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Everlasting Love
By Ally



As the sterile smell penetrated fifteen year old Nikki Wade's nostrils she plunged her hands further into her pockets and scowled deeper. The white interior made her eyes hurt and she hated this place. She had only been here twice before and she thought they made the place as much like a hospital as possible so the 'patients' thought they were ill and would pay more.

Psychologist! Why did she need to see a Shrink? There was nothing wrong with her mind, her parents just wanted her to be something she wasn't. She wouldn't wear dresses, flowery hats or look for the perfect husband like they wanted so they sent her to get her mind checked out.

"Excuse me. Is anyone sitting here?" A voice asked pulling Nikki out of her thoughts.

Scowling even further she looked up at the person who dared to speak to her in this mood and was brought up short. Smiling at her with twinkling green eyes was the most beautiful girl Nikki had ever seen. Nikki blinked a couple of times before pulling her heavy rucksack off the chair beside her.

"Thanks." The girl replied in, if Nikki wasn't mistaken, the sexiest Scottish accent she had ever heard.

The girl sat down in the vacant seat, the only one in the waiting room, and took a magazine out of her bag. As she started to flick through the pages of the magazine she felt the other girls gaze linger on her. Looking back up she met a pair of statement filled big brown eyes, she smiled again.

"Hi. I'm Helen Stewart." She said holding out her hand for the tall, dark haired girl to shake. The girl blinked twice still staring at her before taking the pre-offered hand. "And I can call you?" She prompted.

"N-Nikki Wade." Nikki stammered.

"Pleased to meet you Nikki." Helen said retrieving her hand. "It's good to see someone around my age here, they're all either middle-aged or little children."

"Yeah, I know." Nikki replied stuffing her hands back into her pockets and scowling again.

"I get the impression you don't want to be here." Helen said.

"You could say that."

"Me either, my parents are forcing me. I don't see why I need to be here, a couple of fights at school and they say I have an attitude problem. It's a joke."

"Yeah." Nikki said.

"Don't say much do you Nikki Wade. So why are you here?" Helen asked.

Nikki opened her mouth wondering what to say, should she tell the truth and have her friendship with this beautiful, talkative, girl over before it started or should she lie. She was saved the trouble by the receptionist, who called Helen in for her session.

Nikki left her session with her 'child councillor' even more depressed than when she'd gone in. They all said she was confused, it was just a faze she was going through and she had been led astray by an authority figure, what did they know? She knew her own mind and knew how she felt better than anyone.

"See you on Friday Nikki." The receptionist called as she ran down the stairs but she just ignored her and went on.

"Hiya Nikki." The unmistakable voice of Helen Stewart said as she stormed out of the door of the clinic.

"Hello, what are you still doing here?" Nikki asked surprised.

"I was waiting for you actually. I was wondering if you wanted to go for a drink. I know a little cafe that does great milkshakes a couple of streets from here if you want to go." Helen said giving Nikki that heart melting smile.

"Why me?"

"Well I don't have many friends and I know the reputation you get from seeing a shrink so I'm guessing you're in the same boat as me. C'mon, I'll even pay."

"OK then. The only other option is going home and I want to avoid that." Nikki replied.

"Great." Helen said linking arms with Nikki and leading her down the street.

Once they'd settled in the cafe and ordered their drinks Helen started talking again.

"My family moved here a couple of months ago and being the new girl I started getting picked on. After about a week I was getting really pissed off, so when this lass, she was the leader of the group that was always calling me names because of my accent, when she started again I hit her. She hit me back and a fight started, of course her friends backed her up and she didn't have a record of fighting so I was blamed. After that she was even worse and we got into another fight. Then I hit this lad who was trying it on with me and the school called my parents in, said I had an attitude problem and they might want to seek help. So my dad sent me to that place, he heard about it through work, they are meant to be really good." Helen finished and looked up at Nikki who has been listening intently. Helen decided in that minute that Nikki was someone she wanted to get to know, she listened really well and didn't seem to judge. "So what about you? Why have you been sent there against your will?"

"Erm...well, it's my parents idea. They...erm." Nikki stammered blushing.

"C'mon Nikki, you listened to me now it's your turn." Helen said reaching across the table to where Nikki's hands were and squeezing them.

"Well, my parents are these big, wealthy, business tycoons. They are really successful and have all these high powered posh friends and I don't fit in, therefore I'm a disappointment. They see me as awkward because I don't do what they want - dress in dresses and do my best to impress the men so I can be married off. They think I go out of my way to antagonise them..." Nikki trailed off as their drinks were brought, she didn't miss the look the waitress gave her, she knew why she got funny looks where ever she went.

"So they think you'll benefit from a shrink?" Helen asked.

"No, they'd given up on me. Gave me up for lost and a slight embarrassment to their friends until just over three month ago. Now they think I'm sick and the spawn of the devil."

"Why what happened?"

"I was caught in a...compromising situation in the sports cupboard...with the PE mistress." Nikki said quietly.

"Mistress?" Helen asked thinking she'd misheard. Of course she had heard rumours about the incident but she had thought it was just that - a rumour, she would never have believed it was true and that it had involved the girl sat in front of her.

"Yeah. My parents knew how this would go down with their friends, especially if they weren't seen to be getting me help so they sent me to that place so I could 'get over it'." Nikki said with her head bowed, she didn't want to see the disgust in Helen's face.

"But you're what? 14? and she'd be at least 22 to be qualified as a teacher, that's practically child abuse." Helen said outraged.

"Why does everybody keep saying that? I know my own mind. She didn't do anything I didn't want. I had feelings for her and now they've taken her away from me and keep telling me that she abused me and it was wrong. Why can't they just listen to me?" Nikki was almost shouting and she was about to get up and leave until Helen grabbed her hand again.

"I'm sorry Nikki. I'm sorry. I guess it's just peoples first reactions when they are told, there is a big age gap and we're always told how impressionable we are at this age."

"I guess you're right, I'm sorry I lost it..."

"No it's fine, I said I'd listen. I shouldn't have judged you, you didn't judge me." Helen cut in.

"No it was my fault. I just get so fed up with people not believing that I could possibly know my sexuality. Janet, the PE mistress let me be myself and she accepted me for who I was." Nikki said shrugging.

"So what are you going to do about it?" Helen asked.

"There is nothing I can do at the moment, I'm only 15, I don't have any legal rights. But I am saving up, my parents give me a healthy allowance every week. I'm meant to spend it on clothes and my education and stuff. I'm planning on go away as soon as I leave school, I should have enough money to go to San Francisco." Nikki said smiling for the first time Helen had met her.

"Sounds like a plan, I'd love to do that. Take control of my life and just decide what I want to do and go for it. I've always wanted to go to America as well." Helen stated.

"Well what's stopping you? If you really wanted it you could do it." Nikki told her.

"It's not that easy." Helen said getting slightly annoyed at Nikki's attitude.

"Why not?"

"Not all of us have rich parents that give us money all the time." She snapped, regretting it immediately when Nikki's face fell. "I'm sorry." Helen apologised for the second time in as many minutes.

"It's OK, you're right, I do have it easy. My parent give me money to keep me quiet and out of their way, I guess I take advantage of that." Nikki said avoiding Helens eyes.

"If they give you the money instead of love then you've earned the money as much as they have."

Nikki grinned again. "Thanks."

They talked for well over an hour and made their way through another two milkshakes. They only left the cafe when they were told it was closing.

"So where do you want to go now" Helen asked.

"I don't know. You could come to my place if you want." Nikki said getting her wallet out.

"That would be great. I said I was paying."

"Save it for America, I'll get more from my parents." Nikki said paying the bill.

They left the cafe and headed up the street, chatting and laughing, until they reached a telephone box. Nikki opened the door and gestured for Helen to get in.

"Nikki what are you doing?" She asked looking suspicious.

"I've got to phone the car." Nikki replied.


"I've got to call my parents chauffeur to come and collect me."

"You have a chauffeur?" Helen asked flabbergasted.

"Yeah." Nikki said dialling the number.

"Wow." Helen said listening as Nikki talked to someone on the end of the phone.

The car, an extremely impressive looking BMW that had Helen staring mouth open, arrived within 10 minutes and whisked Nikki and Helen away. Nikki talked to the driver, a young good looking man who Nikki called Jim, like an old friend and was relaxed in his company. As they headed out of the town and into the countryside Helen saw her new friend get more tense.

"Are they in Jim?" She asked as they took yet another turn.

"Yeah, they are sorry Nik." He replied as the young girl sighed.

"Well at least it's a nice day, we can stay in the garden."

"Your mother has asked to see you, I think she wants to know how your session went."

"Oh god." Helen just looked from one to the other as they spoke.

"I guess you'll get introduced to the lady before anybody wanted." Jim told Helen when he noticed the baffled look on his face.

It was only a couple of minutes before they turned into a narrow driveway. Helen leant forward expecting to see Nikki's house but all she saw was trees.

"You can't see it until we get a mile down the road." Nikki told her.

"A mile!" Helen exclaimed, "How big is it?"

"I don't know never asked." Nikki shrugged tensely.

Helen sat back until Jim told her she could see the house and she got the first look at Nikki's house. When Nikki had said her parents were rich Helen hadn't really taken much notice thinking her friend had exaggerated, what she was seeing now was unbelievable.

The house was more like the mansions that appeared in period dramas on TV. The house looked Victorian, an aged enchanting building and the garden even had a bush maze.

"You live here?" Helen asked astounded.

"Yeah, it makes it easier to avoid my parents." Nikki said flippantly.

"I can't believe it."

Nikki just shrugged and waited for the car to pull up in the driveway in front of the house.

"Welcome to the Wade residence." Nikki said helping Helen out of the car. As soon as they were out of the car the front door opened and a man in a smart black suit came out followed by a smartly dressed woman. Helen looked at Nikki waiting for her to make the first move. Nikki started up the stairs to the front door.

"Hi, Alf, Winnie." Nikki nodded to them both before gesturing to Helen. "I'd like you to meet my new friend Helen Stewart. Helen, this is Alf, the butler and Winnie the housekeeper."

"Nice to meet you." Helen said shaking their hands. She felt like she was in a dream.

"Your mother has been asking if your back Nicola, she wanted you to go to the parlour to see her as soon as you got back." Winnie said.

"Come along Nicola I will escort you there." Alf said strictly, turning and walked off, Nikki followed him taking Helen's arm, guiding her with them.

Helen was led into a huge hallway, straight in front of them was flight of stairs. The stairs swept away from them before splitting half way up and sweeping back on themselves coming to an end on the landing directly above them. There were corridors right and left of the hallway, multiple doors on either side of each corridor and each corridor ended with a huge double door. They headed however to a big double door which was just to the left of the staircase.

Alf knocked lightly on the door, before opening them both with an agility that startled Helen.

"Lady Wade, Nicola has arrived." He announced stepping into the room and ushering Nikki and Helen in. Once they were safely in the room he closed the door and left. Helen spotted a tall woman with long black hair flowing over her shoulders. She was sat at a old looking oak table and didn't even look up when they were announced.

"So Nicola, how did the sess..." She stopped talking when she noticed Helen was in the room. "Ah it would seem we have a visitor." She looked at Helen in a condescending manner sweeping her gaze from head to toe. Helen suddenly felt out of place in her faded jeans, white t-shirt and cloth coat.

"Mother this is Helen Stewart, I met her today." Nikki said, Helen noticed she was standing straighter than she had before and was pronouncing her words clearer.

"Well it's nice to meet you Helen, could you give us a minute please, I need to talk to Nicola alone." She asked.

