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Just Dance
By carpesomediem


Arizona was going over a patient's chart at the nurse's station when she felt someone grab her upper arm and begin to pull her away. She barely had time to set the chart down when she realized that someone was Callie, tears running down her face.

"Calliope," Arizona tried getting her attention to no avail. Instead, Callie now held her hand tightly and was leading her down the hall, to an empty on-call room. Normally, Arizona would think this meant Callie was looking for a different type of relief but once the door was closed behind them, Arizona knew something was truly wrong.

"I just want to dance." It was all Callie said, and it was all Arizona needed to know. So, Arizona held Callie from behind by her waist as the other woman swayed to the silent song playing out in her head as she worked out whatever it was rattling around in her mind. Arizona let go, too.

She learned quickly into their relationship that sometimes Callie just needed to come around for herself. Not always because she wanted to keep Arizona out but because that's how Callie's process worked. That's what Callie was doing, and Arizona watched as she turned around in her arms and smiled her way.

"Did you dance it out?"

"I did," Callie nodded, leaning forward for a quick kiss and pulling back just as swiftly. She was still smiling despite the tears.

"What's going on?"

"It doesn't matter, yet..."

"Yet?" Arizona raised an eyebrow at the response.

"Don't worry," Callie said with a reassuring smile. I love you. Callie had concluded after losing a patient in the ER. Her partner was at her side to the very end, even in the face of the loss. That's when Callie knew; she knew that's right where she'd want to be, too. She wasn't ready to admit it. Not now but she hoped she knew she'd get there soon.

The End

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