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Deliberate or Spontaneous?
By trancer


Izzie tapped lightly on the open doorframe, an almost dread twisting in her stomach. She wasn't one used to eating her words, and eating them for the redhead before her wasn't something she looked forward to. "Dr. Montgomery-Sheppard?"

She was standing in her office, arms crossed, gazing blankly out the large windows. She turned to face Izzie, "Dr. Stevens."

"Um, yeah," Izzie dared a step closer. "I came to apologize," she let her voice trail out, assuming the hard work was done, and assuming wrong. Addison continued to stare at her, in that stern professional gaze of hers that both annoyed and frightened Izzie. "Apologize for my behavior regarding the spontaneous orgasm lady."

"Mmm," Addison mumbled, stepping towards her desk and taking a seat. "Interesting case, but I don't see the appeal."

"Of what?" Izzie took a couple more steps, her hands resting gently on the back of the chair across from Addison.

"Spontaneous orgasms. An orgasm shouldn't be the emotional equivalent of a muscle tic. It takes away everything that makes an orgasm so great."

"What's that?"

"The anticipation, the desire, the buildup," she paused long enough to run her tongue over her lips. Back arching slightly, eyes closing as if taken over by a particularly memorable memory. "The friction. Knowing someone's going to touch you in a way that makes you sweat, moan, shiver. Sex should be spontaneous. Orgasms," Addison paused again to meet Izzie's gaze, the cold, professional detachment replaced with something Izzie couldn't quite put her finger on. "Orgasms should be very, very deliberate. Don't you think?"

"Yes," Izzie nodded in return, lips broadening into a smile. She turned on her heel, moving towards the door. "I think I could go for a deliberate orgasm."

"Just the one?"

Izzie stopped in her tracks, turning her head and tossing Addison the coyest of smiles. "Are you offering?"

Addison tossed a coy smirk of her own. "Have a good day, Dr. Stevens."

"You too, Dr. Montgomery Sheppard."

The End

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