"Of course..." Helen started.

"Helen if you just wait outside the door I'll be out in a minute." Nikki said giving Helen a reassuring smile before turning to her mother with an annoyed look. As soon as Helen closed the door she heard Nikki's mother raise her voice at her daughter.

"Nicola if this is another way to annoy me and your father we will not allow it. We coped with what happened at your school but we will not have you dishonouring us by bringing your...your girlfriends back to our house..." Helen heard through the door.

"Mother she..." Nikki started but didn't manage to carry on.

"...This is your attempt to ultimately embarrass us isn't it. You pretend to be...different and like women in a way that is against normality but you will not parade it in front of us is that clear." The older woman said not even able to mention the word gay.

"She is not my girlfriend, I met her today at the clinic, she was there for fighting at school I don't even think she is gay. She is my friend, one of the few I have left and I'd like it if you wasn't hostile towards her." Nikki shouted back stopping her mother.

"OK." Mrs Wade said after a while, "But if I have the faintest suspicion that anything is going on between the two of you she will be banned from this house and you will be expected to leave as soon as you are old enough is that clear?" She finished sternly.

"Yes mother, perfectly. But if I was seeing someone I'm hardly likely to bring her back here am I? And I've a lousy day today, thank you for asking." With this Nikki stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind her. "Sorry about that." Nikki said to Helen while running her hand through her hair.

"It's OK."

"Would you like something to eat? It's after tea and we didn't have anything at the cafe, you must be a bit hungry." Nikki said heading down the corridor on the right.

"Did your mother think I was your girlfriend?" Helen asked feeling uncomfortable.

"Yeah, my mother seems to think that everything I do in life, I do to embarrass them. She's paranoid, it should be her going to counselling not me." Nikki said smiling mischievously as she pushed the far door open and headed down the stone staircase that was revealed.

"Where are we going?" Helen asked not liking the looks of the medieval type, dark stairs she was expected to go down.

"Relax and trust me Helen." Nikki said rolling her eyes and carrying on down the stairs, when she was half way down and would be disappearing out of site, she turned and waited for her friend.

Taking a deep breath Helen started down the stairs. Everything in this house seemed to be something from a movie and in movies there was usually old dungeons down in the basement. She was surprised when she got to them bottom to reveal a big, olden style kitchen.

"Told you it wasn't anything bad." Nikki whispered to Helen before walking to the big table that had 4 people around it, it was effective to get themselves noticed.

"Nikki what are you doing down here? You know your mother doesn't like you spending time with us." A chubby, friendly looking, middle aged women said.

"Since when did I care what my mother thinks?" Nikki replied giving a lopsided grin.

"Well I care, I could get the sack." The women replied.

"Calm down Bet, I only came to see if there was any spare food going." Nikki gestured to Helen to come further into the room. "Only some sandwiches or something, I want to show Helen the river."

As Helen approached 4 sets of eyes turned to look at her, she recognised Jimmy the chauffeur that had brought her to Nikki's house but the other three were complete strangers. They were obviously interested in her, no doubt Jimmy had told them everything he knew.

"Everyone this is Helen, my friend. Helen this is Paul, he's very good with horses, my mother likes to ride." Nikki said pointing to a tall brown haired man who nodded at her smiling. "This is Sarah, she cleans the place and her husband Rob he fixes stuff, does the DIY and looks after the gardens." A couple in their late twenties and both friendly looking smiled at her.

"Nikki's being modest she does most of the gardening, I just mow the lawn every now and then." The man said offering his hand to Helen.

"You know Jimmy and this is Bet, better known as cook. She keeps us all fed and acts like a general mother figure to everyone." Nikki said smiling affectionately at the older woman.

Helen shouldn't have been surprised that the older woman was the cook, she looked like every cook Helen had seen in Catherine Cookson TV drama's and a TV crew could walk into this house at this very moment and film a series with all the clichés, the only thing they'd need to change would be their clothes.

"It's nice to meet you Helen, I've said to Nikki that she needs more friends her own age. She's always either with us oldies, in the garden or has her head stuck in a book." Bet said.

"Erm," Nikki said blushing, "Before you embarrass me even more, can we have some food?"

"Course you can dear, sit down and I'll be back in a minute." With this Bet plodded off to the back of the kitchen and disappeared through a door.

"We heard you and your mother arguing earlier, is everything OK?" Sarah asked in a soft voice.

"Yeah, everything's fine. Just her being her normal paranoid self." Nikki replied flippantly.

"So Helen, how did you meet Nikki? Surely it couldn't have been before today otherwise Nikki would have mentioned it." Sarah said turning to Helen.

"No, we met at the clinic. I go there as well and we started talking." Helen replied.

"Is that an accent? Are you Scottish?" Sarah asked again.

"Yeah, we've just moved down here, my dad has a new job."

"So why were you at the clinic?" Sarah carried on with the quiz.

"I got into a few fights at school, they seemed to like picking on the new girl, but I got the blame so my parents thought I'd benefit from seeing a shrink."

"Oh that's not very fair, so do you get on with your family?" Helen looked pleadingly at Nikki while Sarah asked the question, but Nikki just looked bemused, help came from another quarter.

"For god sake Sarah, leave the kid alone she only entered the room a couple of minutes ago and you've been interrogating her ever since." Rob said in his gruff voice.

"I'm sorry Helen I was just curious, it's not often we get to meet Nikki's friends."

"And you wonder why?" Nikki muttered so that only Helen heard.

"It's OK Sarah." Helen replied smiling.

"Now then Nikki." Bet said coming back into the room with a large picnic basket, "I've made you some ham and some cheese sandwiches, I didn't know whether Helen was a vegetarian so I've made a selection. There is also a salad, some yoghurts a bit of soup in a flask and some cake. But don't tell your parents about the cake. There's also some pop, is that OK?"

"Bloody marvellous." Nikki replied, a huge grin on her face.

"Watch your language young lady." Bet reprimanded.

Nikki had the grace to look sheepish as she apologised. Taking the basket, thanking Bet and saying bye to everyone Nikki headed towards a door in the back of the kitchen with Helen following. The door led to the back of the house and Helen got her first site of the massive ground of the house.

"God, could you live in a bigger house?" Helen asked sarcastically.

"I told you my parents were rich." Nikki stated.

"Yeah, but I thought you were exaggerating."

"Well, next time maybe you'll believe me." Nikki said lightly hitting Helen on the arm.

"So how many ways are they out of the house then?" Helen asked looking at the wooden door they had just exited, it was a far cry from the grand door they had entered earlier.

"There's three, the door we've just come through is the servants entrance, my mother doesn't like me using it but what she doesn't know won't hurt her. There is also the front and back door. We came through the front door on the way in and the back door is only used when my mother comes back from her horse rides." Nikki said as they started walking.

They walked through the gardens surrounding the house and out onto fields in companionable silence. At the end of one field Nikki turned right, walking round the edge of the field in the middle.

"Is this still your land?" Helen asked.

"Yeah, there's lots more as well. The lake I'm taking you to is on the edge of our land." Nikki replied.

"Why did we just walk round that field?" Helen asked when she noticed they had just detoured around a field that would have been easier to walk through.

"That's the field my mother practices show jumping in. She says walking on it damages the grass, it's easier to walk round it than put up with her temper." Nikki replied sounding bored.

"Your mother has lots of rules for you doesn't she?" Helen asked, she was quickly coming to the conclusion that Nikki's mother was a bitch, but one that she wouldn't like to cross.

"Yep, most of them I don't listen to, like not associating with the staff, but horses are her one love, seems to be the only thing she cares about so she gets really pissed off if anything comes in the way of it."

"Her one love? What about your dad?"

"She doesn't love him, I'm under no illusion about that. They just stay together for convenience, gods knows how I was born. It's sad really, I don't know if she's ever been in love." Nikki finished looking thoughtful.

"What about you? Surely she must love you, you're her child they say giving birth to a child gives you a special bond." Helen frowned when Nikki laughed at her observation.

"I'm the mistake, problem child, she defiantly has no love for me."

"I can't believe that!" Helen stated, it was obvious that Nikki and her mother didn't get on but they must care for each other.

"Believe it, cooks more of a mother to me than my real mum has ever been. When I was younger I used to see her for all of 5 minutes per day, now it's not even that, she calls for me when ever she wants to see me and I'm meant to go running. When I was in hospital having my appendix out 2 years ago I never saw her for nearly two weeks because I wasn't well enough to go to her. I saw my father about twice but that wasn't much better. Bet came to see me every day, she even bought me food because they said the hospital food wasn't good for me." Nikki said smiling. "The staff visited me more than my parents, I think she feels threatened by it, that's why she doesn't want me associating with them." Nikki stated bitterly.

"Nikki that's awful, compared to that my family's made in heaven."

As they had been talking they had walked up a steep hill, they had now reached the peek which had a shoulder high wall running along the it. Nikki dropped the basket at the other side of it and then hoisted herself up, she helped Helen up before jumping down the other side.

Waiting to make sure Helen was OK, Nikki picked up the picnic basket and made her way to the woods just in front of them.

"We seem to have been walking for ages, are you sure you know where we're going?" Helen asked.

"I'm sure, I go here all the time and trust me it's worth it." Nikki replied giving Helen a lopsided grin.

After another ten minutes walking they emerged into a clearing and Helen caught her breath at the sight.

"Wow." Was all she could say.

The clearing was the bank of a small river, the trees stopped about 10 feet from the rivers edge and ran all the way down as far as Helen could see on the left, the right went steeply up in a sheer cliff edge. What made the view amazing was the river, it was crystal clear and dropped off the cliff edge in a breathtaking waterfall. It looked like something out of a fairy tale.

"Told you you'd like it." Nikki gloated.

"It's beautiful, how did you know about it?" Helen asked, moving through the leaf carpeted grass.

"I walk a lot, one way to avoid my parents. About four years ago I found this place. I come here a lot when things get on top of me, to think mainly but I love it here." Nikki said retrieving the blanket and spreading it on the floor. "now lets eat."

Helen sat on the blanket as Nikki laid the food out, Bet had prepared enough to feed a small army but Nikki told her to tuck in and leave anything she didn't want. Soon they were eating and chatting away like old friends.

"Nikki, can I ask you a personal question?" Helen asked eventually.

"You can ask, I can't guarantee I'll answer." Nikki said seeing the serious look on her friends face.

"What happened between you and your teacher? From the beginning, how did you get so close? I can never imagine getting so close to a teacher that I'd even think about having sex with them."

"We didn't just immediately jump into bed." Nikki pointed out before taking a deep breath. "I'd do anything to avoid my parents, I stay out as long as I can. One night I decided to go to the cinema, there was a movie on I wanted to see so I bought a ticket intending to go on my own. As I was queuing to go in Janet must have spotted me because the next thing I knew she was standing by me. We were friends, I was in a couple of school sport teams so we talked. She asked me if I was waiting for anyone and I said no so she asked if I'd mind her tagging along, she'd been looking forward to this movie for ages but no-one would go with her so she'd come on her own. We watched the movie together and then she asked if I wanted to go for a drink, it was a way to put off going home so I said yes. She asked me what I was doing out on my own and I told her about my parent and she listened. She's one of the few people that have, and we enjoyed each others company. When we went our separate ways she said if I needed to talk I knew where she was." Nikki took a deep breath and looked at Helen to see she was riveted.

