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Falling Is Like This
By UbiquitousMixie


Chapter One
Picking Up Good Vibrations

Addison Montgomery was a woman of means. She was resourceful. She did not rely on other people, or objects, as it were, to solve her problems. No, Addison Montgomery did not need anyone but herself to resolve any troubles that might arise.

Like, for instance, the near-painful horniness that had been nestled within her loins for the better part of a week. It wasn't that she hadn't tried to take care of that problem. She had. Many, many times.

What Addison found most frustrating was the fact that Callie Torres's subtle suggestion that she buy a sex toy was beginning to sound like an appealing venture.

She had always been a little skeptical of sex toys. She never felt like she needed them - she never wanted to rely on a battery-operated object when she could rely on boyfriends (or girlfriends) or her own trusty digits to finish the job. Perhaps it was the lack of love life. Perhaps it was because she absolutely refused to call Mark Sloan. Or maybe she was just distracted.

No matter what the case, whenever she attempted to spend a little quality time with herself, her orgasms were never quite satisfying enough. It certainly wasn't for lack of trying; she had taken to indulging herself once or twice a day, sometimes in the on call room or a within a random supply closet at Seattle Grace.

There had been a time when Addison could work herself to an intense climax in under a minute. And there was the one time, during a particularly boring lecture in medical school on holistic medicine, that she was able to get off just by rubbing her thighs together. But it seemed to be no use. Her sex drive seemed to be malfunctioning.

She sneered at the fact that this so-called "woman of means" was unable to take care of what should be an easily remedied problem.

She sat now at a table at the Emerald City Bar, Callie across from her and digging through her wallet for several bills to leave on the table to cover her portion of the bill. "Well, you're a boring date," Callie remarked, swallowing back the rest of her Dirty Martini and shaking Addison from her thoughts.

"I thought my good looks would hold you for a while."

"I do need a little mental stimulation every now and then. Especially when there are two of you."

"You're not that drunk, are you?" Addison asked, nursing the rest of her Mojito.

"Nope. Well, maybe."

"Me too." Addison leaned back in her chair, shaking the hair from her shoulders. She inhaled deeply, trying to rid her mind of the light dizziness that had developed within the last several minutes.

"We're close, right?" Callie said, combing her fingers through her hair.

"As close as can be for having spent every free moment together since the Carr case."

"Which was a couple of weeks ago. So I can say overly personal things and it not be weird?"

"I'd say your inability to stop flirting with me would be pretty personal, wouldn't you?" the attending responded, raising her eyebrow and sipping the last bit of her drink.

Callie sighed and plainly stated, "Alcohol makes me horny."

Addison giggled, ignoring the fact that a blush had warmed her cheeks. "Awe," she responded with a pout. "I thought I would be able to take credit for your flirtiness."

"I do not lie about horniness."

"I won't lie either…I'm a little frustrated myself. Okay, a lot frustrated."

"All you have to do is ask, Addy," Callie said, winking suggestively.

"If we weren't drunk and you were actually serious I'd consider taking you up on that, Doctor."

"Who said I wasn't serious?"

Addison smiled and looked at Callie for what felt like the first time that night. Despite the alcohol-blurred edges, she looked pretty great despite having just finished a 48-hour shift. Her hair was long and loose around her face, her eyes traced in fresh eyeliner and clouded with a mixture of intoxication and, oh, that must be the arousal.

So that's what a horny Callie looked like. Very interesting.

"Don't toy with me, Torres. I can't be held responsible for my actions."

"Jesus, you really are frustrated. Have you considered calling--"

Addison raised a hand to stop her from saying his name. "No, I'm not that desperate." She cocked her head slightly. "Were you considering--"

"Oh hell no. No, that ship has sailed," Callie responded, standing and grabbing her purse. Addison followed suit, leaving a few crisp bills on the table.

They hooked arms, partly for stability and partly because it was simply what they did. Since bonding over Jamie and Ted Carr's miscarried baby, they had been inseparable, eating meals together, shopping together, watching movies together, drinking together. It startled Addison how easily Callie had fit into her life. She was exactly what she needed: a companion to fill the void that had been missing since her marriage had ended. She leaned her head against Callie's shoulder as they slowly walked out into the evening.

