DISCLAIMER: These characters look like two people we all know and love, but the characters are my own creation.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: I've had so many requests for a sequel to Promises, that I decided to do something about it. I'm not a big fan of sequels, so I'm writing a sequel of sorts. This story introduces new characters whose lives intertwine with those of Charlie and Megan. I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to let me know what you think. I need to thank Steve, my beta reader, for assisting me with the English language and teaching me more about it as the story continuous. Writing in my second language does proof to be difficult every now and then, but he has been there to help me over those hurdles and I'm very thankful.
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Promise Me Again
By Annie101


Part Eleven

When Tracey walked into the house, she was still stunned and trying to think of something to say or do after Alli's declaration. She decided to make her way up to their bedroom, but came across Alli on the staircase. Tracey's heart felt like it was clamped down when she saw the expression on Alli's face.

When Alli saw Tracey's hurt look as she walked towards her, she knew that she was making the right decision. She couldn't face the hurt she was causing Tracey anymore.

"You have what you want," Alli said softly with a dead tone in her voice.

"And what might that be?" Tracey asked uncertainly.

"You and Elizabeth can go. I have asked Angela to help you pack your things and arrange for a mover to pick up all your stuff." Alli's tone didn't change.

Tracey was dumbstruck. It was the last thing she expected to hear from Alli. "But…"

Alli raised her hand to silence Tracey. "Don't say anything else or I might change my mind. You're right, Elizabeth shouldn't be around a monster like myself who can sink so low as to use a daughter against her mother. I do ask that you do it under my conditions though…"

"You have conditions after everything you've done. You're just like your father, do you know that? From what I've been told and what I've read, he didn't have a heart…" Tracey's interruption of Alli was cut short when Alli grabbed her and pulled her into a searing kiss. Alli poured all her feelings and frustrations into the kiss that was meant to hurt Tracey, but instead Tracey responded. She couldn't help herself, and the kiss became everything but hurtful.

Alli broke the kiss when she needed to breathe. She didn't let go of Tracey completely as she whispered into Tracey's ear, "Don't ever say that again. I'm nothing like my father."

Tracey had a lump in her throat when she heard the words. She hadn't meant to lash out at Alli again, but she had gone through so much, that she just couldn't help herself.

Alli moved away from Tracey and started walking down the stairs before she spoke. "When you're done packing, I'll be in my study. We can talk about my conditions for your leaving when you've calmed down.

Tracey was once again dumbstruck as she walked up the stairs. She knew that she would agree to any condition Alli would ask of her, just to get away, because that kiss just once again confirmed how in love she was with Alli.

After Tracey and Angela packed her and Elizabeth's stuff, she made her way downstairs. She had no idea how she was going to tell Elizabeth that they were leaving, but first she needed to discuss Alli's conditions.

As she came close to the study door she could hear Alli speaking, as the door wasn't closed properly. She didn't want to interrupt Alli, so she waited outside the door, but when she heard her name, she stepped closer to the door to listen.

"…Yes, the house must be registered in Tracey's name. It's all the same information as you have for the bank account that you're busy opening… Yes, I'm sure of it… No, don't post anything to her, I'll get it to her. Just make sure the house has everything that I've asked for in it… I don't care how many people it takes, even if you have to do it yourself, but that house will be ready in the morning when they get there… I don't pay you to think for me Kevin, I pay you to do what I ask you to. Just tell me if you can't handle it, I'm sure there are many other attorneys who would jump at getting my business... Great, that's what I want to hear. Thank you."

When Alli put down the receiver Tracey was standing at the door, but couldn't bring herself to knock. She heard Alli dial another number, but still didn't move.

"Hi Megan… Great thanks… Is my sister there?... No, no need for her to phone me back… Just tell her that I'm only arriving tomorrow afternoon… Yes, I'm the only one coming… Tracey has left me… No, I don't want to talk about it now, we can chat tomorrow… Great, see you then."

