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By xxsecretnotesxx


"AAANND in the red corner, weighing in at about 3 ¼ pounds, with a record of no wins or losses, but undefeated with a credit card, Blaaaaair WaaaaaarneR. And in the Blue corner, she's rough, she's tough, representing the mean streets of the Bronx, JooOOOoo Poooooolniaczek! Saturday at Madison Square Garden, brought to you by Coca-Cola, 'America's Real Choice.' Let's get ready to ruuuumble!" Natalie then broke with an appreciative laugh at her own cleverness in trying to defuse the situation. She stood between the two girls, trying to put some distance between them.

Blair and Jo stopped their glare-a-thon with one another to turn and glare at Natalie in unison. Natalie backed away with her hands in the air defensively.

"Okay, okay, sheesh so sensitive," Natalie faded in the background to the best of her ability, but decided to stay and observe the exchange, in case there was any blood that needed to be cleaned up before Mrs. Garrett got back with Tootie.

"I'm tired of you sticking your nose where it doesn't belong, Polniaczek." Blair put her hands on waist and took a step toward Jo.

"Hey! I don't stick my nose anywhere, Blondie. Ya asked, remember?" Jo said, crossing her arms. "Besides if ya want to continue going out with Zachy-boy after I saw his tongue down some other chick's throat, that's on you. I just thought ya were better than that, that's all."

Jo turned to walk away from Blair.

"Oh no, you don't Jo. You do this to me all the time. You always find something wrong with someone whenever I start showing interest." Blair yelled at Jo's back.

Natalie thought about this. Why was that? Jo had turned around to face Blair. Natalie now looked at her friends. They were face to face again, inches away from each other, fiercely looking into each other's eyes.

"Now what is it, really? Are you jealous that men have the good taste in wanting to be with me, as opposed to someone… like you?" Blair said this and waved her hand dismissively pointing at Jo.

"Jealous?! Are you kiddin' me? You're the one that made a big deal out of Doug and me when we were working together at the motorcycle shop! And Eddie and me! Technically you made us split up!" Jo was furious that Blair would even suggest she was jealous.

"Me? Oh sure, and how exactly did I manage to do that? And you were doing more than working together with Doug!" Blair said incredulously.

"Well you broke me and Eddie up by encouragin' me to go out with other people and tellin' me there were other guys out there—admit it! You're the one that's jealous because I have steady relationships! All ya know how to do is serial date because after a while the guys get tired of your high maintenance act!" Jo's accent was ever more prominent as she yelled and the blood rushed to her face in anger. "I wouldn't be surprised if they were the ones that did the all the dumpin'!"

Blair guffawed as if that was the most ridiculous thing she had ever heard, but her irritation could still be heard through the laughter. "Jo I was merely trying to open your eyes and help you see that you had more options," Blair said condescendingly. "And by the way it is not an act, I am high maintenance. It's just not easy to keep me interested."

"Princess, everythin' about ya is fake. You're a Barbie doll; that would make your brain non-existent. I doubt it would take much to 'keep ya interested.'" Jo stood back and waited for Blair to finally explode and let her rage become evident. Jo had lost her temper a long time ago, as usual.

Blair glowered at Jo, fighting the temptation to scream 'turn blue,' her comeback safety-net. All she was able to do was huff and puff furiously and glare at Jo. This made Jo beam at Blair, with her cute crooked wily smile. Blair hated when she did that, it made her lose her composure even more.

Natalie looked at the two in amazement and something finally clicked. Why didn't I see it before?! Natalie rummaged through her memories to look at them through this new lens of understanding. The body language, the arguing, the exaggerated anger, the jealousy, the meddling… Yes! These two always meddled in each other's business. They insulted each other constantly, appeared to dislike each other, and yet were constantly around each other. And when they thought Tootie and I weren't paying attention, I'd even seen them be civil… and dare I say, KIND to one another. Natalie's eyes widened as she embraced her epiphany. They are completely HOT for each other!

Blair finally gave in, and yelled her customary 'turn blue.' She turned around, crossing her arms defensively with her nose up in the air.