Driving to the hotel wasn't an option; they were far too tipsy to risk the short trip. She scanned the streets for a sign of a cab and considered going back inside to call one when Callie's arm slipped effortlessly around her waist and guided her down the sidewalk.

"If we're going to walk back to the hotel, which I would argue against because stilettos were not made for walking, um, it's back that way, Cal."

"We're not going back to the hotel yet."

"We're not?"


"So where are we going?"

"What are two drunk, horny women to do when they have no boyfriends or whatever?"

"Callie, I'm not going to sleep with you." Addison gripped the curve of Callie's waist and rethought her answer. "At least not out here when the hotel is that way." She pointed behind them.

"I'm so not going to bite the fact that you've got sex with me on the brain."

"Addison Montgomery is not to be held accountable for her actions when she is drunk and horny."

"And Callie Torres would not be a good friend if she didn't offer a third option."

Addison scrunched her forehead. "If we're not going to be having sex, and we are not calling the manwhore to give us sex…what are we doing?"

"We're going to The Treasure Chest."

Addison snorted. "Right. I thought you were kidding earlier when you said something about sex toys being fun."

"Just because I mentioned it between shots doesn't mean I was joking. I'm going to buy you a present."

"I don't need a present."

"Obviously you do."

"I can take care of it myself."

"Obviously you can't."

"How would you know?"

"You'd have done it already. You would have taken refuge in the bathroom for a few minutes like I did."

Addison's eyes widened. So that was where Callie had disappeared to earlier in the evening. And that's what she had been doing. She suddenly found herself having difficulty swallowing. "You…what?"

"You'd have done something about it rather than sitting there staring at my rack."

"It's a very nice rack."

"I know. And now we are going to get Addison a little help in the sex department," Callie said before stopping in front of a moderately-sized brick building. They scanned the structure, noting the large posters that covered the windows that advertised a DVD sale, and Callie reached for the door handle. She guided Addison into the store with her hand on the small of her back and Addison nearly stumbled on her stilettos.

"Hey, Dr. Torres!" exclaimed a young woman who was hunched over the cashier counter reading Hustler. She dropped the magazine to the counter and tucked her short blonde hair behind her heavily pierced ears.

"Hey, Lyla. This is Addison." Callie grabbed Addison's hand when she began to inch towards the door.

Lyla's eyes swept over Addison's long, lithe form. She straightened her back, squaring her shoulders and crossing her arms over her chest. "Friend of yours?"

"We work together," Callie responded with a grin. "We're here to get her a present."

Lyla laughed and toyed with one of her earrings. "I was beginning to think for a minute that youd've worn out your last purchase or somethin'."

Addison's eyes widened as she watched Callie blush slightly.

"Nah, it's pretty durable."

"If you ladies need any assistance, I'll be right here."

"Thanks, Lyla." Callie pulled Addison towards the wall of toys and Addison stopped abruptly, taking in the sight of vibrators and dildos flanking the entire wall.

"I am so not drunk anymore," Addison sighed, her mouth hanging foolishly open. She swallowed when she noticed that Callie was watching her with a bemused smile plastered to her face. "What are you smiling about?"

"Oh nothing. Just…my little girl's all grown up now."

"It's not like I've never seen a sex toy before, Callie. I even had one at one point. I'm just not a regular like you apparently are."

"I am so not a regular."

"That girl knew your name. You're a regular."

"I've been in here once. And Lyla's brother was a patient of mine, so we've bumped into each other a few times. And look, now she knows your name, so you'll be a regular too."

"Something tells me she's not likely to be showing up with a pregnancy, so yea, it's more likely that I'll just be added to the top of her Hit List."

"Does alcohol make you paranoid too?" Callie asked, grabbing a purple vibrator and passing it between her hands.

"Come on, Callie. That girl obviously has a thing for you."

"Someone sounds jealous."

"Ha! I'm just making an observation. She's definitely got a girl crush on you."

Callie looked back at Lyla who was blowing a bubble with her gum. "Too bad she's not my type."

Addison raised an eyebrow and opened her mouth to ask what exactly Callie's type entailed when the forceful vibrations of the purple toy pressed against her stomach. Her sex clenched involuntarily and she gasped.

"I thought you said you were familiar with vibrators?"

"I didn't say I was familiar. I said that I had one once."

"And? Did you use it?"

"It was a gag gift at my bachelorette party. I tried it once, hated it, and threw it away."

