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The Dylan Morgan Show
Season 1

By Jenny Frame


Episode Nine

Jackson led the way to the conference room where Dylan and Emily were meeting Mattie Edwards of The Today Show. Dylan held Molly protectively in her arms as they walked into the meeting room. The conference room had been reorganised to accommodate the outside TV crew and to give an appropriate background for the interview. A couch had been placed at one end of the room, and the camera equipment was set up directly in front of it. Mattie Edwards walked forward to introduce herself.

"Hi, I'm Mattie, pleased to meet you Dylan." Mattie Edwards was a petite and beautiful African American woman who was gaining a good reputation in TV news.

Dylan immediately went into professional mode. "Good to meet you, Mattie, this is my fiancé, Emily Taylor."

"Pleased to meet you, Emily."

"You too," Emily said nervously.

"And this is our daughter, Molly." Molly had her head buried in Dylan's neck.

"Hi Molly! Aren't you just a cutie pie?"

"Say hello to Mattie, Molls. She's shy with new people," Dylan explained.

"Ello," Molly whispered.

"Why don't I go and get her set up with her toys on the floor and then we can get started," Dylan said and moved off with Molly.

"So Emily. Are you okay with this? You look a little nervous."

"Yes I'm okay with it, but I'm nervous. This is all very new to me, and to be honest I think it's strange that anyone would find watching me interesting. Dylan I can understand, but ..."

"Oh but there's a great deal of interest in you, Emily. You are living the fairytale. Every woman has a fantasy of being whisked off their feet by their knight in shining armor. Like Richard Gere in An Officer and a Gentleman. Throw in a rich and famous TV star and your daughter being a Morgan then believe me, you're very interesting to the viewing public.

Listen, just relax. I'm not here to trick you into saying something or to get gossip. I just want to film a nice light-hearted look into your family life."

Emily felt she could trust this woman and began to relax. "Thanks for saying that, Mattie. I feel better."

"Shall we get started then?"

Emily nodded and led Mattie over to the interview area.

Two weeks later, a lone figure sat glued to a special report on The Today Show.

'I'm Mattie Edwards and one week ago I met with TV personality Dylan Morgan on the set of the Dylan Morgan Show. I was granted backstage access to the taping of an episode, with Dylan's fiancé Emily Taylor and their daughter Molly watching on. I also got a chance to talk to Dylan and Emily about their whirlwind romance, their upcoming wedding and being parents in this exclusive interview …'

The camera followed Mattie as she walked down a corridor into the makeup room to find Dylan getting her pre-show makeup done. Molly was in the next chair getting a spider drawn on her face. The pair were giggling and laughing with the makeup girls while Emily sat on the sofa behind them, beaming at her family.

The shot then cut to the formal interview. Dylan and Emily sat close, holding hands; Molly sat at their feet playing with her toys.

'Dylan, Emily, thank you for agreeing to this interview. The public has been fascinated by your story over the last few months and they're eager to hear the true story of how you found each other. Dylan I know you're a big twitter fan, and after we've had a chat I'd like to ask you both some questions your fans have tweeted in to the show.'

'We'd be happy to Mattie' replied Dylan.

Emily gripped Dylan's hand tight.

'Dylan if I can turn to you first. You're known for your dangerous death defying stunts. Is becoming a parent and getting married the scariest thing you've done yet?'

Dylan laughed, looked lovingly at Emily and said. 'No. Not scary. Daunting maybe, but scary? No way. I think getting married will be the best thing I've ever done.'

Dylan lifted their clasped hands and kissed the back of Emily's knuckles.

The camera caught Mattie smiling warmly at the gesture.

'So, there's a lot of myth and rumor about how you two met. Can you tell us how it really happened?'

'Well I had just finished a show and decided to walk home instead of taking a cab. I needed to clear my head a bit. I passed Emily's diner and, since it was starting to rain, I thought I'd go in and get a cup of coffee. I sat down at the counter and then Emily turned around to serve me, I looked into her eyes and I was a goner.'

Dylan looked at Emily with a big goofy look on her face.

'And Emily, what did you think when you saw this huge TV star in your diner?'

Emily cleared her throat nervously. 'We'll that's the funny thing. I seemed to be the only person in the western world who didn't know who Dylan Morgan was. So I saw this tall extremely good looking woman sitting there with sunglasses on.'

'I usually wear sunglasses and a hat just so I don't draw attention to myself.' Dylan interjected.

Emily laughed softly. 'I just thought she was either extremely arrogant or some criminal! But then she took them off and well ... I was a goner too.'

'That's very romantic. You say you didn't know who Dylan was Emily?'

'That's right. I worked all the time and the only TV I ever got to see was kids' shows.'

'What did you think when she told you about herself?'

'I couldn't believe it. I mean, I'll tell you a secret, Dylan away from all this is shy and quite reserved. I couldn't imagine this person I had met could be on television.'

The figure watching the TV shook with anger, their knuckles growing white as they gripped the arms of the chair.

"Look at her! She's been seduced. My beautiful Emily. You've been tainted but I'll rescue you, don't worry. You'll soon forget that dirty abomination ever touched your perfect body!"

On the TV, the interview continued. After talking and taking viewers questions, the cameras then followed Molly and Emily as they watched Dylan perform.

"I love you Emily," the figure said to the screen.

Dylan and Emily were cuddled up in bed watching the interview as it aired. It was Dylan's day off and they were spending the morning in bed.

"Well, it seemed to go well. Let's see what people thought of it." Dylan reached over Emily and grabbed her phone from the bedside table.

"How are you going to do that with a phone, goofy?" Emily asked.

"My twitter buddies will tell me."

Emily cuddled into Dylan's side while her partner opened up the twitter app.

"Wow! Look at that! We're trending."

"Trending? What does that mean?"

"Really? I need to get Molly to teach you about this sort of thing."

Emily play slapped her partner. "Okay goofy. Behave! What does it mean?"

Dylan put the phone down, rolled on top of her fiancé and kissed her nose.

"It means people all over the world are talking about us, about the show. It's good." Dylan's hand started to wander, stroking down Emily's thigh and squeezing her bottom.

"Your daughter will be running in here any minute, TV star."