Jo shrugged it off and walked toward Natalie.

"Hey Nat, do you still need me to proof read that paper?" Jo said, completely un-phased as if she had not just been completely infuriated with Blair a few moments ago.

"Uh, Sure!" Natalie said a little too enthusiastically. Jo had startled her out of her thoughts. Blair dramatically walked off, making sure Jo noticed she was slighted.

Jo looked Blair up and down from the corner of her eye. She then smirked slyly to herself, not aware she was being carefully scrutinized by Natalie.

Natalie was pretty sure this was something that would have gone unnoticed if she did not have the knowledge she now possessed. Oh, this is going to be fun…

Jo and Blair were at it again. Tootie was trying to ignore them and concentrate on her paper. Usually she and Natalie were the peacemakers but she really did not have the time. She looked up at Natalie who was staring at Jo and Blair, completely absorbed in their bickering. She was leaning forward, hands on her chin holding her head up, with a Cheshire-cat smile glued to her face.

"Natalie," Tootie whispered loudly, "aren't you going to do something? They've been at each other's throats all day."

"Yes," Natalie's Cheshire smile got impossibly wider, "I know. But I don't think it's gotten that far… yet."

Tootie looked at Natalie. She was confused by her last remark, but then rolled her eyes and continued working.

This had quickly become one of Natalie's favorite past times. Just look at that body language! Natalie thought to herself. The way they lean into each other, and unknowingly mold to the other's movements. Natalie felt like she was some kind of wild life expert observing the mating habits of two mysterious creatures in their natural habitat.

Jo and Blair were sitting at the table eating and having yet another trivial argument. The way they're arguing, you'd think it was the end of the world! Natalie did not miss a beat. Their constant eye contact was enough to make Natalie blush from time to time at the intensity. There was an intimacy when their eyes met; Natalie could not believe she had failed to notice it before. She was baffled that they themselves were unaware.

Whenever Blair batted her eyes, arched her eyebrow, or even demurely shrugged her shoulders with a counter attack, Natalie couldn't help but wonder if all her gestures were done subconsciously, or on purpose, as they all commanded Jo to keep her eyes on Blair.

Natalie liked to think of herself as knowledgeable in Jo Polniaczek's methods of flirting with Blair Warner. Yes that's what they do, they flirt! Natalie thought gleefully, almost giddy. Jo's feelings make her uncomfortable so she masks them with anger and sarcasm. Interesting. Natalie hypothesized. Blair is so flirtatious, she's unaware that she gives her feelings away when they argue; she let's Jo get under her skin a little too easily. Their arguments usually involve some sort of attempt at proving each other wrong. They both are constantly trying to be better than the other, but they are really trying to impress each other. Which means they care entirely too much of what the other thinks of her. …And the way Jo sometimes looks at Blair when she thinks nobody's looking, it's the stuff Harlequin novels are made of! Natalie mentally gave herself a pat on the back for the analysis. She'd been observing the two of them for a couple of months now.

Jo and Blair were so engrossed in their argument they never even noticed their friend, not too far away enjoying the show, taking mental notes.

"Well I didn't take your stupid crummy blouse Blair," Jo let her voice rise with annoyance at having to repeat herself.

"Jo I know you didn't take my blouse to wear it, I mean look at you, you think wearing camouflage is a fashion statement," Blair sighed theatrically, and then continued. "But perhaps you misplaced it? Or took it and threw it away, because it might have been on your side of the room." Blair said this and gave Jo one of—what Natalie perceived to be—her faintly suggestive shrugs.

"Might have been on my side of the room? Or might have been on my bed, Blair." Jo interjected, getting closer to Blair's face menacingly.

Oh, I'm so on to you, Jo! Natalie snickered to herself.

"Whatever, fine. If it was on my bed I would have destroyed the god forsaken thing for contaminating my sheets. But I would have also told ya if I did it. I'd be enjoying the stupid look on your face right now, dontcha think? So for the last time, I didn't see your crummy—"

"My pink satin blouse is very important to me Jo. I would never show such disrespect for your things!" Blair whined, her face contorted in a puppy dog expression.

