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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is for hynotic_n_crazy, who requested: "She doesn't care what Nicole thinks anymore."
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With Friends Like These
By carpesomediem


It wasn't Sam's intention to force Brooke out of the closet. It just sort of happened. I guess when you get caught kissing in a car in the school parking lot that sort of thing just comes out, quite literally.

Mary Cherry caught them. It spread like wildfire and by the end of the day Brooke McQueen was being called all sorts of names in the hallway, classes and cafeteria. Even Glass made a few snide remarks her or there.

Of course, Sam was used to it by now, she'd been out for a bit, thanks to Lily who made it into some sort of cause. Sam just shrugged it off, let the school go at her for away until April Tuna's sex tape came out, and then it all blew over as Kennedy had something else to talk about.

But, now, Brooke was the center of attention and not in a way she ever wanted. Sam was there every step of the way, but some days it just wasn't enough.

Then, there was one day where Sam found Brooke had locked herself in the handicapped bathroom stall in the Novak. She had to climb under the door to get to the blonde who refused to let Sam see her cry like that.

"I can't take much more of this," Brooke said between sobs as Sam held her, rocked her gently.

"Yes, you can," Sam whispered, holding onto the poor girl as tightly as she could, "It'll be okay, it'll all be okay."

"No, it won't," Brooke replied, "My life's over!" She sniffed, wiping her eyes with a free hand, the other one holding onto the brunette's for dear life. "Everybody hates me-"

"-Nobody hates you, Brooke," Sam shook her head at the absurd logic. "You saw what they did to me-"

"-But that was you…" Sam was ready to respond when someone stormed into the bathroom, locking the door behind her.

"Hey, lesbians? Are you in here?" Nicole's voice boomed through the Novak. "Well, are you two too busy making out in there to have a conversation?"

"What do you want, Satan?" Sam responded angrily. "We're in the middle of something here."

"I can see that," Nicole's head peeked under the stall, "Not as scandalous as I was hoping for."

"Get to the point, Nicole," Brooke spat out, not in the mood.

"Mary Cherry's a moron, and I've got the perfect plan to get you two carpet munchers out of this," Nicole said coolly, "Now, if you will get yourself cleaned up, Brookie, we have work to do." Nicole's head disappeared and she stood waiting, looking at her nails.

Brooke and Sam just looked at one another before pulling apart and wondering just what drama Nicole was about to create to get the school off their backs. They knew whatever it was, it was going to make for one hell of a conclusion to Brooke's coming out story.

The End

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