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Making The Call
By Berg


Let me tell you a story. Like all stories…the set up is really important. Every up has its down. Every high has its low. And I have Blair. The ying to my yang. The other half of my…well half. It's a long and confusing story. Feel like hearing it? You might want to sit down. This could take you a little bit by surprise. I know it sure did for me.

'Let me tell you the story
'Bout the call that changed my destiny
Me and my girls went out
Just to end up in misery
Was about to go home when
There she was standing in-front of me
And said "Hi, I got a little place nearby
Wanna go?"

"Come on," she smiled at me. How could I resist it? Truth was. I couldn't. It had been far too long since anyone expressed an interest in me. Since my first year at college I'd been on two dates. This is my last year of school…and here I am at the library with a…hell I'll say it, HOT woman.

It's been way too long since someone peaked my curiosity like this. In fact…the only person who I've had any interest in, doesn't know I exist as anything other then her friend. I won't say I wasn't disappointed.

For all extensive purposes, she knows I'm in love with her.

I know she can tell the way I watch her. The way her smile lights up my day. It's cliché but oh so very true. Blair won't give me the time of day. She's too busy out running around town with Brad, or Tad, or whatever the flavor of the week was this time.

Okay Blair. You win. You may not be interested, you might not want me…someone else seems to.

"Come on…" she smiled at me.

"I really should get home," I tried to reason with her.

"One drink. What'll it hurt. Come on."

And then she smiled. Well…I'm only human. Yes even I, Jo the motor cycle maniac, have limits. I smiled back at her. "Okay…one drink."


"Hi Blair," I smiled. I looked to my left and saw she was listening to the conversation I was having with Blair over the phone. A smirk. Did she just smirk?

"Hi Jo."

"What are you doing home tonight? I thought you had a dare with Tad?"

"It was Brad," Blair laughed. "and no…no date for me. I'm researching that business proposal for my midterm."

"Well good luck," I replied. "Do me a favor. Tell Ms. G. I won't be home till…" I looked at the woman next to me shifting gears. "…later." I saw the tunnel approaching. I knew I'd lose her soon.

"Sure. That's not a problem."


"Are you with a friend?" Blair asked curious.

"Yeah," Jo nodded glancing to the woman on her left. "A friend."

"Should I stay up and wait for you?" Blair asked curious.

"Na…don't wait up and wait for me ok?"

"Where are you going?"

The tunnel.

"What?? say... say that again?" I asked. I felt a hand graze my thigh. I looked down and watched well manicured nails run up my leg.

"Hello?" Blair repeated.

"You're beautiful," the stranger next to me whispered. I looked at her and then looked at the phone.

"You're really dropping out, I think my battery must be low. Listen if you can hear me we're going to this place nearby- called The Grome. All right? Gotta go," I said in a rush as she pulled her hand up my leg.

"You're mine tonight," the woman said taking the phone from my hand. "Hang up."


The lights, the music. The beat of the night captured me. It had been months…years almost since I'd had this feeling. I danced on the floor, as her hands ran up my back, pulling me into her with each pulse of the drum.

"You're an amazing dancer," she smiled.


"I'm going to go and get us a drink," she smiled and kissed my neck, then leaned in and kissed my lips. Oh my.

I watched as she left around the corner.

A new song started.

"Dance with me," a voice said from behind me.

"I'm sorry I'm with…" I stopped as I spun around. "Blair?"

"You're what?" she asked.

"…with someone," I must have looked confused.

"Where is your date?"

"Drinks," I said feeling like awkward had a new meaning.

"So…dance with me."


I looked…all the women dancing together…I looked back at Blair. "Blair this is kinda awkward don't you think?"

"Well I don't think the parking lot would have the same feel," Blair said moving in close to me. She placed her hand on my hips, as my eyes instinctively closed. I let out a soft moan, as Blair moved into me. "Does she make you feel this way," she whispered in my ear. I couldn't find my voice, so I just shook my head.

"Jo I want you to listen to me," Blair said. I moved my hands up behind her back. "You're coming home with me tonight," she said looking me in the eyes. "Not her."

I just nodded my head. "I'm tired of waiting," Blair said leaning in and capturing my lips in a sweet kiss. "There will never be a right time…or right place," she pulled back and raised her hand to my face, caressing my cheek. "I love you." She looked behind me and slowly backed up…

"Here's a coke," my date said returning.

"I've got to go," I said sadly. "I'm sorry."

"Oh," she nodded. "okay." I watched as two women approached her no sooner than four seconds after I walked off. Somehow I think her rebound won't take long. Blair was waiting for me by the door.

"Lets go home," she held her hand out to me. And I took it.

"What about your studies?"

"The only thing I plan on studying is you…" she smiled.

So…that's my story. That's how a call changed my destiny.

The End

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