DISCLAIMER: Uber. The characters are fictional and are not based on any persons appearing on PBS.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story is sexually explicit. The sex is between two consenting adult women. It takes a while to get to the sex, but it's there.
Some blood and violence; a few lines dealing with attempted sexual abuse.
Animal abuse in two scenes.
Because it takes place in Kenya, there is some dialogue that is in Swahili, but translated into English.
Naughty words where appropriate.
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: I wish to thank and acknowledge Towandababe for her assistance in story content--with medical information and weaponry, and helping me put into print the action I saw in my head. Thanks for asking all the right questions. Also, she did a great job as my beta reader and editor. And a thank you to Sarah, my other beta reader who helped me define the characters.
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Under the Kenyan Sky: A Romance
By Portia Richardson


Not only did Kate refuse to acknowledge the closeness they had shared in Serena's tent, but all steps they had taken towards a friendship no longer existed. Kate made it clear that she was off bounds. Serena was met with a glare, when she had reached out to caress Kate's shoulder as she served lunch one afternoon. She also got the look when she had, casually and without thinking, grasped Kate's arm as she made a point on some inconsequential subject one evening. Invitations to accompany Kate on explorations were nil. Even Dafton couldn't pull the filmmaker out of her shell. So it was surprising that Kate suggested a game of gin rummy days later.

While Jack wrote a letter to his parents, Victor stood on the edge of the camp smoking cigarette after cigarette and the usual foursome played cards. Kate was especially animated and laughed heartily, told several silly puns which only Serena understood and drank some of the wonderful wine Dafton had brought to the camp. A slight drizzle had begun and Jimiyu and Kate stared up at the sky.

"It is coming soon," Jimiyu stated.

"I've been smelling it for days. This first one's going to be big I think."

"No, no. It will start off easy. Two days, easy rain, then much rain."

"Maybe. Bet?"

"You are on," he tried to say with an American accent.

"Okay, if you win, I'll do all the repairs for a week."

"And if you win, Kate?" He paused, then asked hesitantly, "What do you want?"

Dafton sprayed the mouthful of wine onto everyone at the table. Serena tilted her head at Dafton, then turned to hear what Kate hoped to win.

Kate paused. She turned and looked Serena in the eyes and repeated the question slowly. "What do I want?" The answer was apparent. She turned to Jimiyu. "What I want you can't give. Only the chef can."

Dafton and Serena gasped in unison.

"I want Thanksgiving. Turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans, cranberry sauce and sweet potato pie for dessert." She laughed as she collected the cards and returned them to the box.

"But the bet is with me, not Serena."

"I don't know, then. I'll think of something. You know I will."

Serena couldn't sleep. She had been in bed for two hours, listening to the rain. That look had been unmistakable. Kate had flirted with her openly and then got up and went to bed. The woman was a mere fifteen feet away, in her tent, with a smirk on her face, knowing that she was driving Serena out of her mind. Serena had masturbated to orgasm four times in those two hours. And it still wasn't enough. She wanted Kate so badly. She sighed. "Argh! Kate Chavez. You're driving me nuts!" she said as she punched down her pillow. She turned and opened the drawer beside her cot and retrieved the slender, white vibrator. She bit her lower lip trying to decide. The best orgasm came when the vibrator's power was set at its highest speed. Unfortunately, this was noisy. However, the rain had picked up and drowned out most of the other night sounds. No one would hear and everyone had been asleep now for hours, anyway.

She jumped up and placed the vibrator under her pillow, then covered it with a blanket. She slid her hands under both and turned it on, slowly increasing the power. It was on the highest speed and she heard it well in the tent, but knew it wouldn't be heard outside of her small cloth room. Just in case, she ran outside and stood between her tent and Kate's and listened. Rain came down harder and she was sure that no one could hear anything coming from her tent. She had her ear against the side of it and couldn't hear a thing. She ran back in and just as she crawled back into bed, she glimpsed her reflection in the mirror. Her white t-shirt was damp from the rain and her nipples were visible--rock hard and visible. The image excited her and she leapt into the cot. Ten minutes and a sexual fantasy later, she bucked hard, straining her neck and arching her back as she came. She was almost too weak to turn the toy off, but managed. She fell asleep with it in her hand.

The cloudbursts of the night before brought forth a sunny day that smelled of brand new life. The ground was soaked through, yet Serena was determined to run her usual two miles. She needed this time alone to gather her thoughts, fantasize, remember, talk to herself. She had been going for a run every morning since arriving at the camp. It was usually just dawn when she started out and by the time she returned, the African sun was beating down on the camp.

After her run, she showered and dressed, then moseyed over to the equipment tent to find her large Calphalon simmering pot. Rummaging through her boxes, Serena was searching for it when Kate entered carrying a boom microphone with a fuzzy covering over its head. Serena looked up from where she squatted and watched Kate unnoticed. The filmmaker looked gorgeous in blue chinos, a cobalt blue cotton shirt and her usual hiking boots. Serena swallowed hard, then turned away as Victor entered the tent.

Kate picked up where she had left off in her conversation with her aide. Outside, near the truck, they had been discussing Jimiyu's snoring. "So you're telling me you guys slept okay last night?"

"Good, Kate. I did anyway. It was quiet."

Serena stood, stepped between them and excused herself. She returned to get some utensils a moment later and heard more of their conversation.

"Well, I couldn't sleep it was so loud. Even the rain didn't drown it out. That incessant noise, like a... humming," Kate said while watching Serena's reaction.

Serena froze at her box of cookware and slowly turned to the conversation.

"One must do what one must do. Sometimes it can't be helped," Victor suggested.

"Luckily it lasted less than half an hour. "

"I've heard longer."

"Good thing there's only one in the tent. Imagine how it would be if there were two of them going at it." Kate arched her brows.

Victor and Kate laughed. Serena walked to the opening and stepped out just as Victor grabbed a box of film and headed for the SUV.

"Funny," she said with a sarcastic sneer.


"You're real funny."

"What I do?"

"The two of you. It's so childish."

Kate stared innocently at Serena, but Serena glared back. Just as Victor was returning to the tent, Kate said, "Friendly advice--take the batteries out." She smirked as Serena threw the pan to the ground and stalked to her tent.

"What's wrong with Serena?" Victor asked.

"Who knows. Who cares?"

Dafton, who had been reading a mystery novel looked up from the paperback and toward Serena's tent. He then slowly turned and stared at Kate. He shook his head, then walked over to the tent and called out in a whisper, "Serena, love? Are you all right?"

"Not now, Dafton. Please."

Dafton glared at Kate who fully understood his reprimand. She rolled her eyes, then slowly walked over to stand next to him. The two stood eyeball to eyeball until Kate finally turned away.

She didn't ring the cowbell, didn't announce her intrusion, she just walked in. "Hey, look. I'm sorry."

Serena was seated on the edge of her cot, eyes focused on nothing, tears silently trailed down her face.

"Okay?" Kate shifted from one foot to the other. "Okay?" She waited, glancing around nervously.

Serena slowly tilted her head up to face her. "Why do you have to be like that? Why do you do it? I'm stumped here. One day, you're nice and friendly, the next, you make fun of me. For your information, my arms were sore last night. I was getting some of the aches and pains out. But I don't have to explain myself to you."

"I'm sorry. Look, it's like this. I'm not being gruff for the sake of it. This is a different land, a different culture." Kate's tone was not quite lecturing, but it was terse. "You can't behave like you're in New York City or Chicago or LA. This is nowhereland Kenya."

"So to teach me your lesson for the day, you use sarcasm, insult and ridicule? Don't you think I know where I am? I know it's different."

"Victor didn't even know what I was talking about."

"You know, Kate, you spend so much time with the animals." Serena's index finger poked in the air, punctuating each phrase. "You understand their motives, their needs, all of that. You completely get their nature, but when it comes to human beings…" She sighed. "You don't have a clue."

"Jeez. Lighten up. I was kidding."

"Like I said, not funny." Serena stood, walked past her and out the tent. Kate followed and headed to the Bravada.

"Victor, Jack. Come on let's go," she said as she stomped to the truck. Serena stood beside Dafton who put a fatherly arm around her. As Kate passed Jimiyu, he whispered something to her in Swahili. It was loud enough for Dafton and Serena to hear, but Serena didn't understand.

When they were all in, Kate tore out of the camp, her frustration apparent in the way she burned rubber.

"Dafton, what did Jimmy say to her?"

"Umm, let's see. I reckon the translation would be..." He lifted his head to the sky and thought. "Umm, he told her that if she chooses to remain in hiding, then she must refrain from lighting a fire."

Whatever feelings Kate possessed, she kept to herself. Serena just couldn't understand why it was always hot or cold with the filmmaker. She had finally come to the realization that what she thought might have occurred between the two would not come to pass. Now, Serena concentrated on producing a quality cooking show and working on the manuscript for her new book. She could still enjoy Kenya, working with Dafton, learning as much as she could from the team about life on the Reserve. She had tried for weeks to be the woman's friend, but Kate blocked her at every turn. Serena had reached the point where Kate's opinion mattered little. She seldom asked her to taste their concoctions, never inquired if Kate wanted second or third helpings of a meal, barely glanced up when Kate would return from the grasslands with a smile on her face. Serena didn't want to be the butt of any more jokes, the snickering innuendo, the pathetic girl who waited for compliments. Kate was her own woman. So was she.

A week before the most torrential of rains began, a freelance crew of two came out to the camp from Nairobi. Both were American and were making good livings in Kenya helping out on various nature films. Albert was a typical geek editor with stringy black hair and a habit of biting on any writing utensil he could find--sharpies, pencils, pens, highlighters. He wore the same black jeans and t-shirt day in and day out. He didn't seem to notice the beauty of the land around him choosing to spend every day and night at the editing machine, running film and video back and forth through the system. Despite his lack of interest in the real world of the Park Reserve, he was able to turn the beautiful footage shot by Kate into a lush, coherent work. Individually, every frame could have been a postcard; together, the images made up a heart-wrenching story of animals' fights for survival in a land often without mercy.