That blouse symbolizes her feelings, Jo! She's telling you she wouldn't reject you! This is some good material here. Natalie mused.

Jo sighed in frustration and stood up to leave. Blair got up with her and followed her to the kitchen, not letting the issue go.

Natalie chuckled quietly to herself like a mischievous little girl. Little do they know I set the whole thing up to get another dose of their foreplay—er fighting. This is better than the soaps on TV. She had told Blair she had last seen her carelessly throw her blouse over Jo's bed. Natalie would later replace the blouse back in Blair's never-ending closet where she had found it.

Jo reappeared through the swinging doors, and Blair was not too far behind. Jo had just about enough of Blair's droning. She abruptly turned around to face Blair, head down, eyes up, looking Blair dead in the eyes. Blair had kept walking and nearly ran straight into Jo. She stopped when she saw the look on Jo's face.

"For cryin' out loud Blair, would ya drop it?" Jo yelled.

Blair's face momentarily looked a little shocked but she quickly masked it with her poise. She stepped toward Jo, head up, eyebrow arched, challenging Jo. "Or what?" she said haughtily.

Ah, the good stuff. Natalie thought excitedly. She inadvertently rubbed her two hands together.

Jo and Blair looked at each other for what seemed to Natalie like an eternity as she held her breath in suspense. Could this be the moment? Kiss her already Jo! Do it!

"WOULD you guys quit it?" Tootie yelled, fed up.

Tootie Noooo! Natalie slapped her forehead with her hand.

"I'm trying to get my paper done! Now either make up or take it somewhere else!" Tootie said with an authority that made her look even more so like a child.

Jo and Blair glared at each other one final time before leaving in opposite directions at the exact same moment, as they often did.

This is getting a little anti-climactic. Natalie thought, frustrated. No matter how much I make them fight it's not getting us anywhere. We need to add something to the mix. Something that would make them question everything. Hmm. She tapped on her chin with her finger as she tried to play cupid and derive a plan that would get these two together.

Natalie thought about her friendship with Tootie, and the difference between that, and Jo's friendship with Blair. Although Natalie and Tootie had had their share of fights, it was never as intense as Jo's and Blair's quarrels. Oh, my arguments with Tootie were bad and loud, and aggravating, but never … passionate. Natalie believed that it was due to the sexual tension between Jo and Blair. You gotta love Cosmo. Natalie thought with a smile. Natalie was quickly beginning to see how thin the line between anger and passion, love and hate really was. In their case, they are all practically one in the same.

She looked at Tootie, diligently working on her paper. Natalie decided to leave Tootie out of the equation for now. She felt that the key could be in her own friendship with Jo. Maybe I should approach Jo. We're close. Strangely not as close as Jo and Blair despite their constant squabbling, but Jo is much more comfortable with letting her guard down and being mushy around me. In other words, there is no sexual tension, Natalie thought, a little gloomily. What am I getting at, I'm confusing myself. Natalie squinted in concentration, trying to organize her thoughts. Wait… that's it! I think I've just had one of Blair's 'brilliant ideas'!

Natalie knew what she had to do, but she did not know how to go about it. She suddenly got flashbacks of the time Blair and Jo hysterically laughed at the idea of Natalie being a 'sex symbol.' Well I only have to be good enough to convince Blair…This is actually going to be harder than I thought. With a sigh, Natalie looked over at her friends.

Jo was washing the dishes and handing them to Blair to dry. It was a rare sight, seeing Jo and Blair quietly working together side by side, but it was not entirely implausible. Occasionally, they had their peaceful moments. Both were now standing a little rigid next to each other, not completely comfortable with being so close to one another. The tension is still there, they're just not announcing it to the world like they usually do, Natalie observed.

The two girls looked down at their dishes. They didn't so much as turn to look at one another when the exchanges were made.

Tootie's in the dining hall finishing up the tables, now is the time. The wheels inside Natalie's head began to turn.

"Hey Blair, I'm done putting away the left-over food. I can take over for you, if you want," Natalie offered innocently.