A tear was running down Tracey's cheek when she realised the finality of what was happening. If Alli told Megan and Charlie about her leaving, it had to be final. As Tracey lifted her hand to knock on the door, Alli's phone rang.

"Alison Palmer… Oh, hi Karen… No, things didn't go as planned… I really don't want to talk about it now… No, she's leaving because I'm letting her go… Karen, don't start with me… She thinks I'm like my father and she called me a monster, and I'm not sure if I disagree with her… It's no use, she'll never fall in love with me; I've pushed her too far… Karen, I really don't want to talk right now… You're incorrigible; I know you're my friend… You don't have to remind me that I love her; I know I do. That's why I can't do this to her anymore. I'm letting her go, but I won't let her go back to her old life. I wouldn't be able to bear it knowing how she's struggling, and Elizabeth is another matter. She feels like my own child… I've opened an account with two million rand in it for Tracey, and I've started a trust for Elizabeth to make sure that she will be kept in the best schools and have a chance to go to university… No, I won't insist on seeing them. You should see the hurt look in Tracey's face whenever she looks at me. I can't bear to see her like that again; it kills me… No, I won't let her come back after they've left. Knowing Tracey, she might feel that she owes me. She's an amazing person, Karen and I love her with every breath that I take, but I won't allow her to stay with me out of obligation. I wanted her to love me, not despise me, and although it's breaking my heart, at least she'll be happy… No Karen, there's nothing you can say to make me change my mind… Yes, we can chat again at a later time, but that won't make any difference… No, I don't plan to go ahead with my plans against my sister… I'm going to tell her everything about it this weekend. She's got a right to know about it, and if she doesn't want to speak to me again after that, it will be my loss and one that I deserve… Thank you Karen, but it is my fault and I really must go now… Bye."

Tracey couldn't believe what she had heard, but her heart was singing. The fact that Alli loved her was the only thing that was running through her mind as she turned around and ran back up the stairs where she almost knocked Angela off her feet.

"Oh Angela, I'm so sorry."

"No need to say sorry Tracey, these old bones can still handle a lot." Angela smiled when she saw the joy on Tracey's face. "Is leaving us making you so happy?"

"No!" Tracey almost shouted. "It's staying that's making me so happy." Angela looked at Tracey with confusion on her face.

"I need you to unpack everything again. Elizabeth and I aren't going anywhere except with Alli for a weekend away. It was just one big misunderstanding."

"If that's the case, I definitely don't mind unpacking again." Angela quickly made her way back to Elizabeth's bedroom.

"Oh Angela, do you know where Elizabeth is?"

"She's playing with Fluffy, or at least that what I think she called him."

"Fluffy? Who or what is Fluffy?"

"Alli came home this morning to drop off a little puppy. She said it was a surprise for Elizabeth when she came home from school. I don't think she even knows anyone else exists right now."

Tracey was in awe. What she had learned about Alli in the last half hour had made her fall even deeper in love with her, if that was even possible. She made her way outside to look for Elizabeth as she had plans to make. She couldn't admit her love to Alli without revealing that she had overheard her phone conversation, which meant that Alli would know that she knew about the money and the house and would think that she was acting as if she loved her out of obligation. She also knew that she couldn't allow Alli to tell her about the house and money, because that would have the same affect. She needed some help, and she knew where to get it. With a smile on her face, she found Elizabeth outside walking Fluffy the puppy.

"Mom!" Elizabeth yelled as she saw her mother walking towards her. "Look what Alli gave me. Isn't he cute? I named him Fluffy. Alli said he's going to be a big dog one day."

"He's very cute."

"Are we leaving now, because Alli said I can take him with us to the farm?"

"No Sweetheart, we'll only be going to the farm tomorrow, but I thought that maybe the three of us could go and watch a movie tonight. I heard that 'Over The Hedge' is a quite funny movie. What do you think?"

"That sounds great Mom." Elizabeth jumped up and wrapped her arms around her mother.