Then there was the other freelancer, Rachel. She was the sound person and arrived at the camp equipped with reel-to-reel machines and other sound devices. She would be adding music, ambient and animal sound to the footage. She would also add the more man-made sounds of an SUV traveling across the rugged ground, coming to a halt, the door opening and closing. When the product was complete, every sound would appear to have been made in real-time on site. Rachel was a 'pro,' according to Kate who raved about her endlessly.

She was five-eight, thin and looked to be about thirty-five, but it was hard to tell. She had spent most of her life out in the sun and her face was weather-beaten and very freckled. Her hair, strawberry blonde was always pulled back in a ponytail. She oozed sexuality, but only when Kate was around. And Kate's attraction to that sexuality was evident.

In the days that the freelancers worked at the camp, Kate stayed close by, watching over their work as any director would. But there was more to it. Serena sensed it every time she walked in the tent and saw them working. Albert was non-existent. It was all Kate and Rachel. They stood close, touched often. Serena knew she was jealous, but couldn't control it. She whined to Dafton that Kate was acting like a lioness trying to get the attention of a new sexual companion. "She might as well be rubbing her scent all over her," she complained.

The day the freelancers finished their work, Serena was happy to see them go and eagerly helped them pack their truck. She was left flat-footed and in shock when Kate announced she was going into Nairobi, too. And Serena didn't miss the meaningful looks exchanged between Kate and Rachel. She stood in the middle of the camp and watched her leave. Dafton waved goodbye as did Serena, but Serena raged inside. She knew what the Nairobi visit was all about.

Two days later, Kate was a different person, relaxed, even casual in her interactions.

The rains came hard most days. And those days when it was sunny, there would be intermittent showers. It was a strange time of year for those living on the Reserve. Work stopped, there was a strong feeling of cabin fever even though there were miles of open space, afternoon naps dragged on into the evening, and in the wee hours of morning, each tent's lantern's burned as occupants read or wrote letters or worked on small, personal projects.

"I'm going to shoot some footage of the cheetahs," Kate stepped out of her tent and announced. "Anyone wanna come?"

The only two around camp at the time were Dafton and Serena. Kate's aides had gone to the city to pick up supplies and wouldn't be back until the next day. The two chefs looked up from their work and shook their heads. "Sure?" Kate asked again, looking directly at Serena.

"I'm sure I don't want to go. Thanks." Serena's voice trailed off as she answered.

Kate shrugged and departed.

"So this is how you're handling it?" Dafton peered over his sunglasses.

"Yes, this is how I'm handling it."

"I already know how you feel about her and I think she fancies you."

"Yeah, I can tell she does--the insults, ignoring me, going off with Rachel--all signs of really liking someone."

"She's like a young lad. She teases you for a reaction."

"Let's cook, all right? I don't want to talk about it. Ever. All right?" Serena turned back to the small food preparation counter and diced tomatoes.

They had been working on several dishes and the day moved quickly. They were able to lose themselves in cooking since they were the only ones at the camp and didn't have to slap hungry hands stealing ingredients nor get distracted by stories of bravery around wild animals. The only break Serena and Dafton took was when she spilled an extremely spicy and colorful piri-piri sauce on her apron. While she went to retrieve a new one, Dafton quickly rinsed the soiled apron and hung it to dry.

The food they had prepared were complicated stews that both agreed would be more flavorful the next day. They had also made a beef jerky which they would let cure all week. Dinner was a mix of leftovers and a promise of a spectacular meal the next evening. That night, Kate retired early to her tent, leaving Dafton and Serena sitting at the table talking over her loud music.

"Daf, I've been meaning to talk to you about Jimmy."


"He really loves your cooking."

"Well, you know what they say, the way to a man's heart..."

"Does he know you're gay?"

"Do you know he is?"

"What?" Serena couldn't have hid her surprise if she tried.

"Yes, mate. He's quite the homosexual."

"No way. Are you sure? Kate made it clear to me that homosexuality is really frowned down upon by Kenyans."

"Well, I'm gay, and Jimiyu and Victor are both queer. The only straight person in this camp is Jack."

"No way!"

"Yes, I'm telling you."

"How do you know? Are Jimmy and Victor lovers?"

"No. Jimiyu and I are lovers, however."

"No way! When did that happen?"

"The second week. He came on strong after the second night, but I played hard to get."

"And Kate has no idea?"

"Lovey, Kate doesn't see what she doesn't want to see." Dafton leaned back, stretched his legs out, crossed his legs, and smiled. "She seems to be blind to everything and everyone around her."

"I really don't believe you. I need some kind of proof."

Raising an eyebrow, Dafton smiled. "Proof? A description of birthmarks? The name he calls me in bed? The name I call his little friend?"


"Sorry." He put his hand over his heart in apology and shook his head, then added, "It is so NOT little."

"Dafton, Jesus!"

"Oh, Serena. Somebody at this camp needs to have sex. What kind of example would we be to the animals, eh?"

Suddenly, a downpour of rain came from out of nowhere, opening up the skies and soaking the two before they could even run to their tents for shelter. At her tent, Serena called out from the opened flap, yelling over the rain to Dafton who stood in the opening of his own tent. "Dafton, you're being careful. I don't want you to get hurt. You're still healing from Duncan."

"Don't worry about me. I'm doing fine."

"He might be..."

"He's not experimenting or curious or even lonely. He knows what he wants. Goodnight."

"'night," she yelled across the camp.

By the time Serena returned from her run, Kate had already left for the day. While both chefs, examined the jerky they had made, and returned the stew to the burner to simmer for a few hours, Serena grilled Dafton about Jimiyu. She wanted details, explanations, histories. After hearing it all, she couldn't believe that Kate was so in the dark about what was going on at her camp. But then, Dafton and Jimmy had been an item for about four months and it hadn't registered on her radar screen either.

"What's that noise?" Serena looked up from her book.

"It's coming from the tent."

"Sounds like the fax machine."

They both walked over to the tent and saw that indeed a fax was coming through. Serena picked up the first page. It was from Kate's agent and the cover page read: "I have some good news and some bad news. Good news is on the second page, bad on the third. You choose which one to read first."

"Agents," she added as an afterthought.

"Take the bad news first."

"Okay, it's coming out."

They waited for the last of the paper to come out and Serena whipped it out of the tray.

"'Bad News' it says." She read quickly to herself, then aloud. "'Lisa Calltreaux has filed a suit against Kate in the States for defamation of character. Two, the videotape was sent to an expert who confirmed that it had not been doctored, however Calltreaux is trying to get the contents withheld from trial. Kenyan law, of course doesn't allow people to be taped without their consent. According to Kate's attorney even if the tape is withheld, Kate's testimony will be the nail in Calltreaux's coffin. They'll probably get a deposition soon, and she'll be the major witness for the plaintiffs. Things still look good, just complicated."

"And the good news?"

Serena picked up the second sheet. "Kate's been nominated for an Emmy award for Best Documentary." Serena's eyes traveled down the page. "And it seems I've been nominated as well for Best Educational/Informational series. Wow."


"Thanks, I can't wait to tell Kate."

It was about three-thirty in the afternoon and Serena decided to relax in her cot, read a little and take a short nap. The stews were on low heat and they would be perfect for dinner in a couple of hours. She stretched out in bed and read for a few minutes before she nodded off.

Around five o'clock, Jimiyu, Victor, and Jack had returned to the camp and they unloaded supplies into the equipment tent. Jimiyu handed Dafton a long, slender box that Dafton immediately tore open. Inside were a long wooden spoon and fork made of cherrywood. "My grandmother made these for my mother when she married. I went to see her yesterday and told her about you. She gave me these to give to you."

"They're beautiful."

"She says that they have fed our family many years and she hopes that they will keep me well fed," he said with a smile.

Dafton reached out and took his hand. "Thank you. Thank h..."

A shrill scream pierced the overall quiet of the camp. A second scream followed and the men all turned to Serena's tent. Jack and Victor both ran to their tents and grabbed their guns. Jimiyu held his arm out to stop Dafton from venturing further as he crept toward the tent, expecting to pounce on Lisa Calltreaux or one of her goons.

A few feet from the entrance, Jimiyu was practically bowled over when Serena came charging out. Her screams were blood curdling and her face was bright red. "Help me! Help me!"

Jimiyu grabbed her, but she twisted out of his arms. "What is wrong?"

"My god, help me." Serena turned in circles in the middle of the open area. She pulled at her clothing and screamed louder. She pulled the sleeves of her shirt up to her elbows and stared at her arms in disbelief, letting out another scream. "Oh, my god!"

Jimiyu ran to her again and tried to pull her to him, but she escaped his grasp. She pinched her face and then screamed. She pinched her arm, then her body froze as she watched something just under her skin slither up her arm. Then she saw movement elsewhere on her arm. She lifted her shirt and saw the skin on her abdomen crawl. "Oh!" She screamed again, just as the Bravada pulled into camp.

Kate jumped out of the SUV. "What's happening?" she asked as she ran to Serena.

Serena's arms flailed out, pushing both Jimiyu and Kate away. "Get away. I've got it. I've got it. I'm going to die!" She screamed out, her eyes bulging, beads of sweat covering her forehead.

Kate looked down at Serena's arms and saw the movement as well. She made a request of Jimiyu in Swahili, then turned back to Serena. "I'm going to help you. You need to calm down."

Serena didn't understand. She lifted her pants leg and saw movement under the skin of her leg. She began to gasp and pant.

Jimiyu came running back holding a vial and a syringe. Kate grabbed Serena and held her tight as she dragged her toward her own tent.

"Hii hapa." Jimiyu offered the medicine to Kate.

