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The Dylan Morgan Show
Season 1

By Jenny Frame


Episode Two

Dylan walked into the downtown gym. Her buddies Mark and Patrick rented the space out every Monday to train. Dylan met them when she started taking mixed martial arts during acting school. They hit it off and have trained together ever since. Mark Lawson and Patrick Kenny worked for the New York police department.

"Here she comes! Late as usual." They already had all the equipment set up.

"Give me a break, guys! Have I ever been late before? I had stuff to do, but I'm ready so let's get going. I have a date tonight and I can't be late finishing." Dylan slung her bag on a seat to the side of the room, having come dressed and prepared.

"A date? Shit! That's unheard of Morgan! She has met you, right?" Her two friends laughed.

"Ha! Ha! Laugh it up! I'll just kick your asses some more in the ring!" Both men knew this was not an idle threat.

Patrick walked up and clapped Dylan on the back. "Hey! We're just yanking your chain, buddy. I'm glad you've met someone. I hope we'll get to meet her."

"Thanks guys. You'd love her. I hope after tonight she won't be too scared off and wants to see me again."

"Have more confidence in yourself, Dylan. You're a good person, and any woman would be lucky to have you," Mark said.

"Thanks guys, that means a lot. Let's get going so I can kick your butts!"

The large hall had a ring over in the corner and various pieces of exercise equipment, which they used.

Dylan, Mark and Patrick were ready to start. They had donned weighted vests in order to challenge their muscles even further.

The training was hard and gruelling. The friends hit the machines in a circuit, each round lasting five minutes. The circuit was attacked at a relentless pace, not allowing the participants a moment to rest. It started with a run on the treadmill before moving on to the weight machines. The weight machines were not taken at a normal pace, each was performed with power and pace, and each movement was explosive.

By the time the circuits were finished, the friends were drenched in sweat and exhausted, but had to then go to the ring and spar.

This training gave Dylan the powerful, muscular body she needed for her work and also gave her a way to relieve the stress and tension her life brought her.

"Thanks for the workout, guys. I better run." Dylan grabbed her bag, opting to grab a shower at home.

"Sure buddy. See you next week!" Mark waved as she headed out the door.

"Bye Dylan. Have a great date," Patrick added with a smile.

"I'll try. Bye!"

Emily was in the kitchen finishing off her dinner preparations. She had rushed home from work, picking up Molly and some groceries on the way.

Remembering that Dylan said she loved home cooking. Emily decided on meatloaf, mashed potatoes and veggies.

"I hope this is okay for her," Emily said to herself.

To save time, she brought home an apple pie she made at the diner for dessert.

Emily looked over to the couch where her little girl was sitting watching a DVD cuddled into the Fijit and penguin toys Dylan had bought her. She was filled with a wave of love every time she looked at the special little girl.

"Molly? You okay, sweetie?"

"Yeah Mama."

Emily put the potatoes on the stove to boil and checked on the meat loaf.

Mm! Looks good!

"Mama! Mama! Dien! On TV! Look!" Molly jumped up and down on the couch excitedly.

"Molls, Dylan isn't here yet," Emily said as she stirred the pot.

"No Mama! Look! Here pease!"

Emily walked over towards the TV and couldn't believe her eyes. There was Dylan, in living color, goofing around with Big Bird on Molly's Sesame Street DVD.

"Wow! This must have been why you knew Dylan and got along so well!"

"Dien bring Big Bird, Mama?" Molly asked sweetly.

"I don't think she can bring him tonight sweetie, but we'll ask her all about him when she gets here okay?"

Molly nodded and Emily sat with her, transfixed by Dylan on the screen. It was strange; she was the same goofy Dylan but a lot more confident and slick in front of the camera. At the moment she was showing Big Bird how to juggle. Mother and daughter sat laughing at their new friend's antics.

"Dien funny!"

"She sure is!" She is also one tall gorgeous woman!

Emily's lusty thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door.

Molly rushed to the door before her mom could get there.

"Slow down, sweetie! Let Mama check who it is first."

This wasn't the best part of town or the best building so she always put the chain on and checked before opening the door. She peeped through the small gap and saw the dark hair and piercing blue eyes that made her stomach flip.

Emily opened the door with a smile. "Hi. Come on in."

"Dien! Dien!" Molly jumped up and down pulling on the tall woman's legs.

"Hey, little Smurf!"

"Sweetie let Dylan get in okay?"

Dylan walked over to the kitchen table and put down her bags, delighted at her warm welcome.

Morgan you need to do everything possible to keep these two girls in your life. Imagine coming home to that welcome everyday!

"Alright Smurf, up you come!" She said scooping the girl up in the air.

Molly giggled as she was tickled mercilessly then, as Molly gave her a hug, she turned to Emily and asked, "How was your day?"

"Okay. Work was quiet but I was glad I had tonight to look forward to." The two adults shared a warm smile.

"Yeah, me too," she said, putting Molly down and reaching into her bags.

"How was your training?"

"Oh you know, tough. My training buddies put me through it. I didn't know what I should bring so I bought two different kinds of ice cream and toppings, and movie popcorn. You can't watch a movie without popcorn. I thought my little Smurf friend would like that, and I brought some white wine. Is that okay?"

"Yeah that's great, were having meatloaf. I hope you like it. You said that you never get home cooked meals."

"Oh, that would be amazing; I can't tell you when I had that last." The big woman was beaming. Emily found her to be so open and genuine, not how she imagined a TV star.

"Sweetie, why don't you go and finish watching your DVD and Dylan will come and sit with you in a minute, okay?"

"Otay Mama." The little girl trotted off.

The two women looked at each other for a moment then Dylan bent over and kissed Emily on the cheek. "Hi. I didn't get a chance to say that."

"Yeah, I know. Molly kind of takes over when you're around."

"Don't worry. I think she's adorable."

"Oh, I worked out the Big Bird thing and why Molly thought she knew you. She was watching her Sesame Street DVD and up you pop, teaching Big Bird how to juggle."

Dylan laughed, suddenly remembering her day spent on Sesame Street.

"Of course! How could I forget? I did that last year sometime."

"Well I'll warn you, she thinks you're best buddies with Big Bird and thought you'd be able to bring him," Emily said smiling.

Dylan laughed and said, "Well I'll try my best to get out of that one."

"It was strange seeing you on TV."

"Strange good? Or strange bad?" Dylan asked, unsure what answer she would get.

"Strange good. You're still you but you're somehow more confident on TV."

"Yeah I know. I'm two different people. I wait in the wings to go on and I literally feel sick, then as soon as I'm announced, it's as if another part of me kicks in and takes over, but I'm always terrified that person won't come. This person, the person you know, is me. The real me. Is that okay with you?" she said suddenly unsure of herself.

"Of course it's okay, you goof! It's this Dylan I really like, went out with yesterday and invited to dinner. Now why don't you go and sit with Molly while I finish dinner."

"Sure. Give me a shout if you need anything."

