4x13: Silvia & Pepa = BFFs, sexual tension on the side
Recap by Misty Flores


Previously on LHDP: Pepa's first day on the job hit a sour note when Don Lorenzo sent her on a bullshit assignment. Silvia, unable to take her father so unfairly abusing Pepa, accompanied her and on the stakeout, admitted to Pepa that she was her first kiss. The intimacy was shattered when Silvia witnessed Pepa lose her temper and assault a man who was harassing them. The next day, after a tentative reconciliation, Pepa expressed doubts about staying in San Antonio. Unwilling to let her go, Silvia took her to see the stars and after an intimate moment, asked her to stay.

Meanwhile, Lucas' cover was blown, and in retaliation, the gang he infiltrated, headed by the Kaiser, took his sister hostage and threatened to kill her unless he did exactly what they told him too. Unfortunately for Lucas, Interpol, probing into the Kaiser case, was growing frustrated with his lack of progress within the gang and threatened to take him off of it. When he arranged a private meeting to personally plead to the head officer, he was discovered by the Gang, and the Official was murdered. Lucas (and a witnessing Sara) fled the scene.

EPISODE 4x13: Silvia & Pepa = BFFs, sexual tension on the side.

In the opening, Lola sits in her kitchen and muses on mornings, and as she does, we get glimpses at the rest of the characters, and how they are spending their mornings.

Povedilla has a romantic encounter with Rita.

Sara has enough time to just grab a piece of pastry and rush out.


LOLA: [vo] Breakfasts with companions, filled with anticipation and nerves over things that are just beginning…

In the shooting gallery, Pepa serves juice and toast as she watches Silvia take a shot. When Silvia shoots, she comes in, impressed, as Silvia giddily jumps with excitement.

The montage continues, and we go back to the girls again.

Pepa playfully pretends to smear Silvia with jam as Silvia laughingly ducks out of the way.

And that's how the girls spend their morning. Together.


The group trickles in for their morning briefing. Silvia's face lights up when Pepa heads in.

PEPA: Good morning!

SILVIA: Good morning!

PEPA: Hi, gorgeous! Did you do something to your hair?

Silvia blinks, and immediately pats her hair self-consciously. Montoya comes in and offers a bashful smile to Pepa.

MONTOYA: Good morning! [to Pepa] Hi, gorgeous.

She smiles and greets him. As the group settles down, Pepa extends a greeting to her brother and takes a seat.

DL starts the meeting, and immediately kills the relaxed mood when he reveals that Superintendent Smith from Interpol has been assassinated.

Sara and Lucas both glance at each other tensely, and the group takes the news extremely hard. DL asks Lucas to stay infiltrated in the Kaiser's gang to find out who murdered Superintendant Smith, and Lucas (of course) agrees. Paco, worried for Lucas' safety, instead offers his services.

Although Lucas protests heavily, Mariano also asks to help with the case. After some hesitation, DL agrees, and Paco and his Hombres, much to Lucas' dismay. He gives Paco the list of codes and access to the files on the Kaiser in the form of a card. Lucas, who has been ordered by the Kaiser to collect this information, notes this carefully. DL dismisses the meeting.

Pepa, NOT one of the Hombres, has another plan. She meets Silvia at the door.

PEPA: Silvia? A coffee?


Montoya jumps at the opportunity.

MONTOYA: I'll go with you!

They head out together.



Aitor, who was dating Carlotta, Lucas' kidnapped sister, is now devastated, unsure where she is and unable to believe Lucas' story that she just up and moved to Argentina.

He confronts Lucas outside of his apartment, and his worry and rage get the better of him and he punches Lucas. Lucas loses it and punches him back. The smaller boy crumples to the ground.

Hearing the commotion, Lola runs out of the back of the restaurant, and shoves herself between the guys. Silvia and Pepa are not far behind.

SILVIA: What happened?!

They each grab hold of Aitor and keep him upright. Lola stares at Lucas.

LOLA: Have you lost your mind or what?

Lucas storms off. Lola looks back to Aitor. He's bleeding.

LOLA: I've got a first aid kit in the kitchen. Let's go.

The girls lead Aitor into the kitchen. Confused, Lola follows.


Aitor now sits in a dentist's chair, and Pepa and Silvia have reverted into an amusing Mom and Pop cliché. Silvia clucks over him like a mother hen while Pepa tosses a piece of equipment like a ball.

Aitor, a vacuum in his mouth, mumbles something. Both girls lean in.


Aitor removes the vacuum.

AITOR: That I'm not eight years old! You can wait for me outside! Can you do me that favor?

Both women immediately roll their eyes and shake their heads.


PEPA: You'll sneak out of the examination. I know you. And besides, I want to see what kind of tooth they give you, Madrid. I don't want them to leave you looking like Dracula!

SILVIA: Why were you fighting with Lucas?

Aitor says nothing.

SILVIA: When I see him I'm going to smack him so hard his fillings fall out! That animal! He broke your tooth!

She tenderly combs his bangs to the side with her fingers. Annoyed at being mothered, Aitor shoves them back into place. Pepa taps him and yanks his chin over to her.

PEPA: What you need to do is what they showed me in the 3000 [a bad neighborhood in Sevilla]. When you punch somebody - [demonstrates] You need to cover your face with your other hand!

SILVIA: Oh, that's great! You encourage him! You're just as bad!

Pepa blinks.

PEPA: Don't be so dramatic. We've all gotten our mouths busted open for love at some point or another.

