DISCLAIMER: These characters look like two people we all know and love, but the characters are my own creation.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: I've had so many requests for a sequel to Promises, that I decided to do something about it. I'm not a big fan of sequels, so I'm writing a sequel of sorts. This story introduces new characters whose lives intertwine with those of Charlie and Megan. I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to let me know what you think. I need to thank Steve, my beta reader, for assisting me with the English language and teaching me more about it as the story continuous. Writing in my second language does proof to be difficult every now and then, but he has been there to help me over those hurdles and I'm very thankful.
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Promise Me Again
By Annie101


Part Five

When Alli saw Tracey's head disappear under the water, she looked around to find Charlie and Megan. She spotted them a few meters away with their arms wrapped around each other. 'Oh no,' Alli thought. 'I'm not getting that close to Tracey while we're naked. Having to hold her hand and a quick kiss now and then is one thing, but having her naked body pressed against mine is just wrong.' Her thoughts wandered back to the events of that morning in their bedroom. 'Just as wrong as Tracey playing with my breasts.' A chill ran down Alli's spine as she remembered and could almost feel Tracey's hand on her breast again.

When Tracey's head appeared above the water again, she saw Alli shiver. "Are you cold?"

Alli looked back at Tracey. "No, I just feel very uneasy in this situation."

"Just relax. We're just a bunch of women after all."

"Except for me, it's a bunch of women that like other women. That changes the situation drastically for me," Alli said abruptly.

"Alli, I understand where you're coming from with this, but see it for what it really is."

Alli lifted her left eyebrow slightly. "What it really is?"

"Yes. Over there is your sister, which makes her harmless although she likes other women, not even having to mention the fact that she's obviously absolutely devoted to Megan and won't look at another woman. Then you have Megan, who also likes women, but who I've not been able to get a single interested look from. She sees only one woman and the rest she just sees as people, so unless she mistakes you for your sister, she's harmless. Then there's me, who also likes women, but who you're paying to play a part, and that part doesn't include screwing you." Tracey smiled at Alli trying to get her to relax. "So unless you're planning to change the terms of our contract, I'm harmless as well. You need to start seeing us as actual individual people and not stereotype us under 'this is what I believe a lesbian is'. Every gay woman doesn't necessarily want your body."

Alli lifted her right hand and ran trembling fingers through her hair. "You're right. I need to relax."

Tracey had to swallow a moan when Alli's action exposed her right breast. 'Don't know about other women, but my last statement doesn't count for me. I need to focus on the job at hand. I never got involved with co-workers before, and that's exactly what she is, a co-worker. I'm a professional.' Tracey's internal struggles weren't displayed on her face, but she needed to get distance from Alli before she betrayed herself. "Hey you two," Tracey shouted towards Charlie and Megan. "I thought we were here for swimming?"

"This is swimming in our books, but you guys can do what you want," Charlie shouted back.

Tracey turned back towards Alli. "I suppose we'll just have to wait this out. Maybe we can just slowly swim around and talk."

"Sounds like a good idea. How's things getting on with Megan?"

"We're talking a lot, and she sees me as a friend, but I don't think your plan is going to work over a weekend. Those two are very close, and from what she has told me so far, they've gone through a lot together and walked a rather bumpy road to be where they are today. They're not just going to fall for someone else. It will take time if it ever happens. I honestly have my doubts about your plan working."

"I'll decide if my plan is going to work or not," Alli said rather harshly.

"Hey, don't bite my head off. I'm just saying that those two are so in love that I don't think another woman will ever get in. Surely you can see that as well, even if you don't believe in women being with women. My only advice for you would be that we need to listen to what they're saying and try to find out if there's something that the one wants, but the other doesn't."

"I'll think about it, but stick to my original plan for now."

Tracey and Alli didn't have to swim around long before Megan let them know they needed to get going or face a very upset Katrina. This time around Alli and Tracey floated in the water up to the point where the water was knee high before Alli got out to dress while Tracey waited.

At the restaurant that evening, the mood was relaxed. Elizabeth sat between Alli and Tracey at the table. After they were seated they chatted about the beautiful areas on the farm that they had seen during the horseback riding trip, and Elizabeth was very excited about being on a tractor. Harry and Becca's father had allowed all three of them on the tractor as he gave them a lift back to the main house.