"Ahsante," she thanked Jimiyu, then turned to Serena who was still struggling to free herself from Kate. "Unahitaji kupiga shindano." She shook her head, realizing that as often happened when she was unnerved while on the Reserve, she spoke Swahili. She repeated herself in English. "I'm going to give you an injection." Then to Jimiyu and the others, "Jimmy, fill the syringe. Jack, get me that big jar of Vaseline and some clean cloths." "You…" she said, looking at Dafton, "stay outta the way." Victor held the flap of Kate's tent open for her as she pulled the still screaming Serena inside.

"Jimmy, c'mon gimme the needle."

"Hii hapa. Here it is." He said, following Kate into the tent. Kate lowered Serena to a small cot, then grabbed the syringe from Jimmy.

"Okay, okay. It'll be better in a few minutes."

"I've got it. I've got it. I'm going to die," Serena screamed as she tried pushing Kate away.

"No you're not. Stop squirming. I need to give you this shot."

"It's sleeping sickness. I see them. They've taken over my body. We can't get them out." Serena screamed out hysterically.

"Victor, Jimmy, hold her arms down. Jack get in here and hold her legs for me," Kate commanded.

As the three men held her down, Kate jerked down Serena's pants and jabbed the needle into Serena's hip. Once the shot was in, the men let go, but had to grab her again, when the flailing started. "Get away from me. All of you. Get away."

"Somebody go get the big first-aid kit. Hurry."

Jack let go of Serena's arms and ran out. He returned a few moments later with the big metal box. Kate rummaged through it quickly, pulling out another vial and another syringe. She pierced the vial with the needle and filled it. The men squeezed Serena's arms and legs, trying to stabilize her. "This will relax you." Kate poked the second syringe full of medication into Serena's other hip.

"No, I don't want it," she whimpered.

"You don't have a choice," she whispered to Serena. Kate looked up at her aides and said, "Grab a couple of sheets from the top drawer," she pointed at her makeshift bureau, "then put them over the top of the bed. Cover it completely." The men quickly covered it and tucked the corners between the mattress and the ground.

"It is ready."

Kate again dragged Serena across the room and stretched her out on the sheets. "You guys go on and have dinner. I've got it under control here."

"I have sleeping sickness. They're going to eat into my brain. Then they'll kill me."

"That's not true. Ssh."

Slowly, Serena began to calm down and she looked at her arm. The skin still slithered and crawled. She was repulsed and turned away. "How long do I have?"

Kate grabbed the cloths and Vaseline from Jack. "Only the Fates have that answer. But this isn't gonna kill you," Kate answered as she stroked Serena's hair. "You'll be fine by morning."

The cowbell rang out. "Who is it?"

"Dafton. Is Serena all right?"

"Yeah, she'll be fine. Did she go near the mango trees?"

"No. She never does. Neither one of us...uh-oh."

"What?" Kate demanded. "What?" she asked again impatiently.

"Yesterday, she spilt sauce all over her apron. I rinsed it and wasn't thinking and threw it on a branch to dry. On the mango tree. Today after it dried again after the rain, I gave it to her. Nothing happened to me, though.

"Go look in her tent and tell me if you see the apron."

She waited and a minute later he called out that it was on her cot.

"You guys need to put on some protection, go in there, strip the cot. Get rid of all of it.

"Okay," Dafton replied trying to be as helpful as possible. "We'll do that."

Kate popped the lid on the Vaseline and began to rub it into Serena's skin. She started with her hand, putting on a thick coating. She soon realized that she would need to strip her down in order to administer aid to her and get rid of the parasites. She pulled Serena to a sitting position and slowly unbuttoned her shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra and Kate could see the parasites traveling over her chest. She pulled each arm out of the sleeves and dropped the shirt in a pail near the bed. Kate lowered Serena back onto the bed, lifted her ass and pulled her pants and underwear down, around her ankles and off. She dropped those clothes into the pail as well. Returning to Serena's hands, she began to coat her with Vaseline. Her hands, her forearms, upper arms, shoulders across her chest, bypassing her breasts, to her waist, abdomen, down her legs, not looking at the triangle of fur between them. She rubbed the ointment on her calves, her ankles and her feet, then worked her way back up the other side. Finally, the only section of her front left to do were her breasts. She stuck her hand in the jar again and coated Serena's breasts with the viscous lubricant, then began massaging it in. She felt their firmness and in spite of the medical treatment she was administering, she found herself thinking about how much she desired the young chef. When she dabbed Vaseline on Serena's nipples they hardened under her fingers. She looked away, but continued the coating. Serena moaned softly and opened her eyes, making eye contact with Kate. Almost immediately, they closed again and she drifted back to sleep. Kate's hands traveled down Serena's body, returning to areas that already had a Vaseline coating, searching for spots she might have missed. She slowly spread Serena's legs, and rubbed the lubricant onto her inner thighs. She tried to respect Serena and not look at what was so close. She moved to the side of the sleeping woman and gently turned her on her side. Kate covered her shoulders and back with the Vaseline, then moved down to her ass. It would have made more sense to just smear the Vaseline on and get it over with, but Kate found herself kneading Serena's strong ass and squeezing the flesh. Her face was a mask of shame when she felt her arousal level climb a notch, but the reaction was natural. Serena, even in this state was a beautiful woman. She moved down Serena's legs quickly, covering each one, then made sure that the soles of her feet and each toe were covered as well.

Kate returned Serena to her back and then began to rid her of the parasites. The pentamidine mix she had injected into Serena would kill most of them, but what she wanted to do was get them out of her body as quickly as possible. Often, the parasites would die, but their scraps could confuse the body. The immune system would turn on the dead parasites and wreak havoc. By giving her the shot, then suffocating them with the Vaseline, then squeezing the skin to push them out, Serena would be back to normal in a few hours.

Kate began her work. She started at Serena's hands and gently squeezed about an inch at a time, working slowly and methodically. The thin, creamy worm was pushed out and she wiped it away with a cloth, then moved to the next inch. She worked throughout the night, prodding Serena's body, pushing against the skin, pinching the dead parasites out. Serena was as limp as a ragdoll and it was easy to maneuver her to inspect every bit of skin where the parasites might have hidden.

Several times Serena awoke and cried. "I don't want to die. Please save me." Kate held Serena tightly and whispered calming words into her ear. "It's okay. You're going to be fine. You're going to make it. 'No matter how long the night, the day will come.' That's an African proverb. It's true, Serena. Ssh. This will be over soon. You're going to be fine."

Barely opening her eyes, Serena groaned, then through a cloud of exhaustion and delirium said, "You said my name. You've never said my name before."

Kate was astonished. Surely she had said her name prior to now, but she really couldn't think of a time.

"You said my name." Serena burrowed against Kate's shoulder and whimpered, then fell asleep again.

By morning, Kate was exhausted. Her own clothes were covered with Vaseline stains from where she had wiped her hands or held Serena's body against her. Her fingers hurt and she stopped to rub them. When she stopped, Serena awakened.

"Uh..." she said as she opened her eyes. "What's going...where am I?"

"You're in my tent. How do you feel?" Kate poured a cup of hot tea and started to hand it to her.

"Serena raised to her elbow, but slipped back onto the sheet. "Ow." She tried again and the same thing happened. "What is this?"


"Why do I have Vaseline all over me?" Serena peered under the sheet. "And why am I naked? What were you doing to me?

"You had an accident and freaked out."

"What kind of accident?"

"What do you remember about yesterday?" Kate asked as she sat the teacup on the ground.

Serena managed to sit up, strategically weaving the sheet around her body to cover private parts. She put her hand on her forehead, massaging her greasy temples and thought for a few moments before looking up. She glanced down at her arms and her crossed legs. "I had worms in my body. Under my skin. Parasites, right?" Lifting the sheet, she stared at her stomach trying to detect the frightening movement from yesterday. "The worms from the mango trees?"

"*Now* you remember the tree. Last night you were screaming bloody murder about having sleeping sickness." Kate chuckled.

Serena whispered, "You took care of me? Are they all gone? Are they out of me?"

"Yep. It was an all night job. I'm beat, but you're clean. There're probably a couple dead ones lurking, but you are no longer playing host to thousands of those fuckers."


"Look in that bucket."

Serena bent to where Kate had pointed. She squinted, too afraid to fully examine the contents. She saw what appeared to be hundreds and hundreds of quarter inch pieces of string in the bucket. "Yuck. That was in me?"


"How'd you get them out?" She stared at Kate in disbelief and awe.

Kate sat cross-legged in front of Serena and took her hand as she explained the procedure. "First, I gave you a drug mixture, the root of which *is* used for sleeping sickness." Kate smiled and continued, "which by the way, you *don't* have. Then, you were bouncing off the walls, so I gave you a sedative. Next, I put the Vaseline on you to suffocate the parasites. They need your pores to breathe, so I cut off their oxygen supply. Then, I squeezed and pinched..."

"Hold it a sec. You totally skipped over the part about my clothes. I'm completely naked, here."

"Obviously, I stripped you to put the Vaseline on."

Serena smiled. "So?"


"Did you, I don't know...like what you saw?"


"Well? I do remember some things."

"I was acting as a healthcare professional. You were ill. I was not looking at you that way."

"Not even a tiny bit."

"Well, I...absolutely not."

Serena nodded. "It's okay if you did. I would have checked you out, too. Unless, you found me repulsive?"

Kate squeezed her hand and shook her head. "You are beautiful." Immediately, Kate was embarrassed by her revelation. "As beautiful as one can be bright red and with worms sliding out of her body, ya know?"

"Will you help me up and maybe could you get some clothes for me and maybe you could help me wash?" Serena inquired in an innocent, yet flirtatious voice.

"I'll get your clothes, but I think you can wash yourself."

Serena reached under the sheet. "My god, I have Vaseline everywhere and I mean *everywhere.* Knowing where Serena had just slipped her hand sent Kate's stomach skipping. She wanted to touch her there and other places so badly.

Standing quickly, she said, "I'll go get your clothes."

