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Falling Further In
By Lesley Davis


The CSI team rolled up to the gateway of the park followed closely by the LVPD led by Jim Brass and Sofia Curtis. The tall blonde detective eased herself out of the car and scanned the area with a critical eye.

"They couldn't have got lost somewhere a little less dense?"

Brass grinned at her. "Some people have no thought for others when they go hiking." He drew out a map he had folded in his pocket. "At least we have two hikers who can give us an idea of how to get to the body they found."

"And we're here why?" Sofia was looking toward the thick population of trees with less than an excited air.

"To protect our CSI's and to take in the scenery," Brass flapped his map at her. "Think of it as a works outing nature trail."

Sofia watched him amble off to brief the others. "Take a hike," she muttered under her breath, albeit good naturedly.

Sara Sidle gathered her case from the back of the truck and handed Catherine Willows hers. She marvelled at how immaculate the older woman looked. Sara already felt too hot and sweaty from the intense Las Vegas heat.

Catherine looked Sara over with her sharp eyes. "You feeling OK?"

Sara jammed her baseball cap on her head and fixed her sunglasses a little higher on her nose. "Ready to roll."

Catherine didn't break eye contact. "Try and get a little bit of sun today, you might look a little less pale."

Sara stared after her, wondering if Catherine had just been solicitous or down right condescending. She hefted her case and wandered over to Brass. Sara noticed someone else standing by him. She only faltered for a brief second but still let out a small breath. Sofia. Sara forced herself to just listen to Brass's voice. She couldn't help but let her sight betray her as her eyes strayed to look the tall detective over. There was something very alluring about the rangy CSI-turned-detective. She was grateful for the cover of her shades so that Sofia couldn't see just how much she was staring at her. She didn't think she could bear the dismissal she would get from those beautiful blue eyes. She turned her attention back to Brass who was issuing orders as to what direction everyone was to go in and Sara just tagged along, very aware she hadn't heard a single word.

The body was about a half an hour's trek into the woods. Warwick was busy chatting to Catherine as if they were just out on an afternoon stroll. Sara watched how the two of them interacted. She was very conscious of how Catherine was a sensual creature, she sometimes wished for just half her confidence. Instead Sara was stuck with the rumour that she was pining for her boss. She snorted softly to herself. If they only knew what she really wanted from life, the gossip mongers at the lab would really have something to talk about. Sara's wandering eyes caught a muted glint off to the side of the path. She stepped out of the line they had all made as they trudged along the hiking trail and went to investigate.

"Taking a pit stop?"

The hair on Sara's neck stood to attention at the husky voice that fell in beside her. She cursed herself for the start Sofia gave her. "No, I… I've just seen something," she said as she pointed down another trail. "Might be nothing, could be something. I need to go check it out."

"Lead the way." Sofia twirled the wooden toothpick to the corner of her mouth and tried not to smirk as she witnessed Sara trying not to roll her eyes at being granted her own body guard.

"Could just be a candy wrapper catching the light," Sara muttered.

"But if you don't check it out we'll never know." Sofia watched the rest of the group disappear further up the trail. "The body is just up ahead a ways. Word is it's decomposed pretty badly." She grinned to herself as she continued her 'small-talk' with the silent Sidle. "Nice day for a trip out of the lab," she commented.

Sara sighed. "This body caught us just before the day shift clocked in otherwise you'd have been escorting them around here." Sara stopped and rubbed at the back of her neck. "Who'd have thought it would be so hot so early?"

"Night owl," Sofia teased softly, her heart lifting when she got a soft smile back.

Sara grabbed a hold of a tree and leaned forward a little. "I'm sure I saw something just around here." She moved a little more. "Some drop." She eased back carefully from a sheer fall down to further woods below. "That would be a good place to throw a weapon down. There's no trail there and the woods would just swallow it up." She edged along to her right and chuckled. "Guess that's what our guy tried to do but missed." She laid down her case and dug out her camera. With speed she quickly snapped off some location photographs. Placing the camera back inside the case she then reached for her gloves. Carefully, she inched forward amid the brush and drew out a gun. She held it up carefully for Sofia to see. "Let's hope it's connected to what lies up ahead."

Sofia was impressed. "Sharp eyes!" She watched as Sara carefully bagged and tagged the evidence for later. Sofia flipped open her phone and called Brass. "Hey, if your body has bullet holes, Sara has just found a gun."

Sara sat back on her haunches and listened in to Sofia's half of the conversation. She packed her case back, ever fastidious, and saw something else just over the ridge. Carefully, she walked to the edge and peered over.

"There's clothing here too," she announced, and was just trying to figure out how to reach it safely when the ground beneath her shifted and fell away sharply. Sara quickly grabbed for something to cling to but the dry earth crumbled from beneath her feet and she fell straight down.

"SARA!" Sofia yelled and tried to get to where the CSI had fallen, but it was too late. "Jim, Sara's fallen over the edge. The ground just gave way with her on it. No, I'm going after her. Just get an ambulance here and get someone to come secure her findings. Just get her case and secure it, she'll be furious if her evidence is lost!" Sofia snapped her phone shut and carefully made her way to the edge of the drop that Sara had disappeared down.

