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Not Again
By Annette


"Oh no, not again!" Izzie Stephens attempted to open her eyes as she desperately searched for a clue as to where she was. She raised her head slowly hoping something in the room would spark her memory. Of course all that did was prove just how hung over she was. "Ow, ow, ow..."

"Ah, I guess you're gonna live."

Oh my God! That can't possibly be... No, I'm having a waking nightmare! Izzie shook her head hoping to clear it and gasped at the renewed pain. "Oh crap that hurt."

"Then you should probably stop doing it."

That was definitely... "Callie?"


"What... Why... Oh God!" The pain in Izzie's head finally caught up to her stomach and she scrambled off the bed and raced for where she hoped was the bathroom. After a few prayers to the porcelain god Izzie washed her face and, finding a new toothbrush, scoured out her mouth. A quick rinse with the mouthwash on the sink and she knew it was time to face the music. She still couldn't recall the events of last night and so had absolutely no clue as to how she woke up in a hotel room with - of all people - Callie O'Malley!

Opening the door and returning to the suite Izzie noticed Callie on the phone. Catching the end of the conversation, she was even more confused.

"Yeah, she puked a couple of times so I think she'll be fine. Yep, I'll let her know you're gonna be here soon. Hey, just remember you owe me big time for this!" Looking over at the still slightly green blonde Callie gestured toward the table. "You should try to eat some of that, take those aspirin, and stay hydrated. I'm heading out of here, Addison'll be here soon and she can explain everything."

And with that Callie walked out the door leaving an even more confused Izzie to contemplate her situation. "Addison?" Suddenly she had a flash of thick red hair in her hands followed closely by a wave of arousal. "What was that?" Suddenly her stomach cramped up and Izzie sat down to attempt to eat some of the toast. "Okay, think Stephens." Izzie closed her eyes and tried to call up another memory from the night before. Suddenly it began to come clear. She was pretty wasted when Addison walked in. They talked for a bit and then Izzie started flirting with the redhead. And Doctor Montgomery-Sheppard was giving as good as she got.

Taking a moment to pop the aspirin and eat a bit more toast Izzie quickly returned to the events leading up to her waking in what was apparently Addison's apartment. Things were a bit blurry in spots but what she could remember was quite enlightening. The next clear moment was of Dr. Montgomery-Sheppard's tongue in her mouth and the amazing sensations it caused. And then the soft bed, the silk sheets against her naked skin, the soft silk of Addison's skin against her skin. "Jesus!" Izzie couldn't believe how turned on she was right now, and just as she was wishing she could look into those stormy blue eyes again the door opened and there they were.

Addison smiled at the look on the blonde's face. "I take it you've managed to remember how you got here?" At the blonde's nod Addison continued. "I'm also guessing that you're feeling better?" Again a nod was her answer. She could see the arousal in the blonde's eyes and knew that her own arousal was clearly evident. Moving toward the blonde no more words were spoken as they fell together on the bed.

The End

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