"Oh, that's okay Natalie, we're almost done," Blair said hesitantly looking at Jo. Jo looked at Blair from the corner of her eye.

"Don't be silly Blair, here let me get that for you," Natalie said and gently nudged her way between Blair and Jo. She grabbed the dish Blair had been drying, as well as the towel, and took over before Blair had the chance to object.

At first, Blair was bewildered by Natalie's behavior, but decided not to question it. Jo looked as if she were disgusted by the whole thing. Blair smiled and announced, "I did want to run out to Harrison's to get a scarf that matches the gold flecks in my eyes," Blair blinked dramatically, "For my date with Steven tomorrow night, of course."

To Natalie, the last statement had sounded more like it was directed toward Jo. Looks like I'm not the only one that feels that way, Natalie thought when she saw the look of disdain on Jo's face.

"If he cares that much about your scarf matching your eyes Blair, I'd worry he—" Jo began, but Natalie quickly interrupted.

"Have fun, Blair!" she said cheerfully.

Blair pompously grinned at Jo. Jo glared back and angrily washed the next dish. "I'll be back in a few minutes," Blair gleefully sang. She grabbed her jacket, and gracefully exited.

Natalie smiled at Jo. "So Jo…"

This time, Jo glared at Natalie.

"Uhh…" Natalie was a little intimidated by Jo's stare. "What are you doing later on tonight?" She attempted to sound cheerful again.

"I'm supposed to help Blair with her argument for the debate next week. Why?" Jo asked suspiciously.

"Oh nothing! Nothing. I just wanted to go see the new horror flick, and I thought, 'who else would I want to take, but my good buddy, Jo!'" Natalie smiled her squinty smile at Jo and put her arm around Jo's shoulder.

Jo's glare turned into a look of confusion. She turned to look at Natalie's arm around her shoulder, "Why don'tcha take, Tootie?"

"Aw, C'mon Jo! My treat!" Natalie took her arm off of Jo and then added, "Tootie has other plans." Take the bait, come on…

"I would Nat, but I promised Blair I'd help her." Jo shrugged.

"Jo, how many times has Blair stood you up," Natalie dramatically paused, "because she had a date with uh, I dunno, fill-in-the-blank?" Natalie waved her hand in the air flippantly for effect.

Jo thought about this quickly. She didn't want to miss the opportunity to piss Blair off. "OK, fine, but I got the popcorn."

And so the game begins…

When Jo and Natalie finally returned from their movie, they were laughing and joking about the cheesy fake blood, the gratuitous violence, and the actress's overacting. This joyous entry enraged Blair even more. When they entered their room, they were greeted by a very irritated Blair. Her arms were crossed and she was ready for battle. But before Blair could get a single word in, Natalie did the talking for the both of them.

"I'm sorry Blair, Jo really didn't mean to blow you off. I practically begged her to go with me to this movie so if you should be mad at anyone, it should be me." Natalie stated this very matter-of-factly, in one long, single breath. Blair's irritated expression was fixed on her face and for a moment Natalie thought Blair had not comprehended her.

Blair sighed heavily, and rolled her eyes. She was annoyed that she could not even have the satisfaction of being angry with Jo. Blair turned her gaze to Jo, expecting an apology regardless of what the circumstances might have been.

Jo looked at Natalie, puzzled by the situation. Natalie then turned to Jo and strategically changed the subject back to their night at the movies.

"Now, how about when the killer jumped out of the bushes! I nearly jumped 10 feet in the air!" Natalie giggled.

"Yeah, you grabbed and scratched the hell outta my arm, I think ya scarred me for life!" Jo laughed and jokingly held her wounded arm.

"Well, it was a scary part!" Natalie's voice nervously reached a high pitch as she attempted to sound flirtatious and play with her hair. I hope to GOD I'm doing this right. Cosmo don't let me down now!

Blair cocked her head to the side, confused by what was going on here. Jo seemed completely oblivious. Jo and Natalie continued to highlight their evening, complete with more laughing and joking. Blair looked at the both of them incredulously, but Natalie could see her writhing with frustration under it all.