"Sara?" Sofia tried to make her voice heard over the sound of still falling earth.

"Down here."

Sofia shook with relief when she heard a quiet voice answer back. "Don't do things by half do you, Sidle?"


Sofia quickly looked for another way to get down. She squeezed between two large trees and saw Sara's dark head below her. The woman appeared to be standing upright, pressed against a dirt wall.

"Sara, what are you resting on?"

"I have a foot hold that my right foot is in but my left leg is pinned by what appears to be a very large piece of tree root. It's anchoring me to the wall here."

Sofia was amazed by how calm Sara was considering she'd just fallen over a steep drop and was secured in place only by a piece of tree.

"I'm coming down."

"Don't, it's not safe."

"I can see that, but I'm still coming down. I can see a ledge by you. I can reach that."

"Sofia, you'll break your neck!" Sara yelled, fearful of what Sofia was going to try and do.

Sofia got on her knees and inched her way to the edge of the wall and grabbed at some greenery she found there. It held against her tugging.

"Not today, Sidle. Today, I'm going to try and save yours," Sofia spoke to herself and pitched herself over the side of the drop. She had one focus in mind. To reach Sara.

Sara watched as the tall detective clambered down the wall as if she were tackling a training course assault wall. She closed her eyes for a moment against the pain in her leg, she was sure she'd twisted something on her slide down.

"Do you have to make it look so damned easy?" she called over, amazed by the strength Sofia displayed.

"Easy? There isn't ever anything easy where you're concerned." Sofia reached out for a grip in the dirt and landed on the small ledge just as she predicted. Carefully, methodically, she inched across it and came to stop in front of Sara. "Hi," she said softly.

Sara's face creased as she valiantly tried to force back tears. "Hi yourself."

Sofia carefully checked out Sara's leg. "Ok, that's one hell of a limb you've got trapping your thigh. Looks like it stopped your fall, though, so that's something to be thankful for." She ran her hands gently around the huge tear in Sara's jeans and grimaced at the torn flesh and blood she could see from the wound the root had caused. She flipped open her phone again.

"Hi Jim. That ambulance on its way yet? We'll need some kind of saw too, there's a tree limb Sara's leg is trapped in that's not going to lose its hold unless forced to." She reached up to lift Sara's sunglasses so she could see her eyes. "She's strong, she can hold on, but she's going to have to be lifted up and then there's the small matter of me too."

Sara watched as Sofia made a face at the comments being yelled into her ear. "We look after our CSI's, isn't that what you've always told me? Well, I'm looking." Sofia lowered Sara's glasses back and snapped her phone to. "I'm looking real closely."

Sara tried to shrug at the intense stare she was being subjected to. "I've looked better." She felt her breath catch in her throat as Sofia leaned in closer.

"You've never looked better to me." Sofia moved in and pressed her lips to Sara's. She felt the surprise whisper from Sara's mouth then felt those same lips soften to accept Sofia's. Sofia kissed her gently, tenderly, learning Sara's shape, and then pressed a little harder. Only their lips touched and explored. Sofia finally drew back, her tongue rushing out to lick the taste of Sara from her lips. She lifted her own glasses to rest them on top of her head and then reached over to do the same to Sara. Dark eyes stared at her, unsure, uncertain. Then a big smile eased across her face, revealing the enticing gap between her teeth.

"Are you trying to distract me from the pain here, Detective?"

"No. I kissed you because it's something I've wanted to do for a very long time, and haven't been able to have you in one place long enough to keep you still." Sofia was staring at Sara's lips; she could still feel them pressed against her own.

"So you thought you'd use this situation to your advantage?" Sara's smile widened. "Who says cops are dumb?"

Sofia let her eyes meet Sara's at her teasing remark. "Do you know how beautiful you are?" She watched the disbelief shadow Sara's eyes. "Even covered in dirt and leaves in your hair you are still the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen."

Sara couldn't look away from the intensity in Sofia's eyes. "Catherine is a lot more…."

"Catherine is a different kind of woman. She's beautiful and she knows it. It's attractive, she's very vivacious and I'm sure she's great to be with." Sofia leaned in again. "But she's not like you. She doesn't have those dark eyes that call a woman closer, or that sly grin you only rarely let out when something tickles you but you don't want to laugh out loud. And the way you purse your lips," Sofia shivered against Sara's face, her cheek resting against the other woman's, "Makes me dream of what those lips could do when pressed on me."

Sara's eyelids closed against the picture Sofia so very vividly painted in her mind. She moved to get closer and the branch pinning her leg ripped at her skin. She groaned through gritted teeth.

"Don't move, baby. Someone will be here soon, I promise." Sofia nuzzled at Sara's ear and breathed in deeply at the rich scent of her hair. "Promise me one thing?"

"What?" Sara was panting over the pain that was rushing through her body like a tidal wave.

