DISCLAIMER: Popular is the intellectual property of Ryan Murphy. I simply dabble in his sandbox, make his characters gay for each other and enjoy the turn on that follows.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is for miss_darkmoon, who requested: "I already told you, the warming one."
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By carpesomediem


"I already told you, the warming one, Brooke," Sam shook her head, resting on her elbows between the blonde's legs. It was taking Sam too long to get to the point, but Brooke was still hesitant despite the fire burning inside. "Just relax. I won't hurt you."

Sam began to rub her hands together slightly, letting the lubricant work its way into her skin before slowly tracing a path with one hand up Brooke's thigh. She let two fingers slip gently into Brooke, quickly pulling them out and letting them linger just outside. Her other hand began to trace a circle around the blonde's clit, making sure to transfer enough warming jelly to it.

Brooke threw her head back slightly, biting her lip to keep herself from moaning. She was used to Sam teasing, but this was different on so many levels. Sam wanted to try something new, something different and while Brooke was game, she wasn't sure how much more she could take before she lost it all together.

That's when Sam slipped her fingers in again and began picking up the pace; it was almost as if she timed it just right, because Brooke was overcome with a warming sensation as the KY worked its magic, just like Sam's fingertips danced inside. Brooke felt like she was on fire, literally, the heat increasing the friction as she ground herself against Sam's fingers wanting more.

Every so often, the brunette's fingertips curled slightly, hitting her in all the familiar spots forcing Brooke's back to arch and her lip to take the brunt of her release. Sam had slowed the pace, letting her thumb begin to massage Brooke's clit with a steady pace. Every so often, Sam would blow on it, causing Brooke to shut her eyes tight as her release slowly came.

But then, Sam just stopped her ministrations. Brooke's head snapped up, her eyes wide as she continued to try and thrust against fingers that no longer filled her.

"Sam? Brooke said between pants. "What are you…"

Brooke never finished that thought; Sam had managed to put a bit of warming jelly on the tip of her tongue and finished Brooke off by running circles around her clit as it heated up, throwing the blonde into a tizzy as she came. It rolled through her, over her and into Sam as she ran her tongue around Brooke's clit one more time before taking a taste and coming up for air with a smirk on her face.

The End

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