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Partly Cloudy, Bridal Shower
By BadTyler


Part One

"It's a good idea!"

"Are you serious? Seriously—she'll hate the whole idea…"

Izzie Stevens and Meredith Grey stood glaring at each other in the elevator. Izzie was not in the mood for any more of her friend's protests.

"Look—when you get married, you have a shower. And it's customary for the friends of the bride to plan it for you!"

Meredith continued to glower. "Cristina will hate it. She doesn't even want to wear a ring, so why would she want to wear a hat made out of a paper plate that's covered with bows?"

The elevator stopped and Sydney Heron stepped inside, smiling maniacally.

"Oooh, girl talk! Are you having a surprise shower for Cristina? How super fun! I'm really good at planning showers. This is great—I'm so glad I ran into you two. So, later, let's get together and do some planning—that's an order, girls! Just kidding! No, I'm really not kidding! So—"

She was mercifully interrupted by the inexorable slide of the elevator doors opening again. Miranda Bailey got on, nodding curtly. If looks could kill, the insufferably perky Dr. Sydney Heron would have been dead in less than a minute. Unfortunately, and very much still in the land of the living, she turned back for a final word.

"Ooops, my floor! See you all later! Why don't you fill Dr. Bailey in on all the fun?"

Bailey wore her trademark don't-talk-to-me-if-you-value-your-life expression.

"Don't fill me in on anything, unless it's life or death. Rounds in ten minutes, people… and keep that woman out of my sight. I do not need this today!"

Izzie and Meredith exchanged glances.

"We're stuck now, so you might as well be onboard, Mere."

Meredith sighed. "Seriously…"

"Aren't you coming?" Izzie adjusted her scrubs. "Bailey said…"

"I'll be there in a sec."

Meredith rode up and down in the elevator several times, hoping to run into Derek. She hadn't gotten a chance to corner him and whine yet. Meredith needed that as much as she needed her morning coffee.

Several hours later, in the cafeteria, Izzie jabbed Meredith in the ribs, which wasn't hard to do. She quickly pulled her hand away. Mere's ribs were sharp.

"I've got an idea. What if we pretend it's a belated shower for Callie? She'd show up for that!"

Meredith shrugged. "I guess it's worth a shot."

Izzie piled her empty plate and napkins back on her tray. "You cannot tell Derek."


"He'll tell Burke and she definitely won't come!"

"But he's always at the house. Because he's my boyfriend. Who hasn't, by the way, asked me to marry him. So, I'm the only one who hasn't gotten a marriage proposal. Which is just typical…"

Izzie was ready to upend her tray on Meredith's self-absorbed head.

"You know what, Mere? I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that. You are so damn selfish!"

"Izzie, wait…"

Izzie didn't. As she headed back to the surgical floor, she caught Addison Montgomery looking at her thoughtfully, with a trace of a knowing smile on her lips. She turned her gaze to the board momentarily, but when she looked back, Addison was gone.

Still sitting at her table, Meredith stared into the dregs of her coffee. Why is she being so sensitive? OK, he's dead, but he left her a lot of money. And she'll never have to deal with him leaving the toilet seat up… or leaving because she snores… or worrying that he'll run off with another woman…where's Derek… I need to complain…

By the end of her shift, Izzie had more or less planned the shower. She decided that since Cristina didn't cook, and Burke had every imaginable item of kitchen equipment already, that a lingerie shower was a better idea. It would be a good idea to have gifts for Callie, too. She won't be expecting them…

Izzie smiled, and continued making a list of refreshments. Cupcakes. Yeah, definitely cupcakes. Maybe even kind of dirty cupcakes… despite her best efforts, the memory of Addison kept plaguing her. OK—maybe NOT dirty cupcakes…

She was organising lists of what they'd need when Sydney appeared at her shoulder.

"Here you are, in the lounge, you naughty girl! I thought you'd try to ditch me! Can't be done!"

"I get that," Izzie replied acidly.

"Well, you might be interested in something that I can contribute! I'll hire a stripper! How great will that be? Now, don't you go fretting about it, I'll take care of all those pesky details… you just bake your little heart out and start blowing up balloons!"

