Pepa Likes Porno (And Fingerprints)
Recap by Misty Flores


Previously on LHDP: Pepa and Silvia finally gave in to their attraction, and they're now (secretly) a couple. They aren't aware that their niece, Sara, is involved with Lucas, a close friend of the family and Silvia's ex-husband. He is currently on the run from the police after having been accused of murder and being under the employment of KAISER, a crimelord. Sara, a constable, has been helping him remain free.

EPISODE 4x21: Pepa Likes Porno (and fingerprints)


Povedilla, Curtis and Quique have been handed the assignment of discovering what happened to a group of men who have disappeared. They all were patrons of a x-rated theater, so Povedilla has the flyer for the cinema in his pocket. At the café, he meets up with Rita, and kisses her goodbye. As he leaves, the flyer falls out of his pocket.

Rita picks up, and is disturbed by what she sees. As she sits, Pepa comes in behind her, reading the flyer over her shoulder.

PEPA [reading]: Beautiful tits, lovely asses… [to Rita] What's up, are you finally going to go undercover as a prostitute?

RITA: No, the flyer just fell out of Jose Luis' pants pocket.

PEPA [amused]: Jose Luis, really? I always thought that guy looked like a film buff.

Silvia, having placed her and Pepa's orders, now sits down, noticing how dejected Rita is.

SILVIA: Rita, don't take this so hard. If Jose Luis likes porn, it's not that big a deal.

RITA[scoffing]: Porn? Jose Luis liking porn? With how stiff he is when it comes to sex?

Pepa snorts with laughter, and Silvia tosses her an amused glance.

RITA: With the lamp on low, and the way he makes love, all slow and boring.

Pepa gets up to get her and Silvia's coffee.

PEPA: Well, maybe he's tired of doing it the same old way and he's looking to expand his repertoire. Maybe he's going to give you some latex or a leopard g-string or a collection of anal beads.

Silvia makes an amused and interested face, but Pepa secretly shakes her head at her, making it clear to her she's just bullshitting.

SILVIA: Well, talk to him about it, Rita. The best thing to do in these situations is just nip them in the bud. If not it just gets worse.

RITA: No, Silvia. I can't tell him where he can or can't go. He's already told me that I'm always telling him what to do, and it's true, he's got a point. No.

PEPA: Rita, I think you're being a little dramatic. All the guys like porn, even if they deny it.

RITA: Oh really?

PEPA: yes!

RITA: Really?!

PEPA: Yes!

RITA: What do they see? What do they see, huh? [shakes the flyer at her] They're all the same! All plastic and cut from the same mold!

Silvia's phone rings.

SILVIA: Well, Rita, that's something you'll have to ask them. [checks her messages] I've got to go, ladies. I've got to interrogate Arrieta. [she kisses Rita on the side of her head. Pepa blows her a kiss] See you later.

Rita stares forlornly at her flyer. Pepa looks befuddled.

PEPA: Rita... you've seriously never seen a porno?

Rita responds by crumbling the paper in her hand.



Lucas, now on the run as a suspected murderer and gang informant learns through Sara (his girlfriend and Silvia and Pepa's niece) that Arrieta, the very man he needs to find to track down Salazar (the gang leader) and clear his name, is now in custody. He decides, with Sara's help, to devise a way to break him out of prison, but with Internal Affairs Agent Marina Salgado supervising the case, it won't be easy.

SCENE: Interrogation Room with Arrieta, mad bomber

Montoya and Pepa wait in the interrogation booth, while Inspector Salgado waits with Arrieta.

MONTOYA (on phone): Yes, yeah. Salgado's here now. We're just waiting for Silvia. [Silvia enters] Here she is.

SILVIA: I just got the rest results. [hands Montaya the fingerprint results] The fingerprints we found for Arrieta match the ones we found on the Dance Machine (which was rigged with a bomb), and the freezer where we found the dead body.

Pepa nods, happy to hear the news.

MONTOYA: Great. If he doesn't collaborate, he's looking at least twenty years.

SILVIA: And if he talks, we reduce the sentence.

Montoya hesitates, but when Pepa nods her head in commiseration, he nods and heads into the interrogation room.

Clip Starts

Pepa leans against the door, watching Silvia put together water for the suspect.

PEPA: And I've got something to tell you, redhead: the test results on the fingerprints found on my headboard prove they are an indentical match for yours.

Silvia smiles, and Pepa adopts a comically stern expression.

PEPA: So I'm going to give you a punishment like you've never had in your life.

SILVIA: Oh, what are you doing to do? File a restraining order?

PEPA: No. [She breaks character and smiles.] Actually the opposite. See if I can get the judge to rule that you and I can't be separated more than two centimeters at all times.

Pepa caresses Silvia's face, and Silvia grins.

SILVIA: Well, in that case, I'm going to plead guilty.

The intimate moment is interrupted when Sara enters the room. Pepa and Silvia immediately break away. Silvia leans down to pick up the tray of water and bottle she's served for Arrieta.


SARA: Silvia, Montoya asked me for this. [holds up a folder]

SILVIA: Okay, just put them on here.

As she does, Sara DROPS A PILL into the water, hiding the action with placing the folder on the tray. She fiddles with the cup.

SARA: So it won't fall.

Silvia takes the tray and Pepa opens the door for her, letting her into the interrogation room. Sara watches intensely as Arrieta drinks the poisoned water.


Montaya, Silvia and Salgado interview the suspect, but he's becoming increasingly despondent.

SALGADO: I'm not going to ask you again, Arrieta. Either you comply, or I'm going to make it my personal mission that you serve out the entirety of your sentence.

She slams down the fingerprint results, but blood drips down onto the paper from Arrieta's nose. Without warning, he keels over, spasming into convulsions.

In the interrogation room, Pepa looks over to Sara in horror.

Leaning down over the seizing suspect, Silvia immediately requests for medical backup.


Paramedics gather around the prone body of the suspect, as Montoya, Pepa, Sara and Salgado all watch Silvia work on him. Salgado grows increasingly uneasy as Silvia listens to his heartbeat.

SILVIA: He's stabilizing. Let's get him to the hospital.

He's loaded onto the gurney, but Salgado has put the pieces together. She blocks the paramedics from exiting.

SALGADO: No one leaves this place.

The group stares in shock.


SALGADO: You said he was stable, right? Have them attend to him in the ambulance. But no one leaves this office. This is the work of Salazar.

Hearing the bad news, Sara heads out to call Lucas.

SCENE: Don Lorenzo's Office

Silvia interrupts a meeting with Internal Affairs officer Salgado and Don Lorenzo to give them a test update on their suspect. He had high levels of poison, but not a lethal dose.

SILVIA: It's as if someone wanted to put him out of commission, but wanted to make sure his life ultimately wasn't in jeopardy.

SALGADO: To get him out of the police station and free him.

Furious, she storms out.

Silvia watches her go.

End Scene.

NEXT EPISODE: Episode 22: While Silvia clashes with Internal Affairs Agent Salgado over her new investigation on Sara, Pepa finds herself growing tired of Silvia always lying to her father about being with her.

4x22: Pepa's super happy; Silvia flips the bird

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