Dylan began kissing Emily's neck and then whispered in her ear, "I bet she won't be up for a while, she was up late watching a movie last night. Besides, I locked the door."

Emily gasped as she felt her nipple harden under Dylan's big hand.

"Ugh! Honey, we have so much to do today. Mark and Patrick are coming over to work out with you, and Jackson and I are going with Rosie to meet the wedding planner later. Oh god that feels good!"

"You feel good, baby girl. I woke up wanting you and I have to have you. I can give it to you fast and hard."

"Oh ... you know I can't resist when you say things like that." Dylan lifted Emily's cream satin chemise and pulled it off.

"You shouldn't wear these silky things to bed. They make me so hot!" Emily helped Dylan pull off her own clothes until they were both naked.

"Well you're the one that buys them for me ..." Emily was silenced by Dylan's hard kiss, her tongue probing, tasting the sweetness that was Emily.

"I love you so much!" Dylan reached down and parted her fiancé's slick wet folds.

"Honey, take me! Fast and hard like you promised."

Without another word, Dylan opened herself up and mounted Emily's thigh, then without warning thrust two fingers deep inside Emily.

"Oh god you're so deep, I want more Dyl. I want to feel you in every part of me."

"Jesus! You feel so fucking good," said Dylan as she added a third finger into Emily and thrust faster against her thigh.

"I can never get enough of you, baby girl. I need you all the time."

"Yes Dyl!" True to her word Dylan gave Emily fast and hard, she could feel Emily frantically claw at her back as a deep orgasm threatened to overwhelm her.

"Ah! Dyl! Dyl! It's going to be too much!"

"Let go baby. I'm here." And she did. Dylan swallowed Emily's screams in a kiss, trying to keep the noise down.

Emily lay gasping for breath at the power of her orgasm. She opened her eyes in time to see Dylan throw her head back and grunt out her release as she thrust herself onto Emily's thigh.

As she always did, Emily threw her arms around Dylan's neck and held her while she cooed and whispered words of love into her partner's ear. After making love, Dylan was at her most vulnerable and Emily knew she needed the reassurance of Emily's love until she came back to earth.

"I love you so much it hurts," whispered Dylan.

"That was amazing, honey. I wanted you everywhere, so deep."

"You are amazing, Emmie."

"What brought that on?"

Dylan tenderly removed her fingers from Emily and lay down, pulling her fiancé into her arms.

"It was watching you talk about us. I could see the love pouring from you as you talked. I'm so, so lucky to have you two. I can't wait till we're married."

"Were lucky to have you, honey. I can't wait till I'm your wife. 'Mrs. Emily Morgan' has a great ring to it."

"Yes it does."

Emily quickly sat up. "I can hear Molly moving around in her room." She pulled on her chemise and robe.

"I'll distract her while you get washed up. Mark, Patrick and Jackson will be here in the next hour.

"Okay, thank you baby. Tell the Smurflet I'll see her in a minute."

With one final kiss Emily headed off to get Molly. She smiled walking down the hall as she heard Dylan whistling her way into the bathroom.

She's happy. I hope it can always be like this, Emily silently prayed.

Later that morning after Mark and Patrick had left, Jackson decided to follow up on the information she had on Drew Simpson. She called a couple of his previous employers to find out why he'd been let go. She was just hanging up the phone when Dylan walked in.

"Hey, you look serious. What's up?"

Jackson let out a long breath. "Remember I got my contacts at the FBI to dig up all they could on Drew Simpson and Toni?"

Dylan nodded. "Well I've been going over it. I was sure there must be some small detail we had missed."

Dylan came and sat on the edge of the desk. "And was there?"

"Yes and no. Nothing big. I just noticed a pattern in his employment history. Within four to six months of starting a new job, he's getting fired."

"So he's a terrible employee. How does that help us?"

"It's the reason why he's being fired that tells us something. Each manager told me there started to be incidents with female members of staff. He would fixate on one woman, at first just being annoying and displaying all the signs of a crush, then the women would start to report he was harassing them. Inappropriate touching, taking an over-interest in the female employee's personal life, and reports of him following them home. He sounds like he has problem with women and appropriate boundaries."

"That sounds like exactly the type of guy we're looking for. What do we do next?"

"There's nothing we can do unless he does anything and we can prove it."

Dylan stood and slammed her fist down on the desk angrily.

"Why do people keep saying that to me? Let's go over and see him. Just you and me, we'll have a quiet word."

"Dylan, it won't be a quiet word if we go over there. You'll do something you'll regret and the press will be all over you."

Jackson stood and walked over to Dylan, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Even if it is him, he can't get to her. Our security is too tight. Mark and Patrick said this morning they're going to get patrol cars to do drive-bys during the day. You or I are always with her and now that Emily knows everything, she's not going to take any chances."

"I guess you're right." Dylan sighed. "I'll just go and see Emmie before you guys go out."

"Sure. Don't worry, okay?"

Jackson followed Dylan out of the office into the hall and saw Rosie struggle to move a heavy toy chest into Molly's newly decorated room. The room had been finished the previous night and now all that had to be done was to dress the room.

Jackson moved to Rosie quickly and pushed her gently out of the way. "Let me get that for you." Jackson having a much bigger and stronger frame, picked up the toy box easily and carried it into Molly's bedroom without a problem.

Rosie came stomping behind her and said furiously, "If I wanted your help I'd ask for it. What gives you the right to take over something I'm doing? I'm not a weakling; I'm a woman just like you, or have you forgotten that you are one?"

Jackson saw red and came face to face with her. "Oh excuse me! I know we're both women but I think even a child Molly's age could recognise that I'm bigger and stronger than you!"

As Jackson said those words, both women felt a heat pass between them. They were both breathless and angry, their faces getting closer and closer until ... Molly came running in looking for her toy box.

The sudden rush of sexual arousal was unmistakable. Jackson had to get out of there.

"Don't worry. I'll never help you again." Jackson headed out of the room and when she found herself in the kitchen, she grabbed onto counter.

Fuck. I almost kissed her! What is wrong with me? She is everything I can't stand about being a lesbian. God! Why is my body reacting like this?

In the other room Rosie was having similar problems.