"You were right Charlie; this place is definitely not like the restaurants in Cape Town. We've been sitting here for ten minutes, and we're still waiting for our orders to be taken," Alli said while looking around the place.

"Out here we take our time while having meals. Don't stress little sis, I'm sure we'll be attended to."

As Charlie spoke, a blond waitress came towards them. She was opening her little notepad as she spoke to them. "Good evening ladies. What can I get all of you to drink?"

"Hi Veronica," Megan greeted her. "How's your mom doing?"

"Oh hi Megan. She's doing much better now and back on her feet. She's actually in the kitchen and will be making your dinner tonight."

"Wonderful," Charlie exclaimed. "Glad she's back in the kitchen." She turned her attention to Alli and Tracey. "Veronica's mother is the best cook next to Kat. She makes the most amazing ostrich steak. It's definitely something you guys should try."

While Veronica was waiting for Charlie to finish what she was saying, her eyes roamed over the women at the table and stopped at Tracey. 'Now she's cute,' she thought as the corner of her lips turned upward slightly. 'She could be fun to play with for a while.'

"Maybe you should introduce me to your friends here before I take your orders, Charlie." Veronica might have asked Charlie the question, but her eyes were fixed on Tracey as she spoke.

"That there is my sister Alli." Charlie indicated Alli as she spoke. "And that is her girlfriend Tracey, and between them is Tracey's daughter, Elizabeth."

"It's a pleasure to meet you all. Can I have that drinks order now?" Veronica still didn't take her eyes off Tracey as she waited for the order. Tracey blushed at the attention and looked away.

"I'll have an Amstel, and Megan will have a Windhoek Light." After giving her order Charlie looked at Alli waiting for their order.

"I'll have a single vodka, double lime and soda. Elizabeth will have a…" Alli turned to Tracey.

"Elizabeth will have a coke float, but make it a small one, and I'll have a single gin and dry lemon."

Veronica jotted the order down on her note pad. "Great, I'll bring these to you shortly." She winked at Tracey before she turned and walked away.

They went back to chatting about the day's events, but Tracey didn't say very much. She was still blushing from Veronica's stare. There was no mistaking what that look was for. It made her feel good to be sexually wanted, not that she would act on anything like that. She was a responsible person, but it didn't prevent her from feeling good. It wasn't like she was really in a relationship, it was only acting.

Alli took part in the conversation, but she occasionally looked sideways at Tracey. She could see the redness on Tracey's cheeks, and could see that her thoughts were not with them. Alli felt upset to think that Tracey would react that way to the waitress staring at her. 'She's suppose to play the role of my girlfriend and try to make a play for Megan, not some other woman.' Alli returned her attention to the conversation at hand, with the intention of talking to Tracey as soon as the opportunity arose.

"The tree house is absolutely great. I think when I grow up I want to live in a tree house."

"You might have a problem finding a tree house to live in Elizabeth. The ones I remember seeing in the backyards of my friends' houses were rather small. Nothing like the one on the farm. I don't think you'll find such a big tree in the city to build one in. Harry, Becca and I looked for months before we found the right tree."

"Did you build the tree house Charlie?" Elizabeth was visibly impressed.

"I sure did. With the help of Harry and Becca of course."

Megan slapped Charlie on the arm. "Stop boasting like that. I have it on good authority that you had help from two or three other people as well."

"Damn, the secret's out."

"Do you know what Elizabeth? When you're all grown up, and you still want a tree house to live in, you can come to the farm. I'm sure Charlie will help you build it, because she'll never grow up." Megan couldn't escape Charlie's arms as they wrapped around her.

"I'll show you a bit later that I'm all grown up," Charlie whispered into Megan's ear. When she pulled away she wiggled her eyebrows, and had a wicked little grin on her face that caused Megan to blush.

"I'll keep you to that promise," Megan whispered back at her.

In the meantime Elizabeth and Alli were discussing the possibilities of Alli being allowed into the tree house. "I did ask them if you could come up to see it, but Harry said they didn't know you. He did say if you were to spend some time with us, you might be allowed up."

"I don't know about that Elizabeth. Maybe if we come back again, I'll spend some time with you guys."

"Are we coming back again!?" Elizabeth was so excited that she shouted it out, drawing everyone's attention to them.

"Yes, we'll definitely come back again."

"Awesome! Did you hear that Mom? We're coming back to the farm again."

"That's great Sweetheart."

