

"Hey darlin', what time are we supposed to be at Alexx's house for the shower."

Natalia turned her head towards the clock, gasped, and started to sit up. "We're supposed to be there in an hour. We better get up and start getting ready."

Getting up, they quickly took a shower, got dressed and Calleigh made sure that Mallory had plenty of food and water in the back yard. On her way back inside, she had an idea and went into the bedroom to talk it over with her wife.

"Talia, since I don't need Mallory anymore, what do you think about giving her to Isabel and Eva? Do you think that Cristine and Andre would let them have a pet?"

Brushing her hair, Natalia turned and said. "I don't know. I think that it's a great idea and I can ask Cristine today to see what she'd say. Are you ready?"

Soon they were on their way and pulling up to Alexx's house. Once they got inside, they found her, Cristine, and her husband Andre, Anya, Horatio, Ryan, and Eric. As soon as they walked through the door, Alex declared that all work talk was prohibited, and then brought everyone into the dining room where she had prepared a spread of sandwiches, sliced vegetables, dips and other finger foods, along with beer and wine.

Calleigh gave a low whistle. "Wow, this is some spread Alexx. Everyone's here, but my brothers. They would love this."

"Well Squirt, be careful what you ask for."

At the sound of the voice, Calleigh turned around and let loose an excited yelp.

"Court! What are you doing here?"

Natalia watched in amusement as her love was picked up and hugged by a tall, blonde hair man with the same green eyes as Calleigh.

With a deep voice and an even more pronounced accent than Calleigh's, Court answered her.

"After you called us last week, Chance decided to call your boss, Lt. Caine, to see if they were doing anything special for you guys, and he told him about today, so here we are."

Calleigh looked around. "Chance is here too? Where's my little brother at?"

Another deep voice came from behind Natalia. "Well, if you'd opened you eyes, you'd see me."

Turning, Natalia was eye level with a man's chest, leaning her head back, she looked up and up.

"Uh, Calleigh? This is your little brother?"

Smiling, the young man responded before Calleigh could. "No ma'am, I'm her baby brother, Chance. I haven't been her little brother since I was twelve when I hit a growin' spurt and shot up, and Squirt here, just seemed to stop growing. You must be Natalia. It's nice to meet ya and welcome to the family."

Reaching out to take the offer hand, Natalia found her own hand engulfed within his.

Laughing, Natalia replied. "Thank you and it's nice to meet you too, the both of you."

Court put Calleigh aside and stepped forward to hug Natalia. "Please excuse my 'little' sister, ma'am. I tried to teach her good manners, but I see that that time was just wasted. I'm Court and I would also like to welcome you to the family. It is good to see though that my sister has excellent taste in women."

All at the same time, Court, Natalia and Chance turned towards Calleigh, each holding up a hand and saying. "No comebacks."

Laughing, Calleigh pretended to look offended. "Why does everyone think that I will always have a comeback?"

This time the entire room answered her. "Because we know you."

Grabbing both Court and Chance by the hand, Natalia led them both towards the table while saying. "Now what can you tell me about her when she was growing up."

Calleigh followed them, shaking her head and muttering. "Oh Lordy, am I in trouble."

The next few hours, the Duquesne brothers entertained everyone with stories about Calleigh's childhood. More than once did Calleigh had a red face in embarrassment, but she knew that it was only fair as Natalia's sister had done the same to her. Also more than once, Calleigh felt Natalia's hand lightly caressing her thigh.

After they finally finished with their meal, everyone went into the living room so that Natalia and Calleigh could open their gifts.

Horatio handed them their presents at the same time so Natalia opened hers to find an antique vanity set, which consisted of a mirror, brush, & comb, while Calleigh got an antique jewelry box. Both gifts, he explained had belonged to his mother. He also gave Calleigh a late 1700's pistol that he knew she had been looking at. Both women gave him huge hugs with tears in their eyes and Horatio whispered to Calleigh that he had always thought of her like his daughter, getting an additional kiss upon his cheek.

Eric and Ryan came forward next, both looking rather bashful in front of Calleigh's brothers. Ryan handed Natalia an envelope.

"We couldn't think of anything to get you and we didn't know if you had planned anything for your honeymoon so we went in together and got you this."

