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Lost in a Tangle
By Jaina


They're lost in a tangle that they can't sort out.

She and Derek had imploded from so many things that they couldn't escape. Apparently they weren't meant for each other after all.

Addison had been finding herself again; strong and indestructible.

But then there'd been that night when Meredith had gotten drunk. She'd thrown up on Addison's shoes as she ran futilely towards the restroom in Joe's bar.

Addison had held her hair as she'd thrown up more. She'd put Meredith in a cab and made sure she got home in one piece. That time Meredith had even remembered their conversation when she woke up the next morning.

So now they're lost in this thing that Meredith doesn't know how to define. It's easy, but so hard and complicated that she doesn't know where to begin – except they're already in the middle. Maybe it's friendship, but she doesn't think so.

Satan and the dirty ex-mistress could never be friends. But maybe they could be this thing that somehow works for them.

The End

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