"When we get you out of here and all patched up, don't hide back in the labs." Sofia brushed her mouth across Sara's eyelids and then down her nose. "Be with me."

Sara's eyes opened slowly, clouded with pain. She nodded once. It was all Sofia needed.

Voices from above them could be faintly heard and Sofia yelled up to them. Quickly, rescue workers were around them, freeing Sara from what held her and getting her up to safety. Sofia was helped back up in time to see Sara being placed on a stretcher. Catherine was beside her, brushing tangled dark hair off a dirty brow.

"I have your case and the gun; I'll process it for you, ok? Don't worry about it."

Sofia didn't hear Sara's reply but heard Catherine chuckle.

"I have the clothing too. Only you, Sara Sidle, would have the rescue team gather those while they are trying to get you up a slope!" Catherine waved an imperialistic hand at the ambulance men. "Take her away guys before she tries to process something else from her stretcher!"

Sofia shook off Brass's concerns and headed for the ambulance. Catherine stopped her before she could go any further.

"You risked your own life going down there after her, Detective." Catherine leaned in a little closer. "I hope she knows how much she means to you."

Sofia's eyes widened at the comment and saw only genuine concern. "She will, Catherine."

"Good, then maybe you will finally catch her checking you out because up until now you've seemed pretty oblivious."

Sofia's mouth fell open inelegantly. "I beg your pardon?"

Catherine's rich laughter sounded brightly in the sunny morning. "Some detective you are. She's been watching you for ages, even before you got your shield. When you left it was like a light went out inside of her. And now you're back, as big and butch as ever. Go bring the light back to her face, Sofia, she's been in the dark too long."

A little off kilter from the other woman's words, Sofia stumbled toward the ambulance and clambered in. Before the doors shut on them she spared Catherine one more look. The older woman was already deep in conversation with the rescue guys, flashing that smile that captivated them all.

Sofia never even flinched when one of the medics took her hands to spread salve on the cuts she had sustained. She was unaware of everything but the fact that Sara Sidle was interested in her too, so much so somebody else had noticed. She looked down at the pale faced woman laid out on the other side of the ambulance. Sara was hooked up to various drips and wires.

"How you feeling?"

"Like I fell down the side of a cliff. Other than that, amazingly bright and cheerful!" Sara grinned from behind the oxygen mask they had placed over her face.

"It looks good on you. Bright and cheerful that is."

"How are your hands?" Sara watched the medic use band aids to cover the worst of the wounds.

"I wasn't aware I had done anything to them." She flexed her hands gently and felt the sting of the salve. "Must have had my mind elsewhere." She tried not to react when the medic left her and started to cut open Sara's jeans to expose the area where the tree limb had ripped through Sara's leg. "There's nothing too damaged there, right? She's going to be ok?"

"Looks mostly superficial, a few stitches should repair the gash but it needs to be cleansed thoroughly. God knows what has gone into it. It doesn't look too bad thankfully."

"Hurts like crazy," Sara admitted.

"I can give you something extra for the pain."

Sara shook her head. "No… I'd rather not be numb yet." She closed her eyes and seemed to drift off for a moment. "It makes a change to feel."

The medic gave Sofia a curious look but said nothing. Sofia just watched over the other woman and willed the ambulance to reach its destination a whole lot quicker.

Sara had been poked, prodded, cleaned out, stitched up and sent on her way accompanied by a pair of crutches. Sofia's eyebrows had raised when Sara had come ambling out trying to negotiate her way through the emergency room traffic of nurses on a mission.

"They letting you go so soon?" Sofia eased her long form from out of the small chair she had been sitting in.

"I'm all patched up. I just had a particularly gruesome cut and a muscle torn in my leg." She made a very expressive face. "I have to rest it so it will heal."

Sofia laughed. "Yeah, telling the CSI's chief workaholic to rest always goes down well!" She continued to be amused by Sara's disgruntled face. "So what now, Sara?"

"I have to go home and rest."

"You have a second floor apartment, right?"

Sara nodded.

"Mine's ground floor, it will be easier on your leg if you just stay with me."

Sara shook her head. "I'm not imposing on you because of my own stupid fault. I can manage on my own."

Sofia leaned in closely until Sara could look nowhere else except her eyes. "No hiding extends to your home too, Sidle. Stow your pride a little and let me take you home with me. You'll get better quicker and I'm right by a mini mart. You can exercise your leg by making munchie runs!"

"I'll need some stuff," Sara mumbled, feeling pressured and nervous and strangely relieved.

"I can get whatever you need. Give me a list and I'll go gather your unmentionables and your police scanner."

Sara's head whipped up at the teasing comment. "Does everybody know about that?"

Sofia shrugged. "What? That Sara Sidle wears underwear? I don't know. Why, how many have you told you don't?"

Sara shook her head at the straight face Sofia was trying to keep. "I can see you are going to be a chore to live with."

Sofia brushed back a long lock of hair that had escaped from behind Sara's ear. "And you are going to enjoy every minute with me, I guarantee it." Her teasing tone had gone.

Sara tried to get her crutches settled more comfortably. "Can we go now?"

