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A fat suit
By Freddie-4884


"A fat suit?! You've GOT to be kidding me, and an itchy beard? No way. Why can't someone else do it, Griss?" I ask failing to keep the whine out of my voice.

"Look, please don't argue with me on this. Think about the children, this is all for them anyway. You know we do it every year; you should have volunteered for something sooner like everyone else. Now you're the only one with nothing to do for the children's ward at Sunrise. So, the fat suit and itchy beard it is."

Feeling slightly ashamed that I hadn't gotten in sooner to offer my services. No amount of guilt could make me step into the fat suit without a fight though. "Why can't I be Mrs. Clause? I could pull that off."

"Well, someone else has taken that role." He tells me with a slight cough.

"Who?" Unable to help myself I demand to know who got the cushy job. Well, cushier job.


"Me." Turning towards the voice, my jaw drops to the floor when I see 'my' Mrs. Clause. Striking a pose in the doorway, in a red satin mini dress, with white trim at her very ample bust and skimming across her toned thighs. Legs encased in shear black stockings and feet enveloped by five inch stiletto heels stood Sara.

"Damn, you're hot!" I hear my mouth spout out.

"You'll not look too bad yourself when you get your suit on." She purrs. Just as she turns to leave she looks back at me over her shoulder. "Oh, do I get to sit on Santa's knee and tell her what i want for christmas?" With that she swaggers of leaving me staring after her with my mouth hanging open, doing a good impression of a tunnel.

Suddenly wearing a fat suit and itchy, false beard seems appealing. If it means that I get Mrs. Clause sitting on my lap, promising to be a good girl.

The End

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