The men were all relieved to see Serena back in good form. Dafton apologized repeatedly, kicking himself for being so careless. Serena remembered bits and pieces of that night, but most of it was a blur. The one positive outcome was that Kate's interaction with her was so very different. Kate had become attentive, interested, quick to offer assistance and let Serena know that her contribution to the camp was appreciated. Kate was also a runner, but she normally ran at sunset. Never had she invited Serena to join her, but recently she had changed her schedule and the two ran together each morning, sometimes chatting, sometimes just listening to the sound of their shoes hitting the soil. Mostly Kate talked about her commitment to the animals, how she felt responsible for their well-being and that this was her purpose in life.

More times than not, Serena accompanied the group or traveled only with Kate to the grasslands to watch the animals migrate to a land heavy with grain, fruit and other animals. Serena always waited for the invitation and Kate usually offered it just moments before departure. Then, she'd have to wait for Serena to grab her camera, watercolors, and make a trip to the bush to use the restroom.

One particular afternoon, Serena and Kate arrived at the location to view the cheetahs. They immediately spotted the family Kate had been researching, though Diego the feistiest of the cubs was missing. Days earlier, Kate had watched him clumsily attack a baboon, sinking his fangs into its neck and crushing it. She had stared at him with the fascination of a researcher, taking notes about his very first kill. Perhaps he was off on a solitary hunt.

The two women set up their 'work stations.' Kate retrieved a still camera from the truck along with a tripod and quickly set it up. She pulled out the videocamera suitcase and checked the battery, sound and tape. Serena meanwhile removed a TV tray from the truck and placed her watercolor paints and water on the table, five brushes of various sizes and then set up an easel and stool. For the rest of the afternoon, they worked in virtual silence only acknowledging the scene before them with an occasional "aah," or "wow." Kate walked to the truck for more 35-millimeter film and passed behind Serena. She glanced at the watercolor of the cheetah family and was amazed at how she had captured each cheetah's personality.

Serena could feel Kate's eyes on her and her body warmed with that unseen gaze. She stretched her neck, moving from side to side relaxing her neck and shoulder muscles.

Suddenly, Kate's hands were on her shoulders. "Achy?"

"Umm. Just stretching." She lowered her head and allowed Kate more access to her neck. "That feels good."

"You're pretty tight. How's this?"

Goosebumps popped up all over Serena's arms. "Ummm."

Without thinking, Kate bent and kissed Serena's neck and a moment later, Serena had turned in her stool and pulled Kate down to kiss her lips. Whatever distance they had tried to put between each other was now lost. Serena's mouth opened, her tongue sliding out to touch Kate's lips and when Kate's mouth opened, their tongues met. The kiss deepened. The chemistry they pretended didn't exist, bounced between them. Kate's hands moved from Serena's shoulders to her arms, down her arms, then back up to her shoulders. Serena didn't break away as she stood and was pulled into an embrace. Minutes passed and Serena thought she would shatter with the passion that she could scarcely hide. She could hear birds and animals near; she could smell the ripeness of the land; she could feel the sun beating down on her. But those senses were overshadowed by this kiss. This kiss. This kiss was what she had longed for and living this life in Africa under the Kenyan sky wasn't all that meaningful without it.


Serena broke away, but Kate leaned in and gently nibbled Serena's lip, then kissed her deeply again.


This time it was Kate who pulled back and smiled. She drew a deep breath. "I've wanted to do that for a while. Okay, out of my system. I think we can go back to our work now, don't you?"

"Not a chance." Serena kissed her again and again and again that afternoon.

It was well into evening before they made it back to camp. On their return, Dafton immediately gave Serena a knowing snicker and a raised eyebrow when his hypothesis was proven as he watched Serena turn crimson.

"Another fax came for you. It's about Lisa Calltreaux." Dafton handed Kate the two pages.

Kate was well aware of the bad news received in the fax almost two weeks earlier and had talked to each member of the camp about strategy. In the end, Kate decided that she would let her attorney handle the legalities of the situation.

This new communiqué from the attorney told her all the legalese she needed to know. She was to come into Nairobi on Friday and give a videotaped deposition just so they'd have it on file. The trial would start shortly thereafter.

Three days later, Dafton, Serena, Jimiyu and Kate were packing up the Expedition and Victor and Jack, the Bravada. Since they all needed to be in town for various reasons, they had decided to break camp and relax in the city for a few days.

Dafton was sitting behind the wheel of the truck, Jimiyu in the passenger's seat and Kate, who wore a white t-shirt, a plaid flannel shirt over it, khakis and a UCLA baseball cap settled down in the back while Serena threw the last of their bags into the truck's storage area.

"All set," she said and lifted a leg into the big truck and pulled herself up.

"Good. Then we're ready to move out."

"Ah, shoot. Let me just make one pit stop." Serena jumped from the Bravada.

"God, Serena. The loo again? C'mon, mate."

"Sorry." Serena ran back into her tent grabbed a roll of toilet paper and ran into the bush.

"What's with her and the bathroom, anyway? I don't think she's ever left this camp without stopping to pee. She must have the weakest bladder on earth."

Dafton looked in his rearview mirror at Kate. "You're not serious? You know why. She has told you?"

"No. Told me what?"

"Certainly she's told you about her family?"

"No, she's never mentioned her family. Except for the picture of her brother in her tent."

"Serena always stops off because she's afraid of what will happen if she doesn't."

"Hey, Dafton. Wanna try being more cryptic? I'm real close to understanding ya." She leaned forward. "What do you mean?"

Dafton quickly glanced in the direction of Serena before continuing rapidly. "When she was about ten years, her family took holiday. It was to be the last large family outing before her brother graduated university. He had been offered a position in California and they were in Chicago. They drove to Disney World and on their return Serena had to take a leak. You know how the kiddies are. Her mum had asked if she had to go just a bit earlier at the hotel and she said no. As soon as they started on the motorway, Serena had to go desperately. Her dad pulled over and straightaway she ran off into the woods not too far from the car. Her brother was in the passenger's seat, mum in the back with Serena. So while she's off using the toilet, this other car, trying to make better time by driving on the shoulder plows into her family's car. The driver walked away with a few cuts and bruises. Her mum and dad were killed instantly. Her brother, Matt was left in critical condition in hospital for several days. Now, he's in a home. Nurses turn him every two hours; he takes his meals through a tube. The poor girl's certain that if she can avoid a urinary emergency, everyone will be safe."

"Oh my God. I had no idea. She never said a word."

"Really? She told me probably the third day after we met." Dafton turned to look at Kate. For some reason, when it came to Serena, he felt a special defensiveness and a need to protect. He loved her like a sister. In their interactions, he made sure Kate knew this. He added, "But then I asked."

Kate crossed her arms and glared at him just as Serena came running back and jumped into the truck. "Okay, let's get this show on the road," she said as she slammed the door. Kate and Jimiyu were silent. Dafton started the SUV and put it in reverse, backing out of the camp. There was a definite change in mood in the truck. "What's up? What's wrong with everybody?" Serena inquired.

"Nothin'," Kate answered as the four rode into Nairobi.

In Nairobi, Victor and Jack quickly parted company after dropping the truck off at the repair shop. Jimiyu and Dafton said their good-byes to the two women as they pulled their bags from the back of the truck. The women drove to the Norfolk Hotel and checked into a room with two beds. They vowed that since they had to be in the City, they would pamper themselves at the hotel. If they could line up massages, they would, room service, or meals in the restaurant, morning coffee on the terrace. And in between, Kate would give her two depositions. One was scheduled for later that day and the other, just before noon on Saturday.

Serena wished Kate luck and asked once more if she wanted her to accompany her to the lawyer's office. Kate shook her head and started for the door with Serena following behind her.

"I'll be thinking of you. You look great."

Kate brushed her hand across her skirt, ironing out an invisible wrinkle. Then she pulled on the collar of her silk blouse and straightened it. "Thanks, Serena. I'll need good thoughts."

Serena reached up and kissed her on the cheek. "See you soon. I'll make appointments for massages."

As soon as the door closed, Serena smiled and ran to the bed. "A bed! A real bed. That I can bounce on." She stretched out in it. "I can turn. Left, now right. I can roll over two full turns. Ah, bed! Tell me, how long has it been?" She laced her fingers behind her head and smiled. Suddenly, she jumped up and ran to the bathroom.

"And a bathtub. Not a shower. An endless supply of hot water not dependent on the sun. Yes! Yes! Yes!" She danced around the bathroom, pumping her arms in the air in celebration. Quickly stripping down, Serena waited for the tub to fill. As soon as she had poured in complimentary bath salts, she slid in and smiled as her body was covered with fragrant water.

Kate had left the hotel at twelve-thirty. It was now six-thirty and she hadn't returned. Serena had taken an hour's long bath, browsed the nearby shops, walked over to the open market and purchased some pottery and baskets, then returned to their hotel room. She took a long shower, napped for an hour, stared out at the skyline from the terrace, and wondered what was taking so long.

Finally, the door opened and Serena jumped up, flinging the door open fully.

"I was just about to call out the search party."

"Urgh. You wouldn't believe it. I'm about to collapse." She said as she stepped in and moved across the room. "It was pure hell."

"What happened?" Serena closed the door.

Kate kicked off her shoes. "Well, first..." She sighed. "I was in this uncomfortable monkey suit all day."

Serena laughed and helped her out of her jacket.

"Thanks. Second, you wouldn't believe the questions and the insinuations from Lisa's lawyer. They were trying to paint a real nasty picture." Kate unzipped her skirt un-self consciously, and let it fall to the floor, then slid the pantyhose down her hips and legs. Serena licked her lips and closed her eyes for a brief moment to regain her composure. Kate didn't seem to notice as she sat on the bed.

"What do you mean?"

"Her lawyer claimed that I was a woman scorned and with a vendetta." Kate explained, waving a hand in the air dismissively. "Let me tell you, in Kenya, they practically vomit at the thought of lesbianism. So this guy is trying to portray me as this deranged pervert who was pissed off after being dumped by her."


