DISCLAIMER: Popular is the intellectual property of Ryan Murphy. I simply dabble in his sandbox, make his characters gay for each other and enjoy the turn on that follows.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is for mysensitiveside, who requested: "She couldn't believe what she was seeing." Heh. It's been awhile since I've written… something like this. So, hopefully, I'll still remember how to roll.
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By carpesomediem


Brooke's back arched off her bed every so slightly. The sweat building up on her forehead, beads drifting elsewhere on her body. Her light blue sheet stuck to places on her body she wasn't paying attention to at the moment. Her hand worked up a rhythm.

Slow, steady… Release. Repeat.

As she caught her breath, she closed her eyes ever so slightly, rolling her head back slightly into her pillow as she bit her lip. She didn't notice Sam was standing in the doorway, having cracked it open when she hear low moans and whispers coming from Brooke's room.

Now, Sam stood there dumbfounded in disbelief as Brooke went another round with herself. Inside herself, as Sam imagined, watching Brooke's hand move beneath the sheet. It was as if her wildest, porniest dreams were all coming true, and the brunette didn't know what to do or make of the masturbation fantasy playing out in front of her.

Slow, steady… Release. Repeat.

"Oh… my," Sam brought a hand to her mouth and darted to the side when she saw Brooke come again. The blonde looked around quickly, not realizing the door was ajar when she heard the words escape Sam's lips.

She was sure was caught, that Brooke was about to throw the sheet off, wrap herself in a robe and call her a pervert among other expletives. But it didn't happen; instead, Brooke picked up the pace, closed her eyes tightly and pretended she was a world away from where she laid. A world in which Sam was inside her, whispering nothings in her ear as a steady hand held her shoulder in place and the brunette's warm body was covering her own.

Slow, steady… Release. Repeat?

Sam waited for Brooke to start again, but it didn't happen again and when Brooke began calling out Sam's name one last time, the brunette felt her heart race, her thighs shake and knew it was time for a release of her own.

The End

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