Tracey smiled as she was fitting the pieces of her plan together. Alli wasn't the only one who could play games.

Alli walked out of her study to find Tracey who hadn't come to see her yet. As she walked through the house, she found it very quiet. She looked around to see where everybody was and came across Angela putting on her coat at the front door.

"Angela, where is everybody, and where are you going?"

"Tracey gave everybody the evening off. Apparently you guys are going out for dinner and a movie."

"Tracey gave everybody the evening off? Since when does she give the orders in this house?"

Angela struggled very hard to keep from smiling. "She is your fiancée, and living here, so everybody sees her as the mistress of the house. We have no reason not to listen to her when she gives us instructions." Angela said innocently as she opened the door to walk out. "Have a great evening."

Alli still stood there staring at the closed door when Tracey spoke behind her. "I hope you don't mind, but I decided to stay and finish my contract. My mother always said it wasn't good to leave anything half done. I also thought it might be great to go out for dinner and a movie tonight."

Alli looked at Tracey in disbelief. "But I still needed to talk to…"

Tracey started talking to stop Alli from saying what she knew she was going to. "Elizabeth is so excited about tonight, and that puppy just made her day. You are so amazing with her." Tracey walked closer and wrapped her arms around Alli before she planted a quick kiss on her lips. "Thank you for being there for her." Tracey turned around to walk away again leaving a flabbergasted Alli still standing in front of the closed front door.

"By the way, you need to get dressed, or we're going to be late," Tracey said as she walked away.

It took a while before Alli could get herself to close her mouth and move forward. Strange things were happening, and she seemed to have been left out of the picture. She would go with the flow and see where Tracey was heading with her actions, because at that moment, Alli didn't have a clue.

Tracey and Elizabeth had a lively conversation during dinner leaving Alli to curiously observe Tracey. Halfway through the movie, Tracey decided it was time to get popcorn. She brushed past Alli who was sitting in the aisle chair, but almost landed in her lap as she tripped over something. Alli caught her before she could fall by grabbing her hips.

Tracey knew her plan was working as she could hear Alli gasp when she closed her hands over Alli's hands while they were on her hips. Tracey held Alli's hands there until she was clear of the seat. "Thank you," she whispered into Alli's ear, while making sure to blow some air into Alli's ear while speaking. This caused a shiver to go down Alli's spine as Tracey straightened up to walk away.

When they got home, Alli carried a sleeping Elizabeth to bed. Tracey tucked her in with Alli standing in the doorframe watching her.

Alli knew that she needed to talk to Tracey, but she turned around to go to their bedroom to take a shower first. She was hoping to wash away the dazed feeling that she had. She needed to have a clear mind when she spoke to Tracey.

Tracey took the opportunity to quickly get into her pyjamas and into bed. When Alli got out of the bathroom, she found Tracey apparently asleep in the double bed. There was no sign of the fold up bed anywhere. 'It's probably better to talk to her in the morning anyway,' Alli thought as she got into bed herself, but she couldn't sleep. The strange happenings since they got home from work were puzzling her, especially Tracey's decision to stay with her for now.

Alli's thoughts were still keeping her awake more than half an hour after she got into bed. She looked down at Tracey who was breathing evenly in her sleep when she rolled around to lie right next to Alli who gasped when she felt Tracey's breasts move up and down against her arm.

Tracey turned her face into the pillow to prevent Alli from seeing that she was awake and trying not to smile. It ended up being a very long night for Alli as Tracey's movements had her hormones running in circles.

Alli never got an opportunity to speak to Tracey as Tracey had an early appointment at the hairdresser, and she only arrived home just before it was time to leave for the farm.

Kevin phoned Alli early in the morning to say that the house was ready to be moved into. Alli thanked him for his great service, but didn't say anything about nobody being ready to move into the house.