Oh my God! I almost kissed her! Rosie knew there was no mistaking the clenching low in her stomach.

She's exactly the sort of lesbian I hate. I like a woman to look like a woman!' Rosie tried to convince herself but Jackson's words said kept replaying over and over in her head, making her heart pound. 'I'm bigger and stronger than you.'

"I'm just overtired. That's what it is," Rosie told herself. She took a deep breath and pushed the attraction that her body was feeling down. Out of sight, out of mind. Or so Rosie thought.

Emily was in the bedroom, standing at the windowsill, where she had set up a mirror and her makeup. She was getting ready to go out when Dylan came in.

"When Rosie decorates this room, I need to get a vanity. It's hopeless trying to put on makeup in here.

Emily felt Dylan come over and put her strong arms around her waist. Dylan rested her chin on Emily's shoulder and met her fiancé's gaze in the mirror.

"Is there something wrong, honey?"

"Just frustrated. Jackson did some research into Drew Simpson."

Emily turned in Dylan's arms. "What did she find?"

"He has a history of getting fired because of complaints from female co-workers. He would fixate on a woman and bother her, harass her, even following her home. It seems to fit."

Emily shivered. "It does sound like it, I guess."

"You don't think so?"

"Well he was sleazy but I don't think he had the intelligence to plan this sort of thing. I could be wrong."

Dylan thought, Maybe this could be the perfect excuse to suss Toni out.

"Um, maybe we should talk to Toni about it. Get her opinion?"

Emily froze and her heart started to beat fast. Even though it appeared from what Mark and Patrick said that Toni had gotten help with her problems and had settled down, the thought of seeing her face to face scared Emily.

"No! No! I couldn't do that. I don't want to see her, Dyl!"

Dylan pulled Emily quickly into a tight hug and stroked the back of her head.

"Sh, baby. It's okay. I meant Jackson and me. I would never want you ever to see Toni. Ever!"

"I know it was a long time ago and she's sorted herself out, but just the thought of seeing her makes me panicky."

Dylan lifted Emily's face in her hands. "Forget I said anything. I shouldn't have brought it up when you're going for a nice day out. I was just frustrated because Jackson said we would have to wait to see if Simpson made a move.

Trying to lighten the mood Dylan said, "Tell me what you're going to do today? You look beautiful, by the way. I love you in skirts!"

Emily wore a black Armani pencil skirt with a cream silk blouse. Over time Emily was building up an excellent wardrobe, which suited Dylan's way of life.

"I know. That's why I buy so many!"

Sitting on the bed, Dylan patted her lap as she usually did to get Emily to sit.

"So what are you two doing?"

"Well we're meeting Justin, the wedding planner, and going to look at dresses." Dylan was delighted at the huge smile of Emily's face.

"Cool! Do I get to see?"

"Not a chance, TV star. I want you to be surprised when I walk down the aisle."

"Hmm. I can't wait." Dylan pulled Emily forward for a kiss, lightly grasping her chin.

"So what are you and Molly going to be up to today?"

As Dylan was about to answer Molly came in with the toy toolbox Dylan had gotten her.

"Ou comin, Mom?"

"In a minute, Smurf. Molls and I are going to build a bookcase and a desk for her room. She's got her tools and I've got mine." Dylan gave her fiancé a cocky smile.

Emily's breath hitched at the image in her head. "... Do you have a tool belt?"

Dylan looked at Emily like she crazy. "Of course. I love tools, remember?"

Emily gulped. "Molls can you go and ask Rosie if she's ready to go for me?"

"Yeah Mama."

When she was out of the room, Emily kissed Dylan deeply and passionately.

"Hmm. You're so incredibly, gorgeously, deliciously butch!"

The kiss left Dylan breathless.

"Tool belt? That does it for you?" she asked in a husky voice.

"Oh yeah. I want to book an appointment with you when we have some alone time. Hmm, your worn-looking low-hanging jeans, tight t-shirt, tool belt," Emily squeezed Dylan's crotch.

"… and your new little buddy."

Dylan growled. "Oh God yes!"

Emily quickly stood up and said, "I better get going or I'll be late for my appointment."


"Me? Never," Emily said, feigning innocence.

Dylan stood and took her fiancé in her arms. "Me and my tools plan on collecting on your promises."

"I'm counting on it, goofy!"

Molly ran into the room and said. "Mama? Wosie weady."

Dylan scooped her daughter up in her arms.

"Give me a kiss, sweetie. You and your Mom behave, okay?"

"Yeah Mama."

Emily put on her jacket, grabbed her purse and went out to meet Rosie and Jackson at the front door. Rosie and Jackson were trying their best to ignore each other. "I left your lunch in the fridge, okay?"

"Yes mama Smurf, now get going and have a lovely time."

"I will."

After giving each of them kisses, Emily, Rosie and Jackson made their way out the door.

"Stick close to Jackson, baby." Dylan shouted after her.

Dylan shut the door and said, "You ready to have fun, Smurf?"

"Yeah! C'mon Mom, me want to ammer!"

After meeting with Justin and the dress designers, Emily and Rosie were enjoying a quiet lunch in a small restaurant that Jackson had selected. After much negotiation, Jackson sat at a separate table near the back of the room. Emily had wanted them all to sit together but Jackson insisted that she must have a clear view of the room.

"You definitely made the right choice Emily, that dress is gorgeous," said Rosie.

"I completely agree; it's perfect. I'm so glad you came with me, I would have been lost without someone to bounce ideas off of."

Rosie smiled. "No problem. I'm always happy to shop, and I don't often get to do it in designer stores."

"I'm still getting used to it. It's amazing really. I never would have imagined that my life could change so dramatically and so quickly. The magazines have called our story a fairytale, and that's what it is to me. Things like this don't usually happen to people like me. Getting the love of my life and creating a family for Molly. I mean, me, the wife of Dylan Morgan? It's incredible."

"Not to anyone who sees you two together. Dylan looks at you like she'd walk to the moon just to see you smile."

Emily blushed. "Dylan is wonderful and unique. I've never felt so loved or experienced the unshakable security that she gives me." Emily watched Rosie stare off into the distance, a look of sadness on her face.

"What about you, Rosie. Are seeing anyone special?"