Look at her! Natalie thought. She can't believe Jo is ignoring the fact that she's livid; she can't even believe she's actually being ignored at all! But most importantly, Blair Warner can't believe Jo was passing up the opportunity to have it out with her, and that she would rather laugh and kid with me instead! Natalie 'the sexpot' Green! She stifled a laugh at that last thought.

"Don't get jealous Blair. Jo only went with me because I nearly forced her into it. She wouldn't have stood you up if I hadn't asked," Natalie said, twisting the knife a little deeper.

"Jealous? Oh, no, I just think Jo owes me an apology for standing me up," Blair alleged, but it sounded like a question as she said it. "That's all," she added trying to sound sure of herself.

This really is way too much fun. Too fun to be legal.

"Aw, c'mon Blair, it's no big deal, I could help ya with your argument whenever. The debate is next week." Jo said coolly.

Jo couldn't help but notice the aggravated look on Blair's face. She decided to tease her and give her a charming toothy grin. Blair gave Jo the most menacing look she could muster, giving a whole new meaning to the phrase 'if looks could kill.'

These two speak volumes to one another just on facial expressions alone. Soon it'll be time to execute Plan B, Natalie thought as she witnessed their nonverbal banter. And Plan B isn't going to be pretty.

Blair was ogling at herself in the mirror as usual, trying several different outfits before her date with Chad. Jo and Natalie were playing backgammon on Jo's bed. For weeks Natalie had been keeping herself busy trying to wedge her way between Blair and Jo. She was constantly trying to take up Jo's time, complimenting Jo, sticking up for Jo whenever she and Blair were about to argue, and most of all making sure Blair noticed.

This is just like when Miko used to follow Jo around, idolizing her. Blair used to get so annoyed. Well, I know why now! I just have to take it a step further… Natalie noticed that whenever Jo seemed preoccupied with something, Blair tried to get her attention one way or another, either by picking a fight, or showing off. Before the epiphany, Natalie had originally thought Blair just liked being the center of attention. Natalie now saw that it was more than that. Blair did like to be the center of attention, but not as much as she liked being the center of Jo's attention. Natalie now looked at Blair; she was making a whole production out of getting ready for her date. The only one giving her the attention she was seeking was Tootie. Poor, innocent Tootie.

"Boy, you must really like Chad! You sure are pulling out all the stops for him. You look very nice Blair," Tootie said, complimenting Blair on her ensemble.

Natalie almost let out a laugh when she heard Tootie say Blair was doing it for him. Suuure she was.

"Thanks Tootie," Blair said with her dazzling charm. "So, what do you guys think?"

Jo, barely looking at Blair, mumbled a simple, "Yeah."

Natalie smiled and wondered if Jo was catching on and using her to get to Blair. Either this is the world's best game of backgammon, or Jo loves it when Blair tries to get her attention.

Blair sulked, although Natalie was the only one to notice. She tried one last time to get Jo to respond to her at least out of annoyance. "Well, I'm off on my date with Chad! He is so cultured and sophisticated. Old money like me, you know. Don't wait up," Blair said with phony cheer, as she made her way to the door.

Jo never looked up, but Natalie caught her making a face. And at Jo's lack of a response, Natalie saw Blair's dejected look as she left the room.

On to Plan B! Dun Dun Dun…

"Natalie, I don't get it. How do you expect me to keep Blair in here? And most importantly, why?" Tootie questioned.

"I just need you to distract her here in the kitchen, and when the clock's big hand is on the 8, tell her something, anything to get her to come out onto the lounge and—" Natalie stopped when she saw Tootie roll her eyes impatiently at her. "This is important, Tootie, I'll explain everything to you later, for now I just need you to stay upstairs after you unleash Blair."

"I don't like it Nat. You've been acting kind of funny lately. You and Jo are keeping things from me, and I'm jealous. Why do you have secrets with Jo that you can't tell me?" Tootie whined.

"Secrets? With Jo?" Natalie asked with a smile.

