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Home Schooling
By Aeryn Sun


Brooke walked in and threw her keys on the table, happy to be home from school. She'd had a highly stressful day and was just glad to be away from that place. First she'd accidentally worn the same top as Nicole, a major fashion faux pas that Nicole had yelled at her for. Next, she snapped the heel off her new Prada's while on the stairs and almost broke her neck. Thankfully her sneakers were in her car but they didn't go with her outfit so she looked like a fashion reject all day. And that wasn't even counting the pop quiz in Calculus she wasn't ready for and a whole bunch of other crap. All in all, she just wanted to relax.

As she climbed the stairs to her room, she wondered where Sam was. Her car was in the driveway but the house was eerily quiet. Shrugging it off as maybe Sam went running or for a walk, she started to her room. As she got there, she could hear a strange noise coming from Sam's room. Curious, she quietly padded over and gave the door a gentle shove. What she saw next stole her breath away.

Brooke was always aware that Sam was a beautiful young woman. Her hair, her eyes, and her lips helped to form what Brooke felt was a genetically perfect package. But it wasn't just surface beauty to her. Sam had an inner radiance that Brooke found breathtaking. It had scared her at first, the growing feelings for her stepsister, but after a while, Brooke accepted her sexuality. And the fact that she was infatuated with, if not in love with, Sam. Just seeing Sam made her heart race and her knees weak. When Sam was nice to her, Brooke felt like she was floating. And when they fought, it was the most excruciating pain Brooke ever knew. Plus knowing that she could never have Sam broke her heart, so she tried to settle for being friends with the girl. But even that didn't stop the vivid and highly enjoyable sexually charged dreams involving her raven haired goddess. And as she cast her eyes upon Sam's form now, she had no doubt about Sam's beauty.

Sam was lying on top of her covers, having tossed most of them off at some point in time, covered only in a thin sheen of sweat. The noise Brooke had heard was a small pink vibrator that Sam was using to pleasure herself. She was writhing on the bed, whimpering and panting as Brooke watched. A voice in the back of Brooke's mind screamed at her to leave, that she was interrupting a private intimate moment but her legs were rooted to the spot. She couldn't stop looking at the long muscled legs, sculpted by long hours of running; the soft patch of curls currently soaked with Sam's need as she continued to try to reach her release; and the round, full breasts with hard darkened nipples begging to be licked. She couldn't help wondering what Sam's legs would feel like wrapped around her, so strong and yet so soft. And she wondered what both Sam and her breasts would taste like. She found herself becoming highly aroused as she watched Sam's unintentional show.

She tried again to make her legs remove her from the room but still they refused. She was transfixed by the beauty on the bed and imagining herself as what was bringing Sam to such heights of pleasure. She could see herself with her head buried between Sam's legs, licking and sucking, causing Sam's cries of passion. She could feel herself getting wet as she thought and whimpered out loud accidentally, bringing Sam's divided attention to her.

Sam turned her head to Brooke standing in the door and her eyes got wide. She slowed her increasingly frantic actions and stared surprised at the blushing blonde in her doorway.

"Oh God, Sam...I'm...I'm so sorry," Brooke stuttered as she realized she'd been caught watching. "I didn't mean to...I mean, I just...I'll go," she managed, screaming internally to her legs to move. To her surprise, Sam didn't start yelling. A strange sultry half-smile slowly spread across the brunette's face as she looked at Brooke and started moving her hand again. She didn't say anything, but instead reached out to her with her other hand. Brooke gaped at her in utter shock.

"Sam?" she asked.

"Stay with me, Brooke," Sam whispered. Something in Sam's husky voice called to Brooke like a siren's song and she discovered her legs finally moving. But instead of moving away from the room, she was moving towards the bed. When she reached the bed, she slipped her hand into Sam's warm one and felt Sam give her a squeeze. Not knowing what to do, Brooke sat down and lifted the other girl's head into her lap, stroking Sam's damp hair away from her face with her free hand. Sam stared up at her, her chocolate eyes imploring and yet full of passion and to Brooke's surprise, love.

She stared back down into those eyes as Sam continued to pleasure herself, watching the swirling colors within Sam's eyes. Sam's whimpers and gasps as she grew closer to her climax rocked Brooke straight through and she found herself increasingly aroused. As they continued staring into each other's eyes, Sam brought Brooke's hand that she still held down to her breast. Brooke gasped at the feel of the soft, yielding flesh and hard erect nipple against her palm. But she needed no further instruction or urging. She gently started kneading the warm globe, rolling and pinching Sam's nipple in-between her fingertips. Sam whined and arched into the touch.

Brooke continued to listen as Sam's breathing grew into pants and shallow gasps. She could tell by listening that Sam was close. Sam was still staring intently at her, watching Brooke watch her. They both found the level of eye contact erotic and fulfilling. Low moans started coming from the back of Sam's throat and her eyes fluttered shut although she tried hard to keep them focused on Brooke. She reached out to lick her dry lips and Brooke couldn't take it anymore. She leaned down and captured Sam's lips with her own in a soul-searing kiss that burned them both.

Brooke swallowed Sam's cry as she came and joined the brunette in bliss a few seconds later with her own climax. It amazed her that simply watching and hearing Sam was enough to make her come but she was happy nonetheless. Afterward, she just lay slightly on the bed with Sam's head still in her lap, still stroking Sam's hair from her face. She was beyond happy and wanted to stay in that moment forever. Sam had turned off the vibrator a few minutes earlier and was lying still in Brooke's lap. Brooke thought she'd fallen asleep.

"I love you, Brooke," she heard Sam whisper. "Thank you." Tears of joy and happiness rolled down Brooke's face.

"You're welcome, Sammy," she whispered back. "And I love you too."

The End

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