SILVIA: Maybe you have.

Pepa absorbs that. Noting the sudden tension in the air, Aitor looks up.

PEPA: Well yeah. Maybe it's because I'm always falling for the wrong person.

She glares at Silvia pointedly. Immediately flushing, Silvia breaks eye contact, eyes on the floor, unable to meet Pepa's laser stare. The sexual tension is unavoidable

Aitor, vacuum in his mouth, realizing there is an entire unspoken conversation in the room that he is not a part of, glances from woman to woman, uncomfortable.

Everyone is saved when the dentist enters with his assistant.

DENTIST: Hello! Good afternoon!

Silvia inhales unsteadily, unnerved by what just happened.

DENTIST: let's take a look at that tooth.

AITOR: Don't hurt me, okay?

SILVIA: Don't be a crybaby. They're professionals here. They're going to treat you very well, they're not going to hurt you, everything here is very sterile.

She glances up to Pepa. Her smile becomes shy; gentle.

SILVIA: And besides, we're here.

Their eyes lock. Pepa grins, amused at Aitor, but Silvia's returning loaded smile has much more behind it.


Because Silvia, the Forensics Inspector, has been busy flirting and having loaded conversations with her BFF Pepa, Paco and his men have been left to bumble through and otherwise make a muck of the crime scene where the Interpol Agent was killed.

They have no leads and nothing to go on, and so when Lola suggests they use a psychic to try and 'speak' to the dead body, it doesn't seem like too bad of an idea.

Not helping is the fact that Lucas and Sara have been working hard to both sabotage and steal the files from Paco in order to keep him off the case and away from incriminating Lucas.

The next day, the entire squad files in to hear the results of Paco's report. This includes Pepa and Silvia, who are once again shooting each other flirty glances and make sure to sit next to each other.

They settle down to watch Paco's report, but it doesn't get off to a good start when Mariano can't seem the pull up the reports on the Kaiser on the server.

Meanwhile, in the lab, an impromptu séance has taken place, and Povedilla gets roped into talking to the Agent through the Medium, when it's revealed he will only speak English. He reveals to Povedilla that he was murdered by a cop.

Paco and Mariano excuse themselves from the meeting in a panic when they can't find the files, and they receive the information from Povedilla.

Back in the meeting room, Paco reveals that a 'source' has told him that the Agent had a meeting with someone at the murder site who had information about the Kaiser. Sara and Lucas prepare to start shitting bricks.

Don Lorenzo wants to know who the source is, but Paco and Mariano says the source (the dead body) wants to remain anonymous. Silvia digests the information.

SILVIA: If Smith arranged to meet with someone, and didn't tell anyone about it, and didn't take any precautions? It's because he knew that person.

Paco and Mariano blink. They quite obviously did not make that connection, but quickly agree that that's what they were thinking too. Lucas and Sara continue to quietly fight panic. Don Lorenzo wants to know who Smith was meeting, and Paco and Mariano rush again to the séance to try to get that information. They return with another bombshell.

PACO: We have a double agent here at the precinct.

MONTOYA: What are you saying?

MARIANO: That Silvia was right. Smith was going to meet with someone at this precinct. And that's why he didn't tell Don Lorenzo and didn't take any precautions.

Lucas and Sara are close to hyperventilating, as the group begins to shift uneasily, glancing at each other.

DL: Paco, that is a very grave accusation. Before you start shitting on your colleagues, I beseech you to give me the name of your source. Now.

Paco and Mariano glance at each other in panic, and once again skedaddle to consult the dead body. DL has had enough. He orders Montoya to retrieve the files from the computer to figure out what is going on.

Montoya can't find them. The files have been deleted. Culprits Sara and Lucas glance at each other.


Paco's men, plus Lola and the possessed psychic are gathered around the dead body, trying to get the name of the murderer.

It's this scene that DL, Montoya, Pepa, Silvia, Lucas and Sara are presented with when they burst into the lab. They stare in horror.

Paco's eyes water with tears at the look of utter disgust on DL's face.


Mariano and Paco stand humiliated in front of the entire squad.

DL's severe disappointment is evident as he relates to Paco exactly what he has done: he has lost the Kaiser's files, he has made a mockery of the precinct…

Montoya can't believe Paco would dare to accuse a cop without a shred of evidence. Sara, eyes red with unshed tears, stares in agony at Lucas, but says nothing.

DL asks Lucas, as the leading officer on the Kaiser case what he should do.

LUCAS: Kick them off the case, and suspend them.

Paco's betrayed devastation is evident on his face. And it only gets worse when Sara, quietly tortured, speaks up.

SARA: I found this classified file thrown in the corridor.

Her part done, she looks away from Lucas, drowning from having to sabotage her father to protect Lucas' secret.

Lucas tells Mariano and Paco that he no longer trusts them, and can't afford to have them 'protect' him like this. DL agrees with Lucas and kicks them both off the case.

Somber, the group gets up and leaves.

Pepa, near tears herself, lingers to offer her brother a small, comforting smile, but there's nothing she can do.

Lucas and his sister remain safe for now, but at the cost of Paco's reputation and possibly, his career.

End Episode

COMING UP: Episode 4x14: Silvia's denial about her attraction to Pepa morphs into fierce jealousy when Pepa takes the girls to a bachelorette party at a gay bar, and Silvia gets a front row seat to witness how Pepa's milkshake brings all the girls to the yard.

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