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I Need My Keys
By BowlnBat


Part 3

What the hell does that mean?! 'Don't change your mind'. Callie listened to the message at least ten times to make sure she hadn't missed anything. Once she was certain she hadn't she stormed into the kitchen to finish off the bottle of wine she and Erica had started the other night.

As she was slamming cupboards, looking for a clean glass she heard the door open and her roommate, Dr. Christina Yang, walk in.

"What's your problem," were Yang's only words. No hi. No hello.

"I don't want to talk about it. In all of your cleaning escapades couldn't you have at least done the dishes?! There are no clean glasses!" Callie knew she shouldn't be yelling at Christina, but unfortunately she was the unlucky one who happened to be there as Callie began to break down emotionally.

"Well, if you had washed them after you and your new BFF Hahn invaded the living room, you'd have clean glasses now wouldn't you?"

"She is NOT my BFF. Matter of fact if I never see Hahn again…it'll be too soon!" Callie yelled as she walked into the bathroom.

Callie knew she didn't mean it. She knew she couldn't go too much longer being mad at Erica. Despite what had or hadn't happened she still wanted, no needed, Erica in her life. Even if the feeling wasn't mutual.

"Yo, Torres! Hurry the hell up! I want to take a shower. I had a hell of a day. A hell of a good day, but still get out!" In these self-reflective moments, Callie wished she had her own place, at least her own bedroom instead of crashing on Yang's couch, but it was all she could afford right now.

"Alright, I'm out! Geez—I see you're back in the groove," Callie said as she plopped herself down on the couch.

"Oh yes. I most definitely got the groove back. Hahn has to teach me. The chief said so. No more Dr. McBitchy!" Yang almost sang, and rather loudly at that, as she walked into the bathroom to shower.

Callie could only laugh as she thought to herself, Dr. McBitchy. Yea that about sums her up in my book too.

A knock at the door is what brought Callie out of her amused state of mind. Getting up to answer it, she was taken back by the person standing in front of her.

"I guess I deserved that," Erica said.


"Dr. McBitchy. It fits huh?"


Part 4

"Among other things at the moment," Callie replied. Never breaking the intense glare she had on Erica.

"Alright, I deserved that too, but do you think you are done with the name calling? At least for the next few minutes?"

"I can't promise anything."

An exasperated Erica replied, "Jesus, Callie I made a mistake. I froze. I believe you did the same thing in the elevator just last week!"

"No Erica, you did NOT freeze! You reciprocated and then you ran. There's a difference. I'm getting used to walking away after we kiss." Callie had tried to keep her emotions in check, but her resolve was cracking and she could feel the tears begin to well.

Erica had never seen such emotion in Callie's eyes. It took her by surprise and broke her heart at the same time. She would never intentionally hurt the beautiful woman standing in front of her.

"Callie, can I please come in," Erica asked, but her eyes were pleading with Callie to say yes.

"No, Yang is home already."

"Fine. Come to Joe's with me. I'll buy," Erica was willing to try everything.

"I'm not feeling a big room, crowded with people we work with at the moment," Callie was not going anywhere tonight. Especially with Erica.

"I'm not going to stand out here and beg Callie. I'll be at Joe's if you change your mind. Or you can always call, but you already knew that. If neither of those options are appealing to you, then I guess I will see you at work tomorrow." Erica made her up mind a long time ago that she wasn't ever going to grovel or beg someone to forgive her.

"Goodnight Callie."

And for the second time that night, Callie watched Erica walk away from her.

Erica thought for sure Callie would have changed her mind and come to Joe's. After two hours of watching Derek and Meredith in what appeared to be a staring contest, or perhaps they could have been lovingly gazing into each others eyes, Erica really didn't know or care, she decided it was time to leave. She checked her phone a million times in those two hours. No voicemails and no missed calls. No Callie.

Erica walked into her apartment, shed her clothes as she walked and poured herself into bed. The entire time replaying the evening's events in her mind. Reliving what an idiot she had been.

To Be Continued

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