"At that time I was confused about my sexuality and I'd found Janet attractive ever since she'd come to the school and I wasn't the only one, most of the male pupils fancied her. The next week I had a really big row with my mother, it was about something and nothing but it upset me, Janet must have noticed because she asked me if I was OK and when I told her what was wrong she took me to her house for a chat. We talked for ages and it really helped, I knew I'd fallen for her at that point and I found out that she went swimming regularly at the local pool so one day when I knew she'd be there I went and somehow we ended up back at her place again, she made me a meal. This time though I told her how I felt about her, she just looked at me shocked and thinking it was now or never I kissed her. She responded to me for a couple of minutes before pulling back and saying it couldn't happen, she didn't say it very convincingly though so I pushed her. I said if she could look at me and tell me she didn't have any feelings for me then I'd go, she couldn't and we ended up making love in her bed."

"Things got complicated from there, we had to be careful because we knew if we were caught she'd get the sack. We had the snatched love making here and there, usually at her house but it wasn't enough. Our feeling grew and, it was weird, we needed more of each other. I made a story up to my parents about a school trip and spent the weekend at her house. It was brilliant, but also the first step in us getting separated. After that weekend our feelings intensified, we couldn't keep our hands of one another, we made up excuses to see each other in her office. One day after football practice I offered to stay back and put the equipment away, I was the only one in the store cupboard. The first I knew about her being in the room was when I felt hands slip around my waist from behind and start unbuttoning my shirt. Suffice to say that we were on the floor of the store cupboard stark naked when the headmaster came in with one of the students looking for her." Nikki heard Helen blow a breath out in sympathy.

"He wasn't impressed. My parents were called in and after a bollocking Janet was sacked...they took her away from me because they said it was her fault. She took full responsibility, I tried to see her but my parents grounded me and when they let me out she had already moved, I never saw her again." Nikki finished, she looked at Helen to see a sympathetic look on her face.

"Was..." Helen broke off looking embarrasses, "was she your first lover?"

"Yep, I was 14."

"I'm still a virgin." Helen said quietly as she looked at the floor embarrassed.

"It's nothing to be embarrassed about. You should wait until you find someone you care about and trust, don't just do something because everyone else is otherwise it won't be the brilliant experience it should be." Nikki said passionately.

"It's easy for you to say that your not a virgin." Helen said sulkily.

"I am in the sense that they talk about. I've never made love to a man." Nikki replied.

"Yeah but you've had the experience, they talk about how it felt, you can talk about that and you can say what you liked. All I can do is get embarrassed."

"It's not worth it Helen. If you have sex with someone now just to get it over with, just to be like those superficial tarts you'll regret it."

"Yeah, I know you're right. It just annoys me how they think they are better then me." Helen said frowning.

"One thing you'll learn about me Helen, I'm always right." Nikki told her smiling cheekily. The joke worked and Nikki's smile got better when she saw Helen smile.

"Yeah right." Helen replied rolling her eyes.

Nikki and Helen enjoyed the rest of the day, they joked and fooled around, just generally being teenagers. All their worries were forgotten and they both relaxed in each others company, by the end of the day they were firm friends.

In the following months the girls were inseparable. Although there was an age difference they were in the same year at school, Nikki being one of the oldest and Helen one of the youngest, there lessons differed though. Helen had taken Art for her option while Nikki had taken PE, also Nikki was in the top set for English and Science whereas Helen had been put into the second set when she transferred halfway through the year.

They spent most dinners and breaks together and would meet up to go to one house or the other after school. Helen's parents had been unsure of Helen and Nikki's friendship at first, they had heard the rumours about Nikki and had not liked their daughters friendship with her but after meeting Nikki they had let it continue, keeping a close eye on the girls. They had thawed considerably when Helen had received her report from the school saying she had settled in nicely and had not been in any trouble since her friendship with Nikki had started. The fact that Helen had not been in any more fights was not for the reasons her parents thought though, Nikki was known in school as someone not to mess with and as Helen was her best friend people didn't mess with Helen either.

This particular day Helen was walking through the corridors of the school at break time looking for her friend, after talking to a couple of people she had discovered Nikki was still in the English room - no surprises there then. For one of her course work assignments Nikki had started to write a story, she had brought it to an abrupt halt to submit it for a grade but the English teacher had asked her to finish it in the way she had wanted. Since then it had been Nikki's obsession. Helen had read the section of story that had been completed and she had to admit it was brilliant, she hadn't been able to put it down and was now itching to see how it would finish.

"Hey stranger. Y'know you are going to become a recluse if you carry on like this." Helen said pushing open the door of the classroom she had spotted Nikki in and walking to the table she was sat at.

"Yeah, I know sorry. I just had a really good idea and had to get it down before I forgot it, I'll just finish this paragraph and then I'll be with you." Nikki said starting to scribble on her notebook again.

"OK." Helen sighed. "I need to go to the bathroom, but when I get back I expect you to be ready to go. Deal?"

"Deal." Nikki said grinning at Helen. She watched as Helen left the room, noticing the way her hips swayed slightly when she walked and the way her skirt was just short enough to show off her legs to perfection. Nikki sighed when her friend had left the room.

She was not stupid, she knew she had fallen for the small Scot. It wasn't something she had planned but as she had got to know Helen more she had realised how much they had in common, Helen's intelligence and her sense of humour, she loved her for who she was not just her good looks. For a while now she had found herself thinking about Helen in a very un-friend like way. When Helen spoke Nikki would find herself looking at her mouth and wondering what it would feel like to kiss those full lips, and that accent, god it sent her wild. There was also the little things, the way her eyes sparkled when she was excited, the sound she made when she laughed. Recently Nikki had to mentally slap herself when she found herself staring at her friend, she felt like some kind of pervert.

With another sigh she pulled her mind away from Helen and started to write again.

Helen had been in the toilet cubical when she heard Laura Bates and the 'in crowd' come in to use the mirrors and swap gossip.

"So Helen Stewart and Nikki Wade? Do you think they're shagging?" Jane one of Laura's followers asked, Helen was just about to storm out of the cubical and confront them when she heard Laura's reply and stopped short.

"Well if they are Helen Stewart is Bloody lucky." There was a shocked pause before Laura spoke again. "What? You have to admit that Nikki Wade is gorgeous! If she propositioned me there is no way I'd say no. I've always wanted to know what sex would be like with a woman, I bet they'd know everything about your body, where to touch and what turns you on. And you've seen her in the shower in PE, she has a great body and those hands - she'd defiantly be a good shag." She finished huskily, still no-one said anything.

"I'm with you Laura, have you seen Nikki's eyes, they are so deep, when she looks at you it feels like she's staring into your soul. I love eyes like that. We said we wanted every sexual experience, well we haven't until we've had sex with a woman and we could do a lot worse than Nikki Wade. I'll have to think of a way to ask her out." Another of Laura's lackeys said eventually.

After a couple of murmured agreements Helen heard them exit the toilets, she unlocked her cubical and stormed over to the sinks and mirrors. Those bitches! What did they know about Nikki? Nothing they just wanted a quick shag with her. How dare they talk about her like that. Helen fumed, grinding her teeth and looking into the mirror. God what was wrong with her! Was she jealous?

Helen looked at her reflection in surprise. She was! She was jealous because someone wanted Nikki! After taking a couple of calming breaths she urged herself to think rationally, she wasn't jealous because she fancied Nikki herself she was jealous because if Nikki started seeing one of Laura's crowd she would spend less time with her, that mixed with the anger of hearing them talk about her best friend so personally had intensified her jealousy.

By the time she had left the toilets Helen had managed to convince herself that was all it was.

When Helen got back to the classroom Nikki was still scribbling in her notebook.

"I thought you'd agreed to be ready." Helen stated a little touchily.

"Sorry." Nikki said sheepishly. "Is everything OK?"

"Yes, I'm sorry." Helen said as Nikki stood up and picked up her bag.

They exited the classroom in silence, Nikki knew the best way to get Helen to tell you what was bothering her was give her time.

"If I was you, I'd watch out next time you were in PE, especially when you are in the shower." Helen said jokily.

"What? Why?" Nikki asked confused.

"I heard Laura Bates and her friend talking while I was in the toilets they all want to try 'every sexual experience'" Helen said putting on a stupid, air head voice. "and they said they could do worse than you. Apparently Laura's been watching you in the shower and said you've got a great body." Helen finished, she was getting angry again and couldn't meet Nikki's gaze.

"Laura Bates?" Nikki laughed. "In her dreams."


"As if I'd go with someone as superficial and tartish as her. I aim slightly higher than the gutter." Nikki was outraged.

"But...she's very attractive, most men in the school fancy her and she's got the status as the most popular girl in school. I thought you'd be interested."

"I thought you knew me better than that. I don't do one night stands and that is all she'd want. Before I'd sleep with anyone I'd have to know them well, and find them attractive." Nikki said in a hurt tone, she was slightly upset that Helen would think she'd entertain having a one night stand with a tart like Laura.

"I know, I'm sorry." Just as Helen was going to say more the bell went.

"Are we still going to your place after school?" Nikki asked.

"Yeah, I've got that movie you wanted to see we can watch that if you want." Helen replied. Her parents were partners in their own business, they had moved the base of the business from Scotland when they received a lucrative contract with a big business centre. Owning their own business meant they had to put in a lot of long hours meaning they were home late most nights, if it wasn't for Nikki, Helen would have spent every school evening alone in her house. As it was Nikki and Helen spent most of those evenings together, most of the time at Helen's house.

Helen didn't sleep well that night, as Nikki had watched the movie Helen had watched her. All the things Laura had said about her friend Helen seemed to be noticing. As Nikki had laughed at the movie Helen had noticed her stunning features, the high cheek bones and the way her face seemed to change when she smiled, it didn't seem as intense. She also looked over Nikki's body - Nikki had such strong hands and her legs seemed to go on forever, her breasts were firm and probably just the right size to fit into Helen's hands, her stomach was flat and her muscles toned. It was a body to die for.

As they had gone in the kitchen for some food, Helen caught herself staring at Nikki's bum as she bent down to look into the freezer and she knew she was staring into Nikki's eyes for to long, noticing for the first time just how deep and dark they were.

So that night when she wasn't tossing and turning she was having erotic dreams about her friend. All she needed to do was close her eyes and she could see Nikki smiling face looking down at her as she touched Helen intimately, she could also remember screaming Nikki's name as she had reached release. She woke up with a start feeling her body tingling, what disturbed her the most was the disappointment she felt when she realised Nikki wasn't really there.



Nikki and Helen sat again beside the waterfall, it had become a regular hangout for them especially when they were upset or needed to bitch about something or someone. It had become their special place. Today they were there for Helen. It was a week until Helen's 15th birthday, she still didn't know anyone much in the area so her family had decided because it fell on a holiday to have a quiet meal and then do whatever Helen wanted for the entire day. It would be an intimate gathering with just Helen her parents and Nikki. Today though Helen's parents had come home to tell her they would have to go away for a week and needed to set off on Helen's birthday, they would be able to stop for the meal but then would have to rush off. Helen was understandably upset.

"We don't need then to have a good time Helen, we can do it on our own." Nikki said as her friend cried on her shoulder.

"It's the first time they won't be there for my birthday." Helen said between sobs.

"I know, I've got a lot of experience of this sort of thing. I'll show you how to forget about it." Nikki was trying to sound upbeat, in reality it was breaking her heart to see Helen in this state.

"You will come and stay with me for the week won't you?" The young Scot pleaded.