"Questions like, 'Ms Chavez, is it true that you and Ms. Calltreaux, a woman in your employ at your camp entered into an unnatural relationship?' Easy answer. No. There was nothing unnatural about it, but I just said, no. 'Ms. Chavez isn't it true that when Ms. Calltreaux, your hire attempted to end the relationship you threatened her with a promise to get even?' No. 'When Ms. Calltreaux believed she was alone, that you were in fact following or rather stalking her?' No, I was observing her actions because I didn't trust her. 'Ah-hah, you believed that she would divulge your sexual affair?' No, I believed I'd catch her poaching wildlife, which I did, sir. Then I asked him if he might want to ask some questions about the crimes she's being charged with. That's when he told me that he was asking the questions, blah-blah-blah."

"Jeez. How did you keep your cool?"

"I lost it a few times. I'm just whipped, Serena. At least I don't have to go back tomorrow. They have all they need from me." Kate began unbuttoning her top and Serena's breath caught in her throat. She watched as Kate's blouse slid off her back and onto the bed. Now Kate was in her panties and bra. "I need a shower. Tell me you booked a massage?"

"I did..." Serena's voice cracked and Kate looked up and grinned at her. She tried again after clearing her throat. "I did, but I'm afraid you missed the appointment."

"Shit. I knew it."

"I...I could give you one, if you like. I'm not a professional, but not bad."

Kate nodded. "It's a deal. Let me clean the Kenyan judicial system off my body and I'll be right back.

With Kate in the shower, Serena busied herself trying to set a mood. She turned on the light, turned it off, turned on a lamp with a dimmer, and lowered the illumination. She repositioned the vertical blinds to darken the room. Serena searched her purse for a cinnamon Tic Tac and popped it in her mouth. Checking her short hair in the mirror, she ran her fingers through it. She took several deep breaths, telling herself that it was just a massage. She walked to the bed and pulled down the coverlet, blanket and sheet. She practically skipped to the vanity area just outside the bathroom and picked up a container of baby powder and the bottle of Cool Water she kept. Back at the bed, she spritzed the sheets and placed the powder on the table. More deep breathing. The shower was turned off. Serena gulped. Five minutes later, Kate returned. Blinking, Serena feigned composure. Kate had entered the room with the towel wrapped around her waist, her breasts bare. She grinned again at Serena who stood enthralled.

"Gonna give me that massage? Nice lighting."

"Huh? Yeah. Huh?"

Kate stepped in front of her, gently touching her arm as she passed and stretched out on the bed. "Ready."

"Yeah, ready." Serena licked her lips again and sat delicately beside Kate on the edge of the bed. She placed some baby powder in her hands and rubbed them together, then began work on Kate's shoulders.

"Umm. That's the exact spot." Kate purred into her pillow.

Serena was starting to perspire. She pumped more powder into her hands and spread it on Kate's back.

"That feels good and smells good."

Serena pressed into Kate's flesh, feeling the hard muscles loosen and relax under her.

"You're not saying anything."

Serena pressed into her lower back and wondered how she might suggest losing the towel.

"Serena? Serena?"


"You all right?"

"Yeah, perfectly fine." Her hands were shaking.

"If your hands hurt, you can stop."

"No, no. It's just the position I'm in. It's a little hard to..."

"Why don't you straddle me?"

Serena whimpered and Kate laughed.

"No, this is...that's okay," she responded hesitantly.

"C'mon. It'll make it easier."

Serena paused to consider it. God, how she wanted to, but if she did, she wouldn't be able to hide what her body was feeling. She knew how wet she was. Serena's thin pants were soaked through. Well, she wanted Kate and this way Kate wouldn't have to wonder how much. "Okay," she whispered.

Straddling Kate's lower back, she didn't dare put her weight down. She hovered over her, but Kate lifted her ass slightly and contact was made. Serena let out one low moan as she continued her massage. She finally relaxed and pushed on her muscles with earnest. Kate moaned beneath her and Serena sweated. Neither woman said anything. The room was totally silent save Serena's breathing that was shallow and rapid and Kate's that was long and sensual.

The massage was so relaxing that Kate fell asleep and with that, Serena calmed as well. She slowly pulled the towel further down, exposing Kate's rear and kneaded her cheeks. It was divine, touching her. For twenty minutes, she lost herself in the feel of Kate's flesh and nearly jumped when Kate awoke and asked, "Why didn't you ever tell me about your family? About what happened to your brother and parents?"

"Uh...what? How did you find out?" Serena was motionless. Her hands rested on Kate's butt. "Dafton told you."

"Yeah. Why didn't you?"

"It's kind of a downer. I figured you were already ticked about me being here, I didn't want to come across as more of a burden than I was."

"But, that's important stuff. You should have told me."

Serena, unaware began to gently glide her hands across Kate's rear. She didn't even notice when goosebumps appeared. "I'm sorry. There was never a good time."

"When I asked you about your brother, that would have been a good time."

"No, it wouldn't have." Remembering that day when Kate had needed her comfort.

"Maybe not," Kate concurred, remembering as well. "We run together everyday, Serena. We talk. There must have been some time you could have shared this?"

"I didn't want you feeling sorry for me. That's not what I wanted at all."

Kate decided to let that part of it rest. "So you were ten? It must have been horrible. How did you cope?"

"A lot of therapy. Child psychologists. Family therapists. I've been through a long line of doctors, none of whom have the insight to answer my only two questions."

"Which are?"

"Why did my parents die and I live? Why is my brother a vegetable and I walk and talk?"

Serena swung her leg over and dropped beside Kate in bed. "Serena…" Kate turned to face her, and said the only thing she could think of, "Those things happen. There is no explanation."

"That's what they tell me."

"What happened after they died? Where did you go?"

"You want my life story?"

"Uh-huh." Kate smiled at her as she shifted onto her side.

"There was no blood relative to take me. My dad's best friend took me in. He and his wife lived down the street from us, so I just moved in and grew up there. He was a lawyer, so he got a good settlement for me from the accident and I lived with them until I went off to school."

"Thank God there was someone. I guess they're like parents to you now, huh?"

"They were. They had kids, too. Their son, Elliot was in my class and he felt so sad for me. A very sensitive boy. By the time I was sixteen, we were dating and living in the same house. It was kind of funny. His mother reminding me to be a good girl and his father winking at him all the time."

"You lost your virginity in their house?"

"Yeah, the night of his seventeenth birthday. It was my birthday present to him."

"You are so cheap!"

"Hey, I wasn't cheap, just easy." Serena laughed. "Anyway, we applied to the same colleges and decided to go to Northwestern together. I really needed him. He was my security blanket, someone I trusted."

"But you came to Kenya and he broke up with you?"

"No, we broke up long before I met you. Years earlier."

"But the pictures in your hotel room?" Kate was slightly confused.

Serena sucked her lips into her mouth for a moment, then whispered, "I have a hard time letting go."

Kate reached out and stroked Serena's face. She ran her fingers through her hair. Serena looked at her, then reached and pulled the blanket over her body. "Do you wanna hear this story? If so, stop distracting me."

"Sorry." Kate tightened the blanket around her and grinned broadly.

"We were beginning our junior year and Elliott asked me to marry him. I put him off for months. Finally, he gave me an ultimatum. I loved him, but as a brother, not a lover. We broke up. I thought I should find another guy and go out; that my lack of physical desire for Elliott was because he and I grew up together, but as I looked around campus, my eyes kept turning to my roommate, Heather, the girl in the pictures. Heather and I had joked around about having a hot little affair behind our boyfriends' backs, but I realized, I wasn't joking."

"Ooh, the straight girl goes gay."

"I wasn't straight. I knew it, but wouldn't admit it. Finally, Heather caught on and we praised our good fortune for being able to live together as roommates and have each other in a number of creative ways every night."

"Serena, I never would have suspected."

Touching Kate's cheek she said, "I'm full of surprises." She continued, "For the rest of my junior year and all of our senior year, we were lovers. It was great. We hung out at the women's bookstore memorizing sections from 'The Joy of Lesbian Sex,' giggling about the things we'd try back at our apartment. I don't think I opened a textbook during that time. I don't know how we graduated."

"And what's become of the love of your life?"

"She wasn't the love of my life, but I did love her. The thing is, I liked Elliott a lot. He was there for me at my worst times, through nightmares and depression. I mean some really, really bad times. I wanted to stay his friend, so we tried. The three of us would go on ski trips together and stuff like that. About three weeks before graduation, Heather called it quits with me. She had fallen for Elliott. Just like that, she said, 'I can't live this kind of life. It's not right for me. Elliott's so sweet. Do you mind if we get together?' What could I say?"

"Damn straight I mind." Kate suggested.

"No, I couldn't. They went off to Madrid that summer. In September they married. That December I called to see if they might want to meet up for the holidays, she told me that he didn't want me in their lives, particularly her life anymore. Period. End of story. I haven't seen Elliott and Heather since. Elliott's parents, as much as they loved me and treated me like a daughter, were still his parents and when I hurt their son, there was no place for me in their home. My last family Christmas was eight years ago. I've been alone since."

Kate pulled Serena to her. "God, I'm sorry."

"It's no big deal."

"You're wrong. It's a huge deal. I'm so sorry." Kate held onto her, stroking her, cuddling her.

At first, Serena lay stiff in her arms, but finally surrendered to her touch. Her body began to shake as she cried. "Why does everyone keep leaving me? I've been alone ever since. I've been alone," she whispered.

"Ssh. It's okay," Kate said, but she thought to herself, not anymore. Not anymore.

They missed dinner. They had held onto each other all night. Both waking at different times to console the other. Serena kissed Kate's cheek and assured her that Lisa Calltreaux would get what's coming to her. She noticed that for the first time since she'd been sharing living space with Kate, that Kate had slept peacefully, without nightmares. She had slept through the night without calling out for help and pleading with invisible captors.