Veronica came back with their drinks order and dished it out to everyone. She spent a few seconds longer in front of Tracey, and brushed her arm as she moved away. "Does everyone know what they want to eat yet?"

The food orders were given, and Veronica jotted them down on her little notepad before giving Tracey another wanton look as she turned and walked away. Tracey watched her leave and blushed again.

"Excuse me, I'm just going to the ladies room." Tracey got up to go only to be stopped by Alli.

"Hold on, I'm coming with." They walked to the ladies room hand in hand, but once inside Alli let go of Tracey's hand.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Don't play coy with me. I'm sure everyone at the table has seen you flirting with the waitress."

"I did not flirt with the waitress. She's the one flirting with me."

"And you're just the innocent bystander?"


"Tell that to someone who'd believe you. I saw how you blushed, and how your arms touched. She was practically having sex with you on the table!"

A dead silence followed the sound as Tracey's hand made contact with Alli's cheek.

"You might pay me, but I'm not a piece of trash, and you have no right to treat me like I'm one," Tracey said in an irate voice.

"Then you need to remember that I'm the one that pays you, and I'm paying you to get Megan's attention, not every bimbo that crosses your path."

"You're making me out to be some kind of whore!"

"If the shoe fits…." Alli expected the second slap and caught Tracey's hand before it reached her cheek.

"Let go of me!" Tracey tried to pull her hand out of Alli's grip.

"Not before you calm down."

"You arrogant asshole. Let go of me!"

"I said, not before you calm down."

Tracey took a few deep breaths and closed her eyes for a minute. When she opened them again she looked calm and collected. "Now, will you please let go of my hand? You're hurting me Miss Jekyll, or is it Miss Hyde this time?" Every word was punctuated.

Alli let go of Tracey's hand. "Ah, we're back to that again. Stop playing these games, focus on what you're getting paid for, and let's get back to our seats."

"If I didn't know any better, I'd swear you were jealous."

"Then it's a good thing you know better," Alli said abruptly.

"I could always be wrong in what I know." Tracey felt hurt at the things that Alli had implied and needed to lash back. "For all I know you could be some pervert, and this is just some sick joke, or you could be into women and you need this type of thing to get off on."

"I would never touch another woman sexually. Even if my life were to depend upon it!"

"Is that a challenge?"

"Are you insane? What happened to the real Tracey?"

"She stepped out for a bit when you thought it was OK to insult her like that!"

Alli was about to speak, but stopped and placed her hands on her face as she was shaking it from side to side. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that. I don't know what came over me. I just need this to work so badly."

"I'm not the enemy Alli. You need to trust me, or I can't do this."

"Trust is not something I give easily, and that's probably what's making this so difficult. Please don't drop me now. If you walk out on me, I'll have to start all over again. I've always seen myself as a very strong person, but I don't think I can handle too much more of this pretend lifestyle. As it is, things aren't looking that easy right now. The weekend is practically over, and you have the money that you needed. I don't have anything to press you into continuing this act except for more money, which you aren't desperate for anymore."

Tracey gave a deep sigh. "I'll continue this plan of yours for as long as it's required, but I'll only do it if you tell me the reason behind it, and if I'm comfortable with your reason."

Alli groaned. "It's not something I choose to discuss."

"The choice is yours. I'll finish this weekend as per our agreement, but if you require me to continue with this act, you'll need to give me more than money as a reason to do so."

"I'll let you know once we're back in Cape Town."

"That's fine by me. I think we need to get back before they send a search party in here."

Tracey held out her hand to Alli who took it. By the time they got back to the table Veronica arrived with the last of their food. They waited for her to put the plates on the table before moving past her to take their seats.

Veronica was about to pinch Tracey's ass, but soon found her hand in a vice grip and Alli's head leaning in to whisper to her. "A bit of advice, don't ever try to touch my girlfriend again. Next time I might not be so friendly." Alli let go of Veronica's hand and took her seat as if nothing had happened. Veronica asked if everyone had everything they needed, and quickly left without giving another glance at Tracey.

The rest of dinner went without incident except for the difficulty they had in trying to find their waitress to order the champagne.

When Megan was happy that all her guests were taken care of, she made her way to the bedroom. When she opened the door she found the room was dark, and she could see Charlie's form under the covers. She didn't switch on the bedroom light, but closed the door behind her before she made her way to the en-suite. She switched that light on as she walked in to open the shower taps.

