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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Written for the Simply the Best Challenge, this pair are the latest canon couple on TV and so I thought they deserved to be celebrated. Yes, I’ve been sucked into yet another fandom, but they are so cute together. Darn it! Oh, look is that the bandwagon I see coming around the corner? Get ready to jump everybody…
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Five Kisses
By Geekgrrl


We had seen each other around Seattle Grace Hospital, but I hadn't really had time to get to know Dr. Hahn very well since her recent arrival. A group of us were going out and someone had talked the new doctor into coming with us. It was Mark Sloan's birthday and he was buying so of course everyone was going to go.

So that's how I found myself jammed beside Dr. Hahn in a booth at Joe's Bar. As the craziness and jokes swirled around us, we split a bottle of red wine and got to know each other a bit better. She was sweet and funny and not at all what my roommate Cristina had made her out to be.

The gang eventually staggered out of the bar, with drunken hugs goodbye and singing. Well, Mark was singing. I hugged Erica and she quickly kissed me goodnight on the cheek before hopping into one of the waiting cabs. I didn't think anything of it at the time, but that was the first kiss Erica Hahn ever gave me.

It had been a tough loss, Erica and the team had worked on the patient for hours. Frustrated and exhausted she sat on the couch in the staff room. That's where I found her. She looked so miserable I couldn't help myself. I plunked myself down beside her and hugged her, trying to give my friend some comfort. I know she had done everything she could and it still wasn't enough to save the patient.

My pager went off and I knew I had to go. I dropped a gentle kiss to the top of her head as I stood and with one last squeeze of my hand to her shoulder I headed out. No words were spoken but our eyes met through the glass as I headed down the hall and I thought she looked just a little less miserable. I realize now that that was the first kiss I ever gave Erica.

Damn Addison Montgomery and the seed of doubt she planted. Now it's like there is a big elephant sitting in the middle of the room and I wonder who else can see it sitting there. It's all I can think about. I like men. I like lots of men. I've been married and divorced. Hell, sleeping with Mark Sloan alone should show everybody how much I like men. I try not to think about who I've been picturing lately when we…no, not going there.

I finally realized Addison Montgomery is evil and I've been worrying about nothing. Things have started to go back to normal between Erica and myself. It was easy and fun again in the elevator, playing and teasing with poor Mark about a threesome, how he couldn't handle us. That's when she took me by surprise.

I can remember everything about that kiss. It's forever burned into my memory. Her hand was gently stroking my cheek, her soft lips tasted of Chapstick and coffee as she pressed them against mine, and a lightning bolt of lust and adrenalin shot straight through me. Then she was gone and Mark was gone, and my world had changed forever.

Strong fingers roamed my body, I arched into her touch, my nipples hardening as Erica pulled and rolled them. Her hot breath tickled in my ear, moaning my name softly as she curled along my back in my bed. I wanted her so badly.

She rolled me to my back, staring down into my eyes, running small circles on my stomach with her skilled fingers, inching lower. She smiled that cute little half smile of hers before descending slowly, her lips hovering above for an instant before taking mine, claiming what was already hers. My eyes closed and I startled awake, alone in my bed. Rolling over, I touched my mouth, my body throbbing and I knew I still wanted Erica.

God, what am I going to do?

We stood in the parking lot outside of the hospital. She hadn't really been listening to me, or maybe she had and didn't want to hear me. I was terrified of ruining everything, but I had finally figured out what to do, what I needed to say. I had to take the chance, screw what everyone else would say or think. I'd regret it forever if I let this wonderful woman slip away because I was too afraid.

And then I couldn't find the words. They were just gone, right out of my head. But she was still there and actions speak louder then words. When my lips touched hers, she understood what I had been trying in my lame awkward way to say. And then when she kissed me back, it turns out we didn't need to say anything. We both knew this kiss would be the start of it all.

The End

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