"Woah woah woah, tried? Define 'tried.' Did you actually have an orgasm?"

Addison blushed slightly and avoided Callie's eyes by idly reaching for a rubber ducky, squeezing it. Her eyes widened when instead of a squeak she felt it hum in her palm. She dropped the toy as if she had been burned. "Not the ducky! That's so…wrong!"

"You are such a prude…no wonder you're so horny all the time."

Addison sneered. "I am so not a prude! I have a very healthy, active sex life. I just happen to believe that I don't need some battery-operated object to get me off when I have ten very dexterous, functioning fingers!" Addison straightened her back and smirked when Callie's mouth dropped open slightly at her exclamation. "And yes, I did have an orgasm with the vibrator I had; but I also had Derek and he was good enough for me. He also didn't like me using it."

"Derek was jealous of an inanimate object?"

Addison laughed a little. "It made him feel emasculated." Her eyes widened and she clamped a hand over her mouth. "I can't believe I told you that! He'd kill me if he knew I was talking about his feeling inferior to a toy."

"How did he feel inferior?" Callie questioned, reaching for a test vibrator with an oscillating head. She wrapped her fist around the top, her skin flushing as the silicone teased her palm and fingers. She cleared her throat and handed it to Addison. "This one is nice."

Addison blushed as her eyes fixated on Callie's hands testing each toy, as if the resident were able to assess the toy's worth just by holding it. She cleared her throat and searched her brain for the question that Callie had posed. When she remembered she sighed. "He wanted me to use it in front of him. And I did. And, well, I was a little more vocal with the vibrator that I was with him, and he didn't appreciate it. He made love to me twice that night, trying to top it."

"Did it work?" Callie asked, reaching for a nearby display of whips and tethers. She grabbed a riding crop and smacked it against her palm. "Ooh, I want one of these! Hey Addy, bend over."

Addison covered her backside with the double-ended dildo she had gripped in her fists.

"I'd make such a good dominatrix," Callie mentioned, playing with a pair of handcuffs.

"You've got that dominating thing down very well," Addison said, her voice slightly hoarse. She shifted her hips slightly, the pressure pounding between her legs. She closed her eyes momentarily and returned to Callie's original line of questioning. "No, it didn't really work with Derek. I faked it the second time around to shut him up."

Callie laughed. "Poor McDreamy."

"Okay, enough with my interrogation. Why don't you tell me about this recent purchase that your little friend has been daydreaming about you using?"

Callie raised her eyebrows. "You're not going to go all McPrude again on me, are you?"

"I am not a prude!" Addison screeched, whacking Callie with the dildo. Callie wrapped her hands around the end of the object and guided Addison to the adjoining wall, which continued its display of toys. Addison gazed down at the flesh-colored phallus that connected the two of them and swallowed. Her alcohol-hazed mind began to sharpen as images began to abound of the two of them using the toy. She let go.

"I have one of these," Callie said, pointing towards a row of packaged items. Addison stepped forward for a closer look.

The item in question was a glass dildo, offered in a variety of shapes and colors. Each one varied in its design. The one to which Callie specifically pointed had a bulbous top covered in bumps and several ridges along the staff. She imagined that the ridges would add for increased internal stimulation. She attempted to swallow, noticing how dry her throat had become, as she imagined Callie unwinding after a long day of surgeries and consults, lubricating the dildo and sliding it between--

"Did you just moan?"

Addison snapped her eyes to Callie's. "What?"

"You totally just moaned."

"I did not."

"You did. Which is all the more reason that I am buying you something tonight because you seriously need to get off."

"Tell me about it," Addison breathed, turning back to the wall of vibrators. "I don't even know what to get."

"Well, I'm going to recommend something that vibrates that you could use internally or externally, in case you prefer one over the other." Callie pursed her lips as Addison stared. "What about this one?"

Addison grabbed the self-pleasuring apparatus and examined it. It was curved, obviously geared for G-spot stimulation, and the inner curve was lined with ridges to heighten the sensations. She twisted the bottom, causing the vibe to spring to life in a powerful, quiet hum. She tested the different settings, feeling the vibe buzz faster. One setting even pulsated, creating a teasing effect that Addison found quite pleasing.

"This is the one," Callie stated with a smirk as she toyed with The Rabbit.

"It's not a dog, Callie."

