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By Songbird


Every time my eyes meets yours, a flush covers your cheeks. Just a subtle rosy glow most people wouldn't even notice.

I'm not most people. I notice everything about you. Not really sure when that started, really. In the beginning you really annoyed me with your constant chatter, always getting into some kind of trouble. There wasn't a day when I didn't wonder what possessed me to let you tag along.

But then something happened. Gradually, slowly, I began to appreciate your presence. To miss your voice when there was silence. I started to notice every little thing about you. How your hair shone like spun gold in the sun and how it sometimes looked more red than blonde. How your eyes brighten when you're happy or excited about something, how they turn a dull gray when you're scared or sad. I started going out of my way to never see the emerald chased from your eyes.

Did you know you nibble the end of your quill when you're trying to find the words to describe an exciting scene in your stories? Did you know you let out a tiny squeaking sound when you stretch just after you wake up? Did you know your tongue peeks out the corner of your mouth when you're concentrating really hard on something? Did you know your nose wrinkles in the most endearing way when you smile?

Did you know my heart skips a beat every time it's directed at me? Sigh. I'm getting mushy in my old age.

I glance at you, only to find your eyes already trained on me. You do that a lot - look at me when you don't think I'm aware. Don't you know I'm always aware of you? Our eyes meet and there it is, that small flush. You give me a tiny smile, the same one you always give me when I catch you watching me.

This time, though, there's something different. Instead of looking away, you return my stare openly. Your eyes are intense and in the back of my mind I note how that look resembles that of a hunter who has a prey on their sights. Your eyelids drop slightly and I'm caught, completely unable to escape your piercing gaze.

Just as I'm about to wrench my eyes away, you surprise me again. My eyes involuntary drop to your mouth and I watch in slow motion as your tongue caresses your upper lip from one corner to the other, leaving behind a thin sheen of saliva.

My heart almost jumps out of my chest when you reach a hand to my face. A shiver runs up my spine as you trail a finger along my jaw line. You reach my chin and gently closes my mouth, which had unknowingly fallen open in the last few moments.

"I hear that's a good way to catch flies." you tap my lips with the tip of your finger and you wink at me before walking ahead with a new spring in your step.

I feel my cheeks burning hot, and I'm sure my eyes are wide open as they follow your swaying hips. My mouth opens and closes soundlessly for several heartbeats before I can finally make a sound.

"What in Tartarus was that, girl?" I ask Argo in a urgent whisper.

My only answer is a snort and a swish of her tail. I chuckle under my breath and pat Argo's neck affectionately.

"Well, that was certainly interesting, wasn't it?"

I walk faster to catch up with you, and the only evidence of your effect on me is my slightly flushed face.

The End

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