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Good Morning
By Elfcat255


It wasn't the sun rising high overhead or the sound of birds chirping from the trees surrounding the campsite that woke her up. No, it was the rumbling of her own stomach that finally roused the bard from her sleep. Sitting up, she gathered the blanket that had been draped over her nude body around her and wiped the sleep from her eyes as she glanced around their camp.

"Xena?" she called out in a gravelly voice.

She heard a splash and then an excited whoop and rising onto her feet walked towards the edge of the lake they had camped near. There, standing in the shallows, with water droplets glistening on her bare skin stood the warrior. In one hand she held a newly caught trout and the other was poised over the water, ready to make another grab. With an intense look of concentration on her face Xena's free hand sliced into the water and emerged with a wriggling fish in it. She looked up to see the bard standing on the shore. "Good morning, sleepyhead," she called out to Gabrielle. "Did I wake you up?"

"No," replied the blonde with a slight grin. "My stomach did."

Xena tossed the two fish onto the small beach area surrounding the lake and searched the water for another. "Well, let me catch a couple more, and we'll have breakfast soon," she told the bard.

Gabrielle didn't answer; she was too enthralled by the way the warrior's skin glistened as the sun's rays kissed it and how a rivulet of water traveled from the curve of the tall woman's neck down between her full breasts. Dropping the blanket from around her body the bard moved out into the cool water, intent upon satisfying a hunger not born from lack of food.

As she neared the warrior Xena glanced up and with a crooked grin asked, "Are you coming to try your hand at fishing again?"

The bard smiled and shook her head. Xena saw the glint in those blue eyes and started to back up. "I thought you were hungry?" she asked with a tilt of her head.

Gabrielle nodded and moved closer. "Oh, I'm hungry but not for fish, my warrior," she remarked and then pounced on the taller woman.

Xena laughed loudly as she caught the smaller woman in her arms and the two fell back into water. They disappeared under the surface for a few seconds and then emerged a short distance away in deeper water wrapped in each other's arms as Xena kept them afloat with her long legs.

"I guess the fish can wait," the warrior murmured and dipped her head down to capture her bard's lips in a hard kiss and the two sank beneath the water again.

The End

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