"Erm, if your parents don't mind, I don't think they'll be to keen." Nikki replied uncertainly. Nikki knew Helen's parents were still suspicious about her. They had accepted her as one of Helen's friends and had seen what a help she had been to Helen in settling in to school but they still thought she had an ulterior motive in befriending their daughter. Although they were certain they were not sleeping together Nikki could imagine they wouldn't be pleased with the idea of them spending the entire week alone together, sleeping in the same house. If Nikki was honest neither was she, she didn't know if she trusted herself to not do something stupid.

"They feel so guilty they'd agree to anything, they're leaving me two hundred pounds so I can do whatever I want over the weekend. I never thought my parents would resort to buying my love." Helen said bitterly.

"Welcome to the club." Nikki replied flippantly regretting it when she saw the hurt look on Helen's face. "Well after the meal, when your parents go we can still do whatever you wanted for the entire day, it's just that it'll be the two of us instead of four."

Helen looked up wiping her tearstained eyes. "Thank you, you're the best friend I've ever had Nik. I don't deserve you."

"Hey, you listen to me complaining about my parents enough, just returning the favour." Nikki said blushing at the compliment.

The week passed quickly and early on the Saturday morning Nikki stood on Helen's front door step with some clothes for the entire week in a bag. Because the next week was a holiday her parents were planning on staying on their trip from the Saturday to the following Sunday. They had agreed that Nikki could stay till the Sunday.

"Hello Nikki, please come in." Mr Stewart said opening the door and smiling at her.

"Thanks Mr Stewart." Nikki said stepping into the house and following the stout man into the living room.

"Hello Nikki, it's good to see you." Helen's mother said coming over and pecking her on the cheek. "Thank you for staying with Helen this week, we know she isn't happy about us going and she doesn't like to be on her own."

"It's not a problem, I'm always looking for a reason to stay away from my parents for as long as possible. This gives me a valid excuse." Nikki said trying to make a joke of the situation.

"So your parents are OK with it?" She asked.

"They don't care one way or the other, they probably won't notice I'm not there. Where is Helen?" Nikki asked, the Stewarts knew about her relationship with her parents but they still gave each other concerned looks when she talked about them in such a flippant way. It made Nikki nervous so she tried to steer the conversations away from them.

"She's on the phone to her grandmother, my mother, she dotes on her and Helen loves it. It's probably the person she misses most from Scotland." Mrs Stewart said. "I hope you like beef and yorkshire pudding Nikki. It's Helen's favourite so that's what we're having for dinner."

"You know me Mrs Stewart, I'll eat anything." Nikki said smiling, as Mrs Stewart walked into the kitchen Helen walked in.

"Hiya Nikki." Helen said beaming from ear to ear.

"Hi Helen. you look great." Nikki said accepting a hug from her friend. Helen had dressed up for the occasion and she looked radiant. She had a long, black, sleek, backless dress on that reached to the ground. She had a gold chain around her neck setting off the golden skin that was revealed with the low neck line. Her hair was up, showing her neck off to perfection.

"Thanks, are you prepared to answer to all my whims for the rest of the day?" Helen asked grinning mischievously.

"Erm..." Nikki said nervously.

"Relax, it won't be anything you don't want to do." Helen flirted.

Nikki's only answer was to blush, they were lucky that Helen's parents were out of the room or they would probably be marching her out of the house.

Helen knew she was flirting and she had dressed up to try and impress Nikki, she had now accepted the fact that she was sexually attracted to her friend. The thing was as she had been watching and admiring Nikki she had noticed that Nikki was watching her, could it be that she was attracted to her?

"Do you want a drink?" Helen asked spinning round and heading to the kitchen when she looked back she noticed that Nikki was looking at her bare back. From that moment she knew that she was in charge, this was going to be fun!

Two hours later they had finished their meal and Helen's parents had left, promising to ring, although she had been prepared and looking forward to having Nikki on her own she was still upset. After they watched them drive away Nikki turned to Helen and asked what she wanted to do, if there was anything planned. Helen's favourite programme was on in five minutes so she said she wanted to watch that but she had plans for later.

"I want to give you your birthday present now." Nikki said as they went back into the house, she went to her bag and got out two packages.

Looking at her suspiciously Helen sat on the settee and opened the first one, in it there was £20 and a guide to America, Helen smirked and gave Nikki a hug before turning to the second. Ripping the wrapping of it Helen saw it was a little box, opening it she took a sharp intake of breath. In the box was a pair of intricate earrings. Five months ago Helen and Nikki had walked past a porn brokers on the way back from the cinema, Helen had seen the earrings and immediately fallen in love with them. She would have bought them on the spot but for the fact she didn't have the money, she had vowed to buy them ever since and she had started to save but a school trip skiing in Austria had come up and although her parent's were paying for the trip Helen had to save up the spending money.

"You remembered?" Helen said astonished, "I can't except these Nikki they cost a packet, you are meant to be saving up for yourself."

"I've bought them now, I can't take them back and they won't suit me." Nikki said shrugging.

"No, I can't, take them back." Helen shoved the small box back into her friends hands.

"Please Helen, I bought them for you because I know they'd look great on you." Nikki pleaded. Helen looked at her for a few seconds before giving her a hug.

"Thank you Nikki. Thank you so much."

"It was my pleasure. Now are we going to watch that programme, you're going to miss the start otherwise?"

Nikki sat at one end of the sofa and Helen sat next to her, as they settled in Helen grabbed a cushion and placed it on her friends lap before lying down and placing her head on it.

"You don't mind do you?" She asked when she felt Nikki stiffen slightly.

"No not at all." Nikki replied trying to get her hormones under control, when Helen had laid her head in her lap it had set her body on fire, it wasn't helped by the fact that the only place Nikki had to put her right hand was on Helen's stomach.

The programme passed quickly but Nikki hadn't noticed, she had spent the entire time trying to keep her breathing under control so Helen wouldn't notice anything was wrong. In reality every little movement of the Scot's head was sending bolts of electricity through her body. Nikki's thoughts were interrupted by Helen sitting up, by the look on her face she was waiting for an answer to something.

"What? Sorry, I wasn't concentrating." Nikki said bashfully.

"I just said it's finished. What's wrong?"

"Nothing. So now the programme is finished what do you want to do? Your wish is my command, I will cater to your every need. So what's it going to be?" Nikki asked trying to change the subject.

"Erm...there is one thing." Helen said suddenly extremely nervous, she had been planning this for the past week but now actually being here and saying it was different.

"Anything." Nikki watched confused as Helen blushed and manoeuvred so she was crouching on the sofa facing her.

"I want you to make love to me!" Helen stated looking straight into Nikki's face, seeing the shock on Nikki's face she went on. "You said I should find someone I trust and care about before having sex with them and that's the way I feel about you..."

"Helen, if you want to loose your virginity this isn't the way, plus the fact loosing your virginity to a man is different than a woman and I'm your friend..." Nikki didn't get to finish what she was saying.

"I know and that's exactly why I want to do this with you, I know you won't hurt me. Nikki, I'm attracted to you and I've noticed the way you've been looking at me. Please, I want to experience this with you." Helen pleaded.

Nikki didn't say anything, she just dropped her gaze to look at her hands. What could she say? She was attracted to Helen, there was no denying that but it felt like she'd be taking advantage of her if she did this. She felt a gentle hand on her face and brought her gaze back up to meet Helen's. Nikki held her breath as she saw Helen moving her head to meet hers and as their lips touched she knew she couldn't say no, her head was telling her to but her heart was firmly in control and it wanted this more than she wanted anything.

When Helen felt Nikki respond she moved one hand into Nikki's hair while wrapping the other one round her shoulder to stroke the back of her neck. Meanwhile she felt Nikki's moving over her body, one went behind her back to pull her closer while the other one went to cradle her head so the kiss could deepen. Helen felt Nikki's tongue brush across her lips and hesitantly opened her mouth, she groaned when she felt the tongue enter and brush across her own. The groan turned into a shudder when Nikki's hand travelled down her back caressing her spine.

Feeling bold Helen slipped one hand under Nikki's shirt and started tracing patterns across the smooth skin she found there. She was pleased when she heard Nikki take a sharp breath in, using the arm that was behind her back for support, Nikki gently easing the small Scot back until she was lying on the settee and then laid lightly over her.

When they were comfortable led down Nikki broke of the kiss and started trailing light kisses down the neck she had been admiring since she'd first seen her friend. She carried on down until she saw the hard nipples visible through the fabric of the dress, Nikki gently rubbed her thumbs across the peaks causing Helen to moan again before she grazed one with her teeth rolling the other one between her thumb and finger.

Helen couldn't believe the sensations that were running through her, her entire body was tingling and she ached for Nikki's touch, one thing was sure this was 100% better than any dream. As she felt Nikki's teeth on her nipples she could do nothing but whimper and arch her lower body towards Nikki.

While her mouth and one hand was occupied with Helen's breasts Nikki moved the other hand down Helen's sides and down one leg before sliding it up the inside of her thigh, leaving it inches from her centre. She heard Helen moan again and thrust her body towards the offending limb aching for the touch.

"Please," Helen pleaded.

Nikki broke off what she was doing and looked at her friend, she looked absolutely amazing. Her hair was tousled, her face flushed, her lips swollen from their kissing and she was breathing heavily. "Bed" Was all she could say as she stared unashamed at Helen.

Understanding what she wanted Helen rolled from under Nikki grabbed her hand and led her from the room. She didn't even bother to straighten her dress as she led her up the stairs and into her bedroom, luckily she had a double bed. Helen led Nikki to the edge of the bed before pushing her onto it and straddling her hips. Smiling wickedly at the shocked statement on her soon to be lovers face she started unbuttoning her shirt, when she had finished she pulled it apart to reveal the enviable body underneath. Leaning down to cover her mouth again she scraped her nails lightly down the flat stomach before making light work of Nikki's fly even though her hands were shaking.

Nikki moaned as Helen skimmed her hands teasingly up her sides and working her way around to her back and the catch of her bra. Not breaking the kiss Helen tried to undo the bra, not surprisingly for a beginner she found it harder than anticipated. Nikki felt Helen have a couple of goes at unhooking the bra and felt her grow aggravated, so deciding to take control she rolled her onto her back.

Still not breaking the kiss Nikki pulled her loose shirt off her shoulders and quickly slipped her jeans off suddenly pleased that she had taken her shoes and socks off before settling in to watch the telly. Once she was down to her underwear she concentrated back on Helen. She soon had her dress unzipped and on the floor before quickly unhooking her bra and dropping it on the growing pile of clothes, with this barrier gone she took pleasure in cupping the perfectly proportioned mounds as she was teasing the tips and enjoying the gasps and moans it was causing in the beautiful young woman to expel. She suddenly felt the straps of her bra fall down her arms, feeling Helen smile triumphantly against her mouth she realised she had succeeded in unhooking her bra.

Helen pushed her up slightly and with Nikki's help managed to slip the bra off her arms. As Nikki lay back down she moaned when she felt their nipples graze together, she decided the playing had gone on long enough and still using one hand to tease Helen's nipple she let her other hand travel down the smaller woman's body. She made short work of the small panties before letting her fingers play in the juices pouring from Helen's body. She knew from the moans that the other girl was excited but God she was wet! As Nikki slid her fingers between her lips and sought the little bundles of nerves Helen reached out and grabbed her arm stopping her, fear gripped Nikki, she hadn't decided she didn't want this had she?

"To much, need to calm down a bit." Helen gasped when she saw the fear in Nikki's eyes. Nikki kept her hand still but leaned down and ran her tongue over Helen's nipple, it was only two more flicks of the tongue before Helen let go off Nikki's hand so she could grab the headboard, she started moaning uncontrollably and bucking into Nikki's hand which still hadn't moved.