Emily watched Dylan walk over to her excited little girl and thought, I could fall for you so easily, Dylan. Who I'm I kidding? I'm already falling, and that is so dangerous.

Dinner was a great success. The two adults and Molly sat at the kitchen table talking about their day and a million other subjects. Dylan was constantly surprised at how easy conversation with the small blonde was.

Emily had spent her time laughing at Dylan's attempts to entertain Molly. She was so good with her, telling jokes and making funny faces. At the moment the pair were piling toppings on their bowls of ice cream.

"Molly, not too much candy on there."

"Oh come on, Emmie! You can't have ice cream without sauce, sprinkles and M&M's. It's the law."

"Yeah Mama. Da law!" Molly said seriously.

Dylan gave Emily a toothy grin. "See. I told you."

Emily shook her head. "I see I'm outvoted. Well, I'll tell you what. You can put her to bed then, because she'll be as high as a kite with all that sugar."

"Sure. No problem. You'll go to sleep, won't you little Smurf?" Dylan ruffled Molly's hair.

"After story?"

"Of course, everyone needs a story before bed."

Emily's heart warmed at the growing bond between the big woman and her daughter.

"You're really good with her you know. Have you been around kids before?"

"Never. I guess it just comes naturally with you guys," Dylan said shyly then lifted her eyes to meet Emily's.

The two women seemed happy to simply gaze into each other's eyes.

Emily broke her gaze and shook her head. "We better get you cleaned up Molls, and then we'll watch your DVD."

"I'll get the dishes, Emmie, while you get Molly sorted." The tall woman stood, starting to gather the dishes.


The two women worked easily together, getting all the chores finished, and took their seats on the couch for the movie. Molly insisted on sitting on Dylan's lap so that left the two adults sitting close, side by side.

The three laughed their way through the film, Molly munching away on the popcorn.

"Molls, I think that's enough sweetie. It'll be bedtime right after the video."

"Otay Mama." Molly yawned and lay back sleepily against the big woman's chest.

"It's been an exciting night for her. Thank you for spending time with us."

Dylan had been itching to touch Emily since the film started and took this opportunity. She reached and held the blondes hand and said, "It's been my pleasure. I don't know when I've had so much fun."

"Come on! You must go to showbiz parties, premieres and things like that. I don't think dinner and a kid movie is fun compared to that."

"I go to as little as possible. I hate all that false fawning and showbiz crap. Celebrities pretending you're friends when they don't even know you. I have to go to some things for PR and stuff, Lynn only signs me up for as little as she can get away with. I hate being in the spotlight when I'm not on my show, I've told you what I'm like. I trip over my words and don't know what to say. I'd rather be doing something fun with Molly and you any day of the week."

Emily smiled. "You're really sweet, you know that?" Emily noticed her new friend blush.

"Sweet? Me? Never."

Dylan squeezed Emily's hand, enjoying the warm connection between them.

Sometime later Emily looked down to see her daughter sleeping in Dylan's arms.

"I better get this little Smurf to bed."

"I'll carry her in for you, if you want?"

"That would be great. She's so heavy now."

Dylan stood up with the girl in her arms and made her way to her room. She laid her down on the bed for Emily.

"I guess I'll need to read that story another night?" she said hopefully, suggesting further nights together.

Emily smiled happily, knowing exactly what Dylan was asking. "Yes, we'd like that very much."

Dylan beamed. "Great. Um ... I'll wait in there for you then."

"Thanks, I won't be long."

Dylan refilled their glasses with wine and sat back checking her email and twitter.

She smiled to herself then typed out, Loving Mr. Popper's Penguins. Movie night and popcorn with new friends. Nothing better!

"Hi. She's all tucked in," said Emily, taking up her place on the couch.

"Sorry, I was just checking my email and twitter." Dylan tried to put her phone away quickly.

"Is that an iPhone?"

"Yeah, want to look at it?"

"Yes, I've never seen one up close." Dylan handed it over and began to show her a few different apps.

"I'm kind of a geek when it comes to stuff like this. It's the one thing I splurge on," said Dylan.

"Show me Twitter. I always think it sounds strange wanting to let people know what you're having for dinner or where you're going."

"Well, I find it a good way to stay in touch with my fans and to highlight some causes that mean a lot to me but also, my career wouldn't be anywhere without electronic media like this.

When I was doing my shows in the Village, people started putting videos of my stunts up on YouTube and I got a good following going. I started to do my own videos and used Facebook and Twitter to let people know about my stunts. An executive from the network saw the videos and came to my show one night to offer me work, so I couldn't have done it without all my followers. Look, I tweeted this while you were putting Molls to bed."

Emily read it and gazed lovingly at Dylan. "That is so sweet. I'm glad you enjoyed it. So how many followers do you have?"

Dylan looked a little embarrassed and mumbled, "Um ... about two and half million."

Emily choked on her wine and struggled for breath.

"Hey, it's not that bad is it?"

"No. Sorry. I just had no idea you were that famous."

"Oh that's nothing, Ellen has over 7 million! I'm a long way behind that."

"Well, Ellen is the queen of chat," Emily said with a smirk.

"She is that. So do you have a cell phone?"

"No, they're too expensive to keep up."

"They're good for safety though, like for when you're leaving the diner at night."

"I have a million things I need to get for Molls, that's just not a priority for me." Emily hoped the subject would be closed.

Dylan sensed that money was a touchy subject with the young woman, so she decided to drop it.

"Thanks for help with Molly. It was so much easier with two."

Dylan turned in her seat, putting her arm along the back of the couch to get closer to Emily, and took her hand again.

"Have you always been on your own with her?"

Emily looked unsure. How much should I tell? But as she examined Dylan's open face, she knew she could trust her.

"I've always been on my own but it wasn't supposed to be that way."

"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to." Dylan stroked Emily's hand with her thumb.

"I do. If we're going to go forward, you need to know because what happened makes it really hard for me to trust. That is if you want to keep seeing each other."

Dylan lifted her free hand and stroked the side of Emily's face. "Of course I do. Haven't I shown you that? I've never met anyone like you before, I felt connected the second I lifted my head in that diner and saw your beautiful green eyes."

Emily felt her cheeks go red, not used to receiving compliments.

"Thank you. I'll try my best to explain. Um ... I was in my last year of college studying English Literature. I'd been with Toni for just over a year and we'd been living together for about six months. She was a little older than me and worked as a restaurant manager. I thought I was so in love but I realize now that I was afraid of being alone; I didn't have anyone else. My mom and dad kicked me out when I told them I was gay."

Dylan took Emily's hand. "I'm sorry."

Emily took a breath as the pain of the past came flooding back.

