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Evening Tea
By Wolfemeister


She didn't even like tea. She'd never liked tea. Yet she sat here every night drinking chamomile tea, because it allowed her to look at those lips. She knew every curve and contour of those lips. Now as she watched they quirked up into a half smile. She quickly looked up to see why and met mirth filled eyes.

"Is your tea ok?"

"Uhm yeah great," she said attempting to take a large gulp of the steaming brew. She missed her mouth entirely burning her lower lip and chin.

"Ooowww." Before she knew what was happening those lips were hovering above her, the eyes now filled with concern.

"Here let me see." She closed her eyes allowing the object of her desire to examine the burn. She froze as cool air was blown across her sore chin. "Better?"

Her eyes opened. "Yeah, but my lip still hurts," she said without thinking.

The smile was back, "Should I kiss it better?" She couldn't suppress a low moan from escaping her throat. As those lips descended she closed her eyes again, first there was a gentle swipe of the tongue across her bottom lip then she felt those lips pressing gently against her own. A moment later she heard. "How 'bout now?"

Her eyes popped open to stare into the lust filled hazel orbs above her. "Much better." She answered. Well, maybe tea wasn't so bad after all.

The End

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