"Sometimes the toy just chooses you. You've been chosen."

Addison blushed. "Like you were chosen by your glass thing?"

"Yes, Addy. My glass dildo chose me and we get along famously. You should meet it sometime."

Addison coughed slightly. "So, are we getting this and leaving, or what?" she asked, reaching for the box in which the vibrator rested.

"Wait, no. Not that one."

"I thought you just said--"

"No, I mean, not the blue one. I like the burgundy one. This one looks nice with your hair."

Addison felt her face grow hot. Did Callie seriously just pick out a vibrator because it matched her better? She wondered if that implied whether or not she had imagined her using it. She wondered why it mattered.

"Okay, so the burgundy one it is. We'd better get going then."

"Seriously? We just got here; let's browse a little."

Callie grabbed a feather tickler, running it along the length of Addison's bare arm. She shivered and took the tickler away. "You're like a kid in a toy store."

Callie grinned. "Doesn't it make you want to play?"

"Oh sure, absolutely. I'll just play with…this." She grabbed a strappy garment and twirled it around her finger. It flew off, landing on Callie's shoulder. When the woman noticed what it was she started to laugh.

"Do you even know what this is?"

Addison was about to feign knowledge but frowned. "No."

"It's a strap on harness."

"Seriously? That's what it looks like? I thought it was more technical than that."

"Yea, it goes like this." Callie righted the belt, holding it to her hips to demonstrate how it was worn. "And the dildo goes here," she said, pointing to the opening, "and then you just…go to town."

Images of the raven haired beauty bending her over an exam table while wearing said garment flooded her mind and she immediately shook them away as she felt her face flush with color. "Callie Torres, how do you have such extensive knowledge about all of this?"

"I know things."

"You're not going to tell me?"


"Why not? Are you embarrassed?"

"Why would I be embarrassed about sex? I'm not ashamed of having a healthy sexual knowledge."

"I'm not saying you should be. I'm just wondering how you know about all of this while I'm looking like a little wide-eyed virgin."

Callie laughed and gave in. "When I was in undergrad I worked in a shop like this. I wanted a little independence from my parents."

"You certainly got it, didn't you?"

"Yup. It was fun…I only worked there a year."

"You are way more in touch with your inner nympho than I am," Addison said, raising an eyebrow as she examined the lingerie section. "I feel so sheltered."

"Well, look at it this way: you've got an excellent teacher to educate you in the ways of this vast sexual world."

"Will there be hands-on lessons? I learn much better that way."

"Absolutely. Especially if you wear this," Callie said, fingering a black garter belt.

"How do you know I'm not already wearing one?" Addison asked with a smirk. As she watched Callie's eyes shift to the black skirt she wore, she grinned. She may not be well versed in the alternative sexual universe, but she certainly was an expert in being a tease.

It took Callie several minutes to make eye contact again, but when she did she was poised and seemingly unaffected. She walked ahead, pausing to point at a lacy black corset. "I have one of these in red," she said with a grin, waiting until Addison's face flushed with color before browsing through a rack of costumes.

Shit. There went her control. Thoughts of a corseted Callie, wearing a strap on and wielding a whip filled her mind and her center throbbed for attention. She opened her mouth to force out a witty response when Lyla appeared at Callie's side.

Lyla's dark eyes flicked quickly at Addison before she positioned her back to her, lowering her voice as she leaned into Callie's ear. "I get off in a few hours if ya feel like testing any of the merchandise," she said, slipping a folded piece of paper into Callie's back pocket. Her hand lingered for several beats before she walked away. Callie raised her eyebrows as she placed her hand where Lyla's had just been, feeling the piece of paper through her pocket. She shook her head and began to examine a French maid's uniform.

Addison didn't realize that her brow had been furrowed in an intense glare until she had forced an "I told you so" smirk to cover her scowl. She crossed her arms over her chest.

"Okay, so you were right."

"I'm always right."

"So the kid wants me. It's not a big deal."

"You gonna call her?"

"I told you she wasn't my type."

"Because she's more, uh, feminine than your previous partners? Well, excluding George…" She immediately regretted the comment as Callie's forehead creased slightly and her smile faltered.

"I don't want to talk about George."

"I'm sorry, Cal. I was just teasing."

"It's fine. It's just…still fresh, ya know?"