"Mom is a devout Catholic, she just couldn't accept it. So when I met Toni I thought I had someone to care for and rely on. She worked long hours and late nights, but they got later and later. Sometimes she wouldn't come home until the next day. She would say there was some problem at the restaurant and that she'd slept in her office. I believed this at first, but it happened more and more and she became so distant. Her dad had a cabin up in the Catskills; She'd go hunting with him a few times a year but all of a sudden she was spending nearly every weekend up there, saying she was helping him with renovations. I knew deep down this wasn't true; I knew she was cheating. One day I was doing the laundry and found her cell phone in her jeans. I know I shouldn't have, but I was going crazy not knowing."

Dylan's heart was breaking as she watched the tears fall down Emily's face as she recounted her story. She also felt something else, something new, an anger that was boiling up in her stomach making her want to hunt down this Toni and kick her ass.

"Take your time, Emmie." Dylan stroked Emily's cheek.

"I ... I found messages and pictures from all sorts of women on it. My chest felt like it was going to explode and I felt panicked. The one person I had in the world had broken my heart. I confronted her when she came in, she broke down and admitted to cheating with more than one woman. Who knows how many there were. She blamed her long hours and my studying, said by the time she got home I would be fast asleep and that I had no time for her. I told her to leave and she did, but came back two days later begging me to take her back. Toni was a manipulative person and knew that my biggest wish was to settle down and have kids.

She told me if I would take her back she would support me while I left college and had a baby with her. She said I could go back and finish my degree when the baby was older. I was a fool I know, but my heart had been broken in pieces and I felt like nothing would be better than to have something to call my own, and a baby wouldn't hurt or leave me, so I agreed.

I should have known what was coming when she had no interest in picking the donor or going for doctor's appointments. Toni had blonde hair like me, and I don't know why but I wanted a dark haired donor. I think deep down I knew Toni wouldn't be with me long term and I didn't want my baby to remind me of her.

I chose the donor and got inseminated all by myself. I got pregnant the first time, I was lucky. When I told Toni, she said she was happy but I didn't think so. Even though she was on her best behavior, coming home on time every night and not going out, I could tell she was getting frustrated, angry and resentful."

"Did she hurt you?" Dylan growled.

Emily looked down feeling ashamed. "She had a bad temper. I walked on eggshells around her, never knowing when she would blow up. The first time she ever hit me, she promised she would get help, talk to someone about her anger problems but she never did.

We argued more and more, especially when I started to show. I think she felt trapped. One night she came home from work late and drunk, we had a huge argument. She grabbed me by the arms and threw me on our bed. I was terrified. Toni had hit me before and she'd been really rough and forceful with sex but not since I got pregnant. I was so scared she was going to hurt my baby, I tried to get away but she was too strong." Emily took a deep breath. She was determined to make Dylan understand.

"Before she managed to ... you know, she passed out on top of me. She was all apologies the next morning, but when she saw the bruises on my arms and breasts she got scared. I don't think she ever thought things could get that bad. She just ran out of the apartment. I don't know if she came back, I packed a bag and got out of there as quick as I could. I managed to get this place, and we've been here ever since."

Dylan jumped up, needing to move around as her anger was becoming too much to bear.

"Emmie, if I ever meet that no good bitch, I'll kick her from one end of New York to the other." She clenched and unclenched her fists.

"Dylan. Come and sit back down. I was as much to blame."

The TV star sat and took Emily's hand between her two larger ones.

"Don't say that Emmie. Nothing can excuse hurting you, your body or your heart. I can't imagine ever doing that to you or leaving you with little Smurf in there."

"Dylan, I was angry and heartbroken. Angry with the financial situation she left me in, things were meant to be more comfortable for Molly and they haven't been because I'm on my own, but looking back I can see we weren't meant to be.

She felt trapped, her guilt because of the cheating and the violence made her give me promises she just couldn't keep. She wasn't ready for the commitment, and I was deluded and naive to think that a baby could fix things. I was selfish to grab at the opportunity to have the one thing I always wanted. A family. It ended up that it was just Molly and me in the family, but even though it's been hard bringing her up alone, it's been worth every second. She's my life."

"She's a great girl. I think you're way too understanding though. She was bigger and stronger than you, and to use that against you is unforgivable."

"I didn't say I forgave her, I said I understand why it happened. She had a lot of problems, and I count myself lucky that I can never really understand how someone can leave their pregnant partner or raise their hands in violence against the woman they claim to love. And of course it was a different time, there was no same sex marriage in New York then, so I had no protection financially.

We did have a commitment ceremony; a friend who was a minister officiated for us. Toni was drunk the whole day, treated it like a party.

Since then, people have asked me out but I never said yes until I met you. Like you said, I felt connected somehow. But I need you to understand after what I've told you, that it's taken a lot to accept your friendship and allow you into my life and Molly's. If I'm going to continue to get to know you, I think you have to understand why I'm so big on trust, loyalty and fidelity. I've never told anyone this before. I never had many friends, they were mostly Toni's friends and they melted away after we split up."

Dylan lifted Emily's hand to her lips and kissed it tenderly.

"Emmie, I'm so sorry you had to go through that. Thank you for giving me your trust and telling me everything. I really want to see where this could take us, if you'll let me."

I know you're not ready but I will treasure you forever, thought Dylan.

"I'd like that." Emily smiled and her stomach flipped as she watched Dylan edge closer, her lips parting slightly. As she looked into Emily's eyes, she sensed no rejection and closed the distance between them, their lips finally coming together softly. Feeling no resistance Dylan deepened the kiss, bringing her hands up to tenderly cup Emily's face and slipping her tongue into Emily's welcoming mouth. When their tongues met, Emily moaned into Dylan's mouth. Not wanting to push the blonde too far, Dylan pulled back and rested her head against Emily's.

"Wow! That was ..."

"Amazing!" replied Emily, breathlessly.

"Yeah. Amazing. I've never had a kiss like that before. I want to do that a lot with you."

"Me too."

Reluctantly, Dylan pulled back knowing that she had to let Emily know what she was in for.

"Emmie, there's one thing I need to talk to you about before we get any deeper into this. I know it's pretty early in our relationship but because of who I am, I need to talk about it."

Emily looked puzzled. "Okay, you can say anything to me, you know that. Why don't I make us some coffee and we can talk some more."

Emily returned to the couch with two cups of coffee.

"Okay. Go ahead."

"Well, the press kind of follow what I do. I seem to be a fascination because I've never had a long-term relationship and I'm not famous for being a player or anything, so they're always trying to get some dirt on me. The only dates I go on now are just companions Lynn sets me up with for events. The network totally accept me being out and everything, but I don't give the magazines and newspapers anything to talk about going to events by myself, so I went with actresses or models who wanted a bit of publicity on my arm. You might hear stories about me, sometimes my date would feed a journalist some story about how there was more going on between us than there actually was to boost their profile but there never was. I just felt so awkward around women, until you."

Emily blushed. "So I guess you don't trust very easy either."

"I guess not, but I'm worried about you. People will find out about us eventually and I just wanted to warn you. Newspaper people will try and get stories from you, they'll offer you money. I just want you to know what you're getting into. I'll protect you and Molly as much as I can, even if you don't want to take the relationship any further. I give you my promise that I will never leave you high and dry, no matter what happens between us, but I hope we'll always remain friends."

