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By carpesomediem


She caught me off guard, Callie thought idly one day down in the ER. Completely off guard. How did I let this happen?

"You paged me, Calliope?" Arizona broke her train of thought, a smile forming while she waited for a response.

"I did," Callie said, standing and stretching slightly. It'd been a slow day downstairs, but she'd never say that aloud again. She'd learned her lesson, that's for sure. "I have a consult for you." Arizona merely nodded, waiting for Callie to take the lead.

A few minutes later, Arizona was sitting next to a young brunette girl who was having a bit of respiratory difficulty. Not enough to warrant a real emergency or even surgery, at least according to Karev's initial assessment, but Callie wanted to make sure. Plus, if she was truly honest with herself, she wanted to see her girlfriend.

"I think she'll be fine," Arizona said when they walked towards the main desk. "Just a prolonged respiratory reaction, not uncommon in children who age who suffer asthma. Give her another hour, and she should be good to go." The blonde signed off on the chart and handed it back to Callie.

"Thanks." They stood there for a few seconds, Arizona's fingertips lingering on Callie's hand staring at one another. Karev shook his head, muttered something about getting a room but they didn't hear it. How did I fall so fast? Callie asked herself. How did I let this happen? Why am I letting her in?

"I don't have anything else scheduled on the board today," Arizona broke away when one of the nurses popped up at the desk.

"I'm stuck down here for another six hours," Callie sighed, biting her bottom lip.

"Why don't I meet you down here when my shift is done and I'll keep you company until it's over?"

"Really?" Callie's response was a bit more enthusiastic than she wanted it to come out, but the smile that came over Arizona's face made her forget all about it.

"Yeah, really. I'll see you in awhile." With that, Arizona made her way back upstairs and Callie took a seat behind the desk with her eyes on the clock. When did I want to spend this much time with someone? she asked herself. I think I'm falling in love again.

The End

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