At seven the next morning, Serena awakened to see a fully clothed, Kate opening the door. She directed the young Kenyan dressed in a white caftan to the table beside the window. Kate glanced over at Serena and smiled warmly, then turned back to the man. "Thank you."

"Ugh. How long have you been up? Good morning."

"You are spoiled in just one day." Kate walked the waiter to the door and closed it behind him. "Usually you're already up and finishing your run," she said making her way to the bed, holding a glass of cranberry juice and toast.

"For me?"

"Nope. Your food's over there. Get up and get it." Kate sat beside her and drank some of the juice and bit into the toast.

"You're really not going to give me any?"

Kate's eyebrow raised at the innuendo and she laughed. "I don't know what you're asking for, but if you mean my toast and my juice, then the answer is no."

Serena looked dejected. The old Kate was back so quickly. The night had been so tender and now, she was cold. "Okay."

"I'm joking, baby. Here, wanna bite?" Kate offered the toast to her and Serena bit down, chewed, then smiled up at this woman she adored.


"Serena..." Kate hesitated before continuing.

"I love it when you say my name. Yes?"

"I want to go home," Kate muttered.

Kate didn't want to go back to the States or back to California. Home was her camp ninety miles northwest of Nairobi. "Okay. We'll leave as soon as we get in touch with the guys."

"I've called them. Everyone will come back Sunday night." Kate had been self-conscious about stating her wishes. They had only just arrived and she knew that Serena needed a break from the dirt and grime of living in the field, but she was out of sorts here. She belonged back at the camp. There, she felt grounded.

"So what you're saying is we'll have the camp to ourselves all day and night today and most of tomorrow?" Serena sat up and broke off another piece of toast and popped it into her mouth.


"Whatever shall we do?" Serena wondered aloud.

"The LA Dodgers game on satellite or those loser Cubs?"

"Hey, don't talk about my Cubbies. This is their year, I tell ya!"

Kate laughed. "Let's go home."

Serena had wanted to cook something special for Kate on their return. Perhaps, she would have made the dish she had requested months ago, but she didn't have an opportunity to buy a turkey or gather the right vegetables at the market.

She realized that more than cooking for Kate, she just wanted to be near her, share her space, hear her breathe, hold her.

When they arrived at the camp, Kate set about lighting mosquito coils, a product very much like incense that produced a fragrance that repelled the insects. She lit them around the picnic table, near the tents, and inside her own. She reminded Serena to do the same in her tent. This way, they could wear casual summerwear and not hide behind netting all day. Serena retreated to her tent and unpacked the few things she had taken and the even fewer items she had purchased. Kate did the same. And waited for Serena while Serena waited for her.

Two hours passed before Serena finally stepped out of her tent and strode across to Kate's. Her heart was pounding. She was too nervous to do anything, so she drifted to the place she knew best, the kitchen.

"Kate, I'm going to make some lunch. A sandwich," she called out. "Do you want anything?"

Kate peered out of the tent and answered. "Whatever you're having?"

"I'd like to have you," Serena muttered to herself.

"What?" Kate inquired, only hearing her voice, but not picking up on what words had been spoken.

"Never mind."

Taking some leftover grilled chicken out of the mini-fridge, Serena began to slice it into thin layers. She didn't hear Kate moving behind her, toward her.

"Uuuh," Serena said in surprise. Kate was behind her pressing against her body, arms wrapping around her waist.

"You're so sexy in the kitchen." There was to be no more teasing. Kate's hands slid up Serena's apron, inside the sleeves of her oversized t-shirt and rested on her breasts.

"Oh. Umm." The knife remained poised in her hand in mid-slice. Her head fell back and her chest pushed out allowing Kate to gather more of her full breasts in her hands. Serena felt herself melting.

Hot, airy breath spoke to her. "You know, I've noticed that you don't wear a bra. It drives me crazy. Your breasts are so firm. They feel so good." She massaged them, rubbing her palms against the hardening nipples, squeezing the flesh.

"Uu-uh. Oh." Serena moaned, but she wanted to scream out. She dropped the knife on the counter. "Oh, Jesus Kate. You always do the unexpected," she said haltingly, in between long exhales and short inhales.

"No, I'm predictable."

"Umm. Oh, yes." Serena responded to Kate pinching her nipples. "No, you're not. Not in the least."

"It's more comfortable for you not to wear a bra, isn't it? That's why you don't?" she whispered in her ear.


"But you had to know that it gets me all worked up. Seeing you in these t-shirts, seeing these bounce underneath." She whispered, "There were times I could even see your areola through your shirt and sometimes, it was impossible to turn my eyes from your nipples. You knew that, too, right?" She asked while continuing her sweet assault. The lower half of her body now pressing into Serena, then slightly moving away, then back into her.

"No, I didn't know." Serena closed her eyes. "Jesus. Umm."

"I know you did. You're a tease."

"I didn't mean to, honestly." She bit her lip and pushed back to meet Kate's gentle thrusts.

"I guess it's possible. I'm surprised you didn't catch me staring." She slowly slipped her hands out of the t-shirt and turned her around.

"You…" She licked her lips repeatedly. "You were quite discreet."

"Maybe you were unaware." She smiled down at her and took note of how Serena's eyes were barely opened and how her hue had changed to a soft pink. "But you had to know when you kissed me at your hotel room when we first met how that would affect me?"

"You kissed me."

"Nah-ah, you did the kissing."

"You're wrong. I reacted to your kiss."

"Maybe." Kate leaned forward and pulled Serena to her kissing her passionately. A few moments later, she stepped back. "But lately, you've been flirting with me. The kissing when we were out in the grasslands...that was all you."

"Again, you started it, but yeah, mostly me. I'll agree," she replied.

"Yeah." Kate lifted the apron over Serena's head. "So you've been doing this flirting and kissing and walking around with these breasts. Just what are you after?"

"Well, these are the only two I have. What am I suppose to walk around with?"

"Hmm. You've got a point." Kate moved backward, pulling Serena forward by the hands. Serena checked out Kate's long tan legs and was glad that the filmmaker tended to wear long pants. If Kate found Serena's breasts distracting, Serena found Kate's legs more so. She had weekly visions of numerous kitchen mishaps resulting in a lopped off finger while staring at those legs, imagining them wrapped around her.

Kate walked a few feet until she bumped into one of the picnic tables. She rested against it, pulling Serena just a tad closer, then lowered her head to Serena's chest. Her hands caressed Serena's breasts through the t-shirt just as her mouth opened and she began to suck on one of them as well. Quickly, the t-shirt became wet with Kate's saliva and when she pulled away, she could see Serena's dark areola and nipple through the shirt. "Umm. I like this." She announced as she made her way back to suck some more.

She liked the feel of her breasts being fondled and loved *through* her shirt. It was exciting to not reveal much, but in a sense to be so exposed. "Oh. Oh. Kate." Serena's fingers swept through Kate's hair. Kate continued sucking one breast while her hand pinched and tweaked the other nipple. "Oh."

Kate's face moved away, tilting up to stare at Serena who slammed her body into the filmmaker's. Standing between Kate's opened legs, her shorts-covered mound pushed against Kate's center. Kate returned her face to Serena's chest and bit her nipple through the shirt. "Um, um." She sucked and massaged and sucked some more. Serena began to shake. While Kate's one hand moved across her breast, pinching, squeezing, and rubbing, the other arm held Serena close around the waist. Slowly, that hand moved down to knead her ass, then without warning, found it's way to the hem of her baggy shorts and slid upward. With deft fingers, she lifted Serena's underwear away from her skin and moved inside them. Her hand felt the furry mound, only spending scant seconds moving her fingers through the hair. Kate pushed down and in, opening Serena's lips and resting her fingers against her inner lips and clitoris.

"Oh." Serena loved the touch.

Momentarily, she withdrew her mouth from Serena's nipple and looked up at her. "You're soaked. You're so wet. Oh, God."

Serena squeezed her eyes closed and gritted her teeth. Inhaling and hissing, Serena was sure her body was about to soar off the ground or that she'd melt into it. "Umm. Oh. Oh, please yes. Yes, Kate. Touch me. I need it. I need you."

Kate's fingers slid up and down those soft, swollen lips. Serena's hips moved forward and back trying to create the action she so desperately needed. "I can't believe how wet you are." Kate repeated.

"Please." Serena lowered her head, then threw it back. "Please do something. I'm..."

She was almost at the point of panicking. Serena wanted Kate's fingers either inside of her or rubbing her clitoris so badly that she feared she'd collapse, die, or dissolve into a fleshy mess without the touch.

"You feel so good to me. Serena, I wanted to do this to you last night. When you were giving me that massage, I wanted to turn over and do just this to you."


"And when you were on top of me and I could feel how excited you were, I wanted to."

"I was very excited," she said as she lurched forward, still trying to get those fingers to do her bidding.

"And I could smell how ready you were for me and I wanted to."

"Why...didn't...you?" Serena bit her lower lip.

"It wasn't..." Kate slid her finger across Serena's clit.

"Aaaah." Serena squeezed her legs together and then opened them again.

"…the right time."

"Tell me this is the right time. Please tell me it is." She began to rock against her hand.

"It is." Kate slid the finger across her clitoris again, then began moving her finger up and down against her.

Serena's upper body fell forward as her lower body moved rhythmically against Kate's finger. Serena's mouth was close to Kate's ear and she sucked the lobe briefly before whispering, "Then fuck me. Please fuck me."

Kate loved the sound of that request whispered in her ear by Serena. When she heard it, she felt her own clit twitch and harden. Her finger moved faster against Serena's clitoris. She pulled Serena down to her, so that their faces met and kissed her, thrusting her tongue into her mouth repeatedly, moving that tongue all around the inside of her mouth as a preface to what her fingers would do inside of her later.