Opening the envelope, Natalia saw that it was a reservation confirmation for the beach house at the Shore Club for five days. Handing the paper to her wife, Natalia stood up to give Ryan a hug and spoke loud enough just for him to hear.

"Thank you so very much. I don't think that I can ever thank you for what you did for both me and Calleigh, but I owe you big time."

He ducked his head and mumbled. "Don't worry about it."

While Natalia was hugging him, Calleigh read the paper, then looked up to see Eric standing there with his hands in his pockets. Passing the confirmation to Alexx, she stood up and embraced him. Looking up at him, she got teary eyed and ended up just patting his arms, then doing the same to Ryan before excusing herself to go to the bathroom.

Natalia started to go after her when Chance stopped her.

"May I?"

She nodded her head, allowing him to follow his sister. Making his way to the bathroom, Chance softly tapped on the door.

"Cal? You ok Squirt?"

He heard sniffing, then a muffled. "Yeah, I'm fine."

Taking a deep breath, Chance softly requested. "Come on Cal. Talk to me. This isn't like you."

Slowly the door opened and a red-eyed Calleigh looked out at him. "I know. I can't help it for some reason. I'm mean, here are people that I work with giving me family treasures and basically paying for my honeymoon, but I can't get dad to come to the wedding."

Folding her into his embrace, Chance hugged her as he stroked her hair. "Yeah, momma gave us a call and told us what happened. Cal, you knew what he was going to say before you went. Why did you put yourself in the situation?"

Looking up at him, Calleigh whispered. "I just wanted him to come and finally see me happy, but you're right. I knew what he was going to say, but I'm glad that I did it, because momma finally stood up to him. You should've seen her Chance, she got between him and I, trying to talk some sense into him. She accepted Talia right off, just asked her if she loved me, and then just gave us her blessings."

Court walked towards them. "Hey little sister. You better get back in there. Natalia is really worried and we've had to almost hold her down so that she doesn't come back here and check on you."

Quickly stepping back into the bathroom, Calleigh splashed some cold water on her eyes and dried her face. Before they walked back to the living room, she asked both of them is they would stand up with her at the wedding. They quickly agreed and she then filled them in on her plans for Thursday morning before the family picnic.

Court took a step back and took a long look at his sister. "Damn girl, you're going all out for this aren't you?"

Placing a hand on his forearm, Calleigh looked up into a pair of eyes that matched hers. "Court, you have no idea how much I love this woman or how much we've already been through. I'll do anything to keep her and twice as much to keep her happy."

The older sibling smiled indulgently. "As long as you're happy Squirt, we're happy. Now let's get back in there before Natalia starts hunting us down."

Walking back in to the living room, Calleigh immediately caught the worried look on her lovers face. Going over to take the seat next to her, she took Natalia's hand in hers and kissed her knuckles.

"Sorry darlin', just got overwhelmed there for a minute."

Looking into green eyes, Natalia smiled. "It's ok babe. We're entitled. Anya and Cristine said that their gift is waiting for us at home and that makes me very afraid."

Calleigh glanced over to Cristine to see her blushing, then looked over to Anya and saw her grinning.

"Darlin', I think that you're right to be afraid. They're up to no good."

Anya laughed. "We just wanted to make sure that you get the full effect and not get side tracked by anything else."

Shaking her head, Natalia muttered. "We are in such trouble."

Chance spoke up. "Our gift will be here the night of the wedding, but we're gonna let you know what it is now. As soon as you called us about the wedding, we knew that we had to do something totally off the charts, so we decided to go and talk with one of your favorite chef's. You will have your favorite Red Velvet Cake, along with a Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Pie at the wedding reception. Emeril also said that you have a standing reservation at his restaurant here in Miami, anytime that you want to visit and that the first visit would be on him."

Natalia looked at Calleigh in amazement. "You also know Emeril Lagasse?"

Court was leaning back in his chair. "My little sister knows quite a few people in New Orleans. I do believe that she met Mr. Lagasse when she stopped a couple of young punks from stealing his car. He had a very hard time believing that someone that looked like her could subdue two grown men."

Chuckling, Horatio shook his head before saying. "Some people just don't ever learn, never mess with Calleigh Duquesne."

