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Don't Go
By carpesomediem


I have to stop doing this, Callie thought to herself. She immediately went for Arizona's hand; she didn't think about that. It just happened, her hand darted out and she'd held on loosely for any indication that Arizona would continue to storm out of the room. But she didn't. She stayed.

And Callie's mind was blown. What am I doing? Why am I doing this?

For once, she wasn't about to let someone walk away from her or shut down because it was too much. Not this time, Callie thought as she looked up at Arizona who was still focused on the door in front of her.

"I'm sorry," Callie said softly. "I'm so used to the people in my life walking away from me. George, Erica…" Callie's voice dipped softly at the mention of her ex-lover. Arizona's eyes flickered at the use of Erica's name before she shut them tightly, but it was too late. She'd already started crying. "Arizona…"

Callie stood, wrapped her arms around Arizona's waist from behind and pulled her into her frame. She held her tightly, steadily as Arizona began breaking down in her embrace.

"I'm so sorry," Callie whispered into her ear. "What George is doing is brave," she tried reassuring her. "I may not agree with it, but you're right. It's awesome."

With the use of that one word, Arizona began to relax as her cries turned to sobs and she turned in Callie's arms.

"You have to stop pushing me away," the blonde said through sniffles. "I can't keep fighting you. I can't keep doing this. I have my own battles to fight. I may act happy, I may hold onto that, but I'm not, Calliope."

"Then, we need to work on that," Callie said. "For both of us." Arizona just nodded and pulled Callie into a hug, holding on for dear life.

The End

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