Kate moved with fluidity, slipping out of Serena's grasp, removing her hand momentarily, provoking a pout and whimper from Serena, turning her around, changing positions. Now, Serena was leaning against the table, Kate standing over her. Kate continued her long strokes and listened to Serena pant, breathe, and moan. Her own breasts felt heavy and ached against her tank top. Kate knew her shorts were getting damper and damper. Serena was pushing so hard against her, still trying to get Kate's fingers inside of her, but there was no hurry. Kate wanted to tantalize her, build up the tension, hear Serena beg for her.

"I'm holding you. Can you get your top off?" Kate asked huskily.

Serena licked her lips and pulled the top over her head while Kate supported her. When her breasts were revealed, Kate smiled, then sighed. "God, they're beautiful." She leaned in, puckered her lips and gently kissed one nipple then the other. Then she sucked the nipple into her mouth, raking her teeth over it, flicking her tongue across it; all of these actions purposeful and meant to induce rapid insanity. Serena groaned and sighed in desire.

So far, Kate had scooted away from Serena's every attempt to caress her. Kate wanted to make love to her. She had waited a long time, held back the passion that she had felt from the very beginning. But Serena had waited, too and her need to touch, hold and make love to Kate was just as strong. Stealthily, Serena reached up and managed to lock her hand on one of Kate's breast, then she pinched the nipple quite hard. Kate let out a yelp and then a deep moan as her eyes closed. Serena continued caressing and pinching, caressing and pinching until Kate finally pulled herself away from Serena's grasp. And in one motion, she grabbed the waistband of Serena's shorts and pulled them down along with her underwear. The baggy shorts fell to the ground and Serena lifted one foot then the other and relieved herself of them entirely. Kate kicked them out of the way. She pushed Serena higher onto the table and spread her legs, standing between them and slipped two fingers deep inside her.

"Aaaaah." The back of Serena's head banged onto the table. "Uh." She inhaled between gritted teeth over and over. "Umm. Oh, yes. Yes. Yes. Oh, God, yes," she whispered this mantra.

Kate pushed deeper into her and began to thrust hard against and in her. Serena lifted her legs and wrapped them around Kate's waist. Her sandals pressed against Kate's back.

"You are so hot. You're so hot inside. My fingers are soaked and you're like a fire." Kate moaned as she continued sliding in and slipping out. "I've been thinking about this for months. "Fucking you. Fucking you, fucking you, fucking you." With each pronouncement, Kate pounded deeper and immediately withdrew from Serena. As she plunged into her, Kate's body moved forward and back in need.

"Slower." Serena pleaded weakly. "Slow down. I want this to last."

"I want you to come all over my fingers. I want to feel that."

"Shit." Serena moaned, her head moving from side to side, her fingers wrapping into fists and pounding the table.

"Your clit is so hard. It's just so hard against my finger. I love it."


"Here. Have some of this?" Kate's other hand which had been caressing Serena's breasts disappeared. Serena felt that hand between her legs, too, then suddenly, that hand was near her lips and she was being offered three glistening fingers to kiss and lick. When Serena's lips closed around those long fingers and began to suck greedily, Kate's eyes closed in surrender and she sighed. She could feel Serena tighten around her fingers, one hand being sucked by her mouth, the other sucked in and held by the tunnel between her legs.

Serena's hips gyrated. Soon Kate's fingers slipped out of her mouth. Serena bit her lower lip trying to hold back what was about to be unleashed completely. Her lower body lifted and fell on the table as Kate continued to drive deeper into her and Kate's thumb slid back and forth over her engorged clitoris.

"Your fingers are so..." Serena pumped those fingers. "I'm gonna come. I'm coming. I can't hold it anymore," she whispered as she stared up at Kate. "I'm coming." She whispered again with trembling anticipation. She squeezed Kate's fingers with powerful muscles and held her deep inside of her as her body contracted and pumped. "Uuuh. Oh." Her shoulders lifted off the table, then slammed back into it. Serena's body jerked, her neck arched and became stiff as she held her breath and gave herself fully to Kate.

Kate was sweating over her. She couldn't believe how responsive Serena had been and how she had used words that she had never expected from her. She had never heard Serena say 'shit' or 'fuck' nor had she thought she would announce her approaching orgasm. Serena could be demonstrative, but Kate hadn't pegged her as sexually expressive. The truth, Serena had been guarded with her because Kate had forced her to be.

She leaned forward and kissed her, then rested her head on Serena's chest. "That was great," Kate said. She could hear Serena's rapid heartbeat. Slowly, she started to remove her fingers from the place they had remained.

"Kate?" Serena whispered, while holding onto her wrist, keeping her fingers lodged inside of her.

"Yeah?" Kate looked up.

She made her request softly. "I want to feel you inside me some more. Unless your wrist is…?"

Kate smiled as she raised her body. "That wasn't enough?"

"I'm greedy."

"So am I." Kate pushed the two fingers deeper, then slid them out and added a third.

"Umm. That's it exactly." Serena slid out of her sandals, then raised her legs and placed her ankles on top of Kate's strong shoulders. This position helped to grip Kate's fingers and Kate barely moved them as she began to give Serena what she had asked for. Her three fingers moved inside of her, hinting at a retreat, but never leaving her body; promising power and delivering.

Serena's body rocked. The feeling was tremendous. She hadn't had any fingers other than her own inside of her in eight years. And what she recalled of that previous time with Heather was nothing like this. Kate wasn't just making love to her with her fingers, but with her whole body. It was as if Kate's soul, her personality, all of her person was moving inside her. Serena's back was damp and sticking to the table. She could feel her juices dripping down the crack of her ass. She felt Kate's fingers wiggling inside her. Those long, beautiful fingers she had noticed the day they met were driving her over the top again. Already, she could feel her second climax approaching.

"You're so good. You've got incredible fingers. Umm. Kate, yes."

Kate's hips undulating in a dance that only fanned her desire.

Soon, Serena was in a sexual trance, exhaling and inhaling deeply through her nostrils. Her hips thrust forward, taking all that she could. Kate's fingers filled her completely and as improbable as it was, to Serena, it felt as if they were expanding, taking more and more of her, driving her to the brink, then stopping, waiting. Kate's thrusts were skilled and she slid across the patch that was slightly rougher and most sensitive inside of Serena. That was all it took. Her liquid poured onto Kate's fingers and she tightened then released them with her strong muscle. She sighed and licked her lips. Moments passed and Serena's legs slid down Kate's body, going limp and dangling from the table. "Oh, God," she finally mustered.

Kate slowly removed her fingers and just before her hand completely left that area, she brushed against Serena's clitoris causing Serena to buck. She leaned forward and pulled Serena up and into her arms.

'Oh, Serena," Kate whispered into Serena's neck.

"That was so unexpected and wonderful."

"I want to take you to my tent. We can get comfortable."

"I want to take you in your tent, too." Serena laughed.

Kate bent to pick up Serena' s shorts and sandals and Serena took that opportunity to reach out and caress Kate's ass.


"Sorry. Too inviting." She was still breathing hard as she watched Kate gather her things.

Securely held within Kate's embrace, Serena struggled alongside her toward and into the tent. Her legs were still shaky and even travelling the fifteen or so feet was an exertion.

Inside, Kate turned up the flame on her lantern and pushed play on her portable CD player. The music blasted from the speakers and Serena noted that it was the same CD that Kate had been playing for several weeks. It had a heavy, primal almost erotic drumbeat with rich woodwinds in the background and beautiful harmonies from a group of African women.

"It's kind of loud." Kate said, while turning the volume down and then looked at Serena who stood at the opening of the tent. "Aren't you coming in?" Kate smiled at her, loving the way her naked body glowed in the lantern light.

"Yeah, I was just checking out your place. I'm seldom allowed in the inner sanctum. The one and only time I was, I was out of it most of the night."


"Your bed's huge. How do you rate?"

"All this is are three foam mattresses and two sleeping bags piled on top of each other. But it's comfortable. Come feel."

Serena lowered herself onto the bed. It took up the majority of the floor of the large tent and it smelled of Kate. Through the scent of the mosquito coils, she could still smell the Cool Water, the sweat, and the womanliness of the filmmaker.

Kate sat down next to her and stroked her naked thigh. "Why can't I keep my hands off of you?" Her hand moved up and down her leg and then on the next upward stroke, she kept going. Around her hip, to her abdomen, onto her waist, up to her ribcage, Serena's underbreast, her breast, her nipple. Moving up again, she traveled to her neck, her lips, her cheeks and into her hair. Kate's other hand came around and followed a similar path on the other side, except it stopped at her breast. She rubbed Serena's nipple between her finger and thumb and Serena slowly reclined onto the bed, her legs spreading again.

Kate followed Serena and lay on top of her with her long hair gently tickling Serena's chest.

"Kate, take off your clothes. I want to feel your breasts against mine." With one hand, Kate reached behind her head and pulled the tank top off. Her breasts like the rest of her body were a beautiful bronze with tan areola and nipples. Still in her shorts, she moved up Serena's body and dropped down onto her, letting her nipples come in contact with Serena's, then pushing down so that their breasts rubbed against each other's. Kate lifted again and her hard nipples danced across Serena's breasts.

Both women moaned at the contact. Serena reached out and grabbed two handfuls of Kate. Squeezing a breast in each hand, circling the nipple with her fingers, using her palms to caress them into a harder state. Kate moaned deeply. "Oh, that feels good."

Serena really wanted those shorts off. She wanted to see all of Kate. She was ready for the whole picture. Kate continued to moan and Serena was amazed at how hard her nipples had become. They were like small fingers. She needed to suck them. With some effort, she pulled the six-foot tall woman up her body and opened her mouth to accept the gifts.

"Mngu. God." Kate couldn't remember her nipples being so erect. "Yes." They ached, but not half as much as the ongoing ache between her legs. She needed to either slow down or go faster, but this pace was killing her. She pulled away from Serena.

"Hey. Why'd you do that? I was enjoying myself."