"I know. I'm so sorry - I didn't mean to bring him up," she replied, gripping Callie's hand supportively. Callie slid her fingers easily to lock around Addison's, as if it were the most natural of motions, and squeezed. Addison's breath hitched in her throat as Callie's hand flexed around hers.

Callie kissed the back of her hand. "You're such a good friend."

"I didn't do anything except bring up the painful, evil ex in the first place."

"You don't have to do anything except be you."

Addison felt her heart swell. "Likewise, Callie." They looked at each other briefly before the entrance bell sounded. Addison jumped slightly, pulling back her hand and glancing at the middle-aged man that had walked into the store. He winked at the two of them and she shuddered.

"I always hated the creepy old freaks who would come into the store," Callie said, leading the way to the counter.

"That must've been uncomfortable…looking like you, working in a place like this."

Callie smiled and placed the vibrator and a pack of batteries on the counter. "It was more awkward than anything. I've never been proposed to so many times in my life."

Addison laughed, watching as Lyla rung up the items. She paid special notice to the fact that Callie specifically avoided the younger woman's eyes.

"That'll be $65.95."

Callie slid her credit card over to Lyla and collected the bag, handing it to Addison. Addison held up her hands in refusal.

"I can't let you pay for that! That's ridiculous!"

"I just did," Callie quipped, signing the receipt that was placed before her.

"How can you people sleep at night?" Addison asked, glaring at Lyla. "62 bucks for a freakin' slab of silicone?"

"Hey, I don't price the stuff. But some people don't put a monetary limit on their sexual satisfaction," the girl responded, handing Callie the copy of her receipt.

"Callie, seriously, I don't need this. I can take care of my sexual satisfaction, for free, without limits."

"Addy, I bought it. And you are using it if I have to sit in your room and watch you."

Addison grinned. "Is that a promise?"

Callie laughed and handed her the bag, smiling politely at Lyla before slipping her arm around Addison's waist and guiding her towards the door. "Let's get you home, McFlirt."

Behind her, Addison heard Lyla mutter, "I'm so not gonna get a call." She smirked and allowed herself to be ushered through the door.

They had no trouble hailing a cab and Addison settled herself into the backseat, leaning her head against Callie's shoulder. Sitting reminded her exactly how dizzy alcohol made her and she closed her eyes, snuggling into the crook of Callie's neck. As she inhaled deeply, she wondered if it wasn't actually the other woman's perfume that was making her head spin.

Deciding it was, in fact, the alcohol, Addison opened her eyes, peering down into the deep cleavage of her best friend and swallowed. "Thanks for looking out for my vagina's best interest, Cal. I should write a monologue about you. 'Ode to the Vagina Pleaser, Calliope Torres.'"

"You can thank me when you're all mellow, and uh, whatever the opposite of horny is."

Addison scrunched her nose in thought before groaning. "Ugh, I don't even remember what that feeling is like."

"But think of how good you'll feel later when you've got all those post-coital tingles in the pit of your belly."

Addison laughed. "Call me crazy, but I expected you to say something about how good it feels to get off."

Callie giggled. "Well, that too. But afterwards, when your body is all coming down and you're in that amazing state of relaxation" She let out a breathy moan. "Mmm, that's a really good feeling. Kinda like being in the bath. Yea…that sounds like a really good idea. I'm so taking a bath when I get back."

Addison closed her eyes at the image of the raven-haired woman sinking into a steaming bath. Did the cabbie turn up the heat or something? As the car rolled to a stop outside of the Archfield, Addison distracted herself by insisting on paying the fare. They held onto each other as they headed inside, waiting only a few moments before they were able to step into an empty elevator.

Callie stood at the back, tipping her head back against the wall, her eyes resolutely closed. Addison hit the appropriate floor buttons and stood to the side, glancing at Callie. The orthopedic surgeon crossed her arms in front of her chest, pushing her cleavage together in a way that caught Addison's breath. A pleasant tingle swept down her neck, settling heavily within her abdomen.

She sighed, rubbing the back of her neck. Since when had the sight of her best friend transformed her into a hormonal sex fiend? She rubbed harshly at the tense muscles of her neck, pausing when she felt her shirt pull.

Feeling carefully, she realized that her necklace had snagged on her shirt. She motioned to pull it free but stopped when she remembered that this was her favorite Donna Karan blouse. "Shit," she muttered. "Cal, can you help me out?"