Realising that Helen was close Nikki decided to leave the foreplay and concentrate on bringing her pleasure. Kissing her again Nikki plunged first one and then two fingers into her willing hole. Helen cried out into Nikki's mouth and kissed her more fiercely, she was feeling incredible, her whole body was on fire and she wanted to show Nikki how she felt. Nikki pumped her fingers in and out of Helen speeding up the pace and pushing Helen closer to the edge. She could tell by the short sharp breath and the little noises she was making that Helen's orgasm was only a hairsbreadth away so Nikki started rubbing the little nub with her thumb. As she increased the friction she heard Helen chant "Oh, god, yes...yes, yes." In a final ditch attempt she increase both the speed and pressure, taking Helen as fast and as hard as she dared, she was rewarded when with one final thrust of her hips she screamed Nikki's name before trembling uncontrollably.

Nikki lay beside Helen watching her as she trembled and rode what seemed like a limitless orgasm, she smiled, she didn't know what happened now but she was not sorry they had done this. Helen looked so beautiful as she lay there trying to get back in control.

"Oh, God. That was fantastic. I've...I've never felt anything like that before." Helen said when she had finally got her breath back and opened her eyes.

Nikki said nothing but reached up and swept a damp lock of hair from Helen's eyes, letting her fingers stroke her lovers face as she withdrew them. Helen shuddered at the touch, still not quite recovered from the intense lovemaking. Seeing this reaction Nikki drew her fingers down the other woman's body, Helen stopped her by placing her hands over hers as it reached her stomach.

Nikki was shocked when she found herself looking up at a smirking Helen. "Now it's my turn." She told her, running her hands down the sides of Nikki's hips taking her panties with her.

Nikki lay down closing her eyes and relaxing into Helen's touch, the feel of her friends naked body led down her side was unbelievable. Helen caressed Nikki's taught stomach muscles enjoying the feeling of them contracting and jumping under her fingers. She made her way slowly down to the small thatch of wiry hair at Nikki's centre, she paused nervously before looking up at the dark haired girl under her. Nikki had her head thrown back and was almost panting at the feelings shooting through her, this reaction caused Helen's confidence to grow.

She continued her journey down and slipped her fingers between the other woman's lips, rubbing two fingers the entire length before returning to her clit rubbing hard and fast to cause the friction Nikki desired. As Helen heard Nikki's breathing get faster and her moans getting louder she slowed before pulling away. Kissing Nikki hard she resumed the friction on the bundle of nerves altering between speed and pressure until eventually she took pity on Nikki and she rubbed as hard and fast as she could. She felt her lover tremble but kept up the relentless pace until Nikki screamed, her eyes shut tight as she rode the waves coursing through her body.

It took Nikki a couple of minutes to come back down to earth but when she eventually opened her eyes it was to see Helen smiling down at her.

"Thankyou." Helen whispered. Snuggling into Nikki's body, resting her head in the crook between her lovers neck and shoulder, she put an arm across her stomach and bent her leg possessively over Nikki's. Both women fell into a contented sleep.

Nikki woke the next morning to find Helen smiling down at her again while her right hand trailed a path down her body.

"Morning Nikki." Helen said sweetly before bending her head to take Nikki's nipple into her mouth and penetrating her with two fingers.

Nikki cried out and bucked into Helen's hand, this was amazing. She had expected Helen to want to make love to her once, the reason behind it was to loose her virginity, then they would go back to being just friends. But it seemed Helen still wanted them to be lovers, or at least she wanted to make love to her again and after last night Nikki wasn't going to say no.

Helen's passion, it seemed, hadn't diminished. She thrust her fingers into Nikki quickly before pulling them out and it was sending Nikki wild. To have her senses assaulted like this when she hadn't even woken up properly was causing her to loose control quickly.

Helen was loving the reaction she was causing in Nikki, last night she had been nervous and was sure she hadn't caused Nikki the same pleasure she had experience. Now she wanted her friend totally at her mercy so she could show her what she had felt the previous night.

Helen added another finger and pumped them in and out as fast as she could and let her thumb stray across her swollen clit. When she looked up she could see that Nikki was close to the edge, her moans were louder and she was thrashing her head from side to side. Seeing this Helen slowed her action, when she did Nikki's eyes shot open and she whimper.

"Please Helen." She pleaded.

"I want you to really want me Nikki. I want to make you scream." She whispered smiling mischievously. The smile widened when she saw the look on Nikki's face at her words.

"I really want you." Nikki said closing her eyes again. She moaned as Helen increased the pace of her thrusts but as she got close to release Helen held her back by slowing the motions again.

"I'm going to go mad Helen, please..."

Helen replied this time by devouring her mouth in a hungry kiss that left Helen breathless and aroused as she increased the pace again. This time when Nikki's moans got louder instead of slowing the pace she rubbed her thumb across her lovers clit. She smiled when she heard the gasps of 'yes, yes, yes' and felt Nikki's internal muscles spasm but she carried on with her actions, pleasing Nikki relentlessly until she screamed and then laid on the bed unmoving.

Still smiling Helen laid beside the dark haired women and, with the hand that wasn't still in her lover, stroked her sweat damp hair.

"Morning." She whispered.

"Oh man, what a wake up call." Nikki breathed eventually.

"What? You didn't like it?" Helen asked grinning wickedly.

"I liked it too much, do you think my mum would mind if I took you home to replace my alarm clock?"

Nikki rolled over to lye half over Helen and kissed her slowly but passionately, before trailing her lips down her body.

They eventually got up four hours later and after showering together made their way downstairs for something to eat.

"Christ, don't you think your mum went a bit overboard on the food. What does she think we are? There is enough food in here to feed the British army." Nikki stated while reaching up to look in the over head cupboards.

"She said she wanted to make sure we had enough and wouldn't run out." Helen said slipping her arms around Nikki from behind and resting her head on her back.

"I think you'll be eating this food for months." Nikki said turning in Helen's arms and leaning against the work surface. "So what do you want to eat?"

"You." The brunette replied leaning forward and stealing a quick kiss.

"So you don't regret last night?" Nikki asked smiling, she felt happier than she ever had.

"No. Do you?" Helen asked suddenly looking worried.

"Not for a second, I just though..." Nikki paused looking at Helen.

"Go on." Helen said frowning.

"I thought it was going to be a once only thing. I thought you wanted to loose your virginity and that is why you wanted to make love to me. I never thought it would be like this." Nikki said stroking her hand down Helen's face.

"Is that what you wanted a one night stand?" The small girl asked looking at the floor.

"No." Nikki said using her finger to raise her friends face. "You said it last night, I've been attracted to you for ages, this is my dream."

Helen smiled at this before leaning her head back on Nikki's shoulder. "So what are we having for dinner?"

After they had eaten they sat on the sofa in each others arms and watched TV. Nikki was surprised to find Helen liked to be touched, every time she didn't have anything to do she would hug Nikki or do something loving like stroke her face or back. She also seemed to like it when Nikki did the same to her, or, she would initiate it. Like now for example, Nikki had been sat on the sofa watching a programme when Helen had come into the room, she had immediately sat as close to the taller girl as possible and lifted her arms to drape it on her shoulder. Nikki had then moved her other arm to encircle her as well, she had felt Helen smile as she snuggled up and rested her head on her shoulder. Now the small Scot was tracing patterns idly on Nikki's thigh.

Nikki was absolutely loving the intimacy, what they were sharing was better than she could ever imagine and they had more than a week left alone.

They spent that night making love, but the passion they had consumed them the night before was replaced by tender, loving caresses.

The next day Helen woke up and panicked when she saw Nikki was not in the bed beside her, she got up, wrapping herself in a dressing-gown and started searching the house. She eventually found the tall dark-haired woman in the kitchen eating a full English Breakfast and reading a paper. She looked up and smiled when she saw Helen.

"I wondered when you were going to get up. I put your breakfast in the oven to keep it warm."

"It's Sunday, it's too early to be up yet, come back to bed." Helen said pouting.

"I have to be up, I have to play football. The match starts in an hour. But I have to be there in half an hour." Nikki told her, Helen groaned.

"Can't you skip it?"

"I'm the captain, the captain leads by example, they don't skip matches."

"Pretend you're ill, or injured or something."

"Helen I can't."

"But I don't want to be separated from you, not even for an hour." Helen complained leaning down to where Nikki was sat in a chair and wrapping her arms around her from behind.

"Come with me then." Nikki said. "It'll mean getting up and standing in the cold for about two hours but we won't be separated.

"And I'll get to see you in a football strip. This idea is looking good." Helen said thoughtfully. "I'll just go and shower.

Two hours later Helen was regretting agreeing to come, she was in a thick jumper and coat but she was still freezing. Her nose was bright red, she could see her breath in front of her and her feet her (were) going numb. It was worth it though she mussed. Nikki's team was winning 4-1 and Nikki had scored a hat trick for her team, Helen was really pleased for her especially when she had heard some spectators commenting that she was playing better than she ever had.

At half time Nikki had ran up to her. "How do you have the energy to still be running when you've spent the last 45 minutes running up and down the pitch?" Helen asked exhausted from just watching her.

"Practice." Nikki said giving Helen a lopsided grin. She paused for a second looking at Helen shyly. "Look, I just wanted to say...thanks for this." She said eventually, not looking at Helen.

"What?" The Scot asked confused.

"Coming to watch me. It's the first time I've ever had someone in the crowd cheering me on, it feels really good." Nikki said.

"I can't believe it, no-one has ever come to watch you?" Helen asked outraged, when she had been on the hockey team in her old school her parents had come to nearly every match.

"No. I just used to sit there and watch the rest of the team chatting to their families at half time. To have someone to talk to now feels really special. Thanks."

"Your welcome." Helen replied touching her lovers arm, she wanted to do a hell of a lot more than that but she knew now was not the time.

"I think your my lucky charm." Nikki said grinning from ear to ear. "The coach said I was playing really well, she says if I keep it up I'll get man of the match."

"Well you deserve it." Helen said smiling when Nikki's smile got wider at the praise.

"Wade, get over here." The team coach called.

"Got to go. I'll see you after the match. Thanks again." Nikki said still grinning as she ran off.

Nikki played as good in the second half, she scored another goal and her team was winning by 6-1 when the other team started playing dirty. They were lunging in for tackles and one player had obviously been given instructions to man mark Nikki.

Nikki had just won the ball in a fair tackle and was sprinting up the pitch, the ball at her feet when her marker decided to lunge at her in a crunching tackle from behind. She missed the ball but brought Nikki down, the marker jumped to her feet and ran off leaving Nikki on the floor grabbing her left ankle in agony.

As soon as Helen had seen the tackle she had ducked under the barrier and when Nikki didn't get up at the same time as her marker she ran across the pitch, she was by her lovers side in seconds.

"Nikki are you OK?" She asked as the team coach joined her.

"My bloody ankle." Nikki said through gritted teeth.

"Nikki can you walk?" The coach asked.

"I don't know." Nikki replied.

The coach who assured Helen she had first aid experience, untied Nikki's football boot and slipped her sock off. Nikki gasped with pain while her coach prodded around her ankle so Helen held her hand, at this small gesture Nikki smiled.

"Well it's swollen but I don't think anything is broken. I think you should get it checked out though." The coach said looking at Nikki.

"So do I." Helen added.

"I'll get someone to take you. We'll have to get you off the pitch though. C'mon."

Leaning heavily on Helen, Nikki managed to hobble to the pitch side. She watched with a smile as the player who had tackled her was sent off before the coach returned with the parent and one of her team that had been substituted.