Dylan readied herself for rejection.

Emily felt a little stunned. "I had no idea. You have to live like this with no one to share it with?"

"You're willing to keep seeing me?" The big woman sounded surprised.

"It sounds like you've been lonely, Dylan. Just like me. I hope Molly and I can have fun with you and get to know you much better."

Dylan wrapped the petite woman in a big hug. "Thank you for giving me a chance. I like you so much, Emmie. What we have so far is unheard of for me and I can't wait for more time with you, too."

Emily relaxed in Dylan's muscular arms. She feels so good; it feels safe in her arms, thought Emily.

"Are you working Saturday night?" Dylan asked hopefully.

"No, just during the day."

"Great, would you and Molls like to come and watch the show on Saturday night? I know it's a little late for Molly but if it gets too much, you could take her back to my dressing room to sleep on the couch."

Emily beamed. "Yes, we'd love to. I'll need to watch you on TV Friday night; I'll feel like I'm still seeing you then."

"Well how about this, after the Saturday show why don't you two come back to my place to stay? In the spare room of course, I have plenty of room for you both. That way we can go out on our Sunday off together."

"Molly would love that, she's never had a sleepover before. I would love it, too."

"Great! No one's stayed with me, either. I'll send a studio car for you on Saturday so pack a bag for yourself and the Smurf." Emily nodded and smiled while Dylan noticed the time.

"Woah! It's one in the morning. I better head home, I've got rehearsals tomorrow."

Emily got up and got her jacket, and remembering the wine asked, "You didn't drive, did you?"

"Oh no, I'm going to grab a cab. I'll give you a call tomorrow, when are you working?"

"Another late shift. Five till one."

"Okay, I'll call in the afternoon alright?"

"Can't wait."

They shared a few more heated kisses before Dylan headed down to grab a cab with a spring in her step.

Emily stood behind the door, her skin hot and her lips tingling from Dylan's kisses.

"Wow! What a difference a few days can make. I think my life is about to get a little more interesting!"

The next morning Dylan pulled her Jeep into the studio parking lot at 8 am. She was dressed casually in her favorite combat cargo shorts and grey hooded sweatshirt. Dylan was naturally warm blooded and even in cool September hated to wear too many clothes, especially in the hot studio.

She met Lynn as they entered the building and they made their way to Dylan's office.

"Morning Lynn, how was your weekend?"

"Just fine, how was last night?"

"Amazing! And yes I did talk to her about the press and she didn't run a mile, thankfully."

Dylan put her laptop bag down on the desk and took a seat.

"And you really trust this girl, Dylan?"

Dylan sighed. "Yes, I really do. She's the only woman I've been able to be myself with. She's beautiful, kind and the most loving woman with her daughter."

Lynn waved her hands in surrender. "Okay! Okay! I won't say another word, but you know it's not only my job to worry, I care about you."

"I know and I appreciate it. So what's the time table?"

"You meet with your writers at nine to finalize the scripts. Katie Phillips comes in at 11, then after an hours instruction with the archery instructor, you break for lunch. The rest of the afternoon you have for rehearsals."

"That's fine. Could you get my protein shake and a cream cheese bagel?"

"Sure thing. You want coffee?"

"Yeah. Um ... before I forget I need you to organize a few things for me. Emily and her daughter are coming to watch the show go out on Saturday. I want a car to pick them up and I need full backstage passes. I would appreciate it if you would look after them and make sure they have everything they need. They can come and go as they please and have full access to my dressing room. Emily might need to put Molly down to sleep on the couch."

"Sure, I'll take care of them personally. Anything else?"

"Oh, can you get me a stuffed Big Bird? Molly thinks I know him because I was in that Sesame Street DVD."

Lynn laughed. "Okay, what about some pillows and blankets in case she needs to sleep?"

"Yeah good idea, and can you make sure there's food and drinks in my dressing room. Some kid food and candy. You know."

"Sure. If you think of anything else, let me know. I'll just go get your breakfast."

"Thanks Lynn. You're a treasure."

"Oh I know, Dylan Morgan!"

"Mr. Jarvis, I will get the information I want. It just depends on who from. A thousand dollars is a lot of money and I know times are hard, the diner's not pulling in much is it?"

Jimmy sat in his office on the phone. He had managed to get a number for Tom Jarvis, the owner of the diner where Emily worked.

"Mr. Daniels, it's not that easy. She's been a good worker. I just have a small staff and they've been loyal to me."

"Jarvis, do you think she'll really care? She's bagged herself a rich TV star. How long do you think she would stay anyway? And when the story breaks think of all the extra business. People will be lining up to get a glimpse of Dylan Morgan's lover. Be smart. Full name and social security number."

Jimmy heard Tom Jarvis let out a breath at the other end of the line. "Okay."

"That wasn't so hard was it?" Jimmy smiled. Gotcha!

Dylan and Lynn were walking back from the writer's room, en route to her office to meet the actress Katie Phillips.

They walked in and Dylan went straight over to introduce herself.

"Hey, pleased to meet you. It's great to have you with us."

Katie Phillips stood up to her full height of 5-foot-8 and took Dylan's hand softly.

Dylan had long since dispensed with her hooded sweater and was now dressed only in her sleeveless black t-shirt. She felt devoured as the blonde actress ran her eyes hungrily up and down her tall solid body.

"I'm delighted to meet you at last. I've admired your work for a long time," she smoldered.

Dylan nervously pulled her hand away from Katie.

"That's very kind. Would you like to take a seat so we can go over the ideas we've come up with? Lynn, could you send in the lunch trays for us?"

"Sure. Would you like coffee, Miss Phillips?"

"Yes. Nonfat latte," she said dismissively.

God! A thank you might be nice. She looks like she wants to eat you whole, Dylan! thought Lynn, as she watched Katie sidle up closer to Dylan at the table.

"Um ... Lynn, could you take this note to the director?" When she said that, Lynn knew what she wanted.

She took a look at the small hastily written note, which read:

Can you organize something urgent for an hour's time? I want out so I can call Emily. This woman is scary!

Lynn smiled and looked at Dylan. "No problem. I'll let him know."

"So we thought we'd go for a Robin Hood sketch since our task is archery this week. We'll run through it this afternoon but it's basically you in the role of Maid Marion and I'll be Robin Hood's sister, who actually does all the fighting and stuff but her brother robin gets all the credit. I'll play it in a big dress, because me in a dress always gets big laughs. I'm like a guy in drag.

Robin's played by Sammy, one of our actors. He'll play him all effeminate and stuff. It'll be fun."

"Sounds great." Katie moved closer and stroked Dylan's arm.

"So tell me, does Robin's sister get the girl?"

Dylan jumped up, pretending she needed to refill her coffee cup.

"Um ... no. There'll be a little suggestive banter but it'll only go so far. The network is pretty good about me being out and stuff but I don't think they're ready for a full blown kiss with me and TV's new up and coming actress, and I'm sure your agent wouldn't like it."