The trip to the farm was uneventful except for Tracey spilling some coffee onto her shirt and asking Alli to stop next to the road so that she could change. She took off her shirt in front of Alli as she had in her office, and put a clean one on. Alli's heart almost stopped at the sight.

When they arrived at the farm, Charlie and Megan were waiting on the porch. They saw the car from a distance already. Charlie looked puzzlingly at Alli when she saw Tracey and Elizabeth getting out of the car, but Alli lifted her shoulders and hands indicating that she had no clue herself.

Megan took charge. "We're so glad you guys finally arrived. We were very disappointed when we heard that you weren't going to arrive last night."

"We're so sorry. It was just some misunderstandings at home, but not to worry, it's all sorted now." Tracey winked at Alli playfully as she spoke.

'I'd like to know what's sorted, because my heart won't cope with this and neither will my hormones,' Alli thought to herself as she smiled back at Tracey.

Harry and Rebecca came running around the house. "Elizabeth!" they both shouted together.

"Harry! Becca!" Elizabeth shouted in return as she ran to them.

"Well, that makes us nonexistent for the rest of the weekend," Alli said as she took the suitcases out of the car while watching Elizabeth running off with Harry and Rebecca.

"Well, I suppose that means we'll have more time to ourselves then, doesn't it my love." Tracey's innocent tone had Alli lifting her eyebrow.

"Come on you two, Katrina has prepared a great lunch for you guys, and you know how she gets when we leave her waiting." Charlie took one of the suitcases from Alli as they moved towards the front door."

"Mmm… food," Megan smiled as she made her way up the stairs.

Charlie started laughing. "One of these days you're going to eat me out of this house. After all this time, I still don't know where you put all that food."

"You're forgetting that I have a reason to eat so much now."

"Excuses, excuses. If you could eat all day long, I'm sure you would. Eating for two is just the cherry on top."

"Wow, what did we miss?" Alli stopped in her tracks when she heard what Charlie said.

"Well, we actually made dinner reservations for tonight, and we were planning to tell you then, but seeing that some big mouths around here can't keep anything to themselves," Megan playfully punched Charlie on the shoulder. "Yes, I'm pregnant. We found out two days ago."

Alli and Tracey congratulated the two mothers to be before they all made it into the house where Katrina was waiting for them with a mock, angry face. "Bout time you made it into the house. My food's going to spoil if it's not eaten right away."

"Hi Kat," Tracey hugged Katrina. "We've come all this way for your food. There's no way it'll be wasted."

"Welcome back you two. It's great to have someone else in this house for a change. Those two are driving me insane; it's just baby talk here and baby talk there. I'm starving for a conversation without the word baby in it." Everyone laughed at Katrina's words as they sat down for lunch.

After they unpacked their suitcases, Tracey went to find Megan. She found her sitting next to the pool in the sun.

"Hi, Megan. Is Charlie around?"

"Oh, hi Tracey. No, she's gone to the barn. Do you know that she's especially breeding a filly for our child, and we don't even know if it's a boy or a girl yet."

"Wow, she's surely committed to this child."

"Yes, that she is, but you wouldn't have said that a few months ago. I think that seeing you and Alli with Elizabeth has done a lot towards making her see what she really wanted."

"I'm so glad for you guys. A child is a blessing and often the ones showing us the truth through their innocence."

"Yes, that they do, but enough about us. What's wrong between you and Alli? You guys were acting all loving, but the tension could be cut with a knife."

Tracey sighed. "You don't beat around the bush do you? I was actually looking for you so that I could talk to you. I need some serious advice."

"Well then, go ahead. I'm all ears." Megan straightened in her chair.

"I'll have to tell you the whole story from the beginning, but please don't get upset until you hear all of it."

Tracey started talking and Megan listened. At times it seemed like she was going to jump out of the chair, but she didn't. Tracey told her all about Alli's plan and her own part in it. She spoke about how Alli used Elizabeth against her, but also about how great she was with Elizabeth. She told her about Alli's father and what she had discovered about him. She told Megan that she thought Alli was captive in the world that was created for her. She even told her about the conversations that she overheard and about her plans to convince Alli that she loved her for who she was.