Everyone laughed at that, even Calleigh, who had the grace to blush a bit. Soon after that, the party began to break up. Ryan volunteered to show Chance and Court the way to their hotel, while Eric took the gifts out to Natalia's car. Cristine and Anya helped Alexx clean up as Natalia and Calleigh once again thanked Horatio. They were all getting ready to leave when Alexx asked that Calleigh and Natalia stay for just a bit longer.

After everyone had left, Alexx brought out a wrapped box, while saying. "I didn't want to give you this in front of everyone, just in case my thoughts were wrong."

Puzzled, Calleigh removed the wrapping and slowly opened the box. As its contents came into view, her eyes went wide and she looked over to Natalia. "You are so not going to believe this."

Coming over to sit by her wife, Natalia's face went slack as she reached in and pulled out an antique baby rattle. "How did yo… we just started talking about it."

Alexx smiled. "I know you two pretty well, and I figured that this was the next natural progression for you."

Calleigh pulled out a baby cup and a blanket. "These are beautiful Alexx. Thank you so very much."

"Think nothing of it baby girl. I just want the two of you to be happy. Now go on and get home. I'm sure that you are dying to see what Cristine and Anya got for you."

They thanked her again, and were soon headed home. On the way home, Calleigh wondered aloud where Court's wife Eileen and the children had been.

"They'll be here Wednesday. Court didn't want the boys to miss any more school than they had to."

Glancing over at Calleigh, Natalia asked. "Did Chance say anything to you about his fiancé?"

"No, why?"

Taking a moment to maneuver the car through a busy intersection before she answered. "She called off the engagement and they haven't been together for about six months. She said that she didn't want to be a Professor's wife after all."

Calleigh looked at her in shock. "Why didn't he call and tell me?"

"Well, he found out that she had been seeing one of his students, and he just wanted to keep things quiet. He was afraid of what people would say."

"He probably knew that I would go and confront her. You don't mess with my family."

Reaching over to entwine Calleigh's finger with her, Natalia agreed. "There is that. He most likely just wanted to deal with things in his own way. Court said that he just buckled down and really got down to work. He says that Chance is up for tenure and he's got a good chance of getting it."

"If they don't offer him that, they are dumber than I give 'em credit for." Calleigh huffed.

Bringing up the joined hands so that she could run her lips over Calleigh's knuckles, Natalia chuckled. "Don't ever let me get on your wrong side babe. You're a force to be reckoned with."

"Darlin', there's no way that you can get on my bad side. In fact, any side that you want to get on is fine with me…..especially the inside." Calleigh leaned over and with her free hand, drew her nails up the seam of the jeans between Natalia's legs, making her jump.

Swallowing hard, Natalia croaked out. "Baby, unless you want us wrapped around a stop sign, you might want to hold off on that until we get home."

Calleigh settled back into her seat and behaved for the rest of the drive home. After they had pulled into the garage, and had walked inside, they heard knocking on the front door. Opening the door, Natalia found her neighbor, Mrs. Delgado holding a basket that was wrapped with colored cellophane.

"Hello Natalia, your sisters dropped this off earlier and asked me to give it to you when you got home. It has some very interesting items in there. I'm going to have to look those up on the internet to see what they're used for."

Taking the basket from the older woman, Natalia could barely keep from laughing as she caught a brief glimpse of what was inside.

"Thank you Mrs. Delgado, I'm quite sure that this is nothing that you need to worry about."

Patting Natalia's hand, Mrs. Delgado responded. "I know that it's nothing that I need to worry about, my dear. I just want to see if there is anything that Mr. Delgado can use to spice things up. You two have a very nice evening… What am I saying…. Of course you will."

With that, the older woman turned and made her way home, leaving Natalia at the door with a shocked look on her face. Shaking her head, she closed the door muttering. "You just never know."

Walking into the living room, she saw Calleigh playing around in the back yard with Mallory. Placing the basket on an end table, she plopped down on the sofa, kicked off her shoes and leaned back to watch her wife. She chuckled as Mallory managed to trip the blonde as he wrestled her for his pull toy. Natalia laid down on her side, placing her head in the crook of her arm.

Calleigh seemed to be more carefree over the past few days and it warmed Natalia's heart to see her that way. With everything that they had gone through and with their jobs, they had to be so serious all the time, so it was rare when they could completely let loose. She knew that once they both got back to work, things would get back to normal, but Natalia made the decision that she would make sure that they would take time for themselves.