"Nikki, this is Carlas dad. He said he'll drop you and Helen off at the hospital." The coach said. "You played brilliant today, it's a pity you got injured. You still got the man of the match, I don't know what it is that made you play that good but I say keep taking it as long as it's legal. I'll drop the prize off later and see how you are." The coach slapped her on the back. Before they set off Nikki told her she was staying with Helen and gave her the phone number and address.

They spent two hours in casualty, the Doctor after sending her for X-rays said that the ankle was sprained and badly bruised. He wrapped it in a bandage and told her to take it easy for 4 days, only walking when needed and to keep it elevated when possible, he also gave her some painkillers to take.

Neither of them had brought much money so they couldn't get a taxi and with Nikki hardly being able to walk and Helen not knowing the area it was decided that the bus was a bad idea. In the end Nikki phoned Jimmy and asked if he could drop them off.

Fifteen minutes later Jimmy and Bet ran into Casualty, a worried look on their faces.

"Are you OK love?" Bet asked taking in Nikki's muddy football kit, her messy hair and the bandage on her leg.

"I'm OK, you didn't have to worry." Nikki replied smiling.

"When Jimmy said he'd got a phone call asking him to pick you up from the hospital I didn't know what to think." Bet replied.

"I'm sorry to worry you but we didn't have enough money on us to get a taxi and I didn't know if Nikki would be able to manage on a bus." Helen replied.

"Don't worry about it. I'm a chauffeur, my job description includes driving you round Nik. I'm glad I could help. Now come on, I hate hospitals. Do you need any help?" Jimmy asked.

"No it's OK, I've been helping her, I'm just the right height." Helen replied before Nikki could get a word in, for some reason she felt possessive of Nikki.

When they arrived at Helen's home Bet made them both sit in the front room while she fussed around. She insisted on making them Dinner, which Helen had to admit was excellent. Before she left she washed up and asked if they needed anything. After assuring her they didn't and that they could manage Helen saw them out.

At the door Bet stopped before exiting, Helen was touched when she thanked her for looking after Nikki. She said that Nikki always seemed more relaxed and happy when she was away from her parents and that no-one would have blamed Helen if she'd have decided she couldn't look after Nikki with her injured ankle. After insisting they phoned if they needed anything she left.

"Do you think you could put the bandage back on if I had a bath?" Nikki asked when she entered the living room and perched on the arm of the chair Nikki was sitting on.

"I should think so, do you want me to go and start running it?" Helen asked stroking her hand through Nikki's hair.

Nikki sighed at the touch. "I wouldn't ask but I'm muddy and the dry sweat is making me feel uncomfortable."

"I think you look really cute all muddy like that."

"Cute?" Nikki asked raising her eyebrows.

"And sexy." Helen leant down and stealing a light kiss. Before standing up and going to the bathroom.

Ten minutes later she came out of the bathroom when she heard the phone ringing. She passed it to Nikki after being told that it was her football coach. When Helen came out of the bathroom five minutes later to tell Nikki the bath was run she had already finished her conversation.

"Coach is coming around at 7 tonight, is that OK?" Nikki asked pulling Helen down to sit next to her.

"Yeah, it's fine, how come you get on so much?" Helen asked slightly bitterly accepting the caresses from Nikki but not giving any back.

"I like football and she coaches it, I have to see her more because I'm the captain apart from that she treats me the same as all the players. Why?" Nikki asked.

"No reason." Helen replied standing up.

"Yes there is, why are you acting stand-offish?"

"I'm not."

"Yes you are. Please Helen tell me what's up, I thought we could talk about anything. What have I done?" Nikki asked imploringly.

"It's just me being stupid I guess, I just...with you telling me about the PE teacher and then seeing you get on with your coach..." Helen never got to finish.

"You thought I was sleeping with her?" Nikki asked her tone one of astonishment.

"...I was just jealous I guess." Helen finished. "I'm sorry, please don't be angry with me."

"Helen, I would never cheat on anyone. You are the one I want and the one I care about. There is no-one else. Anyway even if I did have the hots for my coach, which I assure you I don't, her HUSBAND is a weight lifter. He's hard, I wouldn't mess with him."

"I know, like I said before I trust you Nikki. Now come on or your bath will get cold."

Helen helped Nikki into the bathroom, Nikki sat on the toilet seat and started to pull her t-shirt over her head. She assumed that Helen had left the bathroom and as a result she jumped when she felt a hand unhook her bra before slipping into the now loose material and cup her breasts.

Nikki moaned and finished freeing herself of her t-shirt.

"You are insatiable." Nikki said smiling as she accepted a kiss.

"I've never been like this, I just want to touch you all the time and when you touch me, even just the tiniest of touches, it makes my body feel so alive. Will making love to you always make me feel so great?" Helen asked.

"I honestly don't know. I hope so though." Nikki replied.

Nikki moaned again as Helen stood back, retrieving her hands from under Nikki's bra and knelt down to start unwrapping the bandage on her leg. Once this was done she helped Nikki to stand and balance on the one leg before trailing her hands down her lovers sides before slipping them over her hips, under her shorts and panties. She then slid them around her back, kneading her buttocks for a few seconds before carrying on down her legs, taking Nikki's underwear and shorts with her. When the clothes were around Nikki's knees Helen helped her back onto the toilet seat and gently pulled them off.

"Right, into the bath." Helen ordered holding her hands out in an offer of help.

"God you are such a tease." Nikki complained, her breathing quick thanks to Helens actions in undressing her.

"I didn't here you complaining at the time."

"That's because I thought you were going to carry on."

"Be a good girl and take your bath and I might." Helen replied cheekily.

Muttering under her breath Nikki manoeuvred herself so she was sitting on the side of the bath before swinging her legs over and slipping into the hot water. She did all this without her injured leg touching anything, when she was settled in the water she let the calf of the injured leg rest on the head of the bath near the taps so it wouldn't get any further damage. With this sorted she relaxed.

"You look very comfortable." Helen commented as she brought a towel over for Nikki when she had finished.


"Well I'll leave you to it then, call me if you need anything." Helen leant down for a quick kiss before she left. As she leant in Nikki saw an opportunity, she grabbed Helen around the waist and pulled her into the water. Helen landed backwards, almost sitting on Nikki's stomach, for a couple of seconds she just looked at Nikki in shock before laughing. "You stupid cow, what did you do that for?"

"I wanted you to join me." Nikki said glad that Helen had taken it so well.

"And you couldn't have asked me instead of soaking me through?"

"I thought you'd say no." As Nikki was saying this Helen made a move to push herself out of the bath only for Nikki to thwart it by wrapping her arms firmly around her waist.

"Nikki let me go." Helen said looking imploringly at her lover.

"Only if you promise to come back and get in the bath, I need someone to help wash my back." Nikki replied smiling mischievously.

"OK, I'll just take my clothes off then I'll join you."

A few seconds later Helen climbed in the bath behind Nikki, as soon as she was settled she pulled Nikki towards her so her lovers back was against her front. She reached for the shampoo and pouring some onto her hand she massaged it into Nikki's wet hair, Helen smiled when she heard Nikki sigh. Once the shampoo was lathered enough Helen helped Nikki rinse it out but as Nikki was about to return the favour Helen nudged Nikki back into position and picked up the soap.

They stumbled out of the bath nearly an hour later with their bodies on fire. They had resisted the urge to make love in the bath. The cleaning of the others body had become a game of 'who can turn the other on the most' and giving into the bodies urge to take the other there and then would have been admitting defeat.

Once they were dry Helen helped Nikki back down the stairs and onto the settee. Once she was seated Helen took the opportunity and sat in her lap with her arms around her neck.

"Don't you ever get sick of me?" Nikki laughed, still amazed at how Helen craved intimacy with her.

"No! I want to make love to you." Helen stated slowly leaning in for a kiss, just as their lips touched the door bell rang, they both moaned as they separated.

"I don't care who it is, get rid of them and then get back here."

Nikki heard Helen open the door and speak to someone, after a couple of seconds she heard footsteps heading back to the living room. She smiled as the door opened and was just about to suggest they go to bed when she saw who had just entered the room.

"So how is my top scorer?"

"Me? I'm fine, just a bit sore." Nikki stuttered as her football coach strode into the room a big grin on her face.

"That's good to know, did the hospital say when you'd be able to play again?"

"No, I have to go back to the out-patients."

"Huh, sounds like it'll be a while. After today our goal difference is looking good, it looks like we'll have a good position in the league. Anyway, I just nipped in to see how you were and to give you these." With this the coach pulled a big box of chocolates out of her bag and handed them to Nikki. Nikki saw Helen frown and look at the floor, obviously still suspicious about their relationship. "That's your man of the match prize and you deserve it. I have to shoot off but before I go is there anything you need?"

"No, I'm fine. Helen is taking good care of me." Nikki said giving Helen a lopsided grin.

"Yeah, it looks like she is." The coach said heading for the door where Helen was still stood. "Well take care of her, she's my best player we need her." She said slapping Helen on the back only stopping to wave to them both before leaving the house.

"Is she always like that?" Helen asked looking at Nikki incredulously.

"Mostly, that is when she's not screaming at us because we are playing crap." The taller woman said picking up the box of chocolates she'd been left. "Do you want a chocolate?"

"You know me, never one to refuse chocolates."

"As long as it's not the fudge"

The next day they stayed in bed late, when they did get up at around midday they noticed it was a beautiful day. Nikki's ankle was still sore so Helen told her to go and sit down while she made them some food.

Deciding it was to nice to sit in the living room all day and watch TV Nikki limped into the back garden and stretched her long frame onto one of the two sun lounges that Helen's parents had out there.

She had her eyes closed and was relaxing when she felt someone straddle her thighs and wrap their arms around her neck.

"I'm never going to get a tan if you block my light." Nikki said smiling.

"Well, if you'd rather have a tan than me I'll go." Helen said acting offended as she started to stand.

"Don't you dare." Nikki said grabbing Helen around the waist and holding her still. She opened her eyes for the first time and the vision that met her took her breath away. Nikki met Helen's lips with her own in a passionate kiss. "Helen...I love you." She said uncertainly when they broke away. They were loving and tender but have not discussed their feelings for each other, Nikki didn't know how Helen would react to the confession

"Don't tell me, show me." Helen whispered seductively taking Nikki's hand and leading her back to bed.



The rest of the week went quickly, during the latter end they even ventured out of the house, trips to the cinema or anything else that wouldn't involve a lot of walking as Nikki's ankle was still sore.

Jimmy called by a couple of times with some of Bets home cooking, he was on orders to see if they were OK and ask if they needed anything but apart from that they were alone. They were living in their own perfect world, not having to worry about anybody but themselves and being able to do anything they wanted. Neither of them were stupid though, they realised it had to end, so on the Saturday night Helen brought it up.

"What are we going to do when my parents get back Nikki?" Helen asked as she was lying in her lovers arms. They were both sprawled out on the sofa idly watching TV.

"I don't know, I guess we'll just have to be discreet." Nikki replied sighing, she knew they couldn't openly have a relationship but a part of her felt that Helen was ashamed of what they had and that was why she didn't want to tell anyone.

"They won't like it, if we told them they'd split us up and I couldn't bare that." Helen said squeezing Nikki tighter.

"I know. We'll just have to act like we did before, we used to spend a lot of time together anyway so it won't be that hard. We'll have to keep our hands to ourselves at school and watch how we act together when we're with your parents." Nikki replied.

"Easier said than done." Helen pouted.

"Are you telling me I'm irresistible?" Nikki teased.

