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Obsession with Body Parts
By atfm




"You're wearing your hair down today."

"I'm perfectly aware of how I'm wearing my hair, but thanks for pointing it out, Scribbs."

"I can't see your ears."

"Why would you want to see my ears?"

"I like them. They're all cute and protruding."

"Do you have an ear fetish?"

"No! It's just your ears I like."

"Well, I'm glad you enjoy looking at my ears."

"I don't just want to look. Seeing those ears makes me want to push you up against a wall and lick them."

"Charming. And highly inappropriate. Are you sure you don't have an ear fetish?"

"Quite sure."


"Would you wear your hair up tomorrow so I can see your ears?"

"If you stop babbling about them now, I'll wear my hair up tomorrow."

"In a bun?"

"In a bun."

"Will you also let me lick your ears?"

"Go home, Scribbs."

The End

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