"Sure," Callie replied.

Addison twisted her body as Callie came up behind her, her fingers brushing her red hair to the side, fingertips gently caressing her neck along the way. She shuddered and felt her knees threatening to buckle as Callie's fingers tickled along the back of her beck, attempting to free her shirt from the silver clasp. Callie's physical nearness, along with her hot breath upon her neck, was more than Addison could stand; she placed an arm bracingly against the wall and felt wetness pool between her legs. Her eyelids fluttered up, glancing at the wall in an attempt to retain some sort of control.

"I can't quite get it," Callie muttered. "Let me try…"

Addison gasped loudly as Callie's lips hit the back of her neck, her teeth attempting to gnaw at the snag. When she felt Callie's perfect, pearly teeth graze her skin, she leaned her head forehead, sighing softly, the pressure betwixt her thighs pounding mercilessly.

One of Callie's hands held the necklace, the other the shirt. Addison clenched and unclenched her hand around the plastic of the vibrator packaging, the plastic crunching loudly as she resisted the urge to reach behind her and pull Callie against her. Her teeth nipped at her skin and she shivered.

She could feel her shirt give slightly, as if the snag had been freed, but Callie did not back away. In fact, she did something that Addison could only explain as being a figment of her alcohol- and lust-ridden mind. She licked her. And not just an accidental, "I need to rewet my lips" brush of her tongue across her skin. This was a full-on dragging of her tongue along the flesh, followed by the fastening of her lips upon the spot. And then she sucked.

Oh God, she had to be dreaming.

She moaned loudly, Callie placing her hands on either side of Addison's waist as she sucked, a whimper escaping the resident's mouth. Callie stepped closer, her hips pressing against Addison's backside, her fingers tightening their grip on her waist. A strangled groan left her lips as the loud "ding" of the elevator sounded, announcing the arrival on Addison's floor.

Callie jumped back, her lips parted still, saliva glistening upon her moistened mouth. Addison stared at her for a moment, her face burning, as she moved to stand in front of the doors to keep them from closing.

She cleared her throat. "Thanks for a great night. And uh, for the, um," she held the toy up, her fingers still clutching tightly to the package.

Callie nodded, her face flushed. "You have a good time with it. I want all the gory details."

Addison forced a laugh. "Of course. Sleep well, Cal."

"You too, Addy." Callie leaned in and placed a kiss on Addison's cheek, resting her soft lips upon her cheekbone for several seconds longer than their usual friendly pecks. "Well, g'night then."

"Good night." Addison stepped back, watching Callie until the doors closed. She walked slowly down the hall until she reached her door, where she fumbled through her purse to find her keycard. She slid it through, watching the light blink green, it's flashing mimicking the pace at which the throbbing between her legs kept. Had that really just happened? She brought her hand to the back of her neck, touching the spot where Callie's mouth had been. It was still wet. She hastily swiped her card once more and ushered herself into the hotel room.

In a rather swifty, mechanical fashion, Addison readied herself for bed. She swept her hair into a knot upon her head, changed into cotton pants and a tank top, brushed her teeth, washed her face, and reset her alarm. She left the black bag at the foot of her bed and sat, cross-legged, against her headboard.

"What am I doing?" she asked herself, sighing as she rested her face in her hands. This behavior wasn't her. She was not the type of woman who flirted with her friends, especially her straight friends. And yet, here she was, unable to control herself. She could flirt with someone like Mark, have a bit of fun, and then get a relatively decent fuck out of it. But with Callie…

Her stomach flipped as she pictured the other woman, all curves and temptation. Addison couldn't remember the last time another person affected her this way. She sighed and scooted down the bed, falling back against the down pillows with a huff. She couldn't do this.

No. She wouldn't do this. She was not going to continue the flirting game with her friend like some sort of cat in heat. Starting right this minute, she would no longer lust after Calliope Torres. The flirting, the innuendo, the incredibly hot neck kissing - it was all going to stop.

She stared up at the ceiling, tapping her fingers repetitively against her stomach as her sex began to remind her of her previous bodily state. Without giving it much thought, Addison slid her left hand under the waistband of her pants and underwear. She toyed with the trimmed red hair, raking her nails in random patterns as she began to tease her way down to her center. Before her fingers even delved between her folds she knew she was wet. Pushing away thoughts that reminded her of the cause of her wetness, she brushed her middle finger across her clit and sighed.

