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Learning To Fly
By mysensitiveside


Take these broken wings...

By the time Brooke finishes being angry at the world, she's too tired to feel much of anything else. Her therapist tells her she needs to move on, but seriously? Brooke thinks she deserves some time to sulk, after her supposed best friend (ex-best friend) almost succeeds in turning her into road kill.

It turns out that Sam, of all people, is the only one who doesn't try to get Brooke to do something she's not ready to do. That Sam, of all people, is the only one that Brooke really wants to see anymore.

So when she's reached the end of a particularly long and painful day, and even Sam feels the brunt of Brooke's anger before the brunette manages to calm her down and get her to relax, it's really only meant as a 'thank you' when Brooke leans over to leave a gentle kiss on Sam's cheek. Except, what starts out as a thank you soon turns into something more, and Brooke finally admits to herself that this is what she's wanted for a really long time.

Maybe it takes nearly getting killed by her (ex) best friend to make Brooke realize what really matters.

...and learn to fly.

The End

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