Rosie laughed with no hint of humour in her tone. "No. I date, but no one special. I guess I'm waiting for the passionate, can't keep your hands off each other kind of love that you have." She looked down and swirled the drink in her glass, thinking of the way Jackson made her head swirl and her heart pound. "Maybe not everyone deserves it."

Emily took her hand and smiled. "You deserve it, and I'm quite sure the woman for you is out there. Just be open to it when it comes along."

It had not gone unnoticed by Emily that, as well as being constantly on the lookout for danger, Jackson's eyes had flitted back and forth over Rosie.

Interesting, thought Emily.

Rosie checked her cell phone and started laughing.

"What? What's funny?" asked Emily.

Rosie handed over her phone. "Look at twitter. Dylan posted a picture of herself in her tool belt, holding her drill like a gun! Lesbians all over the world will be swooning."

Emily laughed. "She is such a goof, isn't she? So, are you working tonight?"

"Not officially, but I am going into the bar. I do volunteer work with a breast cancer charity and I'm organising a charity night at the bar to raise money."

Emily sat forward in her seat, very interested. "Really? How did you get involved with that?"

Rosie hesitated and then said, "Um ... my mom died of breast cancer when I was 14. It's just been dad and me since then. We've both had a lot of help from them over the years, and I like to give something back."

"That's a wonderful thing to do Rosie. Is there anyway Dylan and I could do something to help?"

"Any help would be wonderful. If you and Dylan came to the charity night, it would sell more tickets, bring in more money."

"Let me talk to Dylan. I think we can come up with something better than that."

Rosie smiled warmly, "Thank you. That would be great."

"Shall we head back?" Rosie nodded and Emily signalled to Jackson, who came over quickly and took the shopping bags for them.

"I just need to finalize my plan to start your bedroom tomorrow and then I'll head down to the bar."

"Okay, I'll talk to Dylan about your charity night later, what's the bar called again?"

"O'Reilly's." Jackson looked suspiciously. What has she got Emily to agree to?

"Let's get home and see if Dylan still has all her fingers, Jackson!"

Rosie and Emily laughed as Jackson led the way to the car.

"Mama! Ook what we built!" Molly and Dylan stood proudly beside a cute little drawing desk and wardrobe.

"Wow! Great job, sweetie! Were you a big help to your Mom?"

Dylan walked over and kissed her fiancé. "She was brilliant. Couldn't have done it without her." Molly's face beamed with pride.

Emily picked up her daughter and gave her a kiss. "Did you follow all the instructions?"

"Instructions? Nah! Instructions are for wimps! Aren't they, Smurf?"

"Yeah, imps."

Emily shook her head and laughed.

Jackson saw that Emily was safely with Dylan and decided to join Rosie in the master bedroom, where she was preparing her plans to start decorating the next day.

Rosie looked over her shoulder when she heard someone enter the room.

"Something I can't help you with?"

"When you first started working here, I warned you not to take Emily's kindness for granted."

Rosie turned and sighed. "And what, in your estimation, have I done to take that kindness for granted?"

"Whispering in Emily's ear, trying to get her to influence Dylan into helping your little charity night. What is it? Save the whale or the save the beaver? Some shit like that? That's usually what your kind is into."

Rosie felt the fury boil up inside her.

"My kind? And what kind is that?"

"The animal loving, protesting, vegetarian, crystal loving, lesbian, let's get in touch with mother earth and our womanhood kind!"

Rosie was struggling to hold her tears back.

"And your sort of lesbian is better? Aping everything masculine and upholding the male dominated society we live in! Your way of being gay should be consigned to history. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going home, and you can keep your opinions to yourself in the future."

Rosie hurried out of the room, holding back her tears. She quickly popped her head around the door to Molly's room and said. "I'm just going to head out now, okay guys?"

Emily sensed something was wrong. "Oh? Do you have to rush? I was going to make dinner for us all?"

"That's really kind but I've got a lot to get ready for tonight."

"Okay. I'll see you out."

"Please don't bother. I'll see you all tomorrow, alright?"

Strange. They must be bickering again, thought Emily.

"Bye Rosie. Thanks for going with my girl today." Shouted Dylan.

"No problem. Bye then."

"Bye Wosie. Tank ou for my woom."

"You're welcome, Molly."

"Honey, check and see if Jackson's okay."

Dylan looked puzzled, "Why would anything be wrong with Jackson?"

"Because Rosie looked upset."

"Why ... I don't ... sorry baby, I don't understand."

Emily sighed indulgently and kissed Dylan tenderly. "No, you wouldn't my goofy TV star. Just trust me and go."

"I'm going, I'm going!"

A short time later Emily came into the office where Dylan and Jackson had been talking.

"Honey, dinner's ready." Emily turned to Jackson who was packing up her case.

"Jackson would you like to stay? There's plenty?"

"Uh ... no, I'll just head home thanks. I've got a couple of things to take care of."

"Oh, okay. Oh Dyl? Before I forget, I was talking to Rosie today about some volunteer work she does for a breast cancer charity. Her mother died when she was a teenager and they really helped Rosie and her Dad out a lot. She's having a fundraising night at the bar she works in. I said I would talk to you about doing something to help out? I'm sure you could attract people to buy tickets by doing something?"

Dylan nodded. "Sure, I'd love to help. Let me think on it and I'll come up with something, okay?"

"Thanks honey." Emily looked over at Jackson, who was just staring ahead looking as white as a sheet.

"Are you okay, Jackson?"

Oh my God! The things I said to her. Fuck! Her Mother died! I've got to apologize.

"Jackson!" Dylan asked a little louder.

"Wh ... what ... sorry?"

"You alright?"

"Yeah listen, I'm going to go. See you tomorrow." Jackson rushed out of the apartment quickly.

Emily and Dylan just looked at each other. "What was all that about?"

"I don't know," replied Dylan. "She was fine earlier."

"Did you talk like I asked you?"


Emily sighed in frustration.

"Well what did she say then?"

"I said, 'Is everything okay?' she said 'Yeah.' I said 'Cool.' Then we started talking about the Knicks. I said I could get courtside tickets if she wants to go with me."