"Your chariot awaits." Sofia led her out to the ambulance bay where a police cruiser sat waiting for them. "Brass had a couple of uniforms bring it over for me."

Sara stared at the vehicle. "Do I get to play with the siren?"

Sofia smiled at the wicked glint in Sara's eye. "Sure, and you can explain to my neighbours why you felt it was necessary to announce your arrival to my apartment. I'm sure they'll be enraptured."

"I promise I'll just sit quietly and be a good girl." Sara let Sofia open the door for her and then gingerly got into the passenger seat.

Sofia took her own seat behind the wheel of the car. She flipped her sunglasses on and started the engine. "You don't strike me as the good girl type, Ms Sidle."

"What type do I strike you as?" She was honestly intrigued by just who Sofia saw when she looked at her.

"The type that draws me closer every second I spend in your company."

Sara remained silent after that, she leaned back against the headrest and closed her eyes. She only said one thing on the whole journey to her place.

"You can leave the scanner. I won't need it."

Sofia's apartment was clean, tidy and curiously homely. Sara felt instantly comfortable as she made her way slowly over the threshold. "Nice place."

"It has a great view, too, of the sunrise on a morning." Sofia put down Sara's backpack she had filled with clothing. She had grabbed a few t-shirts, some jogging trousers and had tried not to look too closely at the underwear she had fished out of the clean laundry pile she had been directed to. "You're off work for how long again?"

"Just a few days, but I won't stay that long, I promise." Sara jumped when hands closed on her shoulders and she was held in place.

"You stay as long as you like, remember?"

"The muscle just needs to heal a little bit," Sara could feel the warmth from Sofia's long fingers burn through her shirt and scorch her skin. She shivered slightly.

"I need to go get us some food. Is there anything you particularly yearn for? I know you're vegetarian so I promise no meat products." Sofia cocked her head to one side. "Can I tempt you with ice-cream? I'm very partial to it myself."

Sara smiled. "Anything. Do you have coffee?"

"Beer too."

"I'll stick to the coffee."

Sofia nodded as another penny dropped in her mind where Sara Sidle was concerned. "I'll be back in a little while. Make yourself at home."

The apartment seemed strangely empty once Sofia had left, and Sara was suddenly at a loss what to do. She carefully made her way over to a shelf that was littered with photographs. She smiled as she recognised a much younger Sofia with a woman who had to be her mother; the starched uniform gave the rank away. Holiday photos, a glorious sunset caught forever in a frame, and a picture taken from a CSI Christmas party. Sara dimly remembered it. She'd wandered in, had one drink to be sociable, then had disappeared back to the lab for something other to do to get away from the noise and hilarity of the evening. This picture captured the team together laughing and Sara just on the fringe of the team, smiling at their drink induced jovial natures. She moved away from the scene and sat down at the table placed before a large window. She could see past the small garden area and out over the roof tops of other apartments. The desert called from the distance and the sun blazed so brightly it hurt Sara's eyes. She reached into her torn trousers pockets and pulled out the bottle of tablets she had been told to take. Her leg was screaming, and she was disgusted with herself for falling. But all she could remember as she fell was the look of abject horror on Sofia's face when she couldn't reach her in time. Sara leaned back in the chair and looked around Sofia's home, the last place she ever expected herself to be in. She touched her lips with a fingertip. Sofia had kissed her, had kissed her like she meant it. Sara smiled a little to herself. Remembering the kiss, she felt herself fall a little more in love with the woman she had dreamed of ever since she had been a part of the CSI team. Sara could pinpoint the minute she had seen Sofia in a different light. She had been pouring through case files of abused children and Sofia had offered her help, but as always, Sara was going alone in her quest. The look in Sofia's eyes when she had mentioned she missed being trusted had torn at her heart, and from then she had tried to open up a little more. She rubbed at her face tiredly. Sara Sidle wasn't exactly a master at opening up to people and then Sofia was gone. Gone to become a detective and when she returned she appeared more aloof and untouchable than Sara could have imagined. Every now and again she would spot the old Sofia and yearn to be near her. But Sara had her own walls to hide behind and no one seemed to be interested in tackling them to get to see the real her, either. Until today. When Sofia Curtis had climbed down a ravine to reach her and then kissed her senseless.

"What are you smiling about?"

Sofia's voice gently brought Sara back from her musing. She was armed with various grocery bags.

Sara smiled at her. "Falling." She grinned at the puzzled look Sofia gave her and felt something inside her click into place. Contentment. She hadn't felt that emotion for a long time.

After a wonderful meal, Sara sat back at the table and plucked at her clothes. "I really need to lose the dishevelled just-fell-down-a-hill look." She stared at the huge rip on her jeans. "Guess I won't be wearing these again in a hurry."

"We can wrap something around your leg to stop the bandage from getting wet and you could go grab a shower."

"Are you saying I need one?" Sara let a smile slip out.

Sofia leaned back in her chair and blatantly scrutinised the woman opposite. "No, but I sure could do with washing off the smell of tree fungus and other such outdoorsy scents!"

