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By Wolfemeister


As Sam let herself into her campus apartment she distinctly heard sobs and sniffles coming from the direction of her and Brooke's bedroom. Following the dejected sounds she entered to see Brooke curled up on their bed.

"Hey sweetheart, what's wrong?"

"I lost my wallet." Brooke said between sobs.

"Oh sweetie, I'm sorry, but we can replace your ID and credit cards. It'll be ok."

"No it won't!" Brooke wailed. Her sobs coming harder and harder now.

"Brooke, princess look at me." Sam tilted Brooke's chin up. "Why are you so upset about things we can easily replace?"

"Because they can't be. I... I had the pictures of our first date in the back of my wallet. Now they're gone forever." Brooke wailed dropping her head dejectedly.

Sam looked puzzled then she remembered the crazy strip of pictures from the photo booth at Santa Monica pier. They had been making faces at the camera in all but the last picture which showed them lost in each others eyes. She had always loved that picture.

"It's ok Brooke, they're not really lost." The blonde's head shot up at this. "I scanned them last year when I got my new printer. I wanted to be able to carry them with me like you did. So I borrowed them from your wallet and scanned them. I had a set printed for my wallet. I know they're not the same as the original but..." Sam broke off as Brooke lunged forward to kiss the startled brunette.

"I love you so much, you think of everything," Brooke said between kisses.

Sam felt ten feet tall as she kissed the last of Brooke's tears away.

The End

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