DISCLAIMER: Shonda Rhimes did the honors, but Callie and Arizona are so adorable; how could I not want to continue what she started? Seriously, I don't normally write cute, adorable and all that jazz… But these two, they just make me all fluffy inside! Special thanks to sillyme for beta reading it.
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Next Morning
By carpesomediem


Arizona's still sleeping, her left arm outstretched where Callie should be. Figures I'd be on today, and she'd be off, Callie thought sadly. The last thing she wanted to do was leave her girlfriend's side. Callie could still taste Arizona on her lips and that was better than the Margaritas they'd downed at Joe's the night before.

"She looks like Sleeping Beauty," Callie said softly, tiptoeing through the semi-day lit room. The sun was just coming up, it was sometime after seven and Callie was already late for her shift. Luckily her pager was in the other room; she would've hated having to say goodbye to Arizona if it had woken her. Arizona's blonde hair was flayed on the pillows and the top sheet was haphazardly strewn across her naked body.

Callie thought briefly to put the comforter over her, but she was afraid if she was that close to Arizona again she'd never make it to work that day. Or the next, Callie thought as she shut the bedroom door behind her with a smirk.

As Callie hopped on the closest bus line for work – she'd almost forgotten they'd taken a cab back to Arizona's apartment, both a little too tipsy to drive – memories of the previous evening began to flitter in and out of her mind. Her head was still very much preoccupied when she made it to Seattle Grace.

There were soft moments, like when Arizona let down Callie's hair before they exited the bar and then ran her hands down her body to rest on her hips before pulling her into a chaste kiss. Then, there were rough moments, like when Callie practically slammed the blonde into the brick wall for a heavy make out session while waiting for their cab. Finally, there were clumsy moments, like when Callie stumbled out of said cab and fell to the curb dragging Arizona on top of her.

"Isn't that the same shirt you wore last night?" Mark interrupted her reverie, grabbing Callie by the arm and pulling her to the side. "Did you and Supergirl finally hook up?"

"Supergirl? Really?" Callie rolled her eyes but broke out in a grin thinking about how she'd called Arizona Sleeping Beauty earlier. However, another flash was broken when Mark clapped her shoulder and began asking for details. This is definitely the start of something new, Callie thought before making sure her best friend knew she wasn't the type of girl to kiss and tell.

The End

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