Sara gathered up a few clean clothes and manoeuvred her crutches to follow Sofia's lead. She looked at the shower stall with a frown.

"Think you might have a problem in there on your own?" Sofia read her mind very easily. She was tickled when Sara blushed.

"No, I'm sure I can manage," Sara blustered.

"I could offer to help in a strictly innocent way," Sofia's eyes sparkled.

"I don't think there is anything innocent about you, Detective." Sara bundled her crutches together and tried to stand up on her own two feet. Sofia caught her as she toppled over.

"Scout's honour, it will be a mutual cleansing with nothing nefarious in mind." Sofia held Sara to her, relishing the feel of the woman in her arms. "We're about the same height," she whispered as if just noticing the fact.

"You can't possibly shower and hold me up at the same time," Sara argued, watching the colour of Sofia's eyes darken and finding herself fascinated by the tiny golden flecks she could see being held this close.

"Let's see, shall we?" Sofia carefully positioned Sara so she was able to hold onto the towel rail. "Hold that while I get these jeans off you."

Sara was instantly struck by how intimate this was and how quickly they had been able to fall into it. She stilled Sofia's hands. "I…." She wanted to explain things that Sofia was going to see before she'd been told about them. She wanted to tell her before she came to her own conclusions and found Sara wanting.

Sofia stopped her hands from pulling down Sara's zip. "It's ok, Sara. We'll just go nice and slow, I promise. This is just a shower, nothing more." She felt more than saw Sara relax, and she carefully pulled down the remainder of the zip. The tattered jeans were pulled down Sara's legs and Sofia swallowed at the length of skin she was revealing. "Jesus, Sidle, you are all leg and then some!" She marvelled at Sara's softness.

Sara snorted. "So much for just a shower, nothing more," she commented.

Sofia stood up and shrugged softly. "You have legs that just don't stop, Sara. Forgive me for not being able to keep my mouth shut on that amazing fact!" She nonchalantly unbuckled her belt and popped open the top button to her own trousers. She was highly aware that Sara was watching her every move. She let her trousers drop to the ground and stepped out of them, enjoying the look of equal interest she received from the woman before her.

"You're not so shabby in the leg department either."

Sofia smiled and bowed her head. "Why thank you for noticing!" She reached for her shirt buttons and gestured to Sara to do the same. "I think you can manage your shirt yourself."

Slowly both women worked themselves down to their underwear. Sofia reached for the clasps of her bra. "Last chance, Sidle. Once you've seen me naked there's no going back, so if you have any doubts, now is the time to voice them."

Sara gave her a stony look. "You are so full of it sometimes."

Sofia shrugged. "I was already yours before I even saw just how long your legs are, I think it's only fair that you are aware of this."

"Are you ever serious?"

"I'm deadly serious about you, Sara. I'm just trying to lighten the mood because I couldn't bear it if you left now." Sofia's voice was husky, her eyes earnest with intent.

Sara leaned heavily against the counter top, unfastened her bra and unceremoniously handed it to Sofia. "I'm not going anywhere." She heard the sharp intake of breath that came from Sofia. She looked up to find Sofia with her eyes screwed shut tight. "What?"

"Just-a-shower, just-a-shower, just-a-shower," was Sofia's mantra, making Sara chuckle.

"Just get the water started and get me clean. I must smell like a car's air freshener!"

Sofia removed her own bra with little fuss and quickly turned to get the shower running. But not before Sara had seen the bright pink nipples that tipped Sofia's breasts. She closed her own eyes but the picture was seared to her memory as if burned there. She felt Sofia beside her.

"You in pain?" Sofia asked solicitously.

Sara shook her head. "No, you're just so beautiful…." She opened her dark eyes to find Sofia smiling softly at her.

"Why, thank you. You er…." Sofia looked uncharacteristically shy. "You need to get rid of your last piece of clothing."

Sara looked down and realised that Sofia had already removed hers. The soft blonde patch of hair that covered the top of her legs looked inviting to the touch. Sara let out a deep gust of air.

"I've faced down guys with guns and my heart didn't race this much," she grumbled as she reached for the top of her briefs.

Sofia remained quiet as she watched Sara undress. She reached out to take Sara's arm and their bare skin touched. Both gasped aloud.

"This isn't just a shower, is it?" Sara stepped inside the cubicle and felt the warm water prickle at her skin.

"We forgot to cover your bandage," Sofia stepped in behind her and watched as the water soaked through the gauze.

"We can change it after," Sara kept her eyes closed in the spray and let it wash through her hair. Sofia pressed in behind her and held her upright. The soft press of breasts in Sara's back made her temperature rise. She jumped when Sofia's hand reached around to pass her the soap.

"Hey, water baby, you might need this."

Sara washed her body slowly, very aware of the arms around her waist and the press of the lithe body behind her. She felt Sofia gently kiss at the scars on her back, never saying a word, just anointing them with kisses. Sara's stiff stance softened. Unconsciously, she leaned back into Sofia's grasp and let her hold her more tightly. She almost purred when Sofia reached around her for something, somehow managed to pour shampoo into her hair and then massaged it into her scalp.