"Irresistible - no. Very tempting - yes." Helen replied leaning up to steal a quick kiss. Nikki frowned when she saw Helen's face become serious. "This last week has been the best week of my life Nikki, thankyou, I wish it didn't have to end."

"It doesn't." Nikki said excitedly changing positions on the sofa so she could stare directly into Helen's face. "Come to America with me Helen. We finish school at the same time, so we could go together. That way we wouldn't have to care about what anyone thought, we could start a new life together."

"Nikki." Helen sighed exasperated, "I don't have enough money..."

"I'll have more than enough money for me, I could give the left over to you and we could both get a job so we'd have enough money to rent somewhere when we get over there." Nikki butted in grinning from ear to ear.

"What about my parents? They may be prejudice but I love them, I can't just run away..." Helen trailed off, she reached out for Nikki when she saw the hurt look on her face. "Nikki, I do want to be with you it just...I have other people here..." She desperately wanted Nikki to see this from her point of view.

"It's OK Helen, I understand. It was stupid of me to think that you were in the same position as me. I don't care about my parents, the only thing I feel I have here is you and I didn't want to loose you." Nikki said lowering her head and not looking at the small Scot.

"I don't want to loose you either Nikki, I've already told you that. Let me think about it, please." Helen pleaded.

"Yeah," Nikki said nodding. "It's our last night alone, lets not waste it."

"What do you suggest we do instead?" Helen asked stroking her hand down Nikki's side and hip.

"Well, I was thinking about ordering a pizza in and having a lazy night in front of the TV." Nikki replied seriously.

"You had better be kidding." Helen said sitting up and staring at her lover.

"You can't have me in bed all the time Helen. I have needs as well." When she saw Helen pouting she relented. "OK, I was kidding. I want to make love to you all night long."

"All night? That's a long time, I may need some convincing, what do I get in return?"

"Pleasure." Nikki replied kissing Helen lightly and slipping one of her hands between the smaller woman's legs, she grinned when she heard her lover gasp. "Convinced you yet."

"Definitely have." Helen replied reaching up and starting to unfasten Nikki's shirt buttons. Nikki pulled back when Helen started on her trouser zip.

"As much as I'd like to make love to you on your parents sofa I don't think I'd ever be able to concentrate in this room again if we did." Nikki said trying to get her breathing back to normal.

Helen took Nikki's hands and led her to bed, once there they made quick work of the others clothes until they were both stood naked. Nikki then pulled Helen to her for a long, passionate kiss and at the same time pushed her onto the before lying on top of her.

Nikki felt Helen force her lips apart and her tongue enter and taste her mouth. She couldn't stop from moaning and in an attempt to arouse her lover more she reached up and cupped both of Helen's breasts, rubbing the already hard peaks. Nikki couldn't have been more surprised when she felt the world spin and found herself led back on the bed. She opened her eyes and realised Helen had flipped them just in time to see the small Scot straddle her stomach, pinning Nikki's hands under her knees.

"Helen?" Nikki asked confused.

"I want to take the lead Nikki, I always try but you take over. So now I'm doing what I have to." Helen replied. She blocked any protest by leaning down and kissing the other woman, but as she did she felt her trying to pull her hands free. "Please Nikki."

"Helen, I'm sorry I didn't know you felt like that, but…"

"You don't have to do anything apart from lie there."

Seeing the pleading look on Helen's face Nikki reluctantly agreed, she soon started to regret it though as her need to touch Helen increased. Every time she reached out to touch the other woman Helen pulled back, at one point she even threatened to tie Nikki to the bed if she didn't lie still.

Nikki lay back and took a deep breath, if Helen wanted to do this then she would do it for her. As she felt her lover kissing her stomach and breasts she just about managed to keep her hands by her sides, but Helen's game was fast turning into torture. Pleasurable torture, but torture none the less.

The next morning when Helen's parents returned they saw what looked like two fifteen year old girls enjoying a game of monopoly.

"Hello Helen, Nikki. Did you enjoy your week?" Helen's father asked.

"Yes, thanks dad." Helen said jumping up from her seat and hugging her parents. Nikki got out of her seat behind her to welcome them back.

"Nikki, what happened!" Helen's mother exclaimed on seeing the bandage.

"What? Oh it's nothing, I got injured playing football." Nikki said smiling bashfully.

"Have you told your parents? They must think we are terrible, why didn't you ring us to let us know?"

"Mrs Stewart, it's nothing really. I'm fine and my parents know, it was my own stupid fault." Nikki said trying to allay the panicking woman.

"Don't be silly Nikki, that team were playing dirty, she took you out on purpose because you were playing so well." Helen said before turning to her parents and beaming proudly. "She scored 4 goals and got the man of the match award."

"Well done Nikki, it sounded a violent game though." Helen's dad replied.

"Only for me. I should go now, you probably want some time on your own with Helen. Is it OK if I give Jimmy a call?" Nikki asked shifting awkwardly.

"Don't be silly, finish your game. We have to unpack anyway." Mr Stewart said leaving the room with his wife.

For both of them Sunday night was torture, it was the first night they had spent alone since they had got together and they both felt the loneliness. Therefore on Monday morning Nikki was stood at the school gates, where she met Helen every school morning, half an hour earlier than usual. After five minutes she started cursing her stupidity, as if Helen would come early, they hadn't discussed it so why would she? Ten minutes later her face broke into a huge grin when she saw Helen walking briskly up the road, her own face smiling broadly as she saw Nikki.

"Hi." Nikki said trying to quell her bodies natural instinct to pull the small woman into her arms.

"Hi yourself, I had this strange feeling you'd be early today." Helen replied. "God, I want you so much, I missed you last night."

"I missed you to, why don't we go into the toilets?" Nikki asked.

"Toilets?" Helen asked confused.

"I know it's not the ideal place but it's the only one I can think of that will give us some privacy."

"Come on then." Helen said not even waiting for the tall, dark haired woman before she headed into the school. She couldn't wait to feel her lovers firm, long body in her arms again.

As soon as they entered the bathroom and made sure they were alone Helen pulled Nikki into one of the cubicles before locking the door and pushing her against the wall. All that Nikki managed to get out was an exclamation of surprise before her mouth was devoured by Helen's.

One thing that Nikki had noticed in the last week was that, as the days had past Helen had become bolder and taken more initiative when they made love. It had all come to a head on the last day when Helen had demanded Nikki lay passive so she could do what she wanted and now she was taking the lead again in this encounter.

Nikki gave a soft moan as she felt Helen's teeth nip her bottom lip. She cupped her lovers head and teased her lips open, when there was no argument she slipped her tongue into the welcoming mouth and ran it sensually over the other woman's. Nikki groaned again when she felt Helen cup her breast over her shirt and push her leg between Nikki's.

"I want you so much." Helen whispered huskily when she broke the kiss.

"I know. God last night was awful, just wanted to be in your arms." Nikki replied before capturing Helen's mouth again.

They eventually stopped when they heard someone enter the toilets and they remembered where they were. They stood staring at the other until they heard the person wash their hands and then leave.

"We'd better go." Helen said regretfully.

"Yeah, can we go to yours after school?" Nikki asked knowing she couldn't wait very long, if she had to spend another day without making love to Helen she was likely to do something stupid.

"No, they are leaving work earlier to celebrate getting that new contract. How about going to the waterfall. It's private, no-one will see us and if we take a blanket we won't get that muddy." Helen replied slowly running one finger down Nikki's stomach.

"OK, I'll meet you after school and we'll phone Jimmy." Helen's replied was forestalled by the bell ringing, signifying the start of school.

Most of the week passed in the same way for Nikki and Helen. Every free moment they got they would meet and sneak off somewhere private. No-one commented because it was what they used to do.

The only minor incident came on Tuesday during PE. Nikki who was sitting out due to her ankle, was perched on a table at the end of the lesson while everyone else was taking a shower. Helen had noticed that Laura Bates had been giving Nikki suggestive looks all through the lesson, Nikki however didn't seem to be picking up on them. The result was that while she was walking to the showers her towel had 'accidentally' slipped just when she was about to pass Nikki. The result had been that Nikki had witnessed Laura wearing nothing but a very seductive smile. Helen who had claimed a peg as close to Nikki as possible had seen the entire scene and had not been pleased. It had taken all of Nikki's charm to convince her that she hadn't encouraged her in any way and she was not interested.

Every day after school they would go to the waterfall and slowly make love, safe in the knowledge that no-one would stumble on them. For the first time in her life Nikki felt completely happy - as long as she had Helen nothing could touch her.

It was Thursday when both there worlds came crashing down. Nikki had just finished double science and was looking for Helen, she was planning on finishing the story she had been writing this break and the small Scot had agreed to come to the English classroom with her. Nikki knew Helen had a free period so she headed to the common room to find her.

As she rounded the corner she heard Helen's laugh from within the room. Slowly she walked to the door and lent against the door-frame. This was when she got her first sight of Helen and what she saw made her feel like her heart had just been torn out.

Helen was sat with the school stud Dominic McAlister, it was well known around school that Dominic had a huge crush on Helen. He had the hang-dog statement he always had around Helen and he was telling her something, as Nikki watched Helen leaned forward and gently put her hand on Dominic's arm and she laughed at what he had just said. She then leaned forward brushing her shoulder against his and replied to the comment. Their whole body-language was screamed flirting and it made Nikki see red.

With tears stinging her eyes Nikki turned around and stormed out of the room.

When Nikki didn't meet her as planned Helen decided to look for her. She eventually found the other woman in an English room, but it was not what she expected. Nikki was stood in the middle of the room, tears streaming down her face and was methodically ripping pages out of the notebook she had spent nearly a year writing her story in and letting them drop to the floor.

"Nikki? What the hell are you doing?" Helen asked running to her side.

"What do you care?" Nikki asked harshly.

"What? Of course I care. What's wrong?"

"Managed to pull yourself away from Dominic then?" Nikki spat still tearing the pages.

"What?" Helen asked confused.

"I saw you together Helen. Flirting with him, touching his arm and shoulder, sort out a date did you?"

"Nikki what are you on about? I don't have any interest in Dominic." She stated pulling the notepad out of Nikki's hand so she couldn't do anymore damage.

"Course you don't," Nikki said sarcastically. "He fancies you Helen and you were flirting with him. Now forgive me if I'm wrong but flirting with someone you know has the hots for you is giving them an invitation."

"Nikki I..." Helen started but didn't get to finish.

"I told you I loved you..." Nikki said, her voice breaking, she took a deep breath to try and control the sobs that were ripping through her body. "What was I to you? Just a stop to get experience before you found a man? You know what hurts the most? The fact that I believed you." Nikki spat before Helen had a chance to answer. "I believed you so much that I actually fell head over heels in love with you. How could I have been so stupid? Having my heart broken twice...maybe I should just give up on women." Nikki paused to wipe her tears on her blazer sleeve before laughing bitterly. "What am I telling you for? What would you care? Why don't you run back to Dominic and arrange that date. You'd be much happier with him wouldn't you? That way you can introduce him to your parents."

Before Helen had chance to reply Nikki ran out of the room. Helen followed but as she got to the door of the school she was just in time to see Nikki fleeing across the yard and disappear down the steps to the front gate. Even with a sore ankle Nikki could run faster than Helen.

Going back into the English room, Helen picked up the pages of Nikki's story putting them all in the front pouch of her bag. With this task done she sat on a chair, put her head in her hands and cried.

Helen went through the rest of her lessons in a daze, one of her teachers had even asked her to stop behind to see what was wrong. Scared that she would burst into tears she had quickly replied with a 'nothing' before fleeing the room.