"Well that's what I think, and I know Blair knows something's up too, because whenever I try to talk to her about it she changes the subject. So am I the only one that's missing something here?" Tootie said, clearly irritated.

This is going better than I thought. Natalie's smile widened. "You try to talk to Blair about what?"

"About all the time you and Jo have been spending together. What? What is it Natalie?" Tootie begged.

"And what does Blair say?" Natalie said not able to help herself.

"She just… gets annoyed and starts to talk about something else to distract me. But I know better." Tootie said proudly.

"And why do you think there's a secret?" Natalie prodded without letting out any information of her own.

"I don't know. Why else are you and Jo closer than you and me? I thought we were best friends Nat," Tootie pouted.

"You are my best friend," Natalie assured. "And I swear Jo hasn't told me any secrets. I promise I'll tell you everything after you do this for me. Deal?" Natalie held her hand out for Tootie to shake.

"Fine." Tootie snapped. She didn't bother shaking Natalie's hand.

The trap was set. In 5 minutes, Blair was going to walk in and now all Natalie needed to do was find a way to get Jo to kiss her. Or, Natalie gulped, I'll just have to kiss her.

Jo was leisurely sitting on the couch. Natalie thought Jo sat like her dad did while he watched sports on TV. Natalie had a feeling Jo sat that way whenever she watched sports too.

"So what's this about Nat?" Jo asked nonchalantly.

"Jo, I just wanted to double check that this was okay with you before we continue on," Natalie began.

Jo looked at her like she had monkeys on her face. "Continue what?"

"Jo, I'm on to you. I see how you look at Blair. I'm so on to you both! So just cut the crap and do as I say, for Natalie Green, the Looove Doctor, is here." She announced this proudly, with jazz hands.

All the blood drained from Jo's face. She remained quiet, frozen in shock, and in shame.

"Good! Good! The reaction I was hoping for," Natalie gleefully clapped like a little child. "Boy, if you would have reacted any other way, I would have thought this was all in my head, and for nothing! Good for us, very bad for my therapist; she would have enjoyed taking this stint of mine and just running with it! OK back to you and Blair." Natalie tried to focus. She had just been so elated that she was right about at least one of them. All Jo could do was stare wide eyed, mouth open, with a stupid stunned look on her face.

"Jo, you need to kiss me," Natalie said in what she believed to be a seductive voice.

"What? No!" Jo said finally snapping out of it and recoiling. "What'sa matter with you?"

"C'mon Jo, it can't be that bad," Natalie said feeling insulted. "What? I'm not kissable enough for you?"

"No! I just don't see you that way Nat. I'm sorry." Jo looked sincerely apologetic.

"Oh come on just pretend I'm Blair!" Natalie flipped her hair back and tried giving Jo her best 'Blair' impression. "Look into my brown eyes with green and gold flecks in them, Jo!"

Jo looked down and away from Natalie. All the blood rushed back to her face. She was mortified.

"Oh for Pete's sake," Natalie said giving up on the whole seduction part of it all. I'll save all that for Blair. Natalie then grabbed Jo by the shoulders and made her move quickly before Jo realized what hit her. Natalie kissed Jo, mouth closed, tight lipped, right on the lips. Her eyes were squinted shut; she didn't want to concentrate on the fact that Jo, her friend, was the person she was kissing. Jo on the other hand had her eyes open wide with nothing but a look of surprise on her face. Jo had her hands in the air as if she had nothing to do with what was going on.

Natalie withdrew from the kiss with a look of disappointment on her face. "Well! It's gonna take much more than that if you want to impress Blair," Natalie announced, truly disappointed.

"Oh yeah?" Jo glowered at Natalie.

Uh oh.

Jo was never one to back down from a challenge. She closed her eyes and slowly went toward Natalie. Jo opened her eyes slightly at the last moment, waiting for Natalie to close her eyes and anticipate her kiss. She then gently tilted her head and gave Natalie a soft warm tentative kiss. She kissed her lower lip, and then moved to her upper lip. Natalie kissed Jo back just as softly, absorbed in Jo's way of kissing. She could sense this was just an appetizer, a sample of what Jo had to offer—the warm up. But just when she was getting really into it, they heard footsteps approach and then run off.