"So much for promising me how grown up she was," Megan mumbled as she started to undress. "We're not even home for half an hour and she's fast asleep without me." Megan got into the shower and stood under the spray.

"Feeling rather sorry for yourself are you?" Megan jumped in fright when Charlie spoke just outside the shower door.

"If this is how you're suppose to show me how grown up you are…." Megan was rendered totally speechless as she turned around and her eyes fell on Charlie donning a strap-on and nothing else.

"Where did that come from?" Megan whispered hotly

"I did some private shopping the other day when we were in Cape Town to meet my sister. Remember that hour-long stroll I took the next morning while you were finishing the rest of the breakfast and getting showered? So, do you like?" Charlie wiggled her eyebrows like she had in the restaurant and the same wicked little grin appeared on her lips.

"I don't like, I love." Megan grabbed Charlie by the arm and pulled her into the shower with her. "Now stop talking, and let me see if you know how to handle this toy."

In the middle of the night Tracey and Alli woke up with a jolt when they heard Elizabeth screaming. Tracey was out of bed first running to the door. She saw the flash of lightning through the window before she heard it. Alli was right behind her. They stormed into Elizabeth's room to find her curled up with her duvet over her head. "Mommy," she yelled again.

Tracey grabbed Elizabeth in her arms and soothed her. "It's OK Sweetheart, Mommy's here."

"What's wrong?" Alli asked from where she was standing next to the bed.

"It's OK. She's just scared of the thunder. As soon as the storm's over, she'll be fine."

Alli walked to the window to watch the storm. "I'm no weather expert, but this doesn't look like a storm that's just going to blow over quickly."

"I'm staying with her. Why don't you go back to the room and get some sleep?"

"I have a better idea. Why don't you bring her to our room, and she can sleep on the bed with you."

"Are you sure? She's not going to fall asleep while the thunder's going."

"It's not a problem. Maybe we can take turns and both get some sleep."

"Thanks Alli." Tracey lifted Elizabeth off the bed. "Come Sweetheart, you're going to sleep in Mommy's bed tonight."

They walked back to their bedroom and Tracey got under the covers with Elizabeth still clinging to her. "Mommy, can you tell me a story?"

"OK, but then you have to be a brave little girl and try to sleep."

"I'll try."

"What story do you want to hear?"

"Can I hear the story of Rageljie De Beer?"

"But that's a sad story Sweetheart, are you sure?"

"I want to be as brave as she was Mom. Because it's a true story, I know that there are little girls out there who are brave, even if they are a bit scared.

"OK then. Many years ago, when our country was still young and people were fighting over who owned the land, there lived a young girl and her little brother. It was winter and very cold, and people didn't have a lot to eat…."

Alli got into her makeshift bed on the floor as she listened to mother and daughter. The feelings that she had earlier that day came flooding back. She groaned softly as she also remembered the terrible things she had said to Tracey earlier. 'She's right; I'm such an asshole. How could I have compared her to my mother? She's no whore. Seeing Tracey with Elizabeth is proof enough of that.'

"…and the next morning the people found this little girl with barely any clothes on, frozen to death in front of a hollowed out ant hill. When they moved her, they found her little brother inside the ant hill with the little girl's clothes wrapped around him. He was alive. They all cried when they realized what she had done. She sacrificed her clothes during that cold night, and used her body to keep the cold wind out of the ant hill to keep her little brother warm and safe."

"Mom, do you think I could ever be that brave?"

"Yes Sweetheart, I know you could be that brave, but I hope you'll never need to give your life to save another. I don't think I could go on living my life if you weren't there."

"I promise I won't ever leave you Mom."

"Thank you Sweetheart."



"Why is Alli sleeping on the floor if she's your girlfriend? Did you two have a fight?"

Tracey laughed softly. "No, remember she's only pretending to be my girlfriend. We spoke about it in the car on the way here."

"I forgot that this was all just pretend. Does that mean we're not coming back here again like Alli promised? Are her promises pretend too?"

"As long as we're girlfriends, we'll come back here. Is that OK with you?"

"It's OK with me Mom." Elizabeth snuggled closer to her mom with a little smile on her face. Her mom had said as long as they were girlfriends they would come back. She hadn't said as long as they had to pretend to be girlfriends.

Part 6

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