When she got home she went into her room, curled up on the centre of her bed and cried until she could cry no more. She hadn't even realised that her parents had come home until her mother knocked on her door and asked her what she wanted for tea. Her mother had guessed that something was wrong due to the fact that Helen usually had the tea prepared for all of them, she usually enjoyed the task. They were even more worried with the fact that Helen said she didn't want any food without even turning to look at her.

Helen spent the rest of the night in her room - eventually crying herself to sleep. She was woken the next morning again by her mother knocking lightly on her door.

"Helen, you have a phone call." She said gently.

Helen sprung out of bed, hoping that it would be Nikki. She was disappointed when Bet answered.

"Helen, thank god you are there. Do you have any idea of where Nikki is? She arrived back at around 12:30 yesterday after walking the five miles here in the rain, she walked straight into the grounds and we haven't seen her since. We only know she came back because Sarah saw her when she was in the gardens, she said that Nikki looked distraught." Bet stopped at this, she sounded upset and was just about keeping her voice from breaking. "Helen, she's been out all night in this weather. Please do you have any idea?" The middle aged woman begged.

"I might, I'm not to sure if she'd go there though. Can Jimmy come for me please?" Helen asked.

In less than half an hour Helen was pulling up to what she liked to call the 'Wade Mansion'. She didn't even wait until the car had stopped before she jumped out of the back, not bothering about the pouring rain and started running across the fields to the waterfall. She didn't even know if Nikki would go there. If she wanted to forget about Helen then that was the last place she would go, there were too many memories there. Then again where else would she go?

Helen's parents were not pleased when she had come down the stairs dressed in jeans, they had told her to get ready for school, even when she had explained the situation. Eventually she had told them she wasn't going until Nikki was found and had refused to move until she heard the horn of Jimmy's BMW and had run out of the house.

She couldn't get the idea that this was all her fault out of her head. She had flirted with Dominic, she had known she was doing it and she knew that he fancied her. She had been flattered but it hadn't been anything more than that - she didn't want him because she had Nikki.

Now though she was scared, why hadn't Nikki gone home that night? She could see the look on Nikki's face when she had told her about Janet - the PE teacher she'd had an affair with, Nikki had been upset when she had told Helen about them being separated. Nikki had only said she thought she was in love with Janet and she had been upset, she had openly admitted that she loved Helen. Helen was scared about what Nikki might have done.

Helen had spent a torturous night tossing and turning and trying to work out what she would say to Nikki when she saw her again. Some time during the night she had decided that she would tell her she loved her and beg her forgiveness. She didn't know why she hadn't told the gorgeous dark haired woman that she loved her sooner, she had known how deep her feelings ran but something always stopped her.

With these thought running around her head she climbed the wall, knowing she was coming close to the waterfall. She was so lost in thoughts that she almost fell over the body of her lover led less than 50 meters from the wall. Helen's blood ran cold as she spotted the soaked, unmoving mass and only stopping to check for a pulse she ran back to the house.

Running flat out it took her over ten minutes to get back, every eye in the room looked at her as she burst through the servant door.

"I've found her, I need someone's help and call an ambulance." She gasped before running back to the door with Jimmy in tow.

She led Jimmy back to Nikki not bothered that her lungs were burning with the effort of the run or that she was soaked to the bone. As soon as Jimmy saw the form he picked up his speed, Helen caught up as he was checking her pulse and quickly scanning her body for obvious sign of injury.

"Looks like she's broken her leg." He pointed out draping his long coat over her body.

"It's the same one she injured at football." Helen pointed out breathing heavily.

"She's freezing and wet as well, that could be why she's unconscious. We have to get her back." With this he gently picked her up. Helen hovered at his side looking at the pale face of her lover.

By the time they got back Helen and Jimmy were soaking wet along with Nikki. All the staff were just outside the kitchen door, waiting for them to return. As soon as they came into view Rob ran up and took Nikki out of Jimmy's arms as he was showing signs of tiring.

"Take her up to her room." Bet ordered standing back to let him get through.

Helen followed them blindly not even hearing the orders Bet was issuing, all that she was concentrating on was Nikki and where they were taking her. She followed Bet and Sarah into the room Rob had taken Nikki to see him laying her on her bed, Rob then left and she watched as Bet and Sarah started to undress her. Bet cut her skirt and panties off with some scissors, not wanting to disturb her broken leg. While Sarah stripped her of her coat, blazer, shirt and bra. With this done they efficiently wrapped a towelling robe and towels around her and pulled the covers up trying to warm her.

"The Doctor should be here soon, we rang him as soon as Helen and Jimmy set off." Sarah said looking at Nikki with a worried statement.

"She is going to be OK isn't she?" Helen asked speaking for the first time since they had headed back with the unconscious Nikki.

"Don't you worry love, you know Nikki, it'll take more then this to keep her down." Bet replied turning to Helen. "Now come on, you need to get out of those wet clothes, I'll find you some of Nikki's although they'll be a bit big."

Bet found Helen a pair of jeans and a jumper and left saying she'd be back in a bit. Helen changed into the clothes, rolling up the long sleeves and legs and then moved over to stand by the bed. It was the first time Helen had seen the taller woman looking like this, she looked frail and pale. Helen was used to her energetic, boisterous antics and the cheeky grin she used to wear, this was a million miles away from that.

"Oh Nikki. I am so, so sorry. I was flirting with Dominic but it didn't mean anything because it is you that I want. I love you. Please come back to me sweetheart, I need you."

Crying Helen sank onto the chair that Nikki had next to her bed and buried her head into the sheet next to Nikki's head. She cried until her eyes were dry and then sitting up and taking Nikki's hand she sat looking at the woman that had come to mean more to her than her own life.

Bet returned fifteen minutes after she left. She a man in tow who Helen assumed was the Doctor Sarah had been talking about. He was accompanied by two men who were carrying a large machine and had a large bag in his possession. He ushered Bet and Helen out of the room and closed the door.

"C'mon, we'll go down to the kitchen and leave them to it." Bet told Helen who was still staring at the closed door.

"What was that thing they were carrying?" Helen asked.

"That was an x-ray machine, we told him they could be a chance of broken bones." Bet replied leading Helen down the stairs to the kitchen.

"I didn't know there were portable x-ray machines. Why didn't you just call an ambulance and go to the hospital?"

"Why bother when her parents are willing to pay, and there is a Doctor who is willing to be paid to do the job?"

As they entered Helen was surprised to find the kitchen empty, all the other times she had been in here they had been at least two other people milling around. Bet sat Helen down and put a plate of sausages and mash in front of her.

"What's this?"

"Food, we had a call from your mother just before you arrive here. She told us she was worried about you, that you hadn't eaten anything since yesterday dinner and that you hadn't come out of your bedroom all night." Bet sat down next to Helen when she saw her head drop, she put a comforting arm around her. "You need to eat something, it won't help Nikki if when she wakes up you are dropping from starvation and lack of sleep." She finished gently.

"That's if Nikki wants me there when she wakes." Helen replied sniffing, she felt the tears well up again.

"What happened love?"

"We had an argument, it was all my fault. Nikki was really upset and she walked out of school..." She trailed off and buried her head into Bet's shoulder when the older woman pulled her into a hug. Bet held her until she had stopped crying.

"You are lovers aren't you?" Bet asked eventually getting a shocked look from Helen. "Lately she's been the happiest I've seen her in a long time, I couldn't work out what had caused it until Monday when you came here after school. She came down to get some food while you stayed upstairs for some reason or other, when you walked into the room her smile got wider her eyes seemed to twinkle - her entire body seemed to change. When I noticed that I watched you, your eyes seemed to linger over her a bit longer than need be."

Helen had dropped her head to stare at the floor she waited quietly trying to get her head in some sort of order eventually she looked up meeting Bet's gaze. She was surprised when didn't see any judgement in the older woman's eyes.

"We have been...sleeping together for just two weeks, but I kept putting off telling her how I felt. Yesterday she saw me flirting with a guy from school who fancies me and accused me of just using her. Like I said we argued and she walked out of school." Helen finished. "I do love her, I've never felt this way about anybody."

"I know that and deep down so does she. You can tell her that when she comes round. Now eat up."

"Do her parents know what has happened?" Helen asked as an afterthought while picking up her fork.

"They've been told, for all the good it will do. They'll probably just ask us to tell them how she is." Bet said angrily.

Helen ate in silence and Bet started cleaning the kitchen, they were interrupted many minutes later by the Doctor coming down the stairs.

"How is she Doctor?" Bet asked wiping her hands.

"Her leg is broken like you feared but that is the only broken bone. I'm more worried about the fact that she was out in the cold and rain all night and that she is unconscious. She is showing a bit of a temperature but nothing more at the moment and she should regain consciousness when her body is ready. I'll call the local hospital and get a nurse to come over and set the leg and if the master of the house agrees to it I'd like to put her on a course of antibiotics and call back every other day until I feel she is healthy again." The Doctor said.

"The master of the house told me to do what ever you wanted and that cost wasn't an issue." Bet replied.

"That's good. I know a number of nurses that would be happy to come here and plaster the leg would it be OK if I phoned from here to arrange it?"

"Of course."

"If needed would a car be available to collect the nurse from the hospital?"

"Yes if needed it wouldn't be a problem."

The Doctor thanked them and set off for the phone in the hall. He came back a couple of minutes later asking them if the car could pick a woman up from outside the hospital in twenty minutes.

"I didn't know that nurses made house visits to set legs." Helen said slightly surprised.

"Officially they don't but it's amazing what they will do when you offer them cash and no questions asked. I never knew how much money could get you until I started this job, of course it helps when your doctor is also a society friend." Bet replied taking Helen's now empty plate and loading it into the dishwasher.

"That was great thanks Bet. Can I go back up and see her?" Helen asked only waiting for the nod before running up the stairs. After talking to Bet she felt as if she'd had a weight taken off her shoulders, she knew she would never be able to tell her parents about their relationship. It really helped to know that the whole world wasn't against them and that she had someone to talk to if she needed.

The nurse came and went but Helen didn't move, she sat holding Nikki's hand letting her mind drift. She had tried talking to Nikki, she had heard somewhere that it helped but she found it difficult to think of things to say. Then she started reading a book to her, Nikki had a mountain of books on her shelf so she had picked one and started to read. She eventually stopped when she started to feel sleepy, and found it hard to concentrate on the pages, now she was just sat trying to give her lover some comfort.

She only realised she had fallen to sleep when she woke to someone walking around the room. Squinting she lifted her head to see who it was.

"Sorry, hope I didn't wake you up love. I just wanted to check on you both." Sarah said smiling.

"No, It's OK, you didn't." Helen replied, noticing for the first time that she was actually cuddled up to Nikki's uninjured side on the bed. "How did I get..."

"Bet came in to see you asleep with your head on Nikki's bed, she asked Jimmy if he could lift you into bed as you'd wake up stiff if you slept like that." Sarah answered guessing the question.

"Oh." Was Helen's only response, she looked back down at the woman she loved and brushed a strand of hair out of her eyes. As she did so she noticed for the first time how damp Nikki's forehead was. "Shit." She said lying the palm of her hand across her forehead.

"What is it? What's up?" Sarah asked rushing the rest of the journey to Nikki's side.

"She's burning up." Helen replied kneeling on the bed. Checking for herself Sarah then ran out of the room, about a minute later she returned with Winnie, the house keeper.

"Call the doctor again." She ordered a worried looking Sarah.

Part 4

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