Megan sat quietly for minutes after Tracey stopped talking. Tracey was about to get up from her chair when Megan eventually spoke. "Personally I don't think these Palmer women know what they want until it smacks them in the face. They are so hard headed, but it seems that they both went through a tough time. I don't think what Alli did was the right way to go about it, but it sounds like she was living in a different reality. One that you can't blame her for. I do think that you and Elizabeth have been a great influence in changing that reality for her. I want to be angry with her for what she was planning to do to Charlie, but I can't. I was once very much like her, but Charlie changed that, so I think that Alli deserves a chance to change. If she speaks to Charlie out of her own, I'll stand wherever Charlie stands with her, but if she doesn't and she still plans to hurt her, she'll have to deal with me."

Megan eventually lifted her head to look into the face of a crying Tracey. "And where you're concerned, you were right in your presumption that nothing and no one would come between myself and Charlie. She is the love of my life, the centre of my being, the reason for my existence, and I know she feels the same about me. We have no doubts, although we have our moments. We make each other complete. Can you say the same about your feelings for Alli?"

"I probably wouldn't use all the same words that you did, but I know this. Just the thought of not being around her feels like it's going to rip my heart out and leave a hole that could never be filled."

Megan got up from her chair and started walking towards the house. She turned around when Tracey didn't move. "Well, don't just sit there. We have plans to make."

Alli only managed to get a chance to speak to Charlie alone later that afternoon when she was on her way to the pond for her swim.

"Charlie!" Alli shouted as she ran after her.


"Charlie, I wanted… aaw… I was hoping… um… to speak to you alone for a bit."

"Why are you stumbling over your words little sis? Of course you can speak to me alone. Why don't you walk with me to the pond, and we can talk on the way."

They started walking, but it looked like Alli didn't know what to say. "Well, are you going to talk to me?" Charlie eventually asked.

It took Alli a few more tries before she could start talking about her plan, but when she got going, there was no stopping her. She told Charlie everything down to the smallest detail and didn't spare herself at all. She was so involved in telling her story and keeping her eyes on the ground, that she didn't even see that Charlie had a faint smile on her face.

"There you have it. Now you know what kind of person I really am, and I'm so sorry about what I wanted to do to you. If you want me to leave right now and never come back or speak to you again, I'll understand, but please don't be upset with Tracey. She only did what I forced her to do." Alli kept on staring at the ground waiting for Charlie to explode at her.

When there was no reaction from Charlie's side, Alli eventually looked up. What she saw took her off guard. Charlie was standing there with her arms crossed over her chest and a big smile on her face.

"Why are you smiling?"

"Because little sis, I already know all of this."

"But how?"

"Let's just say a little bird told me."

"But… but…"

"Don't 'but' so much. Rather tell me how you feel about Tracey."

"What I feel about Tracey? Nothing… really… she just works for me."

"Don't take me for a fool little sis. The way you told your story was also a love declaration for Tracey. You made yourself out to be a spawn from hell, but in this whole story Tracey remained an angel, so you tell me how you really feel about her."

"It doesn't help; she hates me and I've given her no reason to feel anything else for me. I'm sending her away as soon as we get back to the city. She wasn't even supposed to be here this weekend, but she started acting strangely. She suddenly wants to finish what she started, but now I've put a stop to it. From now on, there'll be no more acting."

"I know little sis, but I don't think your love for her is an act, and neither do I think her love for you is either."

"What?" Alli grabbed Charlie by the arm.

"You heard what I said. She loves you."

"But she can't."

"You don't make all the rules little sis. You can't decide what can and can't be, and by the way, we're still talking if you missed that part."