Calleigh jogged in with grass stains on the knees of her jeans, laughing with Mallory close behind. She knelt by the sofa with her eyes sparkling in amusement. "Hey there sexy. Whatcha doin'?"

"Just admiring the view."

"Ah, see anything that you like?"

Reaching out to caress Calleigh's face, smiling as she leaned into the touch, Natalia whispered. "I see someone that I am head over heels in love with and who I plan to spend the rest of my life with."

Kissing Natalia's palm, Calleigh whispered back. "Good deal, because I love you right back darlin'. Do you mind if I lie down there with you?"

Scooting back was Natalia's answer so Calleigh laid down so that they were spooning and Natalia draped her arm about her waist, drawing her even closer.

Trailing her fingers over Natalia's arm, Calleigh murmured. "My brothers really like you. I can't believe how many stories they told about me. I had forgotten most of them."

"I like them right back. They are so much like you, it's spooky. Court is a bit more serious than Chance though, it must be because of his job. And I know that you told me Chance was tall, but good grief, he's huge."

Laughing, Calleigh brought up Natalia's hand to give it a kiss. "I know, somehow I got short changed in the height department."

"Babe, you the perfect size for me. We go together like two peas in a pod."

They were quiet then for so long that Natalia thought that maybe Calleigh had fallen asleep, when her voice drifted back on the summer breeze. "So do I want to know what your sisters got us or should I use my imagination?"

Natalia snorted. "I'm sure that your imagination will probably be really close, but whatever it is, it didn't shock Mrs. Delgado. She said that she was going to look a couple of items up on the internet so that Mr. Delgado could keep things interesting."

"Oh lord, you had to put that visual in my mind. Thank you very much."

"Anytime darlin'. I share what I can."

Turning in Natalia's embrace so that she was facing her, Calleigh drew down her head for a kiss. "Mmmm, I love your kisses. They are so addicting, as is everything else about you."

Running her tongue across Calleigh's bottom lips, Natalia murmured. "So are you babe, so are you. What do you say that we get up, and see what's in the basket?"

Sliding a thigh between Natalia's legs, Calleigh moved her lips along Natalia's jaw line. "Ooo, now that sounds like a plan."

Leaning her head back to grant her wife better access to her throat, Natalia moaned and moved against Calleigh's thigh.

Leaving her thigh right where it was, Calleigh pulled back enough to get her hands between them and started unbuttoning Natalia's shirt, kissing the skin as it was exposed.

"Uh babe, why don't we move this into the bedroom where we'll have more room? We can take the basket and maybe a bottle of wine with us."

Slowly moving away, Calleigh replied. "That sounds like a better plan."

Getting up off the sofa, Calleigh held out her hand to help Natalia up. Kissing her again, she went the kitchen to get the wine.

By the time that Calleigh walked into the bedroom, Natalia was taking the cellophane off the basket with wide-eyed amazement.

"Oh... My.... Goodness. I can't believe this! Look what they got us."

Natalia pulled out one item at a time. An ostrich feather, chocolate body pens, body butter, a blindfold, a massage bar and a candle, body gel & paints, lickable oil & dust, boob shaped candies, peppermint nipples and then she pulled out something bright pink.

"Is that what I think it is?" Calleigh coughed.

Natalia nodded her head while examining it. "Yup."

Calleigh took it out of her hand. "This is something that we can use together, right? At the same time?"

Nodding her head, Natalia got the most wicked gleam in her eyes. "Yes ma'am. And look at this note."

'Here are just a few things that we thought that you might like. We didn't get you handcuffs because we figured you had your own, but we hope that everything else slides into place and hits the right spot.'

Shaking her head, Calleigh exclaimed. "Your sisters are gutsier than I thought they would be."

Handing the note back to Natalia, Calleigh stepped up closer to her to finished unbuttoning her shirt. Sliding it off of her shoulders, Calleigh kissed and nibbled her collarbone, then slowly made her way down. Reaching down, she unclasped the bra, allowing her hands to gently cup Natalia's breasts, causing her to moan and to press more fully into Calleigh.

"I love the way that you feel against me." Natalia moaned.

Bringing her head down to take a pebbled nipple between her lips, Calleigh teased it until Natalia growled impatiently. With her free hand, she quickly unfastened Natalia's pants, sliding past the waistband, past a small piece of silk until she found warm wetness. Using only her nails, she grazed the tiny nub, triggering a shudder that travelled throughout Natalia's body.

