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How the McParents Found Out
By carpesomediem


Brooke was still climbing up the brunette's body, hesitating around the hem of Sam's shirt as she called out. Sam's brow furrowed as what she saw finally registered with her brain. She was looking at her mom upside down, her head tipped back.


"You might want to wait downstairs, Mike," was all Jane could say at the sight before her. When Jane spoke, Brooke froze and raised her own head. Her jaw dropped and she closed her eyes willing it all away.

Mike didn't listen. He popped his head into the doorway and the color drained from his face almost instantly when he realized his daughter had pinned Sam's wrists to the bed.


Everyone was at a standstill. Brooke and Sam – who should've jumped apart the second one of them realized their parents were home – were literally caught in bed together with no way to explain just exactly what was going on. They'd been planning to tell their parents, not show them. But now, everything was out in the open. Literally.

"My shirt…" Sam whispered, blushing furiously when she realized Brooke had hitched her shirt up by the hem just moments earlier. "Brooke, my shirt…"

"Oh, yeah," Brooke quickly sat up, pulling Sam's shirt down in a fury as the brunette darted up. They both sat next to each other, not daring to look at one another or their parents. Perhaps, if they both pretended they weren't there, that it wasn't happening, it would all blow over and they could go about pretending to hate one another.

"I think we all should have a talk," Jane said calmly, looking at Mike for support. He put a hand on her shoulder more to steady himself than comfort her.

"I think that's a good idea," he nodded. "Girls?"

"Yes?" Brooke and Sam responded at the same time, heads snapping up and finally looking at their parents. They both stood in the door with an amused expression across their faces now.

"We just want to talk about this," Mike said. "We'll see you downstairs in a few-"

"-And by that we really me a few," Jane winked before following Mike to the kitchen.

Brooke and Sam groaned; Sam rolled her eyes and Brooke covered her face with her hands.

"I can't believe this happening!" Brooke shook her head. "Why does this always happen to us?"

"I think Mike and my mom are thinking the same thing right about now…"

The End

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