"Have you become dyslectic or something? I can't blame you for what you thought, because he put those thoughts in your head. I can't blame you for wanting to hurt me when you thought that I was the reason he died, especially knowing that he was the closest person to you. He was a manipulating bastard, and the only good thing he ever did for me was making you hate me, because if you didn't, then you wouldn't have looked for me. At the end of the day, he loses and we triumph. We can see each other for who we really are, and we can see him for who he really was. He won't be able to cause any of us any more heartache, and I actually feel sorry for him."

A tear ran down Alli's face as she grabbed her sister for a hug. They stood like that for a while before Charlie unwrapped herself. "Now, let's get back to your love life."

While Charlie and Megan were getting ready for dinner, they went over their plans.

"Knowing Veronica, she will definitely be making passes at Tracey again. She's got a hide as thick as a rhinoceros' and never learns her lesson. I've told Tracey to flirt back this time. Let's see if we can push Alli to a point where she loses control."

"That sounds like a plan, but what if she doesn't?"

"If your sister is anything like you, this plan is flawless. Tracey must just take advantage of the situation."

Charlie looked at Megan with a wicked grin on her face. She slowly dropped the towel that was wrapped around her. "Do you know how to take advantage of a situation?"

Megan walked slowly towards Charlie and stopped when she was right in front of her. "Do I ever know how to take advantage of a situation." Megan got hold of Charlie's shoulders and pushed her towards the bed.

"Do we even have time for this?" Charlie asked innocently.

"Don't you play the innocent with me Miss Palmer; I want your expert tongue, and I want it now."

They all arrived at the restaurant at seven that evening, and as Megan had predicted, Veronica was being true to herself. The waitress once again couldn't keep her eyes off Tracey.

As Charlie placed their drinks order, Alli's thoughts were somewhere else. Charlie had told her earlier that day to be true to her own emotions towards Tracey. She also told her to open her eyes and to see that Tracey wasn't acting when it came to her emotions about Alli, but she hadn't seen anything of the sort yet. Instead, Tracey had been evasive.

Tracey on the other hand was smiling at Veronica. She was doing everything that Megan had asked her to do. She really didn't like Veronica, but if that was the way to get Alli to open up to her, then that was what she needed to do.

Veronica made sure to brush against Tracey when she passed Alli's drink. "Windhoek Light for you and a strawberry milkshake for the little lady." Veronica gave Elizabeth a big smile as she placed her milkshake in front of her. Although Tracey was first in line, Veronica left her drink for last. "And a very special drink for a lovely lady."

"Special drink?" Tracey smiled flirtatiously back at Veronica.

"Yes, I mixed it myself. Don't worry, it's got your Vodka and lime in it, but it has a twist, and that's my speciality."

"Then I suppose I should give it a try, seeing that you made is especially for me."

Veronica had a triumphant smile on her face as she winked at Tracey before going to place their food order.

Alli was fuming inside. Charlie was obviously wrong in her assumption that Tracey had feelings for her. Looking at the way Tracey had just flirted with Veronica, it was quite obvious that she didn't care at all.

"Excuse me," Alli said as she got up from the table. "I think I might be sick."

Tracey looked worriedly at Megan after Alli left. "Are you sure this is going to work?"

"Oh yes," Charlie answered instead. "She's getting wound up. It won't take long for her to show what she's made of."

"What's wrong with Alli Mom?" Elizabeth asked.

"Nothing Sweetheart, I'm sure she's going to be back just now."

Alli made her way to the ladies room, where she stayed a few minutes to cool down.

"Well, that's it then," she said out loud to herself. "I can accept that she doesn't love me, because I don't deserve her love, but how can she humiliate me like that by flirting with that bloody waitress in front of everyone? She doesn't even know her, and it looks like she's ready to jump into bed with her. I won't stand for this, even if I deserve it."

Alli was walking up and down in front of the mirrors still talking to herself, when Veronica walked in. "Something wrong?" Veronica asked innocently as she walked over to the basin to wash her hands.

"Wrong? You should know what's wrong. You're the bloody one flirting with my fiancée."