Izzie was beginning to wish there was something like an LVAD wire attached to Dr. Heron. She'd cut it without a trace of guilt. Although, the stripper wasn't a bad idea.

That would make it more like a bachelor party. Why should men have all the fun?

Later, after their shifts ended, Addison and Miranda were at Joe's, enjoying a quiet drink.

Addison picked up her glass and drained it. "How about one more?"

Bailey glanced at her watch. "OK, but then I've got to get home. Is it weird that I miss my baby? It's only been eight hours."

Addison smiled. "Not weird at all. Hey—you heard about the shower for Yang, right?"

Bailey nodded. "I was thinking it might be good for morale. Things have been pretty stressful for everyone… but—never mind…"


"Sydney. Heron." Bailey spoke the doctor's name with more than a trace of annoyance.

"Let's get her really drunk—maybe she'll pass out…" Addison smiled.

"With my luck she'll end up puking all over me. And Lord knows I get enough spitting up at home." Miranda rolled her eyes. "Damn, look at the time. I'd better go."

She looked at her friend, suddenly concerned. "You're not going to get drunk and sleep with that nasty manwhore Sloan again, are you?"

Addison shook her head. "Nah. I found my new true love. I'm fine."

They walked together into the parking lot.

"Are you kidding? Where did you meet?" Miranda pulled out her car keys.

"We didn't actually meet… I did a little shopping last week at Sharper Image." Addison grinned wickedly.

Miranda opened her car door. "I do not want to hear the details—but you, go, girl!"

Somehow, the secret shower remained secret. It was an unusual occurrence at Seattle Grace, where nothing was secret for very long. The party was scheduled for Sunday afternoon. Izzie had wanted to set up outside, in Meredith's backyard, but the morning drizzle had changed to full-blown rain by noon. She was just finishing the cupcakes as she remarked to Meredith, "The weather report said partly cloudy!"

"Well, there's definitely a shower…" Meredith sneaked more rum into the punchbowl.

Quite a lot more.

Cristina sulked as Burke pulled up in front of the house.

"Oh, Christ—why do I have to be here?" Yang wasn't looking forward to 'Callie's' shower.

"You have to go—they're your friends. This is something most women really enjoy, Cristina. You're acting very selfish." Burke reached across the seats and unlocked the door. "Go… it'll be all over in a few hours. Here—don't forget Callie's gift."

"Fine. Please come back at five. Seriously—if you're not here by then, I'm leaving."

Burke pulled away. Cristina forced herself to walk to the front door.


Yang was horrified to discover that she'd been duped. Oh, God, I'm so in Hell right now…

The walls were festooned with brightly colored balloons and streamers. A pile of gifts had been arranged in a corner of the room. Izzie hugged Cristina. "You're getting married!"

Cristina wiggled away. "Yes, but I still don't do hugs. Stop touching me!"

"Are you surprised? I wasn't sure we could keep this from you. C'mon, I made punch!"

As Izzie dragged Cristina into the kitchen, giggling, the only thing the bride-to-be could think was, there had better be liquor in this punch. Lots and lots of liquor

Her horror only intensified when she heard the unmistakable hyena-like laughter of Sydney Heron. Cristina shoved Izzie into the adjacent hallway. "Why is she here? Are you trying to punish me for something? What could I EVER have done to deserve an entire afternoon with that minion of Satan?"

"I am so sorry, but she caught wind of it… and I couldn't just tell her not to come, could I?" Izzie frowned. "Besides—she got you a stripper."

"Whatever. Seriously—I won't be held responsible if I kill her!"

Yang headed back to the punchbowl. "Who made this?"

"Me. I did. You know… make it. It's good, though. It's really, really…" Meredith waved a listless hand in the air and hiccupped. She was sitting on a kitchen countertop and Cristina was fairly certain that Dr. Grey was already tipsy. She decided the best way to go would be to catch up. Seriously.

Addison was obviously enjoying the beverage as well. Bailey poked her. "Slow down, OK? Don't make me take your damn car keys away!"

