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Jello Shots
By Ann


Dana walks down the short flight of stairs in search of Monica. She squints in the poorly lit room and can barely make out her colleague near the far end of the hotel bar. Sighing, she makes her way to the barstools.

Three propositions and one ass-pinch later, she reaches her destination to find a morose Monica. Dana takes the adjacent barstool and waits for her partner to notice her presence.

A couple of minutes later, Monica turns to the person next to her and says, "Hey, Dana. Did you come to see if I'm drowning my sorrows in alcohol? Well, sorry to disappoint you, but this is my first and only beer."

Dana winces and softly replies, "Monica, I just can't be involved with another colleague. Look at the mess I got into when I slept with Mulder. It's not you; it's me. I do find you attractive, and if we weren't partners, I would be all over you."

Monica snorts and answers, "Yeah sure, Dana. I've heard the partner routine before. You don't have to pretend that you'd be interested in me. I'm a big girl. I can take rejection if I have to."

Glancing around, Dana leans in and whispers, "I'm not pretending. You are beautiful, intelligent, funny, and exactly what I'm looking for, but I can't. Please understand."

Monica shakes her head and wonders what she can possibly do or say to show Dana that they were meant to be together. If she could just get her into bed, then Dana would see. All the barriers would be down, and she could finally tell Dana how much she loves her.

Resigned to her current situation, Monica says, "Okay, I get it. Can you at least stay and have a drink with me?"

Relieved, Dana replies, "Sure, but no alcohol for me. It lowers my inhibitions, and I can't be held responsible for my actions which is why I stay away from bars. In fact, I can't tell you the last time I actually sat down in a bar."

Noticing the new arrival, Joe, the friendly bartender, saunters over carrying a tray of individual red jello shapes. Placing the tray in front of the two women, he says, "Hey, Monica. I just made up some jello sh…"

Monica almost leaps over the bar to shut him up. Instead, she quickly replies, "Oh great. Thanks, Joe. Hey listen. My friend Dana here would like a coke, no alcohol, just a coke."

Joe nods his head and leaves the tray on the bar as he turns to retrieve Dana's coke.

Dana looks down at the tray and says, "How cute, jello in squares, circles, and stars. Are the traditional peanuts being replaced with jello these days?" 

Picking up a star, she places it in her mouth and adds, "Wow. These are good. I wonder what he puts in them. Want to try one?"

Monica smiles and replies, "No, I don't think jello and beer would go well together. You go ahead and finish them off."

Joe returns with the coke, and Monica motions to leave the tray telling him to charge everything to her room. He returns with the tab, and she quickly signs it before Dana can see the total.

Thirty minutes later, the tray is empty, and Dana is feeling no pain. In fact, she has become quite amorous toward Monica and may as well be sitting in her lap.

Joe, who has been watching the proceedings, grins when he sees Monica try to keep Dana upright on the stool. Taking pity on her, he walks over and says, "Monica, there is an elevator around the corner that will take you to your floor. I think Ms. Dana here has had enough."

Dana immediately whines, "But I love jello."

Monica does her best to placate Dana as she helps her from the stool. Dana insists she is fine, but she has to lean heavily on Monica when the two walk toward the elevator.

The minute the doors close, Dana reaches up and pulls Monica down for a heated kiss. Hands map their way up and down each other's body while two tongues duel for control. The bell dings signaling the arrival to their floor, but neither woman wants to relinquish her hold on the other.

Monica is somehow able to maneuver them out of the elevator and is relieved when she sees their room a couple of doors down. She walks them backwards until Dana is backed into the door. Reaching into her pocket, she removes her key and clumsily places it in the key card slot. The door clicks, and Monica pushes it forward as Dana falls into the room.

Lifting Dana from the floor, Monica carries her to the bed and gently places her down. Dana doesn't release her neck, and she manages to pull Monica down on top of her. Clothing is removed, and mouths and hands are able to explore freely allowing the two women to finally release their pent-up sexual tension.

Hours later, Dana hoarsely cries Monica's name for the fourth time and collapses into the mattress. Monica slowly crawls back up to the headboard and gently kisses Dana's lips. She pulls Dana near and spoons her from behind.

Before dropping off to sleep, Dana whispers, "I love you, Monica."

Monica kisses Dana's neck and replies, "I love you too, Dana."

As she allows herself to finally drift off, Monica wonders what the morning will bring, but for now, she says a silent thank-you to the makers of Jello and Vodka.

The End

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