Emily threw her arms up in the air. "Unbelievable!" Emily turned on her heel and marched back to the kitchen, shaking her head as she went.

Dylan was a bit dismayed and shouted, "What?"

Later that night, Emily and Dylan lay together in bed, Emily with her head on Dylan's shoulder, her leg thrown across her fiancé's thighs.

"Hmm. I love this time of day."


"Yes. Lying here all snuggled up, in the dark, relaxed until we fall asleep, safe and warm."

Dylan smiled in the darkness and kissed Emily's head.

"Yeah, you're right. Before you and Molls moved in, I hated the night, the silence. I used to just sit up in bed and mess around with my iPad until I fell asleep."

"Poor goofy. I wasn't much better. I felt nervous all the time, especially at night. Noises, bumps in the night. I was always afraid I wouldn't be able to protect Molly."

Dylan pulled her in a little tighter. "Well now you don't have to worry about that."

Emily smiled and nuzzled into her partners neck. "No I don't. I've got my very own six foot one, muscle bound, scary fiancé to protect us!"

"Grrr! Yes you do. So ... you're not going to tell me anything about your dress?"

"Nuh uh. You are going to be surprised."

Dylan let out a frustrated breath. "Will you at least let my suit designer see it? So we don't clash or anything?"

"Already done. Justin took care of that."

"Hmm. He would." Dylan grumbled.

"Hey don't grumble honey. I love you."

"Well, I don't get to know anything. And me and my tool belt never got to play with you, like you promised."

"Aww! Poor goofy! You were too busy playing with your daughter. I promise you can get your tool belt out soon. Just think, when we move into the new house you'll be walking around with it on all the time, fixing things, buildings things, catching me unawares in the pool house."

Dylan's fingers drifted under Emily's nightgown. "Mmm. That's what I'm talking about."

Before Dylan's gentle seduction got anywhere, Emily said, "I hope Rosie and Jackson are okay."

Dylan sighed. "Why wouldn't they be?"

"They both looked upset earlier. I think Jackson likes Rosie."

Dylan turned to look at Emily, "What? I thought they hated each other?"

"I think there's more to it. As much as Jackson protests about Rosie, her eyes follow her wherever she goes and she seems genuinely hurt when Rosie rebuffs any olive branch Jackson offers. I think Jackson's a sensitive soul really, quite sweet underneath it all."

"Sweet? You're kidding me right? This is the same Jackson Hunter special forces officer, who's trained to kill on command?"

"That's just on the surface, though. There's more underneath all that."

"You wouldn't say that if you saw her trying to throw me onto the mat when we spar."

"But you're getting quite friendly with her, you two must talk as well as train?"

"Yup. We do."


Dylan looked at her strangely. "Well what?"

"Argh! What do you talk about?"

"Oh! Uh? Your security, obviously, training, sports ... um ..." Dylan appeared to be thinking hard.

"She said she'd take me down to the gun club and teach me how to shoot!"

"I give up! I'm going to sleep."

"What'd I say? Baby? What did I do?"

"Nothing honey, just being your goofy self. Go to sleep," Emily mumbled.

None the wiser, Dylan shut her eyes. What are we supposed to talk about?

Jackson walked home that evening, hoping the night air would make her feel better. The guilt over what she had said to Rosie was weighing heavy. She found herself walking towards O'Reilly's Bar.

Maybe if I could see her and say sorry. Jackson walked through the doors and found a quiet corner where she could look out for Rosie. As she scanned the room she noticed some appreciative glances towards her. Jackson was a woman very confident in her ability to find a companion for the night but that sort of entertainment held no attraction for her now. Then Jackson saw her. Out on the dance floor with an androgynous looking woman.

I knew that would be the kind she would go for. The sort that would love to be butch, dress and live like me but doesn't have the balls.

Jackson's stomach twisted as she watched the androgynous character pull Rosie close and whisper in her ear.

A waitress approached Jackson's table.

"Hey honey? Can I get you something?"

Jackson stood. "No thanks. There's nothing for me here."

The waitress looked confused as Jackson left without looking back.

As soon as Rosie arrived at work the next day, Jackson sought her out. She had been feeling guilty about what she had said all night.

Jackson found her in Emily and Dylan's bedroom, drawing out some plans. When Rosie saw who had entered the room, she turned back to her sketch pad.

Jackson walked up to her sheepishly, and cleared her throat. "Um ... Rosie, could I have a word?"

"If you must," she said coldly.

"Um ... listen, I wanted to apologize for what I said yesterday. I had no idea what kind of charity it was or why you were involved with it. I jumped to conclusions, and I was wrong. I'm really sorry if I hurt you."

Rosie sighed and stood facing Jackson. "You jumped to conclusions because you're determined to dislike me, but that's fine. You don't like me; I don't like you. We have no need to be friends, we simply work in the same place at the moment, so let's just try to avoid each other as much as possible and if we are forced to speak, then we can at least be civil."

Rosie heard Emily call her name from the other room. As she left Jackson standing there, she said, "Oh and as for hurting me? You don't have to worry. In order to feel hurt you have to care about the person, and believe me Jackson Hunter, I will never care about you."

Jackson felt like she had been kicked in the gut. She had no idea why, but this girl seemed to be able to bulldoze her way through the armor she had built up around her heart.

Rosie was just about out the door when Jackson said, "Rosie? I know what it's like to lose someone in your family. If you ever need to talk …"

"I don't think so. You are the last person I would ever want to talk to."

Jackson was left alone in the room.

Rosie had followed Emily to Dylan's study after the blonde called her. When they entered, Dylan was packing her case, ready for work.

"Honey, you wanted to see Rosie?"

Dylan looked up and smiled. "Yes. Sit down. You too baby. Now my girl was telling me that you do a lot of work for a breast cancer charity and you were holding a fundraising evening?"

"Yes, 'In the Pink.' It's a small charity that helps families cope with the diagnosis, with finding the right medical treatments, money advice and in the end, if need be, they help young children and families with grief counselling. It helped my dad and me a lot."

"Sounds like a wonderful organization, doesn't it honey?" Emily added.