"Hey—did you get stuck having to sit through one of these?" The redhead was having trouble focusing on Bailey's face.

"Oh, yes… did you? They're kind of hard to get away from."

"Mine… sucked… we had to play stupid games… why do we still do this shit? OK, one more cup for me!"

Addison wobbled to her feet, lost her balance and fell right into Izzie's lap.

"Woo, sorry there, Stevens. Gimme a sec…" Her silk blouse was sliding from her shoulder, offering Izzie an unhampered view of the skin underneath.

"It's, um, OK—do you need help? Do you want to use the bathroom?"

Addison winked. "I could use an escort."

The two women walked off, but not before Sydney gleefully shrieked, "The stripper will be here any minute!"

Callie perked up. "A stripper? Cool!"

Alone in the bathroom, Addison wrapped her arms around Izzie. "I just want you to know I'm sorry."

Izzie was having trouble breathing normally. Her former encounters with Addison had shaken her, surprised and confused her, but she'd assumed the relationship was over. So much had happened since their last time together.

"Sorry for what?" Izzie stood perfectly still, enjoying the sensation of Addison's hands on her body.

"Sorry that so many terrible things had to happen to you." Addison's breath was warm in Izzie's ear. She leaned in even closer, covering Izzie's neck and throat with tiny kisses. They started sinking down on the floor. Buttons were undone, panties pushed aside. Izzie felt herself relaxing; needing desperately the sweet release she was going to—

Someone was pounding on the door. It wasn't locked. Swiftly, buttons were put into buttonholes, hair was smoothed down.

"Is she sick?" Bailey's voice called out.

"She's OK, we're coming!" Izzie frantically stepped back into her jeans.

"Oh, no we're not," Addison muttered. "Damn it."

The door opened and Bailey walked in, oblivious to what had just transpired.

"You are not going to believe this, but that fool woman got a female stripper. Of all the stupid-ass things… get out here and do not let me go near that idiot! Chief resident, my butt!"

A tall blonde waited in the front hall, tapping her foot impatiently. "I'm not going until I get paid! It's not my fault that you booked me by mistake!"

Sydney tried to stare her down. "I gave your agency a deposit!"

The stripper stayed put. "I'm not going until I get paid! And quit smirking at me, you moron!"

Sydney started to speak again, but Meredith interrupted her.

"Hey! Stripper! Yeah, you! Go on and strip!"

The blonde looked at Meredith. "Seriously?"

"Seriously! Who's in favor of the stripper?"

Hands shot up in the air, except for Bailey's. Quietly, she picked up her handbag and left through the kitchen door. She was on call and didn't want to be in the middle of some-thing that looked as if it might get out of control. Her only regret was the possibility of missing Sydney Heron's nervous breakdown. She hoped there'd be pictures.

"This is weird, right? We're opening boxes full of slutty underwear and watching a female stripper.. so it's weird, isn't it. That means we must be weird."

"Meredith? Stop talking for two minutes!" Cristina was surprised—she was actually enjoying herself. "Check out Heron's expression… she's really into this!"

The stripper—whose name was Ricki, which partially explained the mix-up, gyrated expertly, dancing to the music and dropping her clothing on the floor. Addison and Izzie sat together, off in a corner. As Ricki moved sinuously, Izzie felt Addison's hand snaking its way into the waistband of her jeans. The mood in the room had changed in some subtle way and the women were feeling it.

Except for Sydney. Exhausted and frazzled by the argument, she'd had too much to drink and had finally gone facedown into a bowl of spinach dip. No one cared very much. At least she had finally shut up. And Callie had gotten a good picture of Sydney stuffing cash in Ricki's g-string.

All the gifts had been opened. Ricki had finished, taken her money and driven away. The guests had gone from Meredith's punch to a bottle of Champagne Izzie had been saving for a special occasion. As Callie poured out the last drops, she grinned wickedly.

"All right, ladies… what's your pleasure? 'Spin the Bottle' or 'Truth or Dare'?

Part 2

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