"Oh, I don't know. I think it would enhance my reputation; you are TV's most eligible star."

I'm sure your rep is all you're thinking about here, thought Dylan.

"Who knows? Now can I take you through the chat we'll have about your new show?" said Dylan, taking a seat on the opposite side of the table.

"Do I make you nervous, Dylan?"

"Uh ... no. I'm just anxious to get through this work. This show takes a lot of prep." Dylan kept her eyes on the script in her hand.

"I'm sure, and don't worry I'm very willing," Katie said in a sultry voice.

"I'm sure you are," Dylan said under her breath.

"I haven't seen you out in any of the bars and clubs in the Village."

"They aren't really my scene. Honestly Katie, I'm not as exciting as I appear."

Katie stood and slinked over to where Dylan was sitting. She reached up and squeezed a big muscled shoulder.

"You could be as dull as dishwater Dylan, but this body of yours could keep me entertained for hours."

The big woman was sweating now. How can I get out of this without being insulting? she thought frantically.

There was a knock at the door and in walked Lynn to see that Katie had backed Dylan up against a chair and was stroking Dylan's arm.

Thank you God!

"Yes! What can I do for you, Lynn?" Dylan shot over to Lynn putting some distance between herself and her amorous guest.

"The director asked if he could have a word and if you're finished with Miss Phillips, wardrobe would like to see her."

"Sure! Lynn will take you to wardrobe, Katie. I'll meet you at one in the rehearsal room. Okay?"

"Alright. Look forward to it." Damn! I will get you on your own, gorgeous!

Once her office door was closed, she fell into her leather chair breathing a sigh of relief.

Lynn, you are my savior!

Emily was cleaning up the kitchen while Molly ate her lunch at the table.

"Eat up, sweetie. We need to drop you at Mrs. Hill's in an hour."

The phone rang and Emily answered, "Hello?"

"Hey Emmie, how are you and the little Smurf?"

Emily's faced beamed when she realized who it was.

"Hi Dylan! We're good. Molly's just having her lunch. How's your day going?"

"Oh okay. Uh ..." The big woman left a silence before finishing.

"I wish I was having lunch with you two. I ... miss you guys."

"We miss you too, Dylan. I was telling Molly about coming to the show on Saturday and she's really excited."

"That's great, I can't wait. Listen I was thinking, would you mind if I picked you up from work tonight and dropped you home? I really worry about you getting home at one in the morning."

"I can't ask you to do that, Dylan. You work a long day and you're really busy. You don't need to be picking me up after midnight, and I have been doing this for a long time."

"I understand that, but you didn't have a friend to care then, now you do. If I don't pick you up, I'll just be pacing the floor, phoning until you get in. Let me care, Emmie."

Emily thought for a second. What am I going to do when you lose interest Dylan? I'm getting in so deep here.

"Alright. If it'll make you feel better."

"Thanks. Now I can get through the day knowing I can see you tonight, even if it's just for a bit." Emily could almost feel Dylan's smile through the phone.

"I'm looking forward to it too. So what are you doing this afternoon?"

"Um ... rehearsals with Katie Phillips. We need to go over a couple of sketches and get an archery lesson."

"Katie Phillips?" Emily left the name hanging in the air.

"Katie Phillips, the blonde bombshell from that comedy show?"

Dylan could feel the tension in Emily's voice. "... yeah."

Dylan spends every day with glamorous and beautiful people. How can I compete?

"She's very pretty isn't she?"

Dylan sensed Emily's insecurity across the phone.

Uh oh! Is there a right answer to this?

"I suppose but I prefer my blondes short in stature and natural. I doubt Miss Phillips has much that is natural about her body."

"Ha! Ha! Very smooth, Morgan! And I thought you told me you get tongue tied around women?"

"Around other women, yeah. Around you, never. I've never met anyone I'm more comfortable with."

"I'm glad. Well you better get back and make some good television. I'll see you tonight."

"See you later, Emmie. Stay safe okay?"

"I will. Bye." Emily hung up the phone and said, "Molly, I think I'm falling for your big buddy." Emily sighed.

The little girl looked puzzled. "Mama?"

"Come on Molls, let's get you ready for your day," she said tickling her daughter.

Luckily for Dylan, once they got down to business, Katie behaved herself and focused on the work, so the afternoon went by quite uneventfully. They both got an understanding of the archery challenge and a feel for the sketch.

Dylan was now at home, killing time before picking up Emily. She was restless and spent her time jumping from one thing to another in her game room.

Dylan's game room was her pride and joy. The room was large and decorated very neutrally like the rest of the condo. One wall featured her large 65-inch TV and home theater system. Below that sat her PlayStation 3, Xbox and Wii game systems. The rest of the wall had cases and cases full of games and accessories. Facing the TV along the back wall was a big brown leather couch, and down at the far end of the room was a full pool table.

Music in the room and throughout the house was provided through Bluetooth speakers situated on the walls, allowing Dylan to play music straight from her iPhone or iPad.

I should get some kid games. I bet Smurf would love the Wii and the Xbox.

Dylan tossed her controller on the couch and slid her iPhone to life for what seemed like the hundredth time that night.

God Dylan! Chill out. It's freaking amazing how my life has changed in a week. What was I doing this time last week? This except I wasn't looking at the time every two seconds, waiting to pick up my … what is Emmie? Is it too early to say girlfriend? Wow! I've never had a girlfriend before. I would love that to be Emmie.

She looked at the clock one last time. "Midnight. Hmm ... fuck it! I'm going. I'll just sit and wait for her."

Dylan grabbed her jacket and locked up, taking the elevator down to the parking lot.

"Jimmy? She's on the move. You want me to follow?"

"Yeah, she's got to be up to something at this time of night. I've nearly got the info I need on her new bit of fluff. If we could get some pictures, we can go to press but I'm gonna keep digging, there's gotta be some story behind the woman and the daughter. An estranged husband or someone we can pay off. Follow her," Jimmy told his photographer.

Dylan parked the jeep and made her way through the door of the diner. She saw two men were left in the diner, each nursing cups of coffee. Emily hadn't seen the big woman yet. She had her back to Dylan, scrubbing the hot plate behind the counter.

Dylan sat on a stool and in her huskiest, sexiest voice said.

"Hey Baby, you looking for a ride?"

Emily turned quickly. "Dyl! You're such a goof!"

Dyl? Hmm. That's new. I think I like it, Dylan thought.

Dylan decided to keep up her cool act. Hoping the play would bring them closer.

"So baby, you don't want a ride?"

Emily smiled enjoying the game. Oh! Honey! Don't try and compete with me at flirting. I'll win.

In a coquettish voice she said. "Hmm, maybe. How far are you willing to go?" Dylan's mouth hung open and her heart began to thud.

"Argh! I give in. I'd do anything when you bat those green eyes at me."

"Well, Dyl honey, don't mess with the master of flirting."

