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A New Story
By Miss Liz

Akemi ran her slender hands through her long, dark hair and stared at her beloved warrior. Her teacher. Her crush.

Despite the situation, her feelings for this woman still ran deep. She fought the urge to wrap her arms around the big, strong warrior. To express her desire to the broken hearted woman who had sacrificed herself for 40,000 souls seeking salvation.

Her mind drifted to the flowing robes around her body and she sighed. Everything was an illusion now. Her body had ceased to function many years ago.

Everything had changed.

To avenge the lives of her mother and siblings had brought back honor to her house. She could raise her head high, knowing the misdeeds of her father had not gone unpunished. She closed her eyes, taking comfort in the fact that her life had not been in vain.

Hearing the warrior's cries, her peace was short lived. This could not go on.

Her body once again refocused on the scroll in front of her. Frustration marked her beautiful features as she waited for the words to come. Writing had been her solace, the words coming easily and profoundly. Now even this joy had become painful. Every time the ink struck against the page the warrior's cries became louder. Looking into her true heart, she found the strength to turn away from the cries.

(from Akemi's hand)

This journey started many years ago. His violence was like a tiny tear that grew slowly until the family was torn apart. My father had dissolved into a man I did not know. My mother, my siblings had fallen to his wrath. Our family was disgraced.

Only I survived, only I could avenge their deaths. I was afraid. My skills were as a writer not a warrior.

Then she came. I had never seen hair so blond before. Her clothes, her hair, everything about her was immaculate. Her voice was beautiful and I became captivated by her words.

She said she was traveling - attempting to learn the culture. She had heard about the destruction of my family and came to give me guidance.

Despite my protests, she would not tell me her name. She said that in this part of the world she must remain hidden. Her focus was to give me guidance. I only needed to know that she was from Greece.

I listened intently as the Greek weaved her intricate story. She told me that in the future a strong and capable warrior would come to help me and honor will be restored to my family. The warrior will have long, dark hair and will be naive in her understanding of love.

However, to seal this future - I had to make a sacred promise. The warrior would protect my body as long as I protected her heart.

I told her that I could keep the warrior's heart safe.

The Greek visited me several times after this. Despite my focus on avenging the deaths of my family, my body burned with desire for her touch. I had never known anyone who could understand love so deeply.

Our affair had started out as a chaste kiss. An innocent gesture between friends. It had become so much more.

On our last night together, she had asked me to undress and lay on my stomach. I felt her experienced hands kneading my back and I sank into her touch. Her hands moved to the sides of my body. I could feel fingers gently glide along my body, grazing my breasts. I felt her fingers stop and told her to keep going. She told me to turn over.

She looked at me lovingly and her lips reached out to meet mine. Her deft hands began to loosen her clothing, giving me visual access to all of her hidden spaces. She removed the pieces of cloth that I had used to cover my body. I was now naked before her.

She moved on top of me and our bodies became intertwined. I could feel her soft lips against my neck. I had never felt so much pleasure before.

My hands tentatively reached out to touch her. I heard her moan when my hands gently squeezed her breasts.

I cried out as her lips moved down my body. Her fingers tenderly pinched my nipples as her tongue moved past my belly button. To my dismay, she turned her attention to my inner thigh and then moved back up to meet my lips. She told me that I was beautiful and that she loved me.

I moaned out I love you and she began moving down my body. I could feel her hot breath on my center. I had never been touched there before and closed my eyes with anticipation. Her demanding tongue moved gently and tenderly against me. I cried out in pleasure as she quickened her pace. Without thinking I moaned and used my hand to push her deeper.

I felt my body contract against her assault. With her final stroke, my body erupted and my desire poured out. For the first and only time in my life, I felt pure bliss. I had become one with someone I truly loved.

After I relaxed, she put her arms around me. I held back my tears when she told me that this was our last visit, that she couldn't return, and that no one must know about her or what we did together.

I cried out that I desperately needed someone to love. She told me that the warrior would be coming soon and that now my guidance would come from my grandfather's spirit. Then she was gone.

My beautiful, naive warrior came soon after. I refocused my love for the blond Greek onto the dark haired beauty. I became mesmerized by her skills as a fighter and found myself looking past her selfish nature. My love for the blond would live forever but she was gone and the warrior was here.

The dark haired woman would protect me fiercely, like a mother with its cubs. She would save my life.

Despite my promise, I would break her heart.

Akemi lifts her brush from the paper and calls the warrior over to her. It is time to set things right.

(Akemi's thoughts):

The warrior comes and I speak to her in a primal language that she cannot fight against. She sits there listening, only her heart stirs.

In my mind's eye, I can see Gabrielle - her lover, her partner. For a moment, I feel her pain. It is devastating.

The words I say give the warrior hope and I see the tears stop. This is a battle only I can win. I feel her coming around. We have had these talks many times and I have memorized her movements. Today is different and I relish that fact. Today I will give her back to Gabrielle.

I feel her leaving me and I tell her my story before she is gone. I have one request before I assume my place.

"Who was that Greek woman who came to see me? How did she know you would come?" I ask tentatively.

She says one word and it speaks volumes to me. Then she is gone.

In my journal, I transcribe: Aphrodite. I think of her love as my journal closes. I have found my salvation.

The End

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