"It's not my fault if you can't hold onto her. Fiancée means not married yet, that means open waters to me."

"You stay away from her." Alli was fuming and fisting her hands.

"Oh come on. Be a good sport. I promise to only use her for one night… mmm… rather make that two nights. She's gorgeous, and who knows, she might go back to you after I'm done with…"

Veronica wasn't able to finish her sentence as Alli punched her in the face. All she saw was stars as she fell down. "Don't you ever come close to my wife again. She's nobody's toy and too much of a lady for the likes of you. If you dare to even look at her again, you will know the meaning of getting crushed by Allison Palmer."

Alli left the dazed Veronica lying on the floor when she walked out to return to their table. She smiled at everyone as she sat down. "Are we still waiting for our food?"

"Yes, it seems to be taking a bit long tonight," Charlie replied.

They waited for another ten minutes before Veronica returned with their food. She made sure not to look in Tracey's direction at all. "Sorry for the delay ladies, but I had a little accident in the ladies room."

"Wow, she almost ran away from our table," Megan couldn't help but say. "Did you see that eye of hers?"

"Must have been a nasty fall," Alli said as she turned her attention to the plate of food in front of her.

Charlie looked at Alli's reaction and knew that there was more to Veronica's fall.

The drive home was quiet. Tracey was sitting with a sleeping Elizabeth in her arms. She felt disappointed, because the plan didn't work. Veronica hadn't even looked at her again, so she had no opportunity to flirt with her again either. She thought the plan was working when Alli went to the ladies room, but Alli was smiling and chatting the rest of the evening. She would have to come up with another plan quickly, before Alli got the chance to talk to her about the house and money, or before she talked to Charlie. That would force her to move out, because that would mean the end of their arrangement.

When they stopped at the house, Alli took the sleeping Elizabeth up to her room and tucked her in, but she woke up. "Where's Mommy?"

"She's coming Kiddo. Do you want me to tell you a story so that you could fall asleep again?"


Tracey walked into the room just as Alli got up. "It didn't take much for her to fall asleep again. She tried to stay awake until you came, but she was asleep again within two minutes." Alli smiled as she spoke.

"Thank you."

"No thanks necessary. I would do anything for her."

"I'm going to have a quick shower before I get into bed. Good night." Alli turned around and quickly made her way into the room. She was desperately hoping that Alli would be asleep by the time she got out of the shower.

Alli got into bed, but didn't fall asleep, so when Tracey got out, she was waiting for her.

"Tracey, there is something we need to speak about still."

"Can't it wait until tomorrow? I'm extremely tired," Tracey said nervously.

"No, it can't wait any longer. I need to get this sorted now. I've been trying to get you alone since yesterday afternoon already, but you're either nowhere to be found, or Elizabeth is with you."

"I don't want to hear it!"

"What don't you want to hear? It's all good news for you! I spoke to Charlie, so now you don't have to act anymore. I tried to tell you earlier, but I couldn't find you. You're free to go; you're contract is up."

"Oh, so now you have no more use for me, and I just get told to go. What about Elizabeth? Do you have any idea what this will do to her? You just said that you would do anything for her, but in the same breath you're kicking us out."

"I'm not kicking you out. I've made arrangements…"

"I don't want to hear about your arrangements. I want…"

Alli jumped out of bed. "What do you want? You're confusing the hell out of me. One moment you tell me you hate my guts and that you want to get as far as possible away from me, then you turn around and stay when I tell you that you can go? What's that all about? I can only take so much!" Alli slammed her right fist against the wall. "Ouw!" Alli quickly folded her left hand around her right one. "Fuck!" she shouted again.

"Of all the stupid things to do! I thought you were so smart. You're not a superhuman who can punch through walls. Do the maths, one fist made out of flesh and blood versus one brick wall, you lose!" Tracey walked around the bed to where Alli was standing still clamping her hand. "Give me your hand, at least I've got some first aid knowledge."