"Sure does. I'd love to help. I've been thinking about what I can do to raise money and raise the profile of the charity. As for raising money, I could compete in a pool tournament during the fundraising evening at the bar. You could charge an entrance fee and I'll put up some really good prizes."

Rosie looked delighted. "That would be wonderful, Dylan. Thank you. I think every lesbian pool player in New York will want to take part!"

"I hope that will raise some money but it'll just be a drop in the bucket. I want to raise some serious money for you. Every season The Dylan Morgan show takes on a charity, we build up publicity from January until we go off the air in April. I encourage the viewers and advertisers to sponsor me on a segment of the show called 'Dylan Cares', it's a charity dare . In previous years, I've done mountain climbs, triathlons, marathons; things like that. We show it in the final episode, it's very popular and we raise a hell of a lot of money. Normally, charities send in their information and I get together with the producers to decide which one to choose. This year, I'd be prepared to take on 'In the Pink'."

Rosie jumped up, rushed around the desk and flung her arms around Dylan.

"Oh, thank you so much! You have no idea how much this will help."

Dylan's face turned red. Her awkward shyness kicking in. She wasn't used to anyone but Emily being this close.

Rosie suddenly realised what she was doing and disentangled herself. "Oh sorry." Rosie turned to Emily. "Isn't it fantastic?"

"It sure is! Thank you, honey."

"Is it all right if I phone one of the organizers and tell them the good news?"

"Sure. Go ahead."

Once Rosie had left the room, Emily came and sat on Dylan's lap and gave her a tender kiss. "You are the sweetest, kindest goofy I've ever met."

"I'm just glad I can help. Hey the pool tournament will be fun, it'll be like a night out, and we've never been to a gay bar together. Lynn could watch Molls for the night."

"Hmm. That would be great. I love you so much. You've made that young woman very happy, and you said you're not good with women."

"I'm not. Just you. Now I'm gonna be late for work, I better get going."

"You're right. I better get Molly ready for school."

"Okay remember, make sure Jackson drives. If anyone tries anything I want her at the wheel."

In the intervening weeks Dylan had gotten a second car for Emily to use, so she could still use her jeep for work.

"Honey things have been quiet. Maybe whoever it is has gotten fed up."

"No. It's been too quiet and I don't like it."

I have the feeling something is coming. I don't know what, but I'm going to be ready!' thought Dylan.

The next few weeks remained quiet on the stalker front, but everything else moved on at a swift pace. Everyone seemed to be busy. With Molly happily settled in at preschool, Emily's days were freed up for wedding planning and decorating. Emily was gradually putting her stamp on the apartment. Their bedroom had been finished and now she and Rosie had turned their attention onto the family room. Rosie was delighted, it was the most stable work she'd ever had, she'd made a friend and she was enjoying helping with the wedding plans. Emily had also asked her about working on the new house.

Rosie's relationship with Jackson remained the same. There had been no more arguments though, and they were both being very civil.

Emily walked into the family room with lunch bagged up for Rosie.

"Rosie, I made you some lunch to take with you."

"You didn't have to do that! Thanks." Rosie was finishing up early to go down to hear a guest speaker at Occupy Wall Street.

"Well you have to eat. Take care, okay?"

"I will. Thanks for letting me leave early," Rosie said as she packed up her gear.

"No problem. You've given up so much of your free time to help with the wedding arrangements."

"Hey, I'm enjoying it. See you tomorrow."

Emily saw Rosie off and went to the kitchen to prepare this evenings dinner. About an hour later, Jackson wandered into the kitchen, looking as though she was at a loose end.

"Sit down and I'll make coffee. We've got plenty of time before we pick Molly up at preschool."

They sat and enjoyed coffee and some muffins Emily had made.

"You must get bored Jackson. I mean, you're used to protecting movie stars and politicians. The high and mighty. I don't exactly lead an exciting life. Trips to the store and school can hardly compare."

"I like you both and I have come to think of you and Dylan as friends, it matters to me that you're safe and we catch this person. It's made a good change of pace to work with a family. It's made me think. I haven't really been round a happy family before."

"But your sister ..."

"She and I loved each other and would have done anything for each other but our home life wasn't that good. We moved around a lot with my father being in the army. My mother was more interested in going to the country club or tennis lessons than taking care of us. We were closer to the housekeeper than to our mother."

Emily saw Jackson lost in her memories, pain etched on her face. The normally stoic soldier seemed unusually open.

Emily covered Jackson's big hand with her own. "I'm sorry."

Broken from her memories, Jackson said, "Hey, don't be sorry. You, Dylan and Molly have shown me what a real family is like. What happiness can be like ... where's Rosie?"

Hmm. I wonder why she thought of Rosie when we were talking about happiness and family.

"Um, there's a speaker she wanted to hear down at the Wall Street protests."

Emily was expecting to hear some sigh or sarcastic comment, but none came. Jackson simply nodded.

That's new.

Their quiet companionship was interrupted by the sound of Jackson's cell phone.

"Excuse me Emily. Hunter. Yeah? Yes, we are going to pick up my client's daughter, but we don't go near Wall Street."

Wall Street? What's that about? Jackson looks worried.

The former soldier hung up the phone cursing. "Shit!"

"What is it?"

"That was my contact in the FBI. He was giving me a heads-up that there is going to be trouble at the Wall Street protests, in case I was taking my client anywhere near there. He says they've been monitoring an underground anti-capitalist group. The internet chatter says they're going to infiltrate the protest and cause unrest. The police have been informed and they've been ordered to go in hard. Anyone caught up in it is going to be in trouble."

"Oh no! Rosie!"

"Yes, I know. I can't let that happen to her, but I can't leave you unprotected." I can't let someone else I care about get hurt! Do I care about Rosie? You know you do.

"You have to go Jackson." Emily could see that Jackson was warring with herself and thought of a solution.

"How about I call Dylan and see if Pauley can come over? You could go then, right?"

"Okay. Thanks. I really don't want to leave her out there. She's not as tough as she thinks."

"I know. Give me five minutes, okay?" Emily lifted her iPhone and began calling Dylan.

Dylan sent Pauley over right away and Jackson was now making her way down to Times Square in the car. She had heard on the car radio that things were already bad. Rioters were charging police and EMT's had been called for the injured. Jackson made her way as far as she could before she was stopped by roadblocks.

