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By carpesomediem


"I want that." Arizona made a face and Callie couldn't see it, so she continued staring at the sight before her. "I want that, what they have."

"Being together?" Arizona finally connected the dots.

"Well, yeah, that," Callie smiled before turning to face the blonde and adding, "A family. I want us to have a family. Like that. Like they have."

"With me?" Arizona couldn't wrap her head around the words coming from Callie. She'd learned Callie wasn't the one to spill her heart out – especially considering her last few relationships – so she didn't know quite how to respond. She didn't want to ruin the moment.

"Yes," Callie said emphatically. "With you. Only with you." Before Arizona had a chance to interject, Callie leaned forward, captured her lips and kissed her. Arizona hesitated for a moment before returning it.

"Get a room!" someone yelled which forced them apart. When Callie caught sight of the idiot, she yelled back: "We're going to!" which made Arizona start chuckling.

"So, a family, huh?" Arizona pressed.

"Yep, a family. A big one," Callie nodded, filling her head with boys, girls, dogs and picket fences. "With you, Arizona. I want that with you. I've never wanted that with anyone before… Not really. I want to spend my life with you… Will you?"

"I guess, Disneyland really is the happiest place on Earth," Arizona's response puzzled Callie.


"I think you just proposed to me," Arizona smiled. "And I'm saying yes. At Disneyland. That's super, so super."

"Yes? You're saying yes?"


"I love this place! Who would've thought I'd love Disneyland? We're so coming back!" Callie exclaimed, hugging Arizona before taking her hand and heading back to their hotel.

The End

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