Kate laughed. "I can't take it anymore." Kate sat up, crossed her leg and untied her boot. She kicked if off, slipped off her sock and then did the same with the other shoe and sock. Serena raised herself onto her elbows and watched her as Kate stood and slid off her shorts and underwear, kicking them away. Serena gasped when she saw Kate's full nakedness. She was exquisite. Long, brown, muscular legs, a beautifully sculpted triangle of dark hair with a thick strand of glistening juice gathered at its lower point.

"Umm. You look delicious." Serena reached for her and pulled her back into bed. Her hands immediately shot between Kate's legs, caressing her inner thighs, relishing the softness of that area. Serena's stomach flipped over when she felt the wetness and knew that she had caused it. Kate was on top of her again, spreading Serena's legs with her thigh, rubbing her body against her, causing another budding of desire from Serena.

Kate moaned in Serena's ear as she rubbed her mons against Serena's.

Serena's hand slipped from between them and she reached for the CD player. "Can I turn this off?"

Kate looked up startled. "Uh, sure. I'm just used to having it up loud when I'm..." she stopped when she realized what she was about to say.

"When you're what?" Serena hit stop while at the same time pushing her hips forward and into Kate.

Kate groaned, then said, "Nothing."

"When you're what?" Serena continued to press her body into her.

Kate complemented Serena's push with one of her own. The sensation of mound against mound was powerful. Already she was getting prickly. Her body was reacting to the pressure at the point of contact, at the very tips of her nipples, on the top of her head, and the soles of her feet. She could hardly speak, but she managed. "I just like to have it on."

"I know. You play it at a billion decibels almost every time you come in here unless you're sleeping."

"That is your fault." Kate was getting into the banter while increasing her arousal, following Serena's rhythm of pressing and retreating, pressing and retreating.

"My fault?"

"Yeah, I told you. These breasts." She bent to kiss them. "They drive me crazy. I'll tell you the truth. Practically since you've been here... Oh, yes. God. This feels good." She stopped speaking briefly and let her body take charge. She was getting closer and closer. Kate's arms shook as she held herself up, while pressing down and rubbing herself against Serena. Grinding, grinding. Serena was really rocking against her and even though she couldn't see it, Kate knew that her clitoris was peeking out from between her lips. She could feel her hardness against Serena, her clit being tickled and aroused by Serena's hair. "Oh, yes." She exhaled and quickened her pace, just as Serena slowed.

"Since I've been here?" Serena whispered and then moaned.

"I've wanted you. I'm in here getting myself off five times a day, thinking about you."

"Oh, God." Serena resumed her hypnotic rhythm, surprisingly turned on even more. "You were in here touching yourself?"

"Umm. Umm. Umm." Kate sighed repeatedly. She was going to fall soon. She was ready. "I...couldn't help it." Kate's face rose to the cloth ceiling of the tent, her eyes closed, and she cried out, "I want you." The lower half of her body trembled as she rubbed herself furiously against Serena while Serena pushed herself as hard as she could into her, giving Kate the friction she needed. Kate tensed and burst. Her body shaking, her arms finally giving out and causing her to drop onto Serena.

"Jesus." Kate groaned. "Oh, baby."

Serena held her in her arms. Even though there was a huge difference in height, about six and a half inches, she seemed to fit nicely into her curves.

Kate lowered herself beside her. "I don't wanna suffocate you." She closed her eyes and took several deep breaths. "God."

Serena's eyes were hidden behind very heavy lids. Her voice was husky and seductive. "Oh, I loved that. That was something."

Kate inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly. She reached down to touch her triangle, to feel her still throbbing clitoris. Serena propped her head up on her hand and watched her.

"Is that what you do in here? Touch yourself like that?" Her voice was rough, low and so deep that she barely recognized herself.


"Can you show me what you do? Please?" she asked softly.

She was craving more and Serena didn't have to ask a second time. She spread her lips with her index and middle finger and presented herself to Serena. Serena sat up and followed Kate's hands wherever they went. Kate moved her hand away from her triangle and slid up her body to massage her breasts. Almost immediately she was moaning. Having Serena watch her made her want to put on a show. She stared at Serena, looking at her soft skin, admiring her breasts as she breathed, how they went up and down, so full, heavy and creamy. Her hand went back to where it had begun. She spread her lips slightly, making room for her finger and stroked her clit. "Umm. Oh." Her hips started moving. Serena leaned in closer and stared at the wetness, the deep pink of her clit and swollen labia, the coarse black hairs that were abundant.

"I can't believe I'm doing this in front of you."

"Tell me what you're thinking when you're in here doing this." Serena reached out and gently glided her hand over Kate's body and watched as goosebumps rose all over her.

Kate laughed and shook her head.

"Okay, let me guess. You've just come back from watching your cheetahs. You've driven for miles over bumpy terrain and each hump, every dip, the vibration of the truck feels good. You've been out in the sun with all that good Vitamin D beating down on you and you're feeling so hot." Serena looked up and smiled sweetly. "That's it, Kate, touch yourself."

"Oh. Oh." Kate scooped some of the liquid that was still pouring from her onto her index finger and continued her languid stroking.

"So, you get back here and you see me and think. 'Why is she still here?'" Serena laughed.

"No, I think, why is she wearing that shirt? I can see everything. God, Serena's hair is so shiny and looks so soft. I'd love to feel it on my thighs, between my legs. And I think, I wish she'd follow me in here and take care of this."


"Then I turn the music on." Kate moaned. "And I strip down quickly and I'm ready for you. I imagine you..." Kate panted. "Eating me. And I start moaning and I reach over and turn the music up cause I know I'm gonna scream." Kate's finger slid faster and faster over her swollen center and she growled from a place deep in her throat. "And I'm fingering my clit and begging you to eat me, eat me."

Serena pushed Kate's hand away and moved quickly between her legs. "Like this?" Serena's mouth pressed against Kate's center and within a moment, her chin, mouth and nose were covered with Kate's wet heat. Serena moved against her like she was an extension of Kate's womanhood. Her tongue slid between her outer and inner lips, gnawing, licking and kissing them. She narrowed her tongue and quickly licked around Kate's hole. She heard Kate grunt above her. Serena's short blonde hair moved back and forth over Kate's wiry dark hair. Her lips sucked on Kate's pulsating clitoris. Slowly and gently pulling it into her mouth and licking it as she let go. Kate's legs were up against Serena's shoulders and Serena could feel the sheet being pulled and bunched around her. She knew that Kate had fistfuls of the sheet in her hands. Only for a moment did she stop, and stare with love at Kate's most private parts, then said softly, "Nzuri," before returning to her feast.

"Oooh." Kate cooed her response. "*You* are beautiful." Kate's stomach flipped a number of times. "Eat me. Oh, Serena eat me." Kate still lost in her fantasy spoke to her dream lover and real lover who were now one in the same.

Serena licked and nibbled for a long time, bringing Kate close, but forbidding closure. She had settled in and was in no hurry to stop. "I'm going to come in your mouth. Baby, baby. Uh-uhm. Oh." Kate licked her lips. Her head tossed and turned from side to side. She bit the inside of her lower lip. She grunted. As Kate's body rose, Serena rose with her, never letting go, lapping and sucking. Kate dropped back onto the bed, then lifted again. Grabbing Serena's hair she held her in place and pushed her face into her. She grunted again and then sat up, pushed away from Serena, her body trembling. Kate's head fell forward, long hair hung around her face and lay matted on her forehead. Serena watched as Kate's abdomen contracted. She knelt in front of her, smiling happily.

After some moments, Kate looked up and returned the smile and pulled Serena to her, opening her mouth to kiss her. She tasted herself on Serena's lips and on her tongue. Slowly, she began to recline and pulled Serena toward her. "Sit on my face. I want to taste you."

Serena crawled up the bed and straddled Kate's head, slowly lowering her center to Kate's waiting mouth. As Kate kneaded her ass, she used her tongue to perform unhurried strokes against Serena's clitoris, sometimes moving from her opening, up against the swollen lips, and back to her core. Though Serena had been a quiet lover opting to whisper her delight, softly command a specific action, delicately moan appreciation, having Kate's mouth between her legs brought out something more primal in her. She cried out how good it felt; groaned loudly and deeply when Kate's lips surrounded her inflamed clit, ground down hard on Kate's face as she moved faster and faster on top of her.

Serena's eyes closed and she caressed her own breasts, rubbing her hands over them, cupping and squeezing them while Kate drove her closer to ecstasy. Even before this afternoon, Serena had known she was in love with the filmmaker. It had been love at first sight. She had lied to herself and Dafton when she said it wasn't. And equal to the love she felt was the lust for her. Serena began to weep as she slid over Kate's mouth. She had wanted this badly, had longed for it every night since August. Now she wanted to tell her. In the heat of passion she wanted to proclaim it unequivocally, but she dared not. The feelings were strong within her, but she held back emotionally. The only betrayal coming from the tears she couldn't control. Physically, she was far past restraint.

Kate's nose was wet with Serena as were her forehead and chin. She followed Serena's lead since she seemed to know just the course to take. Serena's hips moved above her in circular motions. Her liquid fire poured from her and dripped onto Kate who drank of it and wished that it would be never-ending. It was not to be, however. Serena's body shook and she exploded.

"Ah, ah. Oh, Kate." She screamed. Her hands grasped the pillow on either side of Kate's head, she lifted her body away from Kate's still active mouth. She was sobbing as she dropped on top of her and slid down. Kate scooped her limp body into her arms and held her tight.

Serena was a watershed of tears. "I'm sorry. It was just so intense." She hiccupped and continued crying.

"I'm right here." Kate was briefly reminded of the woman who cried after having slept with her years ago. But she knew these were different tears. Serena's love was just so out there.

Serena was spent. She couldn't move. Tears fell, wetting Kate's breast as she held her close. For several minutes they stayed wrapped in each other's arms, until Serena slowly slid away and fell asleep beside her, her arm wrapped possessively across Kate's chest, her hand holding her shoulder. They slept like this until just past dusk.

Part 3

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