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By Sparx

I'm dying.

I tried to protect you, and I couldn't. Gabrielle, can you forgive me?

I'd followed for days, waiting to save you. When I was ready, I attacked. The fight was mine. I was winning. It is only by chance that I lay dying now. A misstep at the wrong moment, a twist, a stumble, and I am struck down as I fall on my own sword.

How the gods must be laughing. Everything I am. Everything I have done. And I die a fools death, with my own sword sticking out of my belly.

I can not save you. Even now, my enemy stands ready with sword still drawn. If I could rise and continue the fight, I would, but I cannot. In mere moments, I will be gone. There is nothing I can do. Only my love for you gives me the strength to turn and look at you for the last time.

I can see your sorrow. Do not fear. We will be together again in Elysia. Death cannot separate us. We are soulmates.

My enemy approaches, and only a glance is needed to know I am no longer of any danger. When that hated face turns away to go to you, I can do nothing to stop it. I know you cannot protect yourself. My enemy is too strong. You will never escape without my help. I cannot help you now. Please forgive me?

My enemy embraces you, and I can do nothing. As your lips are claimed, my howl of rage can only be heard as a whimper. You are mine. You will always be mine. No matter what, always remember that I love you.

You speak, and my enemy nods. I cannot hear the words. When you approach me, I know what must have been said. I am glad I will get the chance to say goodbye to you.

I can see your sorrow, and my tears begin to fall. When you cradle my head in your lap and touch my hair, I forget the pain for a moment. Your touch, your scent, your beauty, your gentleness, your spirit. You make me feel like no other has ever made me feel. I will miss you.

The darkness descends upon me and I know my time is done. With my last breath I whisper, "I love you."

Through the mist I hear you answer, "Oh, Draco. You did this for nothing. Why?"

The End

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