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Loving You, Loving Me
By carpesomediem


Callie knew the tide had turned before she leaned over to kiss Arizona. It was second nature; she didn't even think about it, and that's what really told her. That's how she knew this was the woman she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. This was how she knew she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Arizona, no matter how long or how short it may be.

If anything, Izzie Stevens went from being a curse to a blessing. A very, very big blessing and if Shepherd handed her another miracle, Callie would be the first to thank her with every ounce of heart she had in her. It'd be a thank-you that would last a lifetime, Callie would be sure of that.

Arizona knew, too, that things had changed. Callie had become more open, more willing to show her affection but with the tumultuous last few days behind them, she wasn't quite sure were they stood going forward. But that small kiss reassured her as did the hand resting on her thigh now; it felt comfortable, relaxed and right.

"This is our night, too," Callie said softly so only Arizona could hear.

"It is," Arizona replied resolutely, smiling.

Things had changed. They had shifted. For once, Callie and Arizona were on the exact same page and as the wedding ended and the reception began, they knew where the night would lead.

But first, Callie had something to do.


"You're not going to hit me, are you? Because this day has been really, really great so far and I'd hate to get blood on my wedding dress. Not today," Izzie rambled on not sure what to make of Callie sneaking up on her.

"I'm not going to hit you, Izzie," Callie said. "I just wanted to thank-you."

"Thank me?" Izzie was more confused than ever.

"Yes. Thank-you, just thank-you." With that, Callie turned and walked away with a new purpose.

Tonight was there night, and she wasn't about to waste another second on it.

The End

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