She found a place to park the Jeep and started running towards the crowds.

Hang on, hippy girl. I'm coming to get you!

Rosie was scared. All around her was a mass of bodies pushing and pulling her all over the place. It was chaos. It had all started peacefully enough. There were a lot more people here than usual but she had put that down to the speaker the organizers had scheduled. As the speech was coming to an end, the tension in the crowd rose considerably as vans full of riot police arrived. First a few bottles and rocks were thrown by the crowd, and then the whole event descended into a nightmare. Groups of the crowd were charging the cops and breaking windows with homemade weapons. Even those not wanting to be involved in the violence had no choice but to be swept along by the crowd. Cops were using batons and shields to try and quell the rioters. People were being trampled underfoot, and it was taking all of Rosie's strength to stay on her feet. She let out a scream when the man next to her was hit in the face by a police baton and blood spurted from his injuries onto Rosie. She frantically tried to push herself to safety but was trapped by the bodies around her. She was becoming frantic as the claustrophobia that she had always suffered with threatened her control.

Oh God! I'm going to die!

Suddenly her feet were knocked from under her and she fell to the ground. Rosie instinctively threw her arms over her head in an effort to protect herself from being trampled.

Just as she was giving up hope, she felt a big hand grab her collar and bodily lift her out from the crowd.

Her savior lifted Rosie up in her arms; Rosie threw her arms around a strong neck and opened her eyes to see Jackson looking down at her.

They gazed into each other's eyes, saying nothing, until a push from the side knocked them from their moment. Jackson used her body to buffet Rosie from the crowd and force her way to safety.

Rosie nuzzled her face into the crook of Jackson's neck, finding a sense of safety and protection in Jackson's quiet strength.

They made it to safety further down the street. Once on the sidewalk, Jackson put Rosie down but the young women didn't let go of Jackson.

Rosie clung to her like a life preserver and so the former soldier pulled Rosie in close.

Thank God I found you!

"Jackson! Thank you! Thank you so much for saving me!" Rosie was in shock and shaking all over.

"Shh. Just try and breathe normally, darlin'." The endearment slipped out in the emotion of the moment.

When Jackson noticed the blood splattered all over her, she grabbed Rosie's face in her hands. "Where are you hurt?"

"It ... It's not mine. I just got kicked in the face. How did you … ?"

"I'll tell you everything once I get you somewhere safe. Follow me; I have the car parked further down the road. "

Rosie was numb and meekly followed Jackson, who pulled her along. Once Jackson had her safely in the car she said, "My apartment isn't far from here. I'll take you there and get you cleaned and patched up."

Jackson was in command mode but the usually feisty Rosie was so much in shock she never questioned it.

Ten minutes later they were at the door of Jackson's apartment.

"Come in and sit down. I'll just get some things to get you cleaned up."

Jackson's apartment was spartan to say the least. She had just the basics of furnishings and no art or pictures on the walls.

Rosie took a seat on the couch and looked around. Empty. This apartment feels empty.

She saw a picture frame on a side table and got up to take a closer look. Unbeknownst to her, Jackson had come back into the room and was watching her.

"That's my baby sister." Rosie turned to meet Jackson's eyes.

"She is very beautiful." And she was. A lighter-haired, more petite version of Jackson.

"She was."

"Was? What happened?"

"Um ... she was killed in Iraq." Why am I telling her this?

"She was an army medic. Sarah's unit went in to provide healthcare to the people of a small village. The village was targeted by insurgents because they had accepted help from the coalition forces. They came under fire and Sarah was killed trying to protect a little girl. I couldn't get there in time to save her."

Rosie was shocked. She had protested the war and thought she knew everything about what was wrong there, but she had never come face to face with the human cost of the war. She felt the need to reach out and soothe the soldier who seemed weighed down by guilt. She grasped Jackson's hand.

"I'm so sorry Jackson. I know how painful it is to lose someone so close. You have to know it wasn't your fault?"

Jackson felt the tenderness of Rosie touch and words. Inwardly she wanted to let Rosie's touch take away the pain of the memories. Outwardly, she simply nodded and said, "Sit down so I can get you cleaned up."

Jackson came to sit beside her, carrying a first aid kit and a glass of what looked like scotch.

"Here drink this. It'll calm you down. I called Emily when I was in the kitchen to let her know you were okay. She was worried when we heard."

Rosie covered Jackson's hand with her own as the former soldier was getting things from the first aid kit.

"Wait! Who's watching Emily and Molly? You didn't leave them alone?"

"No, of course not. Emily called Dylan and asked her to send over one of the studio security guards. Here, keep your head up."

Jackson dabbed Rosie eye with an alcohol wipe.

"How did you know there was trouble?"

"My contact at the FBI called to warn me in case I was anywhere near with a client." Jackson continued to dab at Rosie's injury.

"Why did you come for me?" It was a simple question, but Jackson didn't have a simple answer.

"I would have done it for anyone."

"You would have dropped everything, left your client and ploughed through a riot for anybody? You don't even like me."

Jackson hadn't realized that she was stroking Rosie's cheek with her thumb instead of the medicated wipe. Both their faces were inching closer together.

"I never said I don't like you, hippy girl."

Hearing the nickname that Jackson had called her from the start knocked Rosie out of their passionate stare.

"Didn't you? Ever since I started working for Emily and Dylan, you've made it clear you couldn't stand me."

Feeling the rebuff keenly, Jackson resorted to her usual defensive posture.

"Just because the things you stand for are wrong and un-American doesn't mean I dislike you."

Rosie pushed away from Jackson."Un-American? Listen soldier boy, I'm grateful that you came and rescued me today but don't pretend we are ever going to like each other. I don't know why you came today but let's just quit while we're ahead, before we start arguing again. Can you give me a change of clothes? Then I can get out of your hair."

Jackson sighed in resignation. "I'll get you a t-shirt and some jeans; they'll be really big on you though."

"It's fine. It'll get me home anyway. Can I use your bathroom to wash this blood off?"

"Sure. It's the first door on the left, down the hall. I'll go get you some clothes."