"You're going to spoil me."

"You deserve it and I've wanted to do things for you since forever."

"Why me, Sofia?" Sara's voice was so quiet in the cubicle it was almost lost in the sound of the water.

Sofia heard her. "Because you fascinate me. You're so strong and determined yet still sensitive and shy. Your smile alone makes me want to hold you close and never let you go. You challenge me and make me furious and still I want to kiss you senseless." Sofia very carefully turned Sara around so she could see her face. "I love you and today when I saw you disappear from my sight I knew I wasn't going to waste another day not letting you know it."

Sara leaned forward and unmindful of the soap, kissed her with all the passion she could give. Sofia's arms tightened and they held each other close.

"I love you too," Sara whispered as she smoothed her hands over Sofia's slick back. Her heart swelled at the sight of the smile that Sofia graced her with at her soft words.

"Do you want to pass the soap so we can both get clean and get out of here?"

Sara went to hand her the soap but paused. She lathered up her own hands and smoothed them over Sofia's strong shoulders.

"You're playing a dangerous game, Sara," Sofia growled.

"I'm injured; you have to hold me up in here. I'm just helping you get clean." She ran her hands down Sofia's chest and cupped her breasts. She saw Sofia swallow hard. Her hands continued down over the flat muscled plains of Sofia's stomach.

"You go any further and we'll both be on our asses in the bottom of this shower!" Sofia warned.

Sara raised her hands back up in front of her. "I'll be good." She placed the soap in the small tray beside her and reached back to wash the shampoo out of her hair. The movement drew Sofia's eyes firmly on Sara's breasts.

"You do not play fair." Sofia licked her lips as the tempting deep red nipples tightened before her eyes.

"Can you wash my legs please?" Sara laughed at the loud groan that rumbled from Sofia's chest vibrated through the shower.

"You are a cruel, harsh woman."

"And you love me."

Sofia was heartened by the happiness she heard in Sara's tone. It lifted her own heart and eased some of her fierce arousal. "That I do." She carefully manoeuvred herself in the shower to wash Sarah's bruised leg. She couldn't help herself. She placed a chaste kiss at the top of Sara's thigh then sighed as Sara began to wash her hair while she knelt before her.

"Thought I'd give you a hand," Sara luxuriated in the feel of the blonde hair running through her fingers. "I love your hair."

In no time, both were washed and pampered and loathe to get out from under the water. Sara's leg started to hurt her more, though, and Sofia, ever mindful to every expression on Sara's face, quickly got her out from under the water and wrapped in a thick towel. Sara opted to leave her bandage off for a while to let some fresh air get on the damaged skin. Dressed in sleep shorts and a vest top she was laid out on Sofia's bed flicking through the TV channels while Sofia finished drying her hair. Sara marvelled at the muscles in the other woman's arms, how slender yet powerful she was. Dressed in light pyjama trousers and a vest top not too unlike Sara's own, Sofia soon joined her on the bed and, to Sara's surprise, curled up and put her head on Sara's stomach. Sara ran her fingers lightly though the blonde hair that fanned out across her lap.

"When do you have to go back on shift?" Sara hated to ask but had been steeling herself to broach the subject.

"I have a few days owing, I called in a few favours and I'm not due back until Thursday."

"You have the next four days off?"

"You need someone to help you and… I wanted to be here with you." Sofia lifted her head up fractionally. "Is that selfish of me?"

Sara blinked back the sudden rush of tears from her eyes. "No, that's… very sweet. You shouldn't be losing your time off, though, to be looking after me."

"Something tells me I won't be doing much looking after. You're an independent woman and you won't let your leg slow you down. You'll be back in that lab in no time."

"I like it here with you, though." Sara brushed at Sofia's face. "And I made a promise."

Sofia lifted her head up and turned around so she could face Sara properly.

"Which was?"

"Not to hide in the lab anymore and to be with you instead."

Sofia tucked a lock of hair behind her ear and considered Sara closely. "You know I am going to kiss you now and I don't think I can stop at just one."

Sara flicked the TV off and put the remote to one side. "You're awfully chatty for someone whose lips could be doing something better!"

Sofia gathered Sara up into her arms. "God, I love the strong and silent types." She let her lips do the rest of the talking. She could feel Sara's body melt into hers, they shared the warmth of each others skin. Sofia very gently lifted her lips from off Sara's soft mouth to let them breathe. She ran seeking fingertips over Sara's strong face, mapping out the features and relishing the soft skin. She reached up to gently place a kiss on the very prominent lines that creased Sara's forehead. "You frown too much," she whispered.

"They're concentration lines," Sara replied smartly, her eyes drifting shut to the tender kisses she was experiencing all across her forehead.

"You're concentrating too much then, time to just feel."