Alli allowed Tracey to take her hand that was stinging from the pain. Tracey looked at the hand and then up to Alli in puzzlement. "Swelling won't start so quickly. You must have hurt you're hand earlier. This makes you even more stupid, slamming an already hurt hand into a wall…" Tracey stopped talking when she looked into Alli's guilty face. "You hit her didn't you? She didn't have an accident, you hit her!"

Alli pulled her hand out of Tracey's and walked away. "Someone had to bloody well put a stop to it. How do you think I felt being embarrassed like that in front of my family? You were openly flirting with her. Couldn't you at least wait until you moved out? Do you not think I have any feelings? Have my actions not at least told you something, or did you see it and are using it to hurt me?"

Tracey started laughing. "You do have feelings for me."

"Of course I have bloody feelings. I love you, so laugh as much as you want and get out," Alli said sarcastically. "I can't do this anymore. I'm going to sleep in another room. This act is over." Alli quickly grabbed hold of her pillow, but stopped in her track when Tracey undid her dressing gown and dropped it to the floor.

"What are you doing?" Alli said breathlessly.

"I think you owe me." Tracey smiled seductively.

"Owe you?"

"Yes, I was in for a sure thing if it wasn't for you and your fist."

"Don't start with that bloody waitress again. You're worth much more than that."

"I know, and so are you."

"What do you mean?"

Tracey walked towards Alli slowly and stopped inches away from her. "You're worth more than you think. You are not the person that your father thought he made. You are the person that you became. You are the person that has traveled a long journey to be free from your past. You did it though; you saw what was really happening. We might have all been there, but you were still the one who made the final choices. I fell in love with you a long time ago, and I will still love you when time is no more."

"You love me? But you were flirting…"

"Yes, I was flirting, but only because I wanted to get a reaction out of you. Even though you think you can control everything, your true feelings reveal themselves in your actions."

Alli smiled from ear to ear. "You think you're pretty smart don't you? Did you also know that I love you?"

"Oh, I know I'm smart, but I did have a little help from Megan and Charlie, and yes, I know you love me and Elizabeth."

Alli wrapped her arms around Tracey. "You are smart. Remind me to thank those two in the morning," she whispered as she placed her lips over Tracey's lips.

The kiss was gentle and full of emotion, but soon erupted into a fiery kiss. Both their bodies were longing for what they had been denied for such a long time.

Alli allowed her feelings to lead the way. She pushed Tracey back onto the bed and got out of her pajamas in a record time before she covered Tracey's body with her own.

She wanted to melt into her. They kissed and touched as if it was their last moments together until Alli slowly made her way down Tracey's body. When she touched Tracey with her tongue, it looked like she had sent an electric shock through her body. This encouraged Alli to delve even deeper with her tongue, and soon she tasted the fruits of her labor as Tracey bucked from her orgasm, but Alli didn't stop there; she wanted more. She touched Tracey only gently until it looked like she had come down from her high. Then she started it all over again.

Orgasm after orgasm was getting too much for Tracey. She got hold of Alli's head and started pulling her back up. "Please Love, I can't any more. You're killing me," Tracey whispered with a smile.

"And you're doing the same to me. I didn't know it was possible to have an orgasm at the same time when you weren't even touching me."

Tracey wrapped her arms around Alli. "This is just the beginning; you've got so much more to experience."

"As long as you're by my side, because without you, it would never be the same. You and Elizabeth were the missing links in my life, but now that I have you, I'll never let you go."

"So, do you think it'll work?" Megan asked Charlie as they lay in bed.

"I think it has already worked."

"How can you be so sure?" Megan asked curiously.

"Because she's my sister and she seems to have a mean right hook."

"No! She hit Veronica?"

"I'm sure of it."

"Would you defend my honor like that as well?"

"For you my love, I would ride a porcupine naked."

"Mmm… I'd rather have you ride me when you're naked."

The End

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