"Aw baby… Don't tease me…"

With a devious look in her eyes, Calleigh withdrew her hand and her lips, and took a step back.

"Darlin', I'm gonna do more than tease you. I'm gonna paint you."

Quickly she removed the rest of Natalia's clothes, along with her own. Giving Natalia a quick kiss, she went into the bathroom and almost immediately came back out with two bath sheets to spread on the bed. Holding out her hand, she guided her wife to the center of the bed and made sure that she was comfortable. Then going over to the items from the baskets, she picked up the body paints. Right before she turned back, she grabbed one last item to place it near the foot of the bed.

Opening the jars of paint, Calleigh carefully dipped the brush into the jar of cherry red and proceeded to trace tiny little swirls about one of Natalia's breasts, causing her to fist the sheets.

"Ooo, that tickles." Natalia moaned, watching Calleigh's eyes get even darker, feeling herself getting wetter with each passing moment.

Taking her time, Calleigh covered one breast with dips and swirls, before dipping the brush in the jar of blueberry to repeat on the other. Taking her time, she seemed lost in the process, not even aware of the effects that it was having on Natalia.

When she finished that, she scooted down so that she was kneeling next to Natalia's thighs with the watermelon and lemon. As she leaned down to begin her design, the fragrance of Natalia's arousal, hit her like a ton of bricks and she unconsciously licked her lips. Looking up, she saw Natalia with her head arched back, rolling it from side to side, and panting. Swallowing hard, she used first the watermelon, then the lemon on the thighs. Quickly finishing up, Calleigh gazed at the work of art and decided that the canvas looked better unadorned, so she set out to clean her up.

Crawling up, next to Natalia's chest, Calleigh leaned down and traced one of the cherry swirls around with her tongue, humming as she went.

Raising her head slightly so that she could look at Natalia's face, Calleigh's voice was rough with need.

"The cherry is so sweet, it almost makes me want to find some chocolate syrup for a sundae."

Moving over to the blueberry, she drew the nipple into her mouth, gently sucking the flavor off, twirling her tongue around to remove any remnants.

"Cal… leigh…. You're driving me insane…" Was growled out.

Slowly moving down the damp body, Calleigh was about to take a taste of the watermelon when she thought to herself.

'What the fuck am I doing? I have something much sweeter to taste.'

Leaning in, she swiped her tongue between slippery folds, causing Natalia to scream out her name. Delving in, she drank in the nectar from her love, tightening her grip on the trembling thighs, which were clinched around her head.

Moans floated on the air while gasps drifted about like falling feathers as Calleigh teased the little nub, drawing it between her teeth. Natalia responded by fisting the sheets and arching her back, all the while saying, "Fuckme… fuckme….awbaby…"

Reaching out, Calleigh grabbed hold of the pink gift, slowly inserted into herself with her eyes growing wide as it slowly filled her. Then she positioned herself between Natalia's legs and gently rubbed against her slick folds.

"Please Calleigh." Natalia pleaded and her request was answered.

With one smooth motion, Calleigh joined them, causing them both to them both to cry out. Calleigh panted as she slowly continued to thrust, not wanting to cause any injury.

Natalia rose to meet each thrust, gasping at the fullness and the rightness that she felt. Looking down, she watched as the pick shaft disappeared into her with frustratingly slowness and her inner muscles tightened at the sight of Calleigh's eyes, filled with pure lust.

Reaching up, she pulled Calleigh down for a searing kiss and groaned as Calleigh's tongue mirrored the thrust of her hips. Wrapping her legs around Calleigh's hips, she drew her even deeper, and scored her nails down Calleigh's back, causing her to arch against her.

Hissing at the sensation of Natalia's nails, Calleigh leaned down to draw a hardened nipple between her lips, laving first one, and then the other with her hot tongue.

Natalia pressed herself up so that Calleigh could take more of her into her mouth and was rewarded when Calleigh gently bit down on a nipple, sending just the right amount of pleasure/pain through Natalia's nerves that she once again scored her nails down Calleigh's back and tore a cry from her throat.