Jo jumped up from the couch. "What was that?" Jo said alarmed. "Who was that?"

"Huh?" Natalie said, still swooning from Jo's kiss. "Oh, that was Blair." Unfortunately. Woah, did I just really mean that?

"What?!" Jo shook Natalie by her arms. Natalie finally snapped out of it.

"She's ready for you Jo. Now go get her!" Natalie commanded. She pointed in the direction Blair had been standing.

"Are you kidding me Nat?! She's probably all freaked out! Great." Jo yelled exasperated. She held her face in her hands, moving them up to smooth her hair back.

"Trust me Jo, just go talk to her." Natalie smiled at Jo.

Jo looked at Natalie doubtfully, before finally running after Blair.

"You're welcome, Jo."

Wow. I'm definitely doing some heavy editing when I tell Tootie.

Natalie figured she'd give them some time before she'd go spy on them through the kitchen's swinging doors. She was dying to know what they were saying but didn't want to be caught spying. Oh look at that! It's been 2 minutes already. I think I'll check.

Natalie walked toward the kitchen and was able to hear what they were saying by just standing near the door. But Natalie wasn't satisfied with just listening. She needed to see. She needed to live and breathe it. This is all my doing, after all. I must see it through. She thought proudly and she dared to peek through the door.

Jo and Blair were facing each other. But then Blair gave her back to Jo, facing Natalie's direction. Blair looked as if she might have been crying. Shoot I think I missed the juicy combative, foreplay.

"Well, I don't know what to say Blair," Jo said looking at nothing on the floor.

C'mon Jo, grow a pair! Natalie thought impatiently.

"You don't have to say anything Jo. Whatever you do in your own time is your business." Blair said trying to sound snooty.

"Then why are you so upset with me? You're not just angry, it's like… I dunno. Are ya disgusted?" Jo said, and Natalie could hear the sadness in her voice.

"No!" Blair quickly said. She turned to face Jo again so that Jo could read the honesty in her face. They held each other's gaze for a moment.

Oh my God.

Jo took a step closer to Blair.

Oh my God, this could be it.

Blair looked away timidly and then met her gaze again. Jo took this as an opportunity. She took Blair's face in both hands and quickly went for a kiss.

Oh my God, Yes! FINALLY! Natalie mentally yelled. She released the breath she didn't realize she had been holding and did a silent cheer.

Blair moaned in protest to Jo's kiss and gently tried pushing Jo away. But Jo held on and swallowed her objection by passionately enveloping Blair's lips with her own. After a few moments, Blair sighed in submission and hesitantly began to kiss Jo back. Jo's hands moved around Blair's waist, pulling her closer. Blair wrapped her arms around Jo's neck. They began to breathe heavier as the kiss deepened. They explored each other's mouths gently but eagerly and then progressively moved on to an anxious and greedy pace. They stopped for a moment, trying to catch their breath, and then they looked at each other again. Jo smiled her wily smile and they tenderly continued their exploration.

Wow, that is… wow. Jo gave me a peck compared to what she's giving Blair… wow.

"Who are you spying on? Are you going to tell me what's going on now ?" Tootie said her hands at her waist.

"Shh! Tootie lower your voice!" Natalie whispered harshly in a frenzied panic.

Tootie had just about had it with all of this. She slammed open the kitchen door, hoping to get Natalie in trouble for snooping. Instead she got more than an eyeful of something her mind couldn't fully grasp or comprehend. Her eyes and mouth were wide with shock and all she could do was point at Blair and Jo.

Natalie looked in the kitchen. Jo was fidgeting with her hands, awkwardly standing about 5 feet away from Blair now. Her face was a deep red and she looked more humiliated than she had a few moments ago when Natalie was trying to get her to admit her feelings for Blair. Blair's face also drowned in embarrassment. She let out one of her mortified whimpers and knelt behind the counter trying to hide her face from her friends.

"Tootie," Natalie said as she put her arm around her friend and patted her back, "We really need to have a talk…"

The End

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