Sara found herself pressed back further into the soft mattress as Sofia leaned down to once again kiss her senseless. Sara's hands grabbed for the soft shirt that Sofia wore and pulled her closer. She felt long fingers move to trail down her neck, smooth across her shoulder and then down to rest between her breasts. Those same fingers then began a soft rubbing over the tip of one breast and Sara groaned into Sofia's waiting mouth. The small nub pebbled beneath Sofia's ministrations and Sara shifted on the bed, wanting more than just fleeting touches. She tugged at Sofia's shirt and managed to wrestle it up her back. Sofia grudgingly broke their kiss so that Sara could remove the offending clothing and then she helped Sara get rid of her own vest. Skin to skin they both sighed and resumed their kiss. The feel of finger pads chaffing at her nipple gave Sara the need to do some exploring of her own. Her hands slipped to cup at Sofia's breasts and she gently massaged them, enjoying the simple task of just feeling someone else's body for pleasure. She had all too many dealings with death, here and now, in this room, was a celebration of life. She could feel Sofia's heart beat against her palm as she ran her hand down to cover the muscular chest and then soft breasts again. She gasped for air as Sofia's lips left her and began their quest down her neck in search of somewhere else to kiss. Sara's back arched as a warm mouth covered her right nipple and Sofia sucked.

"Oh god," she panted and clung to Sofia for fear of falling further than she already had. The fall from the edge that morning was nothing compared to the sheer fear of falling so deeply in love with this woman that she'd never get out again.

Sofia stopped for a brief second and stared at Sara's stricken face. "I'm not going anywhere unless you send me away."

Sara stared at her. "How the hell do you do that?"

"I know you Sara, and I love you. I won't leave you. I'm in as deep as you are."

"It's scary, wanting you so much."

The fact that Sara could admit her fear gave Sofia cause to hope. "All new beginnings are scary, but they're also exciting. You and I are going to learn so much about each other and grow and love each other more." She ran her tongue over Sara's prominent nipple. "I want to know what pleases you, what makes you feel good, and then what makes you scream with pleasure."

Sara let out a breathless laugh. "Keep doing that with your tongue and you'll race right to the last one!"

Sofia chuckled and lifted her head. "Then I want you to learn all my pleasures too." She moved away and skimmed her last piece of clothing away. "Naked before you, Sara, in every way possible. Think you can take me on? Do you think I'm worth it?"

Sara pulled Sofia to her. "You are worth everything to me." She kissed her sweetly then began to explore Sofia's softness with tender hands. She traced the muscles that edged her stomach, enjoying when they jumped at the attention they were receiving. She smoothed out the broad plains of Sofia's back, the strong shoulders that held so much responsibility on them due to a job that was dangerous at every turn.

"So you think I'm worth it?" Sara whispered in Sofia's ear as she ran her fingers down her sides to cup at the small buttocks.

"I think you are going to be my greatest challenge. But I think you love me enough to let me in." Blue eyes captured ones so dark they seemed shadowed with unspeakable pain. Sofia smiled when Sara nodded awkwardly.

"Together, right?"

Sofia smiled wider. "Always." She saw the acceptance in Sara's face and pushed her back to the bed to lie carefully on top of her. "How's the leg?"

"It's the least of my concerns at this precise moment!"

Sofia laughed and ran her tongue over each breast she had beneath her. Her fingers tugged at the shorts that Sara wore and together they pulled them off. Sofia immediately ran her nails through the soft dark hair that framed Sara's sex. She let her fingers slip in and let out a long breath at the moisture she found there. Her fingers delved in and felt the soft flesh that hid Sara's secrets. Lips kissed at the dark nipples that tipped her breasts, then moved down to lick and nip at the soft belly. She nuzzled her face in the muscles she found there, not as defined as her own but softer, sweeter. She placed a kiss around Sara's belly button then slid further down the bed.

"If this hurts your leg in any way, you be sure to tell me," she instructed as she carefully moved between Sara's legs. She didn't hear a word from the other woman, just the soft sounds of anticipation before Sofia spread Sara's nether lips and kissed her firmly amid the wetness. Sofia was drawn into the folds, amazed by how full Sara was. She licked her way through the sweetness that flowed and then wrapped her tongue around the very prominent clitoris. She felt Sara rise from the bed, albeit with only one good leg and was heartened when Sara opened her self up further for Sofia to enter. With her tongue lapping out a soft rhythm on the hood of Sara's clit, Sofia very carefully penetrated her with one finger. She groaned into Sara's flesh as the warmth inside drew her in, welcomed her home. Drawing out slowly she returned to fill Sara with another finger and she heard her moan softly above her. Lost in the taste and the sensation of finally filling the woman she had loved for so long, Sofia began to press harder to send Sara over the edge. With the rhythm established, Sofia was highly aware of what pressure to apply at which point inside that made Sara gasp a little louder or clench around her fingers a little tighter. When Sofia sucked her clit into her mouth and curled her fingers to find that sweet spot inside, she heard Sara call her name and then felt her explode. The rough contractions rippled through Sara's body and she bucked against her. Sofia could feel the spasms clench her hidden fingers and she gently brought Sara down from a body flushing climax. She lifted her head to see Sara lying back against the pillows fighting for breath. Gently removing her fingers, Sofia slid up to take Sara in her arms. She was alarmed to find the dark haired woman was crying.