That reaction was all that it took for Calleigh to become undone. Bracing herself on either side of her love, she began to thrust harder and faster, unable to stop the building pleasure, the rubbing and the pressure against her own slick folds was becoming too much. Natalia's cries of pleasure along with her hands urging her on and they soon found a steady rhythm. Together, they fell towards oblivion in a mixture of screams and tangled limbs.

Natalia's orgasm was being driven on by Calleigh's hands and tongue on her body. With each thrust, each nibble, and lick, it rolled over her nerve endings and fractured the lights in her eyes. Her body reached up and she held on to her wife as her world shifted and shattered as the orgasm crested and her muscles tightened around the pink shaft as Calleigh continued to move.

Watching Natalia's release and hearing the sigh that always came as she did, only then, did Calleigh allow herself to find her own release. She came hard, thrusting and jerking her hips, crying out Natalia's name, causing one final tremor to course through their bodies.

Shuddering slightly, Calleigh slowly withdrew and gasped again as she removed the shaft from her own warmth.

Opening her arms, Natalia welcomed Calleigh into her embrace, bestowing kisses and gentle caresses, thanking her wordlessly for what they had just shared. Still gasping for breath, Calleigh laid her head on Natalia's shoulder to hear her heart beat keeping in time with her own.

The room was silent, save for the sighs that escaped each time one of them moved. Finally Calleigh spoke. "Remind me to thank your sisters."

"Calleigh, no, you are not thanking my sisters."

Raising her head to grin mischievously into amused chocolate eyes. "Now darlin', it would be rude not to thank them for their gifts after they went to such an effort to get us something that they thought that we could use.."

Effortlessly, Natalia rolled them so that she was looming over the laughing blonde. "We are just going to say thank you and that's it. We will not go into detail how much we enjoyed or used anything at all. I'll never hear the end of it if we do."

Rubbing her hands on the remaining paint on Natalia's body, Calleigh offered her a finger to taste. Open mouthed, she watched as Natalia's lips closed around the digit and inhaled sharply as she felt her tongue swirl around.

"Mmm, that tastes good…. Ooo, next time it's my turn."

"Uh, that's fine with me, but how about us getting into the shower and washing off, then we can finally share this bottle of wine."

Each of them carefully got off the bed and made their way to the bathroom and into the shower. Natalia entered first, turning on the water and finding the correct temperature. She turned to find Calleigh looking at her in delight.

"Darlin', look down."

Doing so, Natalia saw that the paints were blending and bleeding into each other, making a rather obscene design on her body.

Holding up a finger, Natalia warned. "Not one word."

Chuckling Calleigh took a step forward to wrap her arms around the messy body. "Hmm, not saying a word."

Together, they cleaned Natalia's body with Calleigh taking extra care to make sure that there wasn't any remaining paint anywhere, even in places that didn't have any in the first place. The cries the echoed through that room were the results of her search.

When they finally ran out of hot water, they got out, dried off, and dressed in lounge pants and tank tops before they made their way back into the kitchen, grabbing the now warm bottle of wine. Deciding on a simple meal of soup and salad, they worked together to bring it to the table and were soon sitting down to eat.

The meal was quiet on the whole. They talked about how surprised they were with Eric and Ryan's gift and Calleigh told Natalia what Horatio had whispered to her.

"I had always figured that babe. He has always watched out for you. I just can't believe Alexx. I mean, we just started talking about having a family."

Spearing a piece of tomato, Calleigh agreed. "I know, I swear I think that she psychic or something."

Hesitantly Natalia spoke. "I would like to call Dr. Jensen in the morning to see if maybe she has an opening. Wednesday is going to be such a busy day with my dad getting here and us getting together for dinner. I don't want the day to be spoiled by having to think about… Jethro or anything."

"Darlin', you do anything that you have to do to get through this. I'm beside you all the way. Just realize that Dr. Jensen might want to see you every day. Maybe you could have your appointments first thing in the mornings?"

Nodding her head in understanding, Natalia changed the subject. "Have you called Dr. Tatum to schedule an appointment yet?"

"Yeah, I did on Friday and I can go see her tomorrow morning. Would you mind driving me there?"

Leaning over to give her wife a quick kiss, Natalia drawled out in her best Southern accent. "Darlin', I love drivin' you crazy so, me drivin' you to the doctor is no big deal."

Laughing, the finished up dinner, cleaned up the dishes and decided to head to bed. Snuggling together, they were soon asleep.

Part 28

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