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The Good No-longer Shepherd
By Reallybigpineapple


Part 6

The following morning, Addison got out of the shower to find Izzie lying naked on the king size bed, reading the paper and eating melon with sticky fingers.

Addison stopped and looked at her. Apart from giving off that air of sex-on-legs combined with a rosy freshness that you just couldn't fake, or at least Addison wouldn't know how to, she seemed truly comfortable in her own skin.

To Addison, this was an enviable quality. She wasn't sure why, maybe it was her 16-year old band geek self, still afraid to be laughed at by the cool kids, but she only rarely felt completely comfortable. For brief moments, yes, like in the OR, but there was always that voice that said: look in the mirror, check your lipstick, will this outfit make people take you seriously? And then the other voice, the one that just wanted to be adored, the one that kept telling her to give Mark Sloan the eye, even though she knew she could never love him, just to see the look of wanton desire on his face as she wore something that accentuated her legs and let her shirt fall open to show cleavage.

Addison wasn't very proud of that side of her personality. She ought to be independent; instead she was dependent, on the desire and attention of men and the respect of her peers. She still felt the need to check her lipstick in every mirror she passed.

Izzie, on the other hand, didn't seem to see the point of clothes at all most of the time, and never checked her lipstick in the mirrors she passed. It wasn't just because Izzie knew she was beautiful, the intern had her hang-ups like everyone else. She just didn't seem to be dependent on approval in the way that Addison was.

The object of analysis looked up from the paper and licked the last traces of melon off with a tantalising hint of just how agile and versatile her tongue was.

"Hey beautiful."

There was something different about Izzie's approval and desire. When Izzie looked at her like this it made Addison feel like she didn't give a crap about anyone else, as long as those brown eyes kept roaming her like she was eye candy. This realisation was shocking, to say the least...

Izzie sat up. Addison just stood there looking at her. She loved the way Izzie moved. Even when they weren't skin to skin...

The intern took her hand and pulled her into her lap.

"You interns really have a lot of energy, don't you...?" Addison said teasingly.

"Says you, Miss Three-times-per-night's a charm," Izzie retorted and breathed in her moist hair and fragrant shampoo. She put her cheek against Addison's chest, closed her eyes and sighed.

"This is weird..."


"You and me, doing this."

"I see. You meant the obvious weirdness. Girl sex with my intern... Wrong on so many levels..."

Addison relaxed and rested her cheek against Izzie's golden hair. The intern rubbed her back comfortingly.

"Do you want to stop?"

Izzie's voice was tentative and her hand stilled, waiting for the answer.

"No. Maybe I should, but I don't. In case you hadn't noticed, we're really good together in bed."

"I believe the word you're looking for is mind blowing."

Addison smiled.

"Don't argue with your attending, Stevens."

"You're not the boss of me."

She could feel Izzie smile back even if she couldn't see it.

Addison sat up straight and looked at Izzie with a raised eyebrow and a mock stern expression.


"In the OR, yes. In your bed? No."

"My my... Are all you interns so cocky?"

"No, just me. Kiss me."

"So now you're telling me what to do? Bossy..."

Izzie took one of Addison's hands and put it on one of her full, pink-nippled breasts. The attending still couldn't quite fathom that she got turned on by touching another woman like that.

Then Izzie raised her lips gradually to Addison's, very slowly. She stopped just before touching them and just let her warm breath flow into Addison's mouth.

"Kiss me." she urged again.

Addison knew what game she was playing and tried to hold back on principle.

Then Izzie moved under her, very subtly, just a fraction of an inch, making Addison feel her naked skin against the thin silk covering her sensitive parts and she reacted out of instinct.

Izzie waited for fraction of a second before she responded to the kiss, to test Addison to the limit. When she brushed her lips against the attending's and just barely let their tongues meet, she felt a shivering sigh go through Addison's body.

Izzie smiled a self satisfied smile and if her eyes hadn't been so filled with desire, Addison might have been offended. But it didn't seem like she got offended no matter what Isobel Stevens got up to.

"You really are a very troublesome intern, Stevens, you know that?"

She glanced at the clock on the wall behind Izzie's shoulder and cursed inwardly when she saw that they would have to leave in ten minutes not to be late again. She took a deep breath and told her throbbing body to calm down.

"Good thing I'm brilliant, then."

"Oh, you still have a lot to learn about being a surgeon, Stevens."

"Oh, I wasn't talking about medicine."

Her cheeky smile faded gradually.

"It's funny how life turns out. When I was a pregnant teenager waiting on tables and living in a trailer park, I would have been waay surprised if anyone had told me that I'd be a surgeon at Seattle Grace in eleven years..."

She smiled again.

"Not to mention sleeping with one of the foremost neo-natal surgeons..."

"If not the foremost," Addison added mock-seriously and smiled.

"...maybe the foremost neo-natal surgeon" Izzie changed obediently, "in the country, not to mention you being my boss and very female."

Addison felt brief embarrassment at Izzie's mention of the age difference between them. Ten years ago, she had been a resident. And Izzie had been a teenager... Then something else registered.

"You grew up in a trailer park? "

Izzie nodded and looked attentively at her.

"That must have been one hell of a trailer park to produce such a class act as you..."

Izzie got a funny look on her face and turned her face away.

Addison wondered if she had said something wrong.

The proximity to Izzie's warm nakedness was making her uncomfortable. If she stayed temptation would be too strong...

"Right, we have to go soon, so maybe you want to get dressed?"

Addison stood up and felt a sudden chill at the loss of contact.

She went into the bathroom and started brushing her teeth.

After a minute, she thought she heard something behind her and turned around. Izzie, still gloriously naked, stood close, with a strange look on her face.

"That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me."

Addison swallowed the toothpaste in her mouth and licked her lips.

Izzie pushed her against the cold marble of the sink and kissed her without holding back. Addison's robe fell open and the sudden contact with skin made her draw her breath. She must have said something that Izzie liked, because this kiss? It was like the mother of all kisses. It went on and on until not another thought remained in Addison's head.

When Izzie finally pulled away they were both uncomfortably aroused, but both knew that continuing wasn't an option. They got dressed in silence, just briefly exchanging touches and chaste kisses a few times.

Addison stood in front of the mirror to put her lipstick on, when Izzie gently stopped her hand.

"Maybe you want to rethink that colour?"

"You don't like my lipstick?"

"I do, it's very pretty and all. But I like kissing it off more and that colour is very distinctive. I can't keep showing up with lipstick stains in your colour all time."

"Good point."

After some rummaging, she managed to find a discreet lip gloss to replace it with. Just as she was finished, Izzie swiftly pulled her close and stole it from her lips with her own.


Addison pretended to huff about it while she put on some more, but secretly though it was a very endearing gesture.

As they stood in the doorway ready to leave, Addison glanced down the corridor.

"Maybe we should ride down separately?"

"Afraid you won't be able to resist me?" Izzie quipped, but she knew that Addison was afraid that they would be seen together.

"You don't mind, right?"

"Why would I mind? Nothing like a bit of cloak and dagger stuff to start off your morning with", she said lightly.

It was silly of her to feel disappointed. Getting caught would really be very bad for both of them.

"Meet me in the parking lot?"

Izzie nodded and walked out into the corridor.

From that day on, gradually, Addison stopped looking into every mirror she passed.

Part 7

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