"You didn't tell me you were so proficient?"

Emily smirked. "Well, I haven't had much use for it for a long time; you should have seen me in college."

"A little heartbreaker I'm sure." Dylan smiled.

"I don't know about that. Thanks for coming, it's really brightened up my shift."

"It's my pleasure. Any excuse to spend time with you. Where's little Smurf? Does your sitter keep her?"

"She brings her home at 7, puts her to bed and waits till I get in. I don't know what I'd do without her. It's hard to find people to trust. Give me a minute. I'll just try and hustle these guys out the door and we can lock up and get going."


Dylan watched Emily as she went to the back of the diner to try and hurry up the stragglers.

I'm so glad I decided to do this. Who would have thought hanging out in a diner at one in the morning could make me so happy?

Dylan's thoughts were interrupted by raised voices. She turned around to see Emily trying to pull her hand back from one of the guys in the back. The other guy had gone and Emily was left with this slightly drunk guy pawing her.

"Just let me go and get out. We're closed!" Emily was struggling to get her hand back.

"You'll get me more coffee and close when I say it, girl!"

Just then the man let out a squeal as Dylan's big hand circled his wrist and squeezed.

"Let go of me you bitch! That hurts!"

"You let go of the lady and I'll let go of you, okay shit head?" Dylan said coldly.

The man released his hold and as Emily rubbed her wrist, Dylan pulled the man to his feet and pushed him against the wall. She held him there face first, his arm pushed up behind his back.

"Apologize to the lady!"

"Urgh! Urgh! You promised to let me go!"

Dylan pushed his arm a little further.

"I can break your arm with one more push. Now apologize to the lady and tell her you'll never come back to this diner again!"

"Urgh! I'm sorry lady and I'll never come here again!"

"Good boy! Now get the fuck out of here!"

Dylan hustled him to the door and threw him out. She panted heavily, the anger rolling off of her.

No one touches Emmie! No one!

Dylan felt a tentative touch at her shoulder. "Dylan ... umph."

She was suddenly engulfed in Dylan's big strong arms.

"Are you okay baby?"

Baby. Toni never called me anything like that.

"I'm fine, Dyl. He just scared me a little. It doesn't hurt now."

The big woman pulled away from the hug, cupping the blondes face in her hands and kissed her softly and gently on the lips. Pulling back, Dylan said, "You sure?"

"Yes I'm fine, I'm so glad you were here."

"I'm sorry if I seemed really aggressive, something just snapped when I saw him touch you." Knowing Emily's history of domestic violence from Toni, she didn't want the young woman to be scared of her.

"Don't worry. You were wonderful. I've never felt protected like that before."

"I will protect you, for as long as you let me." Dylan stroked her cheek.

"Why don't we get this place cleaned up and get you home to the Smurf?"

"That would be great. I'll just be a minute."

They locked up quickly, jumped in Dylan's Jeep and quickly made their way home.

She parked right outside Emily's building.

"I'll walk you up, okay? No arguments," said Dylan.

"Thank you. I love this car."

"You do? I didn't think you'd be interested in cars."

"I'm not. It just makes me feel safe. Big, comfortable and it has you in it."

Dylan flashed a smile but inside her heart melted. She knew that this little woman had the power to bring her to her knees. Dylan leaned forward and kissed Emily thoroughly, leaving her breathless.

"Let's get you inside."

Dylan jumped out and came around to open Emily's door and help her down from the big car.

When they got into the apartment and let Mrs. Hill go, Emily asked, "Would you like some coffee?"

"Yeah, maybe one cup. I have to get up early but I could stay for one."

"Great, I'll be back in a sec."

Dylan took a seat on the couch and Emily was back in no time with the cups.


"I was thinking. Does that happen a lot? You know, your late nights? Do guys get aggressive like that often?"

"They say things but mostly they're all talk. That was the first time anyone's ever grabbed me. A couple have touched my butt, slapped it sometimes but never grabbed."

Dylan took hold of her hand. "I don't like it. Are you late the rest of the week?"

"Just till Thursday, then I'm back to days."

"I'll come and get you every night and please don't argue because I'll just come anyway."

"I'm not going to argue. It's nice to have someone who cares."

"I do care, Emmie. I hope you know that, and I'm caring more with each passing second."

"Me too, Dyl. You are amazing. Gorgeous, funny, strong, brave, protective. Everything I've ever wanted in a ... a ..." Emily didn't know what to say.

It's too soon. Isn't it?

"Everything you've ever wanted in a girlfriend or partner?" Dylan finished for her.


"I'm glad I fit the bill, ma'am!" Dylan pretended to tip her hat to Emily.

"You make me laugh, you goof."

Dylan sighed, knowing she had to leave but not wanting to. "Well I better get going. I'll see you tomorrow night? I'll phone you in the afternoon again, okay?"

"Okay. Thanks for tonight."

"No problem."

They shared a few more heated kisses at the door and Dylan left, bouncing all the way down to her car.

"Yeah. Jimmy? I got the picture you wanted. They were all over each other in the car. Dylan Morgan definitely has a story now."

The next two nights went quietly, with Dylan picking Emily up from the diner. They spent the time getting to know each other and they were becoming more and more attached as the days went by. The big woman spent her days differently now. Last week, all Dylan Morgan had to take up her life was work. This week, she worked equally hard, but spent her days looking forward to the evenings. Today was Friday and show day, so she wouldn't see the young woman who she was beginning to care for deeply.

Katie Phillips had continued to flirt shamelessly with Dylan. For her part, Dylan politely kept her distance and tried not to be left alone with her.

Yesterday, they spent the day practicing archery at a sports center. Katie had played the helpless female to a tee, Dylan remembered.

"I just can't get this! I'm not strong enough to pull it back," Katie moaned.

The archery instructor stepped in saying, "Let me help you."

"Don't touch me!" she hissed quietly so as not to be overheard.

The man stood back unsure how to handle the difficult actress.

"Dylan! Can you help me?" she asked pathetically.

As with most sports, Dylan picked it up pretty quickly and had just finished a shot that landed in the bullseye for the fifth time in a row.

Dylan turned, looked at Katie, then looked back at Lynn who simply shrugged. The big woman just rolled her eyes, knowing exactly what was going on.

Dylan had no option but to stand behind Katie, pushing her body into her back, to help the blonde actress with her stance.

"Now just pull back, and let go … ow! Um ... try it yourself this time." As Dylan prepared to let go of the string, Katie pushed her hips into Dylan and ground her backside into her most sensitive area.

Dylan hurried back to stand with Lynn.

"I think Miss Phillips wants to play Portia to your Ellen," Lynn laughed.

"Yeah, well she'll be waiting a while. I'm no Ellen and I'm spoken for, I hope."

"Is it getting that serious, Dylan?"

"Don't worry Lynn, I know what you're thinking. It's too soon, but I've been waiting to feel like this my whole life and now that I've found it I'm going to grab on as hard as I can."

