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Paying Attention
By Wolfemeister


Brooke knocked reluctantly on Sam's door. A muffled "What" was her only response.

Opening the door she took in the much treasured sight of a barely clothed Sam sprawled across her bed reading.

"Did you need something Brooke?"

Brooke's head snapped up when she realized she'd been caught staring at Sam. "Um yeah, umm I was wondering if you had an extra notebook handy? I need one for the project Bio Glass gave us today." Brooke said in a rush.

Sam just stared at her for a moment before gesturing for Brooke to take one from the pile on her desk.

"Oh… umm… thanks. I'll let you get back to your book."

"No problem speedy but I recommend you switch to decaf or cut down on the sugar. Cause you don't do jumpy well." Sam said with a smirk.

"Yeah thanks." Brooke made a hasty exit. Throwing herself on her own bed she grabbed a pillow and tried to smother herself. Aaaaarrrggghhhh! I am such an idiot.

Once she had calmed down she opened the borrowed notebook and realized it had already been used. She began to read the closely written words and her heart skipped a beat at what she saw there. She jumped as her door flew open and Sam came running in.

"Brooke I need that notebook back, you took the wrong…" Sam trailed off as it was obvious Brooke was doing the very thing she was hoping to prevent. The girls simply stared at one another for a few minutes, before Brooke said "so you wanna go first or should I?"

Sam was somewhat taken aback, what did Brooke mean? "Umm you go ahead."

"Ok. Well from what I read here it seems we both have the same problem. We're both in love with someone who as far as we knew had no interest in us or in another girl in general."

"As far as we knew, as in we know now?" Sam asked.

"Mmhmm. Because after reading this I think that the girl I really, really, really like may like me back. But I'm not positive. And if I'm wrong well that would be kinda awkward. And I don't really know how to find out for sure." Brooke said looking up at Sam.

"Well I guess you could try showing her, I mean that way if she likes you back you'd know for sure and well that'd be good right?" Sam said not daring to hope she was reading the situation right.

Brooke stood up with a large grin on her face and closed the distance between them. Reaching forward she placed her hand on the back of Sam's neck and pulled her forward for a brief but firm kiss.

To her immense pleasure Sam slipped one arm around her shoulder and pulled her even closer. Their second kiss lasted much longer and was much more intense.

The End

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