"Sara?" Sofia was worried that she had hurt her in some way.

Sara wound her hands around Sofia's frame and held onto her tightly. "No one has ever made me feel anything that intense before."

Sofia started, then hid her satisfied grin in Sara's hair. "That's only the start!"

Sara pulled back fractionally. "You're amazing."

Sofia shook her head. "No, we are." She brushed at the dampness on Sara's face. "Do you need a rest?"

Sara shook her head. "I need to taste you."

Sofia's whole body shook at the words and the obvious intent in Sara's dark eyes.

"But I don't think I can get down the bed like you did. Any ideas?" Sara's soft smirk was accompanied by her laying back and tugging gently on Sofia's arms.

Sofia straddled Sara's body and let herself be fondled as her rangy frame was lavished with attention by Sara's hands. Fingers pulled at the pink tips of her breast, the areoles brushed until they knotted as tight as the nipples that topped them. Nails were lightly scratched down the muscles that quivered beneath every touch. By the time Sara cupped Sofia's buttocks and drew her forward to rest above her face, Sofia was a quivering mass of need. She braced herself above Sara's face and lowered herself gently down. She hissed as Sara's tongue languidly traced over and around every ruffle as if she were memorising the shape of her sex. She flicked at the firm clitoris that was exposed from its hiding place. Sara's hands held tightly to her moving body as she learnt what made Sofia groan or made her press closer to the ever moving tongue. Sara speared her tongue and delved into her wetness, she gripped tight as Sofia jerked from the soft intrusion. Sara reached up to touch one more time Sofia's breasts. She was fascinated by the womanly softness that was surrounded by lean muscle. Sofia was all woman, though, and Sara revelled in her body. She lapped up Sofia's nectar that flowed from her as she plunged her tongue as deep as she could reach. She then turned all her attention to the hard piece of flesh that craved her touch and she licked hard at the bright red clit that was so prominent in its place. She lifted her eyes to watch Sofia caught up in the ecstasy of her mouth on her flesh. All too soon Sofia gasped and let out a long moan as she climaxed. Still twitching, Sofia eased herself from off Sara and then quickly cuddled into her, not wanting to lose the intimacy of their bodies pressed together. She grabbed Sara's hand and pushed it between her thighs, and Sara could still feel the distant clenching of muscles spasming inside her lover.

"God, you're good at that!" Sofia stretched languidly beside Sara, pressing her hand tighter between them and enjoying the feel of firm fingers in her heat.

"Imagine how much better I'll be with two good legs!"

Sofia grinned at Sara's playfulness and nuzzled at her neck. "You'll be a force to be reckoned with, Ms Sidle. And I'm just the woman to take you on!"

Sara's hand ran through Sofia's blonde hair as she brushed it back from her forehead. "You're beautiful."

Sofia dipped her eyes shyly. "I came back to Vegas because of you." She felt Sara jump a little in her arms. "I knew I couldn't be a CSI, the need to get my badge was so deep inside me I couldn't ignore it any more. But I couldn't stay away from you. I missed you so much. I missed your smile, missed seeing that walk of yours."

"My walk is nothing like your swagger," Sara interjected. "You wear your badge and gun and swagger like the biggest, baddest butch on the Strip!" She tightened her hand fractionally between Sofia's legs and enjoyed the look of pleasure that crossed her lover's face. "It's so damn sexy, I can't help but watch you."

"I come watch you in the lab on purpose, you know. I'm all too aware it drives you crazy, me standing over you. But I like to watch your hands as they sort through everything. You get this intense look on your face and you are so precise in all you do." She leaned up to kiss Sara's cheek. "I knew you'd be a fantastic lover."

"Our being together isn't going to be easy," Sara said softly, enjoying the simple pleasure of running a hand through the fine blonde hairs at Sofia's temple.

"Nothing worthwhile ever is. One day at a time, Sara." She pressed in closer. "I kind of did all this the wrong way round, got you into my home and my bed before I even took you out on a date or anything."

"I don't need dates, I just want to be with you."

"Then we'll work our way around our shifts and spend time together. We can do this, Sara."

Sara smiled and wriggled her trapped fingers in Sofia's flesh. "Do we work at this too?"

Sofia's eyelids nearly closed as she felt her clit spring to attention at Sara's gently tug. "That's not work, that's sheer pleasure!" She kissed Sara soundly. "And we have the next few days to perfect it!"

Sara looked deep into clear blue eyes. "I'm so glad I fell… in more ways than one."

"And we'll just keep falling further in love every day." Sofia moved a little and gasped at the motion on her readied flesh.

"You're mine, Curtis, swagger and all." Sara tightened her hold just a fraction and watched as Sofia's body flushed with excitement.

"Heart and soul, Sidle, just like you are mine."

"You ready to go again so soon?" Sara asked, enjoying having Sofia so neatly in the palm of her hand. She shivered at Sofia's growl of reply.

"You're the investigator; investigate!"

The End

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