"As long as you're sure."

"I am. Will you watch out for her and Molly tomorrow? I don't want Miss Thing over there saying anything inappropriate."

"I will. Now get over there and practice some more!"

That had been yesterday. Today the studio was so busy and apart from some rehearsals, Dylan had managed to keep out of her way.

Dylan was about to eat in her office before getting dressed and going in to makeup.

Lynn had just delivered Dylan's favorite overstuffed sandwich and she was about to call Emily.

It rang twice before she heard Emily's voice.


"Hey Emmie."

"Hi Dyl. How's the show going? You all ready?"

"Yeah, were good to go. I just thought I would while I got some dinner."

"What are you having or should I ask?"

"Um ... roast beef and pastrami sandwich with a salad, coleslaw and fries."

"You really should eat better, Dylan. You use up so much energy, you need some veggies and healthy stuff too."

"I know. I miss you, Emmie. I miss you both."

"We miss you too. Oh wait a minute. Your biggest fan wants a word."

Dylan smiled at the thought of the cute little girl.

"Dien? Dat you?"

"Hey little Smurf. How you doing?"

"Otay. We coming ta see you?"

"Not tonight Molls. You're coming tomorrow to visit with me and we're going to have so much fun. Tonight you can watch me be silly on the TV, so that's the next best thing."

"Mif you Dien."

"I know Smurf. I miss you too, but I want you watch the TV very carefully tonight. I'm going to blow a kiss to you and your Mom."

"You will?"

"Yeah. You watch really close, okay?"

"Otay Dien. I wuv you."

"I love you too, Molls. Woah! I really meant that. I love that little Smurf." You look after your Mama. Good night."

"Nigh nigh!" Dylan heard the phone been being passed over.

"I'm back. She can't wait to see you. She didn't like the fact that I was seeing you at night."

"Well, we're going to have a great weekend together. You watch out for me too, Emmie. I'll blow you a kiss okay?"

"I will. I do miss you but at least I can still see you."

"Yeah. I'll be thinking of you all night. I ... I better go. Listen. I ... I lo …. I'll see you later."

It's too soon to say anymore. You don't want to fuck this up, Dylan!

"Night Dyl."

"Mama! Dien time yet?" Emily looked over at her daughter from the kitchen and smiled. The little girl had been asking if it was time for Dylan's show every five minutes for the past hour.

"Just a few more minutes, Molls. Let's put the TV on now."

Molly jumped up and pressed the button on the old fashioned TV. Emily joined her daughter on the couch, bringing her some milk and a cookie.

"Here you go Molls. I thought you could have your milk and cookies while we watch."

"Yeah! Tanks Mama."

The two were cuddled when the titles of the show started to run, showing video of Dylan taking part in various stunts. The announcer said:

"Tonight on The Dylan Morgan show, actress Katie Phillips joins us for a chat and to take part in Dylan's Dare, and a lucky viewer will win $100,000 in Dylan's special challenge! Please welcome your host Dylan Morgan!

The audience cheered and whooped as the camera panned around the huge arena sized studio. The lights pointed towards the back of the stage and a huge black backdrop lifted to reveal Dylan standing side on, arms crossed, looking right down the camera; she flashed a toothy grin and winked, as she did every show. She was the personification of cool. The crowd went wild again as she took a short run and threw herself into a forward flip and ended up perfectly back on her feet.

"Dien! Dien, Mama!"

"Oh my God, that's our Dylan?" Emily was shocked at the outgoing confident woman on the screen who was nothing like the shy sensitive goof she knew.

"Hi Dien! You see me?"

Emily laughed. "I don't think she can see through the TV, sweetie."

Emily watched Dylan telling the audience who and what would be on the show this week.

Wow! Dyl, you are gorgeous! Emily's stomach clenched at the sight of her new friend dressed in dark designer blue jeans, a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a loosely tied black neck tie, and black vest.

Oh Dylan, I'd love to know if you've got a six pack under there!

Dylan launched into her intro.

"Thank you! Wow, what a welcome!" Dylan bowed then blew a kiss to the audience and camera.

"So did you guys have a good week?" The audience cheered.

"Excellent! I had an amazing time. I went to the zoo. I'd never been to Central Park Zoo before, it's fantastic." She then went on to tell a joke about mistaking a chimp for a Republican congressman, which got a huge laugh.

"Mama! Dien bow us a kiss!" The little jumped up and down on her mother's lap.

"Yes she did, sweetie. She's saying hello to us and telling the nice people about our day out."

Emily's heart melted a little bit more each time she saw Dylan, especially seeing her be so open about their day out.

"So I think it's time for a guest, don't you?"

The audience cheered.

"Please welcome Katie Phillips! The spotlight followed the actress out as the center stage turned to reveal two sofas.

Dylan walked down to meet her guest. As they hugged and kissed, Katie held onto the dark haired woman's hips, a little too tight and a little too long.

"Who that lady, Mama?"

"Just someone from another show, Molls." Someone who can't keep her hands to herself!

Dylan and Katie started to chat, Dylan giving her the chance to plug her show. She then turned to the challenge.

"So Katie, you agreed to do Dylan's Dare and this week it's archery. How have you enjoyed learning a new skill?"

"It's been wonderful Dylan, and you've been such a great help to me."

Katie batted her eyelashes and leaned over to touch Dylan's knee.

Emily felt the anger boil up in her stomach. She's all over Dylan! I bet you're not even a natural blonde! Emily, you have no right to be jealous, she isn't even your girlfriend. Oh, I want you so much, Dyl.

The young woman watched as Dylan shifted uncomfortably in her seat and said, "Well let's meet the contestant who's going to take on Dylan's Dare with Katie.

The show cut to video of the contestant telling a little bit about herself, when they returned Dylan said, "Let's welcome our contestant, Mandy Jacobs!"

A short, slightly plump woman in her 40s came out to rapturous applause. She was greeted by Dylan and Katie and sat down.

"Welcome Mandy. It's great to have you here. Have you enjoyed the week?"

"Yeah, I loved it! It was a lot of fun," Mandy replied nervously.

"Well let's take a look at some of our training." The show cut to footage of the three training during the week and, unbeknownst to Dylan, the editor had used the piece with Dylan standing tucked right in behind Katie showing her what to do.

That tramp! thought Emily. Maybe she likes her. If she could be that different on TV, maybe she's a different person away from us, worried the young woman.

"Dien back on. Hi Dien!" Molly said to the TV.

"So we've done all the training and it's all down to tomorrow night. Just to go over the rules, we compete in a best of five rounds. The two who come out on top will go head to head in the final round. If one of those two is you, Mandy, you win $250,000. If it's Katie, she wins that for the charity of her choice. In the final round, it will be one shot to win; the closest to the target wins double their original prize, $500,000!" The crowd whooped and cheered.

"The only catch is you'll be blindfolded!" Katie and Mandy laughed along with the audience.