Rosie looked at herself in the mirror in Jackson's bathroom. She had been shaken at how close she had come to kissing her nemesis again. Why does this keep happening? I hate her. Don't I? She came and rescued me. Why would she do that? Maybe I'm being a bit ungrateful.

Rosie heard a knock at the bathroom door. "I've got some clothes for you. I'll pass them in to you."

In a few minutes Rosie was dressed and walking back to the living room. Jackson laughed at the sight of Rosie swimming in her clothes.

"Hey, it's not my fault you're so freaking big, soldier boy! So quit laughing."

"Oh come on! You look sweet. Like a little girl."

Rosie shoved Jackson to the side on her way to the couch and began putting on her shoes as she retorted, "Do you have anything in your wardrobe that isn't men's clothing?"

"No. I like men's clothes. It's who I am."

"Yeah, I know what you are."

"Oh we're back to the butch crap."

"Yeah we are. Butches like you make straight people think we secretly wish to be men. Well I'll tell you, that sort of thing belongs in the past. The lesbians I know aren't afraid of our femininity and we don't need a strap-on cock to make love to a woman."

Jackson stood leaning against the wall and laughed. "You think I'm frightened? And you and your little friends and girlfriends at the bar aren't frightened?"

"What would you know about my friends?"

Jackson pushed off the wall and walked over until she was face to face with Rosie.

"I came to your bar one night. I saw you dancing with your little girlfriend."

Girlfriend? Wait she came to O'Reilly's? She must mean Jess.

Jess was one of her friends and a regular. They had gone on a couple of dates, but that was all. Rosie didn't have any interest in pursuing the relationship any further but she had a feeling that Jess did.

"She's not my girlfriend." Rosie barked back.

"Well you looked cozy enough to me."

"What does it matter how cozy I am with anyone. It has nothing to do with you."

Jackson realised that Rosie was right. She wasn't about to reveal how it twisted her guts to see Rosie in someone else's arms.

"Well I can still tell her type! The type that dreams about living their life the way I do, but doesn't have the balls to carry it off. You talk about not being scared of your femininity? I'm not afraid of my masculinity. Do you have any idea what it's like to live like me? You stick out whether you want to or not. The straight community signals me out as a lesbian, I can never be in the closet, and certain elements of the gay community like you and your little friends, ridicule people like me because it doesn't sit well with the modern fashion of what it means to be gay, and believe me, that's all it is. Fashion. It used to be fashionable to be butch and femme, now everyone has to look like girls or like an Androgynous 12 year old boy!"

"You don't know anything about my friends! And I like a woman to look like a woman; I don't find women who feel the need to dress like men attractive." Rosie moved towards the door to leave. Jackson caught her arm and pulled Rosie back into her chest, keeping a firm grip on the young woman, not allowing her to move.

"I know one thing about you, Rosie."

The young woman gave up struggling, knowing Jackson wouldn't really hurt her.

"What is that?" she spat.

Jackson spoke into Rosie's ear, smiling when she felt the girl shiver. "You talk a lot about me being butch. All the time, in fact." Jackson stroked her fingers down Rosie's arm.

"It makes me think that far from hating them, you'd secretly love a big butch like me to take control of your body."

Jackson kissed Rosie's neck lightly, bringing a moan from the young woman and goose bumps down her arms.

"Pin you to the bed and fuck you till you scream my name."

Rosie seemed to be lost in the haze Jackson was creating. She moaned and wrapped her arm around the back of Jackson's neck, pulling her tighter into her own body.

What had started out as a game to prove a point to Rosie had turned into something different.

Jackson's heart was hammering in her chest, she couldn't believe she had her hands and lips on this beautiful young woman. Rosie's neck tasted delicious and Jackson wanted more. She grazed the young woman's neck with her teeth.

Rosie was faring no better, the feeling of Jackson's mouth on her was indescribable and it was overwhelming her senses. Rosie had never felt a response from her body like this. Jackson was like no one she had been with before. She was raw, passionate, animalistic, and totally in control of Rosie's body.

Jackson's hands slid from Rosie's hips up to her breasts and squeezed with two strong hands.

Rosie's hands covered Jackson's, encouraging her to squeeze harder.

"Oh god yes! Harder Jack..."

"Yes darlin'." And the older woman gave her harder, alternating between squeezing Rosie's breasts, pinching her nipples, kissing, and biting down on her neck. Jackson's hips naturally started to thrust into Rosie's buttocks.

"You want this?"

"Uh ... yes ... Oh God, Jack!"

'Wait! Jack? What the hell am I doing?' Suddenly coming to her senses, Rosie pushed away from the soldier's grasp. She turned and shouted, "What the hell are you doing? Don't you ever touch me!" Rosie was shaking from the lust coursing through her veins and the shock of what she was about to do.

Jackson was struggling to come out of her own lustful daze, she stumbled forward towards Rosie. "Wh ... what?"

Rosie backed away from her. "Stay away from me! Why did you do that? We despise each other!"

What the hell is wrong with her? I know I was just trying to make a point at the start, but then she encouraged me. She wanted it. She told me!

"What the hell are talking about? I didn't exactly force you did I? Who was the one pulling my head down onto your neck, and whose hands were encouraging me to squeeze your breasts? And I suppose your nipples hardened under my fingers because you were cold?"

Rosie had no answers for these questions. At least none that she wanted to share with Jackson.

"You took advantage of me. I was in a weakened state. Injured and in shock. You come riding to my rescue then get me back here and immediately start seducing me."

"Seducing you? I can't believe this. I leave my job to come and save your ass, and this is the thanks I get? I opened myself up to you, I told you about Sarah. I never talk about her to anyone. I can see now that I made a huge mistake. You know there is something between us. You're just too frightened to admit you want someone like me."

Rosie grabbed her jacket. "Let's just pretend this never ever happened and go back to ignoring each other."

She slammed the front door leaving a bewildered Jackson wondering how her good deed had gotten her to this point.

On the other side of the door, Rosie leaned against the wall taking deep breaths.

What is happening to me? I've waited all my life to meet someone who makes me feel like this. I feel like I want her to devour me, but I know it'll never be enough. Oh God! The feel of her lips on my neck, I know someone like Jackson would be difficult to let go. I need to fight this!

Part 10

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