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Mr. Frog
By Slave2Free


"Where did you find him, Jo?"

"I told ya."

"I know you didn't get him at K-Mart. The only time I've ever seen one is when you won Mr. Frog for me at the amusement park near Natalie's uncle's hotel in the Poconos."

Jo's cheeks flushed as she tried to avoid eye contact with Blair. Her sophisticated roommate looked too cute for words in her teddy bear shirt, clinging to the stuffed frog Jo had just given to her.

"I never realized how much . . . Mr. Frog meant to you until I saw you cradling what was left of his charred fabric after the fire."

"I care very deeply for . . . Mr. Frog. Did you drive all the way to the Poconos to win another one for me?"

"Aw, there are a lot of orphan frogs out there, Princess, and I just wanted to give one of them a nice home."

"Do you think the new Mr. Frog will be happy living with me, Jo?"

"I. . . uh. . . think any frog would be lucky to live with you."

"Thank you, Jo, but I'm the lucky one. I plan to take much better care of . . . Mr. Frog when we move to our new home."

"We? Do you want to continue rooming together now that Edna's Edibles is gone?"

Blair placed her palm on Jo's cheek and forced her best friend to look at her.

"How else can I show . . . Mr. Frog . . . how much I . . . I love him?"

Jo cocked her head to the side and grinned.


The End

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