"Come back after the break when there will be a performance by Rihanna, Katie and I will take a trip back to Sherwood Forest and one audience member will challenge me to do something very stupid! Be right back!"

Emily and Molly giggled their way through the rest of the show. Laughing at the big woman wearing a big dress, fighting the villains in Sherwood forest, and playing pranks on a couple of audience members. Finally, they sat opened-mouthed as they watched Dylan take part in the last part of the show, Dylan's Special Challenge. A call-in viewer was randomly picked and, if Dylan could complete a live challenge, they would get $10,000 and all the latest home appliances.

Dylan always got her staff to keep her totally in the dark about the challenge so that the audience could share her surprise.

Tonight's challenge was a bungee jump from a crane set up in the TV studio parking lot.

When the height was announced as 165 feet, Emily gasped. They watched dumfounded when, after the break, the show returned to find Dylan at the top of the crane waiting to go.

"Dien okay, Mama?" Molly looked a little worried at what she was witnessing.

"She'll be fine, sweetie, she has all those safety things holding her." She tried to give her daughter the confidence she did not feel.

After holding onto the railing nervously for a few minutes, Dylan closed her eyes, took a few deep breaths and jumped. The camera on her helmet tracked her descent, and in a few seconds she was suspended from the bungee, rebounding up and down.

Emily let out the breath she was holding and the two clapped and cheered their new friend.

"What a job you do, honey!"

Emily had put her daughter to bed. It had taken her a good while, as the girl was so excited.

She was sitting up in bed reading when the phone rang.


"Hi Emmie, it's me. I hope it's not too late but I wanted to know what you and Molls thought of the show."

"It was fantastic, Dyl! But we were so worried when you had to do that jump. I felt sick seeing you in that sort of danger."

"It wasn't my favorite thing to do, I'm not so good with heights, but it's my job."

"It's such a great show, so many different kinds of stuff going on."

"Well thanks, I appreciate that. The guys that work on the show are great, they're a well oiled machine. I like to keep my staff pretty much unchanged. It's my production company that makes the show, so I have that freedom. I've worked with them since the beginning, so everyone knows exactly what to do."

"You own it?"

"Yeah, when the network offered me a contract, I wanted to make sure I kept control of the show and my ideas. It's worked really well. I've sold the format all over the world, so I get to benefit from the profits of that instead of the network. The show's been good to me."

"You're not just a handsome face are you?" Emily flirted.

Dylan cleared her throat, clearly blushing at the other end.

"Uh ... I don't know about that. Did the Smurf like it?"

"She loved it. She thought she could talk to you through the TV. She kept waving at you and saying hi."

"She is such a cutie pie. I miss you, Emmie, I can't wait to see you and Molls."

"I can't wait to see you, I've got used to seeing you every night and getting a kiss."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. Your kisses are amazing. If I close my eyes I can still feel the softness of your lips, the taste."

Oh god, Dylan, take me now!

"Ugh ... Dyl, you're making this really hard. I've got to go to sleep after this phone call."

Dylan laughed and said, "I'm sorry baby, it's hard for me too. Well, get to sleep and I'll see you tomorrow. Did Lynn call you with the details?"

"She did, thanks. Sleep well, Dyl. Night."

"Night Emmie, see you tomorrow."

Once Dylan put the phone down, she took her drink from the coffee table and looked around the large empty condo.

Sleep well? That's a joke. If only she knew I stayed awake until I couldn't stop myself from falling asleep, my TV and my computers my only companions.

************************************************************* **************

Dylan was nervous. It was Saturday and she had been at the studio all day preparing for tonight's show. She wanted all the rehearsals and technical issues out of the way so she could dedicate all of her time to Emily and Molly when they arrived.

Dylan was sitting in her dressing room and looked at her watch for the hundredth time. She checked the table that was set up with sweets and snacks, and the drinks in the fridge.

I hope all this is okay. God I feel like a nervous teenager. Get a grip, Dylan!

Lynn popped her head around the door. "Thought you might like to know that the car has left for your guests."

"Thanks Lynn, you're the best."

"Oh and Miss Phillips is on the hunt for a tall dark TV star."

"I don't want her saying anything in front of Emily."

"I'll do my best to keep her away until showtime. She's on a wild goose chase at the moment, I told her I was sure you were in hair and makeup."

"Thanks, I'll just grab my shower and get dressed. Bring them here as soon as they arrive."

"Sure thing."

"Molly! Stop jumping up and down so much, I'm trying to get your shoes on."

"Sowy Mama. I'm cited! Going to see Dien on the TV!"

"Sweetie if we don't get you ready, we'll be late. The car will be here any minute."

Molly had been as high as a kite all day. Her new buddy Dylan was her favorite person and she'd never had as much fun since they'd met her.

"Okay you sit there for a minute while Mama finishes getting ready. I'll just be in the bathroom."

"Kay." Molly switched on her fijit toy. Great to see ya! What do you wanna do today? the toy chirped.

Dylan had insisted that they dress casually, but Emily was nervous. What would she look like up against glamorous women like Katie Phillips? Emily looked at herself in the mirror.

You can only be yourself, Emily. Dylan likes you for you. Don't even try to compete, thought the young blonde as she added some light makeup. She had chosen to wear some tight blue jeans, a white blouse with a fitted tan leather jacket and brown boots. She added simple gold earrings and necklace, and her favorite perfume.

"Well Dyl, I hope I don't disappoint you."

She heard a knock at the door.

"That must be the car. Get your jacket on Molls!" she shouted as she went to answer the door.

"Miss Taylor?"

"Yes, that's me," Emily Answered the smart looking man.

"I'm from Morgan Productions. I have a car for you and your daughter."

"Thank you, I'll just be second getting my daughter."

"Sure. Uh … Ms. Morgan said you would have bags. Can I get them for you?"

"Yes, thanks. They're just by the couch." Emily pointed to the two overnight bags she had packed for them.

This is different. I never thought I'd be doing this a few weeks ago!

"Come on, sweetie, let's go see Dylan!"

"Yeah! Let's get Dien, Mama!" Molly grabbed her toy and ran to the door.

Dylan had showered and changed into her first outfit of blue jeans, light grey sweater with white tee shirt underneath, and suit jacket. She would change into her challenge gear in the later part of the show.

She had just popped outside of her dressing room to see if there was any sign of Emily and Molly when Katie spotted her.

"Hi Dylan, have you been avoiding me?" Katie stepped up a little too close for Dylan's liking.

"Listen, would you like to get a drink after the show? Maybe come back to my place?"

"Uh ... I have plans already, Katie."

"They can't be that great, Dylan, you're not seeing anyone, I asked around." Katie ran her hand teasingly up and down Dylan's arm.

"I know I'm not out, but I can assure you I'm really attracted to you, Dylan. I would do anything you asked."

Dylan was just about to pull away from Katie's clutches when she heard someone clear their throat.

She turned around to see Lynn standing with Emily, who had Molly up in her arms.

Dylan's stomach dropped. 'Uh oh!'

Part 3

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