Addison bit her lip as she circled her clit, arching her back slightly and clamping her eyes tightly shut. The elastic of her panties dug annoyingly into her wrist and after one more forceful stroke over her clit, she stopped.

Weeks of built up sexual frustration would not be released during a quickie in which she was still clothed, though she felt she could bring herself to a more than satisfying orgasm. She got off the bed, quickly lighting a few candles around the room and on her nightstand before shutting off the overhead light. She pulled her tank top over her head, her nipples tightening as they met with the cool air of the room, and dropped it to the floor, her pants and underwear hurriedly following.

She sat back on the bed, eyeing up the black bag that rested a few feet away. Well, why not? It certainly wouldn't hurt to try it out, and Callie had spent all of that money.

After a few minutes of fumbling with packages, Addison had secured two AA batteries into the silicone shaft. She discarded the packaging and rested the toy on the bedspread in front of her, raising an eyebrow as she regarded it wearily.

She shook her head and laughed at herself. It was just a vibrator. It wasn't going to bite. Not that she'd object; she liked biting. Flashes of Callie's teeth nipping at the back of her neck brought another wave of heat to the apex of her thighs. She took the toy into her hand and lay back, imagining Callie's mouth over the rest of her throat, biting and sucking at the nape of her neck. She twisted the bottom of the vibrator and startled slightly as it began to buzz quietly in her hand. She drew her knees up, running the vibrating object along the length of her thighs and around her mound, allowing the sensations to heighten her arousal.

She turned her head to the side out of habit, nuzzling her nose against her shoulder as she teased the vibrator over her slit, sucking in her stomach and curling her toes as it slipped past her folds and bumped her clit.

Despite the pact she had made with herself, thoughts of Callie infiltrated her thoughts and she found little willpower to block them. She imagined the dark-haired woman in the corset from the shop, brandishing the vibrator and slowly torturing her with it. She mimicked the route she imagined Callie would take, first down her slit and over her clit, deep inside of her one, twice, three times before beginning the tease over again.

There had to be something very wrong about thinking about your best friend when you fuck yourself, but Addison was at a loss to figure out the reasoning. Try as she may to substitute her for some celebrity, or a former lover, the only face that presented itself was that of the voluptuous Latina.

She teased the vibrator at her opening, edging the tip in, sighing as the ridges stroked against her walls. She thrust her hips forward, impaling herself on the toy and crying out. She imagined Callie above her, thrusting the vibrator in and out of her as her luxurious black curls curtained around their kissing mouths. She imagined Callie's heavy breasts pressed against her own, her round hips pressing the vibrator in deeper. Addison cupped her breast, pinching and twisting her nipple in the way she preferred as she pictured Callie's hand doing the deed.

Addison's mouth formed an "O" as she could feel herself nearing her climax. She stroked the vibrator as quickly as she could, her wrist beginning to ache. She lowered her free hand to her clitoris, massaging the sensitive nub furiously. She gasped, crying out as the vibe repeatedly hit her G-spot. Panting, she arched her back and threw back her head, crying out sharply as her climax mounted.

With one more harsh thrust of the toy, Addison screamed Callie's name as she came, her entire body convulsing in waves of deeply satisfying pleasure. Her hips bucked sharply against her hand, moans escaping her throat and her eyes clenched tightly shut.

Several minutes passed before Addison came back to herself. Panting, she opened her eyes, blinking several times to rid herself of the stars glittering her view. She shifted, feeling heavy-limbed and sticky, and she was vaguely aware of the vibrator buzzing persistently near her thigh. With great effort she reached down and turned it off, dropping it on her stomach as she grinned at her ceiling. For the first time in weeks her body felt truly sated.

Sleepiness crowed her eyelids. She knew she should get up, clean herself up, clean the vibrator. She remained motionless. She shifted to her side, imagining with very little effort that she were curling her body around Callie's and pouted slightly when she realized that she was in bed alone.

Resisting the urge to sleep lasted but a few minutes more before she fell into a deep slumber. Dreams of making love to Callie, of fighting over the remote with her, of washing dishes at her side, occupied her hours of REM. When she awoke, her body cold in its nakedness, she realized that this was more than just a lust thing.

The End

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