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By mysensitiveside


"Well, Princess? How do you feel?"

How does she feel? Brooke tries to think. Thinking is hard.

She remains silent, waiting for the pieces to click together. The loopy feeling, the numb tingling in her mouth, the fuzziness in her head...

"Sam!" she exclaims. "They took my wisdom!"

Sam chuckles. "Your wisdom teeth, Brooke, yes."

Brooke finds this oddly hilarious, and can't stop the huge grin from spreading across her face. It proves infectious, as Sam smiles back.

"Pretty smile," Brooke admits out loud. Whatever drugs she's on have stolen her normal sense of control.

Sam's smile disappears.

"What?" she asks meekly.

"Pretty smile, pretty girl," Brooke explains. "You're pretty," she continues after a beat, as if to ensure that her point gets across.

Brooke feels like there's more she wants to say, but she can't quite remember. Instead, she mumbles a quiet, "Good night, pretty girl," before she slips back into